I get paid to fulfill fantasies that are unseemly to the average person. I’m not keen on the implications of some of these fantasies as they teeter on lines of morality. As a young woman over the age of 18, I don’t think I’m causing harm by letting people indulge in a fantasy in a fairly safe setting even if it’s also a fantasy of questionable legality and morality.

I go by Jessica. It’s not my real name, just like the age I play isn’t always my physical age, it can be older or younger depending on the request, but it serves its purpose. My services are typically in a one on one setting at a studio I own. There are pre-planned packages that customers can choose from, various sets, photos and video are always taken in order to protect myself. Taking money for sex is a no-no, taking money to produce a porno is perfectly fine so long as I keep my licensing, health, and building inspections up to date.

But there is also a “choose your own” package available, it costs significantly more because it’s usually about emulating someone known to the client: a neighbor, a step-daughter, sister-in-law, friend, former lover, boss, employee, etc. There’s also usually an element of force to some degree, either using a bad behavior as leverage for sexual favors, holding a position of authority or power over the other person, and sometimes the use of genuine force and the client wants what is known as consensual non-consent. Which is to say they want me to agree to it, but they want me to pretend I didn’t.

How much these fantasies play into their real behaviors I don’t know and I don’t care to know. I’m not a part of their day to day lives, I’m just a placeholder for a few hours of intimacy just the way they want it without fear of repercussions in their personal lives because of who they may want it with.

I even sometimes arrange customers to coincide with my period, at the beginning or end of it for the most part, it works quite well to mimic the loss of virginity that is sometimes desired.

So, I’ve run the gamut of fantasies from being the innocent and naive little sister that catches her older brother jacking off in her panties to the domineering boss that is knocked down a few notches by the overworked and underappreciated employee that has reached his limit. Some clients will bring me pictures of the intended person, others just want a generic version. I get a fair few teachers and preachers coming through my doors, but the majority of my clients are just angry men that aren’t getting the relief they need at home.

I have many stories I could tell. Many stories that would probably hit your personal kinks just right and maybe over time I’ll tell some more of them. But right now I want to tell the story of my first client. The story of how I got into this business.

My best friend, Jessica, and I were having a sleepover at her house on our 18th birthday. Sharing the same birthday was one of the things that brought us together but it was only one of many things we had in common. We were both brunettes with long curly hair, we both had bright green eyes, Jess was a little taller than me at 5’ 3” while I just barely reached the 5’ 1” mark, we wore the same sized clothes so we were constantly swapping outfits with each other, we were both bright girls on the honor roll at school and we were co-captains of the cheer squad. We differed in many ways too, namely, she had a boyfriend and had already lost her virginity and I hadn’t even really dated yet. But, there were smaller things to, like she had to study a lot harder to maintain her GPA than I did, and she liked to push people around while I preferred to follow the rules.

The sleepover was just for me and her, and as usual we slept together in her bed in little more than panties and a t-shirt. She and I had fooled around a few times as teens but it never really went beyond touching, kissing, and oral, so we never did anything penetrative with one another. She was asleep and I watched her, the moon cast just the slightest light onto her frame through the window at the head of the bed. Her breasts rose and fell with each breath and she would smile from time to time.

I wanted to wake her up so we could play together but I knew she’d had a long day so I just lay next to her and very slowly and gently started touching my clit. I wasn’t trying to get off, just enjoying the sensation. I could just barely see a silhouette in the doorway, a spot that was darker than the rest of the doorway.

I tried to focus on it but couldn’t see it that well and assumed it was just a trick of the shadows. Jessica woke up a little and smiled at me as she saw me lying back on the bed with my eyes closed and my hand in my panties. She leaned over and kissed me and slid her hand in my panties with mine and took over as I smiled. She was much better at rubbing me than I was. Her fingers were long and slender and just felt so good as she gathered my fluids on her fingertips and rubbed it around my clit.

I moaned and arched my back in pleasure and she pulled my top up over my breasts and started sucking and gently biting my nipples. Her voice was sultry and half-asleep as she kissed her way up my neck and nestled her lips into the crook of my neck, “Are you going to cum for me Ri? You’re always so wet and you taste like a ripe pear, may I eat you?”she cooed to me.

I nodded and she slid my panties off of me then slid her panties off of herself and climbed over me with her knees on either side of my head. She lowered her head to me and I pulled her hips down to me and buried my tongue deeply within her as she moaned and pushed her hips further down to me. As much as I liked slow and gentle kisses and licks, she liked it much rougher and I quickly included my fingers.

The moonlight highlighted her pussy and ass and I could see her dripping with a stretchy clear fluid that clung to my lips and tongue. She was usually able to get me off before I could get her off, but tonight was different, tonight I resisted the waves of pleasure building in my abdomen and put all of my focus on fingering her hard and fast as my lips sucked and my tongue flattened against her clit. In her half-awake state it got her going and she sat up, pushing herself down onto my tongue and fingers as she grasped and groped her own breasts and moaned much louder than I think she meant to.

She shivered and I could feel her pussy clenching my fingers as I slowed my pace down and turned to soothing instead of pleasuring. She climbed off of me and leaned down and kissed me hard, the taste of our cunts mixed and we were both in an extremely excited state. She pulled my legs open and pushed her cunt to mine, rubbing her wet and swollen clit against mine as I squirmed.

Jessica smiled at me and taunted me, “Your little virgin cunt is so sensitive, Ri. So warm and wet against mine, so soft. I can feel your pussy throbbing and aching for relief.”

She climbed off when she was certain I was close, my hips matching her movements, forcing our wet pussies to grind against each other. Then she buried her lips and tongue in my cunt, softly stretching my hymen to allow her tongue to penetrate me and taste me as her fingers worked my slippery clit until I grabbed the back of her head and pushed my hips up to her. My back arched and I whimpered as she smiled against my cunt and helped me ease out of the orgasm with soft and gentle kisses and touches.

The doorway looked normal now as I glanced to it and breathed heavily, no darker shadow lingering within the frame. The lighting had changed, I reasoned.

She climbed up on the bed beside me and we held each other and kissed for a little while, giggling all the while. “Your face is sticky,” she said with a smirk.

I nodded, “I’m going to take a shower, think anyone will notice if I run in really quick without my clothes on?” I asked.
She shook her head, “The only people home right now are my mom and step-dad and they are downstairs. Danny’s going to be gone all weekend for some college thing.”

I took her hand and tried to pull her with me as I got out of her bed, “Come shower with me.”

She was already wiping her face with a makeup wipe from a package she keeps on her bedside table, “Nooo, I wanna go back to sleep, if I go take a shower I’m going to want to bring my vibe and go another round at least.”

I pouted and batted my eyelids at her, which made her scowl at me, “Begone beautiful siren and stop tempting me from my slumber!” she said as she pointed to the door.

I smiled, “I’ll leave the door unlocked in case you change your mind.”

She snuggled under the blanket and I left the room and tiptoed down the hall to the bathroom. Jessica’s family was pretty wealthy, another difference between us, and the ‘k**’s bathroom’ she and her step-brother shared since they were little was this massive designer bath with a glass walled shower and giant soaking tub separate from each other.

The other two bedrooms up here were set up as an exercise and study area in one and the other was meant to be a guest room, but only Danny’s friends ever used it. I always slept in Jessica’s bed with her and because we were both girls no one thought anything of it.

I turned the water on in the shower and let it get as hot as I could stand it before stepping under the rainfall simulating shower-head. I loved showering at Jessica’s house. It was just a luxurious experience and it felt like staying in a $1,000 a night hotel room.

I smirked when I heard the bathroom door open and close gently, the light click of the lock was barely audible over the shower. I kept washing myself, the cool air of the bathroom invaded as the shower door was opened and then closed again. I started to say something but a hand was quickly clamped down over my mouth and another was used to grab my wrist and push me up against the shower wall.

It wasn’t Jessica, I knew that. I didn’t know who it was, but these fingers were not long and slender, this grip was not playful it was powerful. Their breath was hot on my ear as they whispered to me, “I should’ve known you and your little friend have been fucking when she stays the night.”

I struggled to free myself and kept thinking, I’m not Jess! Jess is still in bed! I tried to say it but my words were muffled by this man’s grip on my mouth.

My breathing quickened as his hand trailed over my chest and down between my legs, his grip over my mouth tightened as I started trying to scream. With my hands free I grabbed his arm and tried to pull it from my body, but his grip was firm. I tried to reach behind me, to push him away from me, but he just pushed his body against mine tighter. His dick pushed between my thighs and he moaned. I froze. He pushed and pulled his dick between my upper thighs, not making a move to change his position or mine to penetrate me, and I was incredibly grateful for that, but I also wasn’t sure how long it would last.

He grabbed my right thigh and lifted my leg and I tried to push away from the wall, thinking if he could just see I wasn’t Jess he’d stop and panic and leave. But he just stretched my leg up and straight out, holding me open to him at a straight 90 degree angle. His dick rubbed against my pussy and I tried to scream again, pulling and grasping at his hand on my mouth, trying to pull it away.

He put his lips to my ear, “If I move my hand from your mouth and you scream and wake your mother, you will regret it you little whore, understand?”

I nodded vigorously and he brought his hand down to my throat as he tried to position himself at my cunt. I was sobbing and I finally was able to whimper between the sobs, “I’m not Jess, I’m not Jess.”

He stopped, letting my leg fall back to the shower floor and turned me around, pinning me to the shower wall, his hand still on my throat as I wiped the water from my face. Jess’s step dad stood in the shower with me, naked and his cock was raging hard. He let me go and I slid down to the floor of the shower, crying.

“Fuck!” he wanted to yell it but it was mostly under his breath.

He knelt down to me and apologized repeatedly, as if that would make anything he did okay. I just looked at him. He tried to reach out to me to help me up but I recoiled into the corner of the shower and pushed his hand away.

“Is-is this…have you done this with Jess before?” I asked.

He shook his head and sat on the shower floor beside me, “No. I’ve thought about it but never did it. God, you look so much like her.”

“If I had been her…were you going to give her a choice at all?” I asked.

He looked away from me, “I recorded the two of you together. I was going to show her the recording and threaten to show her mom if she didn’t…”

“Fuck you?”

He nodded and looked back at me, “You’re going to ruin my life now aren’t you?”

I looked to the shower floor and then back up to him, “I don’t know. I could tell Jess…I could tell her mom…I could have you charged with sexual assault. But all of those things will punish them for what you did as much as it would punish you.”

A slight glimmer of hope came across his face as he looked to me, “Pay for me to go to school with Jess,” I said. “I won’t tell them if you pay my tuition and rooming costs.”

He nodded vigorously, “I can do that, I can do that easily.”

“Delete the video of me and Jess,” I said.

He nodded again, “Of course, I will delete the video.”

His dick was softening and the terror as starting to fade from his face and I looked him up and down, “I look like her?” I asked.

He nodded and his dick twitched slightly, “Yeah, from behind and the side you have the same body shape, roughly the same size.”

“I’m still a virgin you know,” I said.

His dick twitched again and he looked down my body and licked his lips but tried to do it subtly. I tilted my head and looked at him, “Why didn’t you just ask her to fuck you instead of trying to…”

He interrupted me, “I don’t think I would’ve done it. I think I would’ve stopped and left.”

“It didn’t feel like you were likely to stop.”

He looked away for a second then back to me, “What would you have done if I hadn’t stopped?”

I smirked a little, “I wouldn’t have to worry about any college debt or working for the duration.”

“I can do that, too. Living expenses, spending money, tuition, books and supplies…if you let me…” he started.

I looked him over. I was looking at a good 25k per year of expenses I’d have to cover beyond my tuition. Loans and work would cover part of it, but work would interfere with my ability to study. “Until I have my Master’s degree?” I asked.

He nodded, “I can set up a scholarship through my company and make sure you get it until you finish any degrees you need to reach your goal.”

I bit my lip and looked him over. He wasn’t an unattractive guy. He was in his late 40s/early 50s but I wasn’t certain exactly. He had dark brown hair with grey peppered throughout. He was fairly fit and I knew he ran some 5ks for charity and such. I nodded.

He looked me over, “You sure? You don’t have to, you know? I’m being a horny old bastard and I know it…”

I stood back up, “I’m sure,” I interrupted, “better to do this now and get college taken care of than to have a drunken tryst at a frat party as a freshman going deep into debt. Just…don’t tell anyone.”

He nodded, “Can we…continue?” he asked hesitantly.

I nodded, “I think I can manage that.”

He pinned me back up against the wall, but he was much gentler and less intimidating as he did. I turned and looked at him, “That’s not how this was going before,” I said.

He groaned and resumed the force he’d been using before. Now that I knew who he was…I was kinda into it. He leaned down to my ear and whispered, “Can I keep calling you Jess?”

I nodded, “Do you want me to call you anything?”

His dick was pushed between my thighs again, rubbing himself along my soft wet flesh. His hands explored my body and he moaned into my hair, by my ear, as he shook his head, “Just resist me and make it feel as real as it did when I thought you were her.”

I nodded again, “I’ll try.”

His hand went down to my inner thigh and lifted my leg up and to the side, again bending my legs so that they were at a 90 degree angle with one foot still on the ground. I tried to free myself of his grip on the opposite hip as he rubbed his pre-cum slicked dick along the wet folds of my pussy. I reached down and grabbed his dick, trying to push him away.

“Atta girl, Jess, play with Daddy’s dick,” he groaned in my ear as he thrust forward into my hand. He brought his hand from my hip back up to my mouth and clamped down across my lips. I was breathing heavily and it seemed to get him just that much harder as he pushed against me.

His grip on my mouth tightened and his other hand moved closer to my inner thigh maneuvering my lower body so the head of his dick was rubbing directly across my open pussy. He dipped slightly into my opening and squeezed my thigh and my mouth as I put my hands on the wall and tried to push away from it. He was breathing heavily, clearly restraining himself as much as possible
His voice was soft and oddly calm as he whispered to me, “This is going to hurt a lot, I’m not going to let go of your mouth, so scream as loudly as you need to. Nod if you understand.”

I nodded and he pushed hard and fast into my pussy from behind. He was not a small man. It was like shoving a water bottle into me in one go. The pain was blinding and I screamed behind his tightly clamped palm, my stomach tensed and my pussy tightened on him. He was groaning in my ear as he started to push and pull in my body, ignoring my tears, ignoring my attempts to sob and my tense body.

He chuckled slightly in my ear, “I know Jess has fucked around a lot, I don’t think I can keep pretending you’re her with a cunt that tight.”

He inhaled deeply and kissed my cheek as he pushed my hair away from my face, “Are you going to scream if I move my hand?”

I shook my head and his hand slid down to my throat. He adjusted his other hand on my upper thigh again, resting my leg on the back of his wrist as he moved his fingers over to my clit and began to rub it. I was biting my lip and trying hard to not cry too much, but I was also having a hard time holding myself upright as my weight was mostly on my leg still on the shower floor and it was trembling as he pushed his dick deeper into me.

I felt every push and pull, my cunt felt like it was glued to his dick and moved with his shaft whichever way he wanted it to. With his fingers on my clit I started to rock my hips lightly. I was still turned on from playing with Jess in her bed and he took full advantage. He pulled his dick free of me and let go of my upper thigh. I fell to the shower floor on my hands and knees and watched streams of red trickle down the drain with the water. He knelt down behind me and moved his hand around my waist, pushing his fingers against my lower abdomen as he pushed his dick back into my pussy.

He groaned as he felt the force of his dick pushing against me internally. With a quick adjustment he changed the angle slightly and started pounding against the front wall of my cunt. I started to fall to the shower floor but he grabbed my hair and pulled it hard, arching my back and head towards him as he pushed his dick deep and hard in me.

The blood still tinged the water a slight pink as it descended the drain but the pain had largely subsided to more of just an intense pressure inside of me. He bent over me and let my hair go, moving his hands down to pull my legs apart and to get his fingers on my clit to rub the slippery flesh until I was moving my hips back towards him.

He chuckled and spoke softly, barely audible over the water, “Oh you needy little whore,” he fucked me harder and deeper, my hands braced on the wall in front of me as he kept pushing me towards it. One of his hands traveled up my stomach, grasping and groping my breasts as he bounced them with each thrust, his other hand still trying to coax an orgasm from my aching pussy.

I turned my head to look at him, he had his eyes closed as he pounded me, a look of determination on his face. He got me to my crest and I fell down onto my forearms. He moved quickly, grabbing my hair and pulling me back up to my hands as he thrust deeply into my spasming cunt. His hands moved down to my hips and he pulled me back to meet his last thrust. He came hard with a fairly loud grunt, his hands gripped my hips hard enough to leave bruises on me. He reached up and turned the water off then opened the shower door and retrieved something from just outside of it. He held his phone in his hand and started recording a video as he pulled his dick from my cunt.

A mix of cum and blood poured out of me and down my clit, dripping to the shower floor below. He spread my pussy lips and pushed his fingers into me, squishing more of his cum and my own blood from me. He stopped the video and tossed it back out onto his jeans. I looked back at him, “You’re not keeping that…” I said.

He smiled at me, “Can I keep it and the badly lit video of you and Jess getting each other off if I add a car to the mix?”

I sat on the bottom of the shower and looked at him, “Won’t Jess and Paige be a little suspicious of you doing all of this for me all of a sudden?” I asked.

“They don’t have to know where it came from,” he said as he ran his thumb over my lower lip. “Can I kiss you?” he asked.

I nodded and he leaned over to me, his hand cupped my cheek and he pulled me into a deep kiss, which I returned. When he pulled away from my lips he smiled and sat back against the shower wall. “When you go back to bed Jess can’t play with you anymore tonight. She’ll know I fucked you considering I’m the only guy at home.” He got up and washed the blood and cum from his dick and thighs then dried off and got his pajamas back on and snuck out of the bathroom, down the hall and down the stairs.
I finished my shower and as I was heading back to Jessica’s room, I ran straight into Danny as he was sneaking up the stairs towards his bedroom. I was wrapped in a towel and when I ran into him he went to grab me instinctively but I fell to the floor and my towel fell off of me. I lay there for a moment before I realized he was staring directly at my cunt and quickly grabbed my towel and covered myself back up.

“You’re supposed to be gone!” I said harshly.

He was silent, he looked like a deer caught in the headlights then he looked up at my face and seemed relieved, “Fucks sake, Marie, I thought you were Jessica!”

“That seems to be going around tonight,” I said under my breath. He gave me a curious look and I smiled at him, “Do you wanna fuck me?” I asked as I tilted my head to the side.

“Sorry, what?” he asked.

I stood up and dropped the towel to the floor, moving closer to him, “I asked you if you want to fuck me. I’m extremely turned on right now and I noticed,” I ran my hand over the bulge in his pants as I looked up at him, “this. We can go to your room and help each other out?” I said sweetly as I smiled at him.

He actually picked me up before I even realized it and headed straight to his bedroom with me. He closed the door behind us and started kissing me, his hands slid down my body I hurriedly began unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it off of him as we made our way further into the bedroom. I got his pants unzipped and my hand slid into his boxers, stroking him as he moaned and helped me get the rest of his clothes off of him.

He sat on the edge of his bed and hurriedly pulled me up onto his lap, pushing me firmly down onto his cock as I moaned and cringed, still a little sore from the fucking his father had given me. The swift motion caused me to bleed again and he noticed as he looked down between us after feeling the trickle of warmth slide down the top of his cock.

“Shit…shit, you’ve never…” he was nearing a panic at the thought that he’d just quickly and roughly took my virginity.

I moved my hips against him gently and kissed him. When I pulled my lips away I looked at him, my fingers on his jaw as I began to ride him, “I told you I was very turned on. Now that the hard part is over, will you please just fuck me?”

He groaned and moved his hips up to meet my rocking against him. I could tell he wasn’t going to last very long as he brought his lips down to my tits and let his tongue play with my nipples between sucking on them. I put my arms behind his head and bounced gently on his dick. His was much firmer than his dad’s had been. He was like sliding up and down on a ridged and rounded metal pole.

He groaned and grasped the back of my neck and hip, holding me down onto him and against him and I thought he was going to blow his load right then. Instead he took a few deep breaths and shifted positions, laying me down on his bed and pulling his dick from me as he knelt between my legs and began to eat me out. His movements were familiar and I suddenly wondered if he’d learned them from Jessica, or if she’d taught them to him because they were the same slow soft licks of longing that she used on me when she wanted to get me off. I moaned and ran my fingers through his hair and he lifted my hips up to him as his tongue dove deeply into me, curling and twisting within me, something that Jess had never done to me as she’d never penetrated me that deeply with her tongue due to me being a virgin still.

Between his tongue and his fingers he got me off pretty quickly then resumed impaling me on his stiff rod as my pussy contracted along him. He smiled at me as I arched my back and moaned through the orgasm. His lips pressed hard to mine to quiet me and he tasted of a mixture of how I normally taste on Jessica’s lips and a slightly metallic tinge to it.

His hands gripped my hips and lifted them as he thrust himself up and into me. It felt amazing and I wanted more of it, so I pulled myself up against him and pushed him back on his bed and took over the pace and rhythm of lifting my pussy up the length of his shaft and sliding myself back down on him. He closed his eyes and let me, his hands lingered and squeezed my waist and hips, then moved up towards my breasts, where he groped and thumbed the hard pink nipples he’d teased before.

I leaned over him and kissed him hard, moaning against his lips as I felt his grip on me tighten and his stomach muscles tighten. I pulled out of the kiss and let my lips rest beside his ear as I breathed heavily, “You can call me Jess if it makes you cum harder,” I offered.

He groaned and grabbed my hips and pulled me tightly to him as he came with a much more forceful and plentiful spurt inside me. He looked me in the eye, his brow furrowed, “Did she tell you?” he asked breathlessly.

I shook my head, “You eat pussy just like she does,” I said with a smile as I climbed off of him, his cum dripping from me and down my thigh.

His eyes went wide as he realized what I meant and I noticed his dick was standing straight up still. I smiled and grabbed his hand, “Come on, I need another shower anyways.”

He dutifully followed me down the hall, where I retrieved my dropped towel and we went inside and closed the door. I left it unlocked and he tried to lock it but I stopped him, “Jess might want to come in.”

He nodded and I lead him over to the shower, “I can get on my knees if you prefer, suck your cock until you cum down my throat…or I can ride you again…or you can…”

He kissed me deeply and lifted me up into his arms, resting my cunt against the side of his cock, my lips spread over it, “I just want you to slide your little pink clit back and forth along my dick until we both cum.”

I smiled and started pressing myself tighter against his dick as he sat in the giant bath tub with me and retrieved the handheld shower-head. I tilted my head slightly and he just smiled as he turned on the water and adjusted the temperature until it was comfortable, “Now, don’t stop until I cum too, okay?” he said more than asked.

I nodded and he angled the shower-head towards my clit. I moaned and tried to slide along the side of his dick but I was trembling. He hooked one hand behind my head and looked me in the eye, “Give into it and ride out every orgasm with your pussy pressed tightly to my dick, wetting me with your fluids until I push you off and cum on your face, okay?”

I shivered but nodded. My cunt ached, but it also tingled as he looked me in the eye and guided the pressure on my clit. I was moaning so much that I was nearly drooling and had lost count of when one orgasm ended and another began within fifteen minutes of it. My entire body tingled and I felt like I was on fire and unable to truly crest.

His thumb rubbed over my clit gently and slowly back and forth as I moaned, tears flowing down my cheeks from the intensity of it. He took great pleasure in watching me get overwhelmed and surprised me as he kept the shower-head on my clit and turned me around to lean over the back of the tub and started fucking me from behind. I trembled in his grip as he attempted to hold me up and barrage my clit with a steady pressure of warm water. Then his dick started rubbing along the front wall of my pussy and I pushed myself back hard on his dick as a thin stream of liquid shot out of me. He kissed my neck and pulled his cock from my still spasming cunt and turned me back around and put the showerhead down. He pushed his fingers into me and smiled as he felt my cunt contracting almost violently as my whole body trembled slightly.

He stroked his cock a few times and quickly orgasmed, sending ropes of his cum across my lips and cheeks. I bit my lip and sucked his cum from it and he rubbed my jaw, “You’re not going to be able to walk for a little while, so I’m going to clean you up and we’ll wait until you’re ready and I’ll carry you back to the bedroom with Jessica, okay?” He said.

I nodded. He did just that and when he put me into the bed next to Jess she opened her eyes and saw Danny caressing my cheek. She smiled and leaned over and kissed me before looking up to her step-brother, “Is she still a virgin?” she asked cheekily.

He blushed a little and Jess ran her fingers down to my very sore and well fucked cunt, her fingers invaded me easily and without the resistance of my hymen. She looked back up to Danny, “Did you make her squirt too?”

He kissed me and pulled Jessica’s fingers from me, “Be good and let her rest or I’ll keep her in my room instead.”

Jess smirked and looked at me, “He made you squirt didn’t he?”

I started crying and Jessica scooted over on the bed, pulling me to her as Danny climbed into bed with us and lay behind me. They caressed me and kissed me and whispered that it was okay, everything was okay. The three of us fell asleep as they comforted me.

It was a wild night, and Danny and Jess still believe Danny’s the one that took my virginity that night. Jess’s step-dad kept his promise and I have a Master’s in Economics and earned a second in Entrepreneurship after another tryst with Jessica’s step-dad. They’ve come in handy with the business venture I decided on.

I have other tales if you’re at all interested. Just drop me a line and let me know which story you’d like me to share next.

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