It all started with an on line chat with a guy called tonygoodbody but more about the nomdeplume later
I had been sharing pics of my wife with him and he had shown an interest in her seeing as she is the sort of women who has never ever worn any underwear of any kind and he had been commenting on her pics and what he would like to do to her this was on a site we both use
She likes to flash her pussy in very short skirts sitting open legged up skirt posing so any guy passing can see anything and everything she wears the minimal of clothes that you can get away with and gets so wet when showing off
Blouses are her favourite tops as these can be very flimsy and undone as far down as takes her mood which is usually open to the waist with her ample tits and large erect nipples on show
We have a caravan and decided to go to one of our favourite sites at Lychette Minster in Dorset he lives in Devon which is the next county so a quick message was sent to him to see if we could take this to the next stage and we could think about turning the online fantasy into reality
We decided to have a first of tentative meeting at Poole so fairly neutral ground he wanted to know how he would recognise us as he has only ever seen pics of the wife in various stages of undress so I said we could meet at weatherspoons on the front which is a popular bar and she would be the one in the short skirt an loose top unknown to him she was also wearing her favourite jewelled but plug just in case the day would go further than we both thought it might
I did not give him any more information than that and thought it would be fun to see him going around asking strangers if they were expecting to meet him but that went astray has he came straight up to us and said is that you sharkie I recognise that is Gemma showing her pussy off as you said she always does what more could I say apart from welcome
It was a very hot summer’s day and Gemma was wearing her usual type of skirt and obviously no pants and a very thin see through top we were sitting on bar stools in the window seats people watching a letting people watch her I asked Tony if he wanted a drink and went to the bar to get him one when I returned Tony was sat down opposite gem in a prime position to look up her skirt and admiring her barely covered tits she was being her usual playful self and kept opening and shutting her legs I could see this was having the desired effect as Tony’s shorts had a distinctive bulge appearing
The afternoon was going great and he was getting so very horny being very forward with everything that he was saying I went to the bar again and when I returned his hand was going right up up her skirt she did not bat an eyelid and he did not seem to be concerned about my return and carried on regardless the sheer blatant way they were carrying on was certainly having a effect on me
He then commented on how wet and meaty her pussy felt he had seen the pics that I had shared with him but he said it was so much better in reality this situation was going a bit too far for the inside of a public bar so we decided to go
We said shall we go somewhere else before we get banned so we decided to go back to our caravan for more drinks so we went to the taxi rank and got a cab Tony made a positive move and got into the back with Gem I thought okay let’s see what he is made of we started off and within no time the driver was adjusting his rear view mirror to get a better view of what was happening in the back seat Tony was fingering Gemmas already very wet pussy you could hear the noise of that and her gentle moans making for a very erotically charged atmosphere the driver was struggling to concentrate on
his driving we arrived at the site as it is only a 5 minute drive a good job really as anything longer and the driver would have been joining them on the back seat gem would have probably really enjoyed that but this day was not about that but for the meeting with Tony
We went into the caravan and Tony was so horny it was unbelievable he was trying to get into her clothes so quick she had a great effect on him she said she had felt a good bulge through his shorts so she put her hand down into his shorts and said he had done the same as a tribute and was not wearing his pants this is where she said she could see why his name was tonygoodbody his cock was huge in length and very thick she unzipped him and pulled it out I was very impressed also so she said to him It looks great but I need you to last for over 1 hour or you will have to pay a forfeit but I am going to make sure you will pay that forfeit so she went onto her knees and started to lick that huge cock and balls paying particular attention to his throbbing end she gently started to take it into her eager mouth gradually going further and further down until it was all in he was stunned that anyone could take it all as he had only encountered this with a whore in Thailand while in the army
I was busy taking pics as I wanted a permanent record of the days fun I was surprised he did not cum into her mouth as this is something that she is expert at and most guys can’t go for long so credit where credit is due Tony said that he wanted to give Gemma a serious tongue licking which he did so expertly making her cum twice I thought it was only me who could do that to her she rolled over and he proceeded to remove her but plug and to give her the ass fucking of her life not very often does anyone get fucked with a cock that size that is white she could take no more so said screamed fuck me fuck me of course he obliged and was thrusting away for all he was worth getting closer and closer to climaxing but trying to last the full hour when she suddenly stuck her thumb right up his ass that was something he was not expecting a he shot his load filling her already wet pussy she laughed saying the forfeit not comes into play so she then finished the job by licking his now softer cock clean to which he started to get aroused again but that is another story as well as the forfeit that Tony must now pay

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