Fantasy night. My favorite night of the week. A few months ago my wife and I agreed to have a fantasy night once a week in which we each get to request an evening of erotic pleasure based around a fantasy. There are no set rules other than that if the person is uncomfortable with it there will be no pressure and a new fantasy shall be chosen. We alternate each week so that twice a month we each get a turn at choosing the evenings sexual context. It has led to us having better sex and we usually get so worked up that we go at it for the next few days. The following is a recount of one of my recent requests. I never know which person to speak in when writing these stories but I think I am going to try to tell it as thought it is actually happening and we are speaking to each other. I hope you enjoy.


As we sit down for breakfast you’re a little extra chipper than usual. You’re not much of a morning person. “What’s with the pep in your step?” I asked. “Oh, just excited for this day to be over so we can get fantasy night started. I have been thinking about it all week. “You know it’s my turn right?” I say. “Absolutely, i’m just really in the mood to deliver for some reason. I’m excited to make sure this one is a memorable one.” she responds. “Have you thought about what you want?” “You want me to tell you now? Before work?” I reply. “Yes. I want to be able to figure out my angle.”

“Ha! Angle? Wow, you are excited. OK. Tonight I want you Take your favorite dildos and pretend they are two men. The three of us are going to fuck you silly and since you’re so excited about it, you’re going to be the director as well as the actress.” “What do you mean the director?” She asks. I don’t want to have to tell you to do too much other than what would normally occur in this scenario in real life. SO that means you will decide the placement, the scenarios, and since they can’t speak for themselves you will have to keep the banter lively” I say with a wink and a smirk.

Your face lights up and a huge smile comes across her face. “OK. I hope you’re ready to cum a few times tonight. I’m ready for this one”.

The day goes by as usual, we are both at our jobs working but at around 2:30 in the afternoon I get a text “Going out with the girls after work. Will be home a little late. ;-)”. I’m a little upset at this since you got me so excited this morning but I quickly shrug it off because you also get horny when you’ve had a few. At about 6:30 you send me a text “met a guy named Mike. I invited him back for drinks at the house. Be there in 20.”

In preparation for the evenings activities I take a shower and trim up my cock a bit. When I get out I check my phone and see another text from you. It’s a picture of your hand wrapped around the biggest black dildo you have in the passenger seat. I’m immediately turned on at the thought of you carrying this dildo around in your bag all day at work. It made me wonder if you teased yourself with it in the bathroom. Dressed in only a towel I take a seat on the couch waiting for you to come in. My cock is already at half mast.

You walk through the door and there is something a little different about you from when you left this morning. I couldn’t quite figure it out until you put your bag down and took your coat off. You are completely naked except the stockings you put on this morning. That’s right, you were wearing a skirt earlier. Holy fuck, I love your body. I actually say those exact words as you stand there before me. Without saying a word you slowly walk over to me and kiss me smack on the lips. Your breath is hot and a little boozy. I taste a hint of salt. You must have had a margarita or two.

You step back to your bag on the other side of the L couch about 3 feet in front of me. A perfect distance to really soak in your curves. I’m always taken aback by how much of an hourglass your body makes. I love those hips, the slightly drooping C tits with your big aerolas and nipples that grow like a cock when you get turned on. In fact, they are jutting out right now. You grab the dildo from your bag and slowly start to stroke it. “Rich, this is Mike. Mike, this is my husband Rich.” I simply nod as though making a silent introduction.

Without another word you drop down to your knees and begin sucking on it. At first long slow strokes of your tongue from the base up to the tip. Then you do your signature tongue swirl around the head before taking it in your mouth. You never really liked giving head but you have come around a little more and gotten a little better at it but you aren’t able to take much down your throat still without gagging. But to my surprise you start to slowly shove this black cock to the back of your throat. I see you take enough to realize that you can now deep throat my cock. Instantly I have flash of jealousy “Where the fuck did you learn that?” I shout, breaking the scene briefly. “Relax, I have been secretly practicing and watching videos on techniques on how to do it. I wanted to surprise you with it at the right time. Besides, I’m not going to suck another cock unless you tell me to and you’re there to watch.” This is the first time you’ve actually ever said that. My jealousy quickly turns to arousal. Holy fuck, maybe this fantasy will one day play out I think to myself. “Can I go back to sucking Mike’s big black cock now babe?” you ask with a smile and a wink. “Yes babe, I’m sorry. Continue.” “Go ahead and take out that big black cock of yours too babe. I want to be see you stroke that fucking b**st for me.” Your choice of words are even begining to show signs of some type of sexual progression. Nothing crazy but even calling my cock a b**st is a new one.

I unwrap out of the towel and grab my “b**st” and begin stroking it to watching you suck on this massive dildo. “MMM Rich. Look how long this cock is.” as you lick the length of the underside. “I’ve never had one this long. mmmmm it’s going to feel great in my pussy. That’s it. Stroke that cock. You like the idea of Mike fucking me don’t you?” you smile as you begin to suck it some more. You pick up your phone and pretend like you’re answering a call. “Yes, just come in. You can’t miss us.” You reach back into your bag and grab another dildo. This is a new one, I’ve never seen it before. It has a suction cup at the bottom. “Oh Rich, I didn’t know how to tell you this but I’ve always found your friend Charles attractive so I’ve been sending him picks of me naked for the past week. I didn’t think youI w

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