Thanksgiving my wife Andrea and I were relaxing after all the family had left. Everything was cleared away and we were just setting in the den taking it easy when I asked her if she wanted to call a friend to come have sex with her. She said why are you in the mood to see me fucked? I pulled down my pants and my four inch dick sprang out rock hard. She laughed and asked why is your little pee pee hard? I said I have been looking at you dressed up and you make my dick hard. She stood up and brushed the wrinkles out of her short skirt and then raised up on her nylon covered toes so she could look at herself in the mirror. Do you think I looked ok she asked. I said of course you do, my brother spent all afternoon trying to look up your skirt. She lifted the Hem to expose the lace tops of her thigh high stockings and her see through panties then said poor guy if I had seen him I would have allowed him to see.

She dropped her skirt down and reached over and grabbed my hard-on. She squeezed it hard enough that I raised up on my toes. After she let go it dropped down partly deflated then she said put that pathetic little thing away. As I pulled my pants up I said but baby I’m horny. She said well you aren’t sticking your pee pee in me tonight. She saw the disappointment in my face then said stay right there I’ll be right back. I sat down as she headed towards our bedroo, She was gone several minutes

When she returned she said stand up and put your hands behind your back. I did and she handcuffed me , then she started undoing my pants. She had me step out of them so my semi erect dick was exposed. She said set down and after I did she fixed my dress shirt so it didn’t hide my now fully erect penis. She looked at it and laughed , it’s so thin and short she said. She again went back to our room this time when she returned she was carrying her vibrator and a DVD case. She opened the case and put the disc in the player and immediately hit pause then she walked over to the recliner and plugged her vibrator in the wall. She pulled her skirt down along with her panties and kicked them aside. This left her naked from the waist down except for the stockings.

She sat in the recliner and slid to the edge, placing the vibrator between her smoothly shaved pussy lips she closed her legs tightly to hold the device. She picked up the remote and hit play. The TV screen went blue then it showed a bedroom. It wasn’t our room. In a second Andrea came walking through a door wearing only a black garter belt and black stockings. She was facing the camera and was talking to someone off screen. She said I want a copy. This deep voice said sure. Then just a cock appeared right at the camera lens , he moved over to the bed and laid down , his massive cock sticking straight up. All of a sudden I heard her vibrator turn on. I glanced over and saw her thigh muscles tighten . Her eyes were glued on the TV screen.

On the TV she crawled on the bed and took the cock in her hand. Her fingers didn’t reach all the way around his cock. She started sucking the head and trying to get as much of his dick in her mouth as she could. After only a minute of that she swung her leg over him and begun rubbing the massive head between her pussy lips. The angle was perfect to show how her lips were being pushed apart allowing the head to rub her wet hole. His cock head became shinny with her juices and she stopped it at her entrance. Her knees raised up off the bed and I could see her forcing her pussy to except him. I quickly glanced over to Andrea, her thighs were quivering and jerking as she squeezed the buzzing plastic toy.

On screen I heard a gasp then a slow moan as she slowly lowered herself on to him. When she had as much of him in her as she take she squeezed her knees into his sides then leaned forward to kiss him. As she did there was a perfect shot of her pussy lips tightly wrapped around his veiny cock. They remained perfectly still for a long time then she raised up placing her hands on his chest. She leaned forward causing his cock to pull out some. Her inner lips were dragged out still holding him tight. Then she sat back taking even more of him. Her head fell back as she moaned.

Her movement on the recliner caught my attention, she had uncrossed her legs and was working the vibrator into her pussy. She pushed it in deep and let go of it. The buzzing toy stayed in place as she slowly closed her legs. She pulled her blouse over her head and unfastened her bra. She laid back and pinched her nipples as her thighs had small spasms. When I looked back at the TV she was slowly rocking up and down on her lovers cock. Her juices causing a foam ring around his cock. I was watching the foamy ring getting pushed closer and closer to his balls as she was able to take more and more of him. All of a sudden his cock buckled, he had hit bottom. He said damn baby your pussy is extremely tight for a married woman. She said my husband has a tiny dick.

I watched her have orgasm after orgasm from the vibrator , on screen her lover was sawing his meat in and out of my wife’s now completely loosened pussy as she moaned. I looked down at my own hard on there was a long string of clear liquid running down it. Andrea looked over at me and then she spread her legs pulling her toy out of her. She stood up and walked over to me , she turned her back to me then sat down on my dick. It easily entered her and in a single stroke she had me all the way to my balls. She said damn you are small, then she said squirt your balls into me. Without a single stroke I started pumping my nuts into her. She asked if I was finished , I said yes then he stood up and pushed me into my back. She crawled up and sat her messy pussy squarely on my mouth. She tightened her stomach muscles and pushed my entire load out into my mouth.

After smearing her pussy all over my face she stood up and said I need a shower.i remained laying on the couch as she showered . She came walking back in the den totally naked, she took her long coat off the coatrack and said I’ll be home in the morning I have got to go get my pussy used. She wrapped the coat around herself and said the cuff keys are on my dresser. She then left.

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