Connecticut. One of the richest states in America. Wealth and prestige rule everything and the gap between the social classes is bigger than ever. However this doesn’t always apply to the new generations.
??? What? You’re coming to America for Thanksgiving ? I’m SO excited. I feel i want to….SCREAM!!!!
???: He,he! Chill out, Debbie. You will have some serious explaining to do if your dad hears ya.
Debbie: That racist son of a….
???: Hey! He might be opposed to interracial relationships but he is still your father and you ought to respect him. Family means everything for us here in Nigeria.
Debbie: You are such an ” angel “, Tommy. An absolute dream! Every time i think that i would never have met you if you weren’t the DJ in that party in Ibiza….
Tommy: Don’t ruin your mood with bad what if scenarios! We met, we liked each other and we hooked up. It can’t get more simple than that.
Debbie: I will never forget the maturity you displayed when i told you that i wasn’t ready to have sex yet. I was almost sure that you would dump me.
Tommy: The man has to respect his woman’s wishes and put her needs before his.
Debbie: When will you arrive?
Tommy: Actually, i’m talking to you from the plane’s W.C. I’ll be in Hartford in a few days.
Debbie: Wonderful! Where will we stay?
Tommy: You will go to….
Debbie: Give me a moment to write the address down….OKAY!
Tommy: This is where my penthouse appartment is located. No one will disturb us there.
Debbie: I still feel the need to appologize. You and your father are partners in a gold mine and my own treats you like a thug. We live in 2019 and concepts like race and color shouldn’t matter.
Tommy: Give him some time. You are his only c***d and it’s natural to worry about you.
Debbie: What if he kicks out of the house?
Tommy: Then i’ll marry you and ” drown ” you in gold!
Debbie: Do i really have to finish High School? I can’t wait….
Tommy: Yes and that’s final! Your 18th year of age doesn’t give you the right to do something reckless like dropping from school and i wouldn’t want your pops to chase me around with a shotgun.
Debbie: Whatever my man commands. I can’t wait to surrender to your big arms and your even bigger….
Tommy: Take it easy! Many kisses everywhere, i will call you again tomorrow. Goodnight!
Debbie: Goodnight, my real life Black Panther!
Deborah Keith was in “7th Heaven”. That strong, primal, yet mature 20 year old man was her other half. He was nothing like the immature and silly schoolboys of America. He was the REAL deal.
She removed her evening gown, laid down on her bed, opened her legs and her thin fingers made contact with her womanhood. She closed her eyes and envisioned Tommy humping her in the middle of the African savanna, surrounded by wild a****ls which would mate as well. She was in all fours and so were the females from the a****l species. The whole experience felt like a 3D movie and she was rubbing her clit furiously with her long and sharp fingernails.
Debbie: Aaahh, aaHH, AAhhh…..
She was now in a hut in the forest. It was THEIR hat, their home and at home it is the woman who takes charge. She took his huge member inside of her and rided him furiously despite the pain she was feeling. She could feel his manhood all the way to her stomache but she didn’t care. It was a sweet pain and would endure much worse in order to please her future husband. Without realizing it, she had placed her pillow between her legs which had been consumed by her ” pussy lips “.
Debbie: OOhh, ooohhh, hoooo!!!!!!!!
She resumed the use of her fingers for double and maximum pleasure.
Debbie: AAaahhh, AAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Her pillow became covered by ” love juice ” but that wasn’t all. She could not stop ejaculating and sprayed vaginal fluids to her bed sheets as well and even the floor of her room untill it finally stopped.
Debbie: What am i going to do now? What if my parents come in? I’ve got it! I will call Esperanza.
She wore her evening gown and called her trusted Mexican maid on the phone. They had always been more than mistress and servant. They were like sisters and the small age difference make that even easier. Esperanza had walked on her masturbating in the past but she had never seen anything like this before. Deborah’s reaction was truly unique.
Esperanza: Is he the one? The ” chocolate baby ” who was playing music in Ibiza?
Debbie: He will be here in a few days Esperanza! The distance only made our love stronger!
Esperanza: Master thinks that it was just an innocent flirt. If he finds out…
Debbie: You will not tell him, will you?
Esperanza: Have i ever told him anything of our shared secrets?
Debbie: He will marry me once i finish school and he will make me ” Queen Of Africa!”
Esperanza: A WHITE queen? Sorry but this doesn’t sound politically correct.
Debbie: I didn’t mean it like that and you know it!
Esperanza: I’m happy for you. That’s the kind of man we all dream of. Rich, handsome and ” gifted ” where it counts. I will put these to the washing machine and bring you new sheets and pillow case. Get a shower and take a nap. You were lucky that your parents fall to sleep early and that you don’t have school tomorrow because it’s Saturday.
Debbie: Will you marry us?
Esperanza: I will. Who wants to live forever, anyway?
Debbie: Let me KISS you! SMOOCH!
Esperanza: My ” little sis “! SMECK!

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