You may have read my first two stories, “The Dinner Party” and “First Time Swinging”, this one follows on, but hopefully, can be read on it’s own. I hope you enjoy it….

Way back in the summer, during the heatwave, my wife, Julie, was away for a few days on family business, leaving me on my own. Our swinging/swapping neighbours, Steve & Emma, invited me round one evening for a few drinks & a spot of skinny dipping in their garden hot tub. Their garden is small, but very private and Julie & I had joined them for a spot of skinny dipping a few weeks previously!

Anyway, that evening in the hot tub, Steve said it was obvious I fancied Emma, and he was fine with that. He also said he admired my confidence in being naked & comfortable around other men. I’d never thought of that before, but, I suppose he was right, I am comfortable. We chatted about the time he’d shared Emma with me & another man and asked me about my limits and whether I’d be offended by a “little friendly fire”. I was drunk and confessed that I’d often had bi fantasies, but had never acted on them and that my limits were no anal or kissing with another man. Steve rested his hand on my thigh as I watched Emma smile as her fingers lazily circled a nipple. He was soon stroking my leg as my cock stiffened.

”The thing is, Jim,” he said, “Emma really loves the idea of watching two guys together. And, don’t you think it takes another man to really know how to pleasure another man?” I didn’t know what to say, my heart was in my mouth, I could hardly breath.

Steve’s hand came further up the inside of my thigh towards my cock as he whispered, “How about it, Jim?”.I just nodded. ‘Anything for Emma’, I thought to myself.

Emma then stood up, held out her hand to me and lead me & Steve to the bedroom without saying a word. She lay on the bed, as I just stood there drunkenly with an erection. She told me and Steve to kneel beside her facing each other and I watched as she stroked and wanked us both to full hardness. Steve & I were so close, our cocks were almost touching and Emma pulled us closer. I was shocked as she rubbed the tips of our cocks against each other, but I loved it – this was my fantasy and more! She had her mouth open and was licking us in turn before she tried to fit both of us in her mouth together, I loved the feel of Steves cock against mine in her mouth.

”OK boys,” she giggled, “your turn!” And she laid down, one hand squeezing and pinching her nipple as her other fingered her pussy.

I looked nervously at Steve, he smiled and gently took hold of my cock, stroking it. He took my hand and placed it on his. I’d seen his cock on numerous occasions but never ever touched it. It felt like a steel pole wrapped in hot soft flesh. I grabbed it and started wanking it as I watched Emma. I loved the feeling of being wanked off as I watched her, and quite enjoyed the feeling of a nice hard cock in my hand.

Emma was fingering herself furiously as Steve knelt in front of me. I could feel his breath on my cock and I daredn’t breath in anticipation. I watched as he opened his mouth and started to suck on me. A cold feeling of shock and disgust rushed through me as I watched my cock disappear in to another man’s mouth, but it felt so good as he sucked and tongued me. I could feel my cock twitch and knew I couldn’t last too long. I didn’t want to cum in his mouth, I wanted to give it to Emma so I reluctantly pulled out.

”How was that?” Steve asked, “You’ve got to try it, Jim.” He took hold of my head and lowered it towards his hard cock. I could smell him and feel the heat from his cock, just a few millimetre from my mouth. It looked gorgeous from such a close viewpoint. I opened my mouth, reached out my tongue and licked his tip. His moans encouraged me and I opened my mouth and took his glans in. It felt so hot, rubbery, yet hard and I just loved the taste of his pre-cum.

He was soon fucking my mouth, pushing it further in with each thrust. I gagged and pulled away. Emma started to kiss me and said she could taste Steve on me. “Come on Jim, help me out with this cock,’ she whispered as she sank down to suck on Steve.

I joined her and we kissed with Steve’s hard cock pushed against our faces. We were soon licking each side of it as we looked in to each other’s eyes. I could tell she was smiling. Emma started to wank him and offered his cock to my mouth as she pushed the back of my head on to his cock. I gagged, but, she wouldn’t let me up. She wanked him in to my mouth as he moaned he was coming. Emma held my head as Steve shot load after load in to my throat. I swallowed some, but felt some dribble from my mouth. I felt so dirty and depraved. I’d seen him cum before, but, had never touched or tasted his cum. It was hot, salty and I didn’t like the taste. After he had finished, Emma kissed me full on the mouth as Steve started sucking on my cock.

My cock was twitching and I was about to cum as Emma joined Steve. Looking at them both sucking & Iicking me was too much and I started to cum over both of their faces as they both giggled.

My wife, Julie, & I had promised that we’d always tell each other everything wed got up to. I was scared as I FaceTimed her the next day to confess, I mean, how do you tell your wife you like cock? She was actually fine about it and said she was looking forward to taking part in Steve’s promised sausage fest! In fact she was turned on and showed me how wet her pussy was. She showed me as she fingered herself to orgasm as I watched and wanked.

Well, that was my first time tasting and feeling another mans cock. I don’t consider myself bi or gay, just someone who’s open minded about sex….

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