It was clear to me that Richard was enjoying the attention I was giving his nipples from the low purring sound he was making. This increased as my hand found his balls and began gently stroking them, then I placed my hand on his now rapidly hardening cock and began to slowly wank him. “Suck it, slut” he said. With that order I slowly kissed my way down his large belly, my tongue playing with the black hairs which quite densely covered it.

Soon, I found myself confronted by his large cock, the head still covered by a lengthy foreskin. I began licking and kissing it, marveling at the soft velvety texture of the foreskin. After a while I slowly pulled it back to reveal a glistening helmet. I flicked my tongue at it’s base, then traced the length of the slit, savouring the salty taste.

“Suck it, you fucking fairy” he growled impatiently. I had asked him to call me names in our prior online chats, so was glad to see he was obliging me. I shifted my position slightly and began to suck him, taking him a little deeper at each turn. Occasionally I would stop sucking and look at his face- his eyes were closed in ecstasy. He would open them when he felt it was time to resume sucking him, place his hand on my head and firmly force me down again.

“Balls” he commanded, and I turned my attention to them. Kissing and licking them, drawing each one into my mouth in turn, making him gasp as I did so. There’s nothing I like more than sucking a guy’s balls, so I went to work with enthusiasm, holding his cock against his belly. Moaning with pleasure as I did so. I was licking from the base of his balls to the tip of his cock, coming to very close to his hairy asshole at times- so I flicked at hit exploratorily with my tongue. This made him cum almost immediately, big gobs of thick white spunk depositing themselves on his stomach which I eagerly lapped up.

After a couple of minutes he said “why don’t you mince off into the kitchen and fetch me a beer”. I did as told, mincing as effeminately as I could. As he drank his beer I amused myself playing with his cock and balls, alternately licking and massaging them- though he seemed to be oblivious to my ministrations. “A fairy like you deserves to go over my knee” he said eventually. My heart leapt- this is what I had really wanted from our meeting. To be spanked and humiliated in my tights by a man I hardly knew. I stood up and lay across his lap, conscious of his cock’s proximity to my belly. Deliciously I felt his hand touch my bum cheeks, he ran his hand over my buttocks. He pushed his finger against the nylon material where it stretched across my anus- this was thrilling to me. Then came the first blow, although it didn’t seem he’d hit my ass that hard, the pain was surprisingly sharp. I drew in my breath sharply. “Count” he said. “One” I gasped. Another blow- harder this time. “One, sir!” he admonished. “Be a good little slut for your daddy”

I forget just how many times he spanked my ass. By about fifteen I was crying like a little girl and my bottom felt like it was on fire. He had increased the severity of the blows as he had progressed and had ripped open my tights to fully expose me to his cruelty. “You love it you little fucking whore”, he sneered. And to my shame he was quite correct- I did love it. I was in heaven. I forget all the names he called me- whore, slut, bitch, fag, cissy, and my favourite, strumpet.

By the time he had exhausted his arm and vocabulary I could feel his hard cock pressing against me, and he returned me to my new found vocation of pleasuring him in anyway he desired. This time he came in my mouth, me almost gagging on his bitter but glorious tasting cum. He then said that his wife would be home quite shorty and suggested we get dressed and go out and drive to a quiet place he knew where we would carry on our meeting.

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