True Nudist Story One
As a teenager I went on a seaside family holiday to France. Where we went was not a nudist beach. There were however many women sunbathing topless which was causing an embarrassing bulge in my swimming trucks.

I think it’s okay to say on here that I was sixteen as that is the legal age of consent in the UK and over that of France.
Anyway as like any most teenagers I was always keen to get away from the rest of the family so I walked down the long beach. The further I walked I noticed that there were more topless women also the more dips I had to take in the cool sea to stop my penis from sticking out the top of my trunks!

After about half an hour of walking nearly everybody on the beach was totally naked. A whole range of nude people from fit women to wrinkled old men. From the shaved to the hairy.
That was just to much for my hormone filled body. First I tried to go into the sea to masturbate (trying to masturbate in cold salt water didn’t really work)

So I headed for the woods that fringed the back for the beach in places. I found a handy fallen tree to sit on, hoped no one would see, took off my trunks and wanked my cock. Within a couple of minutes my chest and stomach were covered in cum.
After a cigarette and a good slug of the red wine I had bought for 4 Francs for a litre (about 40 pence in those days) I decided I would continue my walk I popped my fags, the wine and my trunks in to my bag and started my first naturist adventure.

I walked back onto the beach quite self consciously but also feeling the sun warming the area where my trunks usually covered and the caress of the cool sea breeze between my legs, almost gently massaging my testicles. It felt great.

As I started to walk along naked I felt I could look closer at the other naked people on the beach. I particularly liked the women who were probably in their twenties or early thirties with shaven / waxed vulvas given that the only really good view I had before were from magazines.

Then there was the whole host of breasts and lovely shapes. I just couldn’t help but look.
It wasn’t long before I noticed that people were looking back watching me pass, they seemed to be mainly looking at my penis. It may have been due to the wine but although I had noticed quite a few twitches I hadn’t realized I had been walking along with a good semi erection not at all hidden as I’m not very hairy.

So yet again into the sea to ‘cool off’ This was the first time I had been naked in the sea and wasn’t prepared for how nice it was to walk in to the point were the cold waves washed up between my legs caressing my perineum and testicles. I stayed there facing out to sea until my balls were so cold that they had pretty much retracted right back into my body and my penis had shrunk right down.

I picked up my bag, drank some more wine and walked on. After a while of looking many more nudes it was time for a rest. So I got my towel out and sat down had another cigarette and a bit more wine watching folk walk past me. I turned over onto my front and got some sun on my back and feel that lovely sea breeze again.
It was now time to walk back, seeing so many pert boobs, fresh vaginas and tight bottoms of my own age drove me into the sea again for a ‘ball freezer’ a couple times. That was of no use though I needed to unload again. It’s only natural after all.

At this point of the beach there were only large dune behind, so I trudged up looking for somewhere lay my towel and masturbate. That’s not as easy as it sound there are plenty of small prickly plants you don’t want to lean on.

I did however find what turned out to be the perfect spot. It was so good there was already a couple there.
He was kissing her and cupping her vulva when I saw them. He knelt back and started to finger her watching what he was doing. That’s when she saw me with my penis at full mast. She kept looking at me with a little smile while I watched him using two fingers inside her.
He must have looked in the direction she was and saw me. He gave a polite go away gesture. She said something to him I didn’t understand and gave me a come here gesture followed by the internationally recognized sign for wanking.

I moved closer and started to masturbate while her boyfriend fingered her pussy. She watched me pull my foreskin up and down quicker and quicker. I ejaculated hard and plenty over her breasts face and hair just before he pulled his fingers out and entered her.
Despite the amount of cum I had just shot from my penis I remained erect gently rubbing myself while I watched them fuck.
After they had finished they lay back and said Danke.

I left and walked back seeing many more naked people and needless to say had another wank in the shower.

I’ve been back a few more times and have a few more true stories which I will share,

I also have some great fictional ones which I use when I masturbate

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