So. I have had the fantasy of multiple men giving me sexual attention at one time for many years. At this point I had been to swinge club. But that scene is often couples swapping so one man one women kind of thing. Plus it is a screen ware women are really in charge. Most guys are very cautious and polite. All of these things are good it is a good thing but my fantasy was nastier. I wanted more.

I swing with with a male friend he is married as am I. Just not to each other. He was like look I think I know more what you want. I know an adult book store they have two back areas one is live girls. Up guys can go and pay fee for private dances etc and the other side has adult x rated movies showing and free for women or couple men pay 10 each to go back room. Officially sex back there not supposed to but yes everyone does.

It it was a small store really in the middle of no ware in pa. He suggested I post on Craigslist the day before that I would be their looking for fun. Time and a little about me. Now I think I am a sexy women but not every mans type of girl. I a, not a stick I am very Curvey. I so shorter and have very large breast. I was looking for play. Wanted to see what playing in adult book store with complete strangers would be like.

So I posted my add and as usual after a few hours got flagged on craigslist. I got a couple of emails before it came down but really had no way of knowing if anyone saw was interested or would show.

The he next night I got dressed to go out I wore a short shirt stocking no crouch black heels a blouse that buttoned up the front and a red low cut bra. Thus bra even in my cup size let’s say I don’t stay in it well. I met my friend he was going to drive us there and be my wing man. Basically help me feel not alone and someone to play with if we drove the 45 minutes and no one was there.

We we drove to the book store small chated and wondered if anyone would be there. The club was small. Not many cars that I could see. We went in. Two women were in the book store adult toys part the cashier and the dancer who sits and waited to see if anyone comes who wants a sow. The cashier nodded ,but the dance looked at me and smiled. Are you here to go to the theater. She asked with a smile. Yes my male friend chimed in. It is in the back just go in.

We we go in there are several areas. One is a stage with screens on the wall near chairs around There was x rated heter movies. I walked to a back. Room no one their. My friend laughted this was the gay x rated film area. Wrong area. Lol. Then as I walked around I started to see various men in the shadows. They start to come out. They were looking at me . Slowly I realized they were their looking for me. Not just random men to club. These were men who saw my add and picture and had come out on a Wednesday night at 9pm to fuck me or at least get oral from me. My friend suggested we all move into one of the smaller heter rooms. It had a small love seat and a few chairs.

I wasnt sure sure how I would feel. My friend left to go to bathroom and when he came back I was on my knees cock in my mouth and one in each hand. I loved it. I loved the hunger in their eyes. I loved being touched. I also liked some of the men just wanted to watch. Watch me suck cock. Them waiting there turn. 7 guys came to the club that night. I gave 6 head and fucked three men. They took turns fucking me. Fucked one at a time. Sometimes with another cock in my mouth. Sometimes riding dick and getting rubbed and fondeled. It was fun. I asked my friend how did I do. He laughed I was gone 5 min ties and you have a cock in your mouth what do you think .

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