Note: In the interest of writing a fictional story, I have not included any reference to safe sex or birth control. I imagine it takes place in a world where these things are not necessary.


This is the story of my sister’s 18th birthday. I was a 20 year old university student at the time and as a gift from our parents she was given the use of our holiday home at Mt Buller for a week. Every snow season the four of us; my parents, my sister and I, go up and stay for a week or two in early July depending on our commitments back home. Usually my sister and I both have a friend come up with us, but this year was different because my best mate Adam was in Europe for three months.

My sister, Paige, was bringing four of her best friends along this year to celebrate her birthday while my parents would be staying with friends who also have a house nearby. And that is how I discovered I was going to be staying with my sister and four of her rather hot friends in a house in the snow for 6 nights. My parents gave me the option of staying with them of course, but I found it rather exciting to be staying with four hot girls nearby at all times so I declined under the guise of not wanting to put my parents friends out too much.

– Sunday July 5th, 2009 –

We left for Buller around 9am Sunday morning. With eight of us this year we had to take two cars. My parents drove with my sister, Paige, and her friend Kara. I drove my car with Paige’s three friends Amanda, Dawn and Melissa.

Melissa was slightly older that the other girls. She was 19 already and I got on well with her. She was extremely outgoing and had a reputation for trying anything once. 5’6″ with Auburn hair, a fiery personality to match and great tits. Her pert breasts always seemed to stand out and were probably a C cup.

Amanda and Dawn were identical twins. They were insanely cute. 5’2″ tall, each with Brown hair and that slight babyface quality that makes them look years younger than they really are. They’re 18, a few months older than Paige and their breasts were a perfect perky B cup. Dawn had a crush on me, although I didn’t know as much at the time.

Kara, hmm Kara. She is the stereotypical blonde bombshell. 5’8″ tall, long blonde hair and massive suffocate-yourself-in-those-D-cup tits.

Then there is my sister herself. I get on great with Paige, I’d even say she is one of my close friends. Most of my friends seemed to fight with their sisters, but I can’t recall ever having a negative interaction with Paige. She is 5’6″ with brown hair that she streaks with blonde tips. She has a strong jawline, but not in that masculine way. Its actually quite beautiful.

The trip up to the mountain took a couple of hours, so there was plenty of time to chat. Dawn was very talkative and informed me that she had never been to the snow before and wouldn’t be able to ski. She talked me into giving her skiing lessons. The trip was pretty uneventful.

We arrived at around 11:30am and after Mum and Dad left we spent some time getting unpacked and showing the girls around the house. It was a large double story house with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and most importantly a hot tub/spa on the balcony at the back of the house. Half the balcony, including the spa itself was enclosed behind a glass wall to keep the heat in, but there was an uninterrupted view of the valley below and other mountains in the distance. The view alone was worth the trip.

Now of course such a large house was quite a waste on just our family of four. Mum and Dad bought it as an investment to rent out during most of the year. Even in the off season there are always hikers and the like looking for places to stay.

Everyone explored the house and chose their rooms. I unpacked in my usual room, while the girls had to share. Melissa and Kara got their own rooms while Amanda and Dawn were happy to share with Paige in the master bedroom.

Everybody had lunch once we were settled and we hit the slopes at around 1:30pm. Dawn intercepted me as I was leaving the house and made me take her to rent her ski gear. Then I started teaching her the basics. I’ve been skiing most of my life and find it second nature. I’ve never taught before and found that its quite hard to put the motions I find natural into words. Eventually I escaped from Dawn and went down a few runs on my own before returning home as the sun started to set.

Sunday night was when this story really starts to pick up steam. I cooked some meat on the barbecue for dinner and the girls started drinking. They had all brought a weeks supply of alcohol with them and weren’t wasting any time. After dinner the girls settled in the lounge and started the fire. I grabbed a book I brought and went out onto the balcony to read, it was freezing outside of course but it wasn’t too bad in the spa area.

The girls were inside quickly getting drunk and making a lot of noise. They were quite distracting and I couldn’t concentrate on the book. An hour or so later Dawn came out onto the balcony. She was wearing a small blue bikini that left nothing to the imagination.

“Hey Justin. We’re moving to the spa, Want to join?” she asked.

“I was just going to read. You guys wouldn’t want me ruining your party atmosphere, I’ll get out of your way.”

“Sure we do! Come on, you have to join us.”

I was genuinely surprised she wanted me to join them, but I wasn’t going to decline an invitation to jump in a spa with 5 hot bikini clad women, even if one of them was my sister. In hindsight, it may have only been Dawn that wanted me to stay.

I went back inside and a few minutes later I was wearing my swimming shorts and lowering myself into the already warm spa. It was a decent size hexagonal spa that easily fits 6 people, although their knees tend to touch. Everyone else was already there and the only empty spot was between the twins so I eased myself in between them. Amanda was wearing a pink bikini that was otherwise identical to Dawns. Good thing they were colour coded, or I wouldn’t have known one from the other. Kara, Melissa and Paige sat opposite us and behind them was the sweeping vista of the valley below, still lit by moonlight.

“Ok,” announced Melissa, “Justin’s here so we can resume out little game of truth or dare.”

“What? You guys have been playing truth or dare?” I asked, surprise. Why would they ask me to join a game like that?

“Oh yeah. We’ve been having lots of fun. Kara was even dared to show us her boobs.” Amanda announced.

What? I couldn’t believe she would do that, and then be willing to continue playing with a guy. Then again I could tell Melissa and Kara were already pretty drunk so perhaps this wasn’t so strange.

Dawn reached out of the spa and picked up a wooden arrow that I hadn’t noticed before.

“I believe it was my turn,” she said. Then Dawn threw the arrow lightly into the air and spun it. It spun around and landed in the water with a small splash, pointing toward Paige. “Truth or dare?” Dawn asked her.


“Hmm, Have you ever had sex, and with whom?” asked Dawn.

Wow, this had well and truly escalated into the dirty stuff it seemed. I kept my mouth shut so as to not risk reminding Paige that her brother was here. My fear was baseless.

“Gee Dawn, you don’t want to ease back into it?” said Paige.

“What? We eased into it earlier, and Justin is probably loving this.” She was right, I was loving it.

“Fine. Yes. I fucked Leon Hanks last year.”

Leon Hanks, I knew that name. He was that guy Paige went out with for a couple weeks the year before. She fucked him after just a couple dates? Paige grabbed the arrow and spun it into the air. It landed on Amanda.

“Truth.” said Amanda, before anybody could ask.

“Have you ever experimented with a girl? if you catch my meaning.” Paige asked her.

Hearing my sister ask such a sexy question was quite a turn on. I hadn’t heard her talk like that before.

Amanda paused for a while and looked at Dawn, who nodded and said “What the hell, go for it.”

Amanda finally answered, and I noticed I was holding my breath, “Actually, yes. We both have,” she signalled towards Dawn, “We’re bi-sexual.”

Everyone erupted into chaos at the revelation, the sudden squealing and yelling from the other three girls hurt my ears, while simultaneously the thought of some girl on girl action made my shorts begin to stir.

Dawn interrupted everyone almost yelling to put a stop to the other voices, “I prefer men though, just to make that clear.”

“But I prefer the pussy.” added Amanda, with a twinkle in her eye. I was startled at her crassness and realised she was more drunk that I had first thought. I hoped she wouldn’t regret coming out of the closet during a game of truth or dare.

When everyone calmed down Amanda picked up the arrow next and spun, it landed on me.

“Truth.” I said. I was a little afraid of what these drunk chicks would have me do if I chose dare, yet at the same time I still wanted to. I decided to play it safe until someone else chose dare.

“Ok Justin, how many women have you fucked?” Even though I saw it coming, the bluntness of the questions still hit me in the face like a bag of cement. I glanced at Paige, she looked intrigued.

“Um, uh, I… Two… no, Three.” I stammered. Maybe I needed to drink too, loosen myself up a bit. Perhaps tomorrow night.

Everyone seemed content with that answer, I caught Dawn glancing towards my crotch. My dick was rock hard by now, but of course she couldn’t see that through the turbulent water. I picked up the arrow and spun it myself. It landed on Kara.

“Dare.” she said.

Expecting a truth, I hadn’t thought of a dare. I stared at her blankly for a moment while I tried to think.

“Ok Kara, why don’t you show us all those massive tits of yours again.” I said, then tried to swallow the lump that had formed in my throat.

Everyone stared at me, mouths open. I stole a quick glance at Kara’s chest. She was wearing a strange black and white bikini top, one cup white, the other black and it looked ready to rip apart under the strain of her massive cans.

“Oh damn, I walked right into that didn’t I?” she said.

“Everyone else has seen, why should Justin be left out?” said Melissa.

“Sounds good to me.” said Amanda. Everyone looked at her with bewilderment.

Kara slowly reached behind her back and pulled, her top dropped from her chest. Actually more accurately they popped off her chest, the potential energy held in her massive boobs released all at once.

“Wow!”, Only a moment after did I realise I had said that out loud and that my mouth was still open. Then I noticed everyone was staring at Kara’s tits rather than me.

Kara removed the top from the water and then settled back into her seat. Her nipples sat on the end of big dark bulging areolae, which sat comfortably just above the waterline while her massive melons floated in the water, teasing my cock.

While I was staring at Kara’s knockers, I didn’t notice she had spun the arrow already. It landed on Melissa.

“Dare.” she said.

“Go topless, like me.” Kara immediately told her.

Melissa didn’t hesitate. She had her tits out before I could process what was happening. Her yellow bikini top floated in the water as I stared at her C cups. Her nipples were small and petite, softly sitting on tiny pink areolae.

From then on things wound down. The two most adventurous, and most drunk people were topless and the rest of us didn’t seem to be willing to join. Everyone chose truth from then on. I had one more turn and Melissa asked me if I’d ever eaten pussy. I answered no.

Everyone quickly became comfortable with the new clothing arrangements and we enjoyed the atmosphere and the view. My erection eventually went away and an hour or so later everyone started leaving the spa. I enjoyed watching Kara and Melissa’s exposed tits bounce as they climbed out. Then I was the last to leave and went to bed.

– Monday July 6th, 2009 –

The slopes were a lot less busy now that the weekend was over. I got up fairly early and spent the morning skiing. After lunch Dawn found me and begged for more lessons which I happily provided. I forced her to take on a slightly steeper slope which resulted in her falling over, a lot.

The girls went out for dinner that night, while I stayed in and actually got some proper reading done this time. The girls returned home at 10pm. Dawn went straight to bed as she was apparently quite sore and tired, but the others decided to go into the spa again.

I was getting a drink in the kitchen when Melissa emerged from her room heading for the spa upstairs. She was wearing her very tiny yellow bikini bottom and nothing more. She wasn’t even bothering to cover her tits on her way to the spa tonight. My cock jerked at the sight.

“Joining us?” she asked. I just nodded and stared at her firm looking round ass as she walked away from me. Once she was upstairs I practically bolted to my room to get changed.

When I reached the spa, Kara was already topless and Amanda was just removing her top as well. Her perky breasts stuck out and up, nipples hard as diamonds. And big too, huge even. Her very pink nipples were like those erasers on the end of pencils, thick pencils. Their areolae were small and flush against the curves of her mounds. Dawn was missing and Paige was the only one without her tits hanging out, which I was relieved to see. My heart lurched when I realized I hadn’t even concidered that my sister was here in my rush to get to the spa so I could perv on some jugs.

I sat between Kara and Amanda and grabbed a drink, this would be a good night. relaxing in a spa with my sister and 3 of her half nude friends. We talked briefly about the nudity and how comfortable the girls felt with it, then Melissa propositioned me.

“You know Justin, it’s not exactly fair that we’re baring a part of ourselves and you’re not. You should take those shorts off.”

“I don’t think so. My sister is here remember.” I replied.

“That’s no fun,” said Kara, “I dare you to take them off. Paige won’t mind I’m sure.” Paige didn’t say anything, but she looked pretty amused. Did she know they were planning this?

“What would I get in return? I’ve got more to worry about with Paige here, is that worth more to you?” I asked.

“How about… If you let your dick out, I’ll give you a handjob.” Kara offered. My heart lurched, and my dick jerked in reflex. Apparently this was news to the other girls as well who all exclaimed in shock at Kara’s forwardness.

Paige protested, “Hey, you never said anything about jerking my brother! I agreed you could see it if he agreed, thats all.”

Before anyone responded, I interjected on instinct “A deals a deal.”.

I quickly stood up and pulled my shorts down in one swift motion before I lost my nerve. I hadn’t drunk much at this stage, but I like to think I had enough of a buzz to justify my rash actions. My dick sprang into the air and I looked at Paige as I did this, her eyes were wide and her mouth was open. Then I sat back down, partially hiding my cock in the bubbly water, its head quite visible as it almost broke the surface.

“Holy shit. That looks massive.” said Melissa, “how big is that? It’s much larger than Andrew’s.” Andrew was Melissa’s boyfriend, she was the only one of the group to have a boyfriend.

“7 inches.” I said. I had never thought of my dick as particularly large, but I was happy to hear Melissa say otherwise. It made me feel superior to Andrew somehow. Andrew was in my year level at school. I never liked that guy, he thought too highly of himself, and it showed. He was a bully basically. Suddenly I wished it was Melissa who’d offered to give me a handjob, just to stick it to Andrew.

“Great, that’s something I needed to know.” said Paige. She sounded exasperated.

I slouched back and relaxed as Kara inched closer and reached for my cock. She started lightly caressing it and then slowly jerking it as she wrapped her hand more firmly around my tool. I streched my legs out and put my feet up on the seat opposite, the space freed by Dawn’s absense. This allowed me to rest my shoulders on the edge of the spa and float to the surface, my cock protruding completely from the water near the center of the spa.

Karas hand moved up and down my shaft faster and faster. I closed my eyes and zoned out as the girls talked amongst themselves. I focused on the sensation in my dick as the buxom blonde to my left performed her promised handjob. Moments later her hand disapeared, then reappeared from a different direction. My eyes opened in a flash and I found Melissa now had her fingers wrapped around my tool. Suck on that Andrew I thought, your girlfriend is pleasuring my superior dick.

My eyes darted to Paige and then quickly back to Kara’s massive tits. My sister seemed to have forgotten she was sitting in a spa with 3 other people and was staring intently at my dick while her hand seemed to be between her legs. This almost tipped me over the edge, but luckily Melissa released my dick right at that moment.

Kara’s hand returned soon after and resumed her handjob. I stared at her tits which bounced lightly on the surface of the water as her arm jerked up and down, milking me. Then I started darting my eyes around trying to look at Paige without her knowing. I glanced at Amanda’s tits, then Melissa’s, then to my sister’s water concealed crotch and back to Amanda’s chest. Paige’s arm was definitely moving slightly, she was covertly masturbating to her brother getting jerked off by her friend! Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined such a thing. It was a massive turn on however and after a couple more discrete glances I couldn’t hold on anymore.

My cock erupted and I spewed cum everywhere. Thick gobs of it landed in the water, on my stomach and dribbled down Kara’s hand. The girls all screamed in delight and reflexively jerked backwards, having not realised they’d all slowly leant forward to watch.

“That was interesting.” said Amanda.

“That was hot!” ammended Melissa.

I relaxed back into my seat, the cum washed off my body by the water. We all sat there in silence for the next 10 minutes or so watching my cum float around the spa, being pushed around by the air jets erupting from the surface. I noticed a clump float into Paige’s side. I tried not to look, but the thought of my semen contacting my sister’s skin was a massive turn on. I was quickly hard again. I secretly wanted another handjob. I secretly wanted my sister to administer it. But the girls had other ideas and started climbing out, apparently that was enough for the night. Kara grabbed her towel and wiped the cum on her hand into it. I hadn’t realised that she had left her hand covered in cum, my dick jerked harder. I climbed out of the spa and put my shorts back on.

“Hehe. He’s hard again already.” said Amanda, pointing at my dick as I pulled my shorts up.

“What can I say? I’m surrounded by topless women, I’m only human.” I replied.

Everyone went inside and I spent some time cleaning my cum out of the water. Then I made my way to bed. I was still too worked up, so I masturbated in bed thinking about my sister’s hot body. I really wanted to see her topless and wondered if I’d get the chance, this week was quickly becoming the most interesting week of my life. I blew my load again while picturing my cum brushing Paige’s skin in the spa, which led to fantasising about cumming onto her chest. I chastised myself for thinking of my sister in that way, but I couldn’t help it.

– Tuesday July 7th, 2009 –

I had a difficult time sleeping after fantasising about my sister for the first time ever. So I got up, had a shower and headed out to ski as soon as possible. I found Dawn that afternoon on one of the beginner slopes. She was doing very well, so I suggested she should try one of the intermediate runs. Barely anyone went on it, so she wouldn’t be as embarrassed if she stacked. She liked that idea.

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