All Characters are 18 years or older.

This story takes place in an urban fantasy setting, or more appropriately it is modern day with magic. It is also the beginning of a longer series, so I hope you enjoy and keep your eyes open for further installments.

Big thanks to Ante_matter13 for his fantastic editing.


*** 1 – Virgin No More ***

This was the first time I was having sex, and I was pretty sure shit was not going like it was supposed to.

First off, the whole ‘awkward being naked with someone else’ thing, and the ‘first time putting it in properly’ and all that stuff didn’t help matters, but we laughed it off. Lauren was beautiful, even if she was a bit of a tomboy. A heart shaped face and bright grey eyes, a cute little nose and a ready smile framed by wavy pixie-cut dirty blonde hair. I’d known her almost my entire life and I had never seen her grow it past her shoulders; when we were kids she had even kept it hidden up in a ballcap most of the time. Not quite rail thin, Lauren was captain of the high school long distance track team which meant she was obsessed with fitness. The only reason she wasn’t winning every event she went to, at least according to her, was her well developed chest. It was probably also her most distracting feature, at least to an eighteen year old kid like me.

It was after school, a couple days before winter break of our Senior year and two weeks after my eighteenth birthday. Two days ago I had finally worked up the courage to ask her out. Thankfully, she’d said yes, punching me in the shoulder and remarking she’d almost given up on me. Not without some good-natured exasperation, I might add. Years of friendship wasn’t enough for either of us any more. Lauren was actually my oldest friend, since I only met my two other best friends, Jay and Benji, in high school. Lauren and I went out to a movie that night and ended up making out in her car. First base? Check. Second base? Check. Third base? She’d grabbed my hand and shoved it down her jean fronts, whispering about how wet she was.

If I hadn’t already been hard, her straddling me in that passenger seat with her shirt up above her tits, you would have heard the sproing three blocks over. Anyways, third base was a half check because as soon as I got a feel she pulled away and said we should probably get home.

Two days to Christmas break and Lauren and I were officially a couple. Jay wasn’t surprised at all, but Benji seemed annoyed and admitted he’d had a crush on Lauren for a while. I bought him half a pizza at lunch and we were cool, he’d never been the kind of guy to get hung up.

Everything was going great for maybe the first time in my life. Unlike Lauren, I wasn’t a jock. Hell, I wasn’t even a band geek or a computer whiz or anything. I was pretty much just an average guy with average grades, an average appearance and an average home life. The only thing I had going for me at school was my friendship with Lauren, and the only thing I had outside of school was a stack of manuscripts I had written but never been able to finish. Seven novels, sixteen short stories, a book’s worth of crappy poetry and the makings of three plays and a movie. The only people who knew about my obsession were my parents, my sister Stacy, and Lauren.

She’d brought me back to her house saying we should study for a biology quiz I didn’t remember being assigned. When we got to her place no one was home and she said I should wait in the hallway for a second while she cleaned up her room. One minute later she opened the door and posed sexily against the doorframe in nothing but a red bra and pair of panties. “Are you ready for your Anatomy lesson?”

After a moment’s hesitation of pure shock, my boner took control and I picked her up over my shoulder and carried her into the room as she laughed. Over the years that laugh had warmed me inside and out, but now for the first time I felt like it was all for me. I tossed her onto the bed and we looked at each other for a long moment before I scrambled to get my shirt off while she went for my pants.

Suffice to say, young love isn’t what they make it out to be. There were ‘ows’ and ‘wait, wait, wait!’ and ‘not like that’ and a plethora of other stumbling blocks. Eventually we were both naked and had groped each other enough that we were both feeling ready. I took my dick, which I’d always felt was probably just on the smaller size of average, and rubbed it up and down her clean shaven slit a couple of times before we looked into each other’s eyes. She gave me a little wide eyed nod and I gave a push.

That was when stuff started to get weird. The first thrust, that horribly awkward first attempt, broke her hymen and she closed her eyes, bit her lips and sharply inhaled. At the same time I was distracted from the fact that my dick was finally where it was supposed to be by the fact that I was seeing spots. And not just those spots you see when you’re about to black out, I mean colourful shit exploding like fucking fireworks on the inside of my skull.

Lauren opened her eyes and looked up at me, still as cute as possible biting her lower lip, and nodded that I should keep going. So I did, maybe another inch. Her breath was slower this time, her chest rising sexily as she inhaled, her pert tits looking fantastic and her puffy pointed nipples standing out and asking to be played with. Unfortunately the fireworks were still going off, and for the next minute and a half I had to ignore some sort of cosmic celebration going on inside my skull as we tried to figure out what it meant to fuck.

I ended up leaning over her, resting on my hands as her legs circled my waist. I was buried in her to the root and we were looking at each other’s faces, searching to see if we were both doing it right. I’m pretty sure mine was saying ‘yes, god damn yes!’ but I was desperately trying to figure out why she didn’t seem as ecstatic as I felt.

My problem is that I second guess myself. A lot. It’s why I have a pile of manuscripts I’ve never submitted; it’s why I took seven years to ask Lauren out and it’s why, even with me buried in her as we panted our way through a rhythmically impaired first time, I felt like I wasn’t good enough for my best friend. It wasn’t that I doubted my skills, she’d liked it fine when I’d gone down on her for a couple minutes. Porn, or at least extrapolating from it, had served me well.

It had to be my dick. Fireworks in my head, her sexy body moving underneath mine, and all I could think about was how I wished my dick was bigger. Like three inches more, that was all I wanted. Bring me from 5ish up to eight and I’d be damn happy. I gritted my teeth and started thrusting into her a bit harder as that thought ran through my mind over and over. To stack another oddity onto the fireworks shit going on in my head, I was now fucking my girlfriend to the mantra ‘Three. Damn. Inches. Three. Damn. Inches.’

That was when the fireworks stopped and Lauren’s eyes went wide. Her mouth opened into an ‘Oh’ shape and then she bit her bottom lip again, this time with an enraptured look on her face. Her brow furrowed slightly, her cheeks flushed just a hint more and her breath became more rapid and shallow. At the same time her pussy, which don’t get me wrong until now had been wonderful, suddenly got way more snug and almost like it had changed in texture or something. It wasn’t just wet and warm anymore, it was god damn velvety.

“Holy shit,” she managed, the first thing either of us had said to each other since the first penetration. Her hands, which had been gripping the sheets until now, reached up and pulled my face to hers and she kissed me fiercely, her tongue shooting into my mouth as I kept up the new rhythm I’d finally found.

The kiss ended when we both needed to breathe and she looked up at me, sweat soaking us both, and she groaned out, “Keep fucking going, I’m so fucking close babe. God, you’re so big.”

Yeah, I thought to myself, I might actually make her cum! My first time and- wait. I’m so big? There was no way, even being virgins, both of us didn’t know I wasn’t a big dicked guy. Hell, she’d been able to get almost my entire cock in her mouth when she gave me a tentative blowjob as part of our fast paced foreplay. Now she was moaning about how big I am?

Still, I could feel her pussy tightening around me as I thrust away. She was thrusting back up at me now, her tits bouncing in a way that was god damn sexy and she was making little grunt noises every time our pelvises slapped together.

“Unh, Unh, Unh, Come on, Almost there.” She said, then she looked up at me with a face in between ‘Fucking ravage me’ and ‘Please I’m so close.’

“Oh shit,” I said, “I’m gonna fucking blow.”

She slapped me and I saw spots again, and this time it was the dazed kind. A full force, straight out slap and then she moaned out, “Don’t you fucking dare, not till I’aaaaaaammmm uuughh!” She came. Her pussy clamped down and it felt like I was about to lose my dick as I tried a couple of tentative motions as her body tensed below me. She shuddered a few times, eyes screwed shut, one hand pinching one of her delicious nipples and the other clenched into my shaggy hair. After a long fifteen seconds she relaxed with a moan and let go of me, blinking rapidly as she tried to catch her breath.

I moved slowly, thrusting deeply into her and she groaned loudly and leaned up for another kiss, this one less fierce and more loving. She pulled back her mouth so just our foreheads were touching. “Fuck that’s good. Are you almost…?”

“Ungh, yeah.” I replied, slowly pulling back out before thrusting in again. “Almost… where should I…?”

She groaned as I pulled out again before quickly thrusting back in. The fireworks were growing in my head again, making it hard to concentrate on anything. “Fuck. Ooooh. Kay, when you’re about to, pull out and shoot it all over my pussy. Fuck, I wanna feel it so bad but it’s not… uuugh… not safe.”

Shoot it all over her pussy? Fuck that was hot. All it took was three more thrusts accompanied by her pleasure-ridden moans and groans and I had to pull out. I went to rip the condom off my dick and that was when I realized it wasn’t just the fireworks and the feelings and everything that was making this one hell of a weird trip.

My dick was fucking big. Like, stretching the condom to the limit big. It all registered, but I might as well have been on autopilot or having some out of body experience. I got the condom off, pumped myself twice and then exploded. The first volley missed Lauren’s pussy altogether, trailing from the dense but trimmed diamond of pubic hair above her mound up to her belly button. The second one I hit right on, followed by the third and fourth. The huge globs I’d shot immediately started dripping down her flushed lips and I felt myself clench a couple more times, but there wasn’t anything left to give at that point.

“Ooooh, fuuuuck.” She groaned, tweaking her nipples as she closed her eyes and let herself wallow in whatever she was feeling. Panting and gasping, I collapsed, barely maneuvering myself from over top of her, my face buried in a pillow for a long moment before I managed to roll onto my side and look at her. She was up on her elbows, legs still spread and as I watched she reached down with one hand and swept up most of the cum settling on her pussy. Then she brought her loaded finger’s worth of cum up to her mouth and took a big lick.

“God damn,” I said, feeling my dick twitch in response to the sight.

She grinned and looked at me innocently, “What? I wanted to try it.” And then licked her finger again, grinning at me.

“Damn boy, you really did turn her into a little cumbucket, didn’t you?”

We both jumped at the voice, scrambling to try and cover ourselves, looking around wildly trying to figure out where it had come from.

“Oh come now, suddenly so shy? After that performance you ought to be getting ready for round two.” The voice was unmistakeable; a fierce black woman was haunting Lauren’s bedroom.

Lauren’s arm was looped through mine and she was pressing herself into me. Despite the startling voice and the fact that I could still feel the fireworks in my head even if they weren’t clouding my vision, I was totally aware of her nipple pressing into my arm and the fact that one of her legs was curled up and onto mine.

“Uhm, Lauren,” I said quietly as we both looked around the room, “How long has your room been haunted?”

“Haunted! Well that’s just horse shit now. Wabam!” Suddenly a miniature version of a rotund black woman appeared in a puff of smoke, laying seductively on the end of the bed just past our feet. “Well hello there, baby.” She was dressed in a little golden vest that stretched over her immense cleavage, her big belly blocking whatever she might be wearing lower. “Mmm, now you two were just fantastic to watch. You sure you don’t feel like going at it again?”

All I could do was gape at the tiny being as she waved a hand as if she expected us to just start fucking like rabbits so she could watch. Lauren spoke up, though, “Who- Who are you? What are you?”

“Oh,” the black woman said, “Well look at that, the cum dumpster speaks. Not that there’s anything wrong with that hun, no offence and all that.” The woman stood, somehow looking majestic despite her diminutive stature and odd apparel. Her hair, thickly braided, ran down her back and pooled on the bed behind her. “My name is Adama, Patron of Fertility, Mentor of Magic and Fifth Seat on the Council of Threes.” She broke her pose then, leaning in conspiratorially towards Lauren and speaking in a stage whisper, “And I’m a bit of a cum dumpster too, honey.” She winked then straightened back, walking up the bed and between my legs, Lauren moving away from her cautiously.

“Now, my boy, I think a little congratulations are in order!” Her voice suddenly got louder, more full, as if she were proclaiming something in front of a crowd. “Jeremiah Arthur Grant, you are hereby welcomed into the motherly folds of the Great Order of Fertility Shamans. Let all those of the Order know henceforth you are under the Great Mother’s protection and shall not be accosted, manipulated or otherwise afflicted. So shall it be.” And she clapped her hands, her belly and immense breasts jiggling as a boom seemed to echo like far away thunder. Her broad smile was probably meant to be disarming, but Lauren and I both just sat, frozen and watching her.

I finally managed to speak up, “What… what the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

The black woman rolled her eyes and sat down cross-legged, looking up at me from between my legs. “It means that when you,” she pointed at me, “did the nasty with her,” she pointed to Lauren, “You manifested a power that’s deep in your bones, and then you cast a spell using the energy you’d gathered.”

“Wha-” I started, stammering, but Lauren cut me off.

“Are you saying he has a magic dick?”

“Not just a magic dick,” Adama replied, grinning ear to ear, “He’s all sorts of magic, girly. The more pussy he fucks and the more pleasure he brings to his partners, the more magic he stores up until he uses it. Get it?” Lauren nodded, and Adama turned to me, “Got it?” I nodded too even though I was feeling a little lost.

“Good. Well, I’ve got to go for now, but do me a favour. Fuck her good, cause judging by the time, you’ve got another solid hour before her parents get home, son.” Adama made some sort of wiggling motion that looked important, but I cut her off as she went to clap her hands above her head.


Adama stopped and quirked an eyebrow at me. “I’ve got time for one quick question there, boo. I’m running out of time here.”

“Uh.. umm…” I looked at Lauren, who was just as wide eyed as I felt. Nothing there but shock. I looked back to Adama. “What, uh, what spell did I cast and when you say ‘more’ pussy, am I supposed to have sex with more than Lauren?”

Adama gave me a look then rolled her eyes. “Pushing your luck, boy. I’m a mentor not the internet. Yes, you’re going to need to fuck more than the pretty little thing next to you. She’s just not gonna be able to cut it, nothing against you babygirl,” She gave Lauren an apologetic look.

“Hold on, I’m not just gonna go fucking random girls-“

“Oh, not random honey. Well, sometimes random, but you’re gonna need to build yourself a harem of girls ready and willing whenever you need them. Never know when you gotta drop a big spell to squash a rogue mage or rebellious entity.”

“Hold on, what if I’m not okay with that?” Lauren spoke up angrily.

Another look from Adama, “Oh you little thing, tell me something. Even knowing Jeremiah needs to go fuck for a living, are you ever going to be able to walk away from him?”

Lauren looked at me, then down at herself, then back to me. When she looked up again her eyes were shining and she was tearing up, “No, I don’t think so.” My heart stuttered and I wanted to bring her in to me and kiss her and tell her the same, but all I could do in the situation was reach over and grab her hand.

“That’s ’cause you’re his Prime, baby. Not just his first, but his main squeeze. You’re the yin to his yang, the bang to his buck. It’s not just because of this, it’s why I’m even here at all. You two have a connection that sparked his powers, and it’s a good thing you fucked when you did, otherwise one of the other Seats might have reached out and snagged him and let me tell you, the Font of Fertility is way more fun than any of the others.”

“Now,” Adama continued, “I really do need to go, my babies. As for your spell, Jeremiah, I think you know what it was. Maybe there’s some other things a smart boy like you should consider doing with this hint.” She winked again, then did the wiggle and clapped her hands over her head. Another puff of smoke and Adama was gone.

Lauren and I sat for a long moment, staring at the spot where the tiny black woman had been standing. Then we both opened our mouths and said, “What the fuck?”

*** 2 – What Just Happened? ***

We sat in silence, naked, until Lauren eased off the bed and put on a housecoat. I pulled the sheets up to cover myself, and we just looked at each other for a while, trying to comprehend what had just happened.

Finally, Lauren broke the silence, “Well, I guess you weren’t lying about being a virgin too.” And she actually chuckled and sent a small smile my way. The tension I hadn’t realized I’d been holding on to slowly eased out of me and I was able to take a deep breath.

“OK, I… I don’t know what that was, Lauren, but uh… the stuff before the… yeah, the stuff before. That was just, wow. You’re beautiful. And sexy. Thank you?”

She snorted and laughed, that same laugh from when I’d thrown her over my shoulder just half an hour ago. “Well, you were pretty fucking fantastic too, and I’m pretty sure we’ll do it again. Soon.” She sat down cross-legged on the bed beside me, the bottom of the robe sliding up her toned thighs and I couldn’t help but glance a few times. Sure, we might have just had sex followed by some sort of paranormal experience, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t interested in seeing if her cooch was teasing me from under that draped hem.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Fortunately, Lauren saw me and with a wry smirk she flipped the front hem of the robe up, flashing me her pussy for a couple of seconds.

“But, Jerry, the other stuff. After. That was like some crazy pornographic Harry Potter shit. Babe, I think you just got your fucking letter to Hogwarts.”

And she was right, but how could she be right? It was nonsense, and I said as much. “There’s no way that was real. We had to have been having some sort of crazy shared vision or something. Do you smell gas or anything? Like, are we high on fumes?”

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