He had been tracking his female’s scent for days when he located her. Immediately he recognized who she was and what she meant to him. It had taken him awhile to realize that the circling path she was wondering could only mean that she was lost. Amazing, he had never known any of their kind to be lost. She was obviously young. Panic had struck him for a moment that she would be too young. However further study of her scent established her age to be well into her breeding years.

As he had gotten closer to her he could smell her fear when she realized she was being tracked and was running from him. The beast in him gloried at the chase. He had gotten his first look at her when she entered the clearing. She was so small and delicate looking. Surely he had been mistaking, fate surely would not have picked such a creature for one such as he.

He had almost stopped for one breathtaking moment just to fill his eyes with her. He had waited so long for her and now she was but a moment away. When she spotted him she raced for the cover of the trees. He stopped for a second and raised his nose in the air and reveled at her smell. No power on earth could stop him from surging towards her.

He grabbed her hard from behind slamming them both against a large and unyielding tree. The moment he had touched her, he knew that she was his and he would not be letting her go. He pinned her between himself and the tree. She was trembling and he could smell her fear. He did not like her being afraid of him. He was meant to protect her. But he understood that until she accepted him as her master, her fear of him would help control her.

He began whispering soft words of assurance in her ear. Ever so softly he pulled her long flowing hair from her nape. Still murmuring softly he bent down and pulled the scent of her neck through his nostrils. With small soft strokes of his tongue he lapped gently at her neck. He started suckling on her tender skin leaving possessive red welts along her neck, collar bone, and fragile jaw.

Suddenly a blinding pain wracked his ribs as she struck him with her elbow. He doubled over as she whipped away from him. His arm jerked out and grabbed her arm. She tried to twist from him but fell. She landed on her back and immediately sprang into a sitting position. He snarled his displeasure at her attempts to escape him. He glared down at her angling his head he emitted a low and menacing rumble from deep in his chest. She started scooting backwards away from him like a crab, afraid to turn her back towards him.

As she moved he stared at her face for the first time. She was stunning. She had a heart shaped face with full red lips that were shaped for kissing and sucking a man’s cock. Yes, sucking his cock. Her dark blue eyes that were almost too big for her face, were fringed with dark eyelashes. Her eyebrows were dark blond, several shades darker than her hair. Most of the soft waiving locks cascaded down her back while some spilled over her shoulder and curled around her breast. His gaze slid from her face to her breast. As though they had a mind of their own he could see them swell. They were small like her, but they would be enough for him to enjoy. The nipples hardened and he could see them through her dress. Dark red like berries, begging him to suckle them. He felt his cock go rock hard and before he could stop it a low growl of rolled from him. This time in pleasure.

“My family will come for me.” Her voice matched her appearance, soft and delicate. He had no doubt that her family would come for her. In all his travels over the span of two millennia he had never scented one such as her. She must be very rare.

“Let them come. It will nae matter.” He stepped towards her. The sooner she accepted that she was his, the better. He wondered if she already had a male somewhere. If she did, he would enjoy killing him.

Fierce possessiveness rolled through him. Something of his thoughts must have passed over his face because she gave a startled cry. She lunged from her back onto her knees and tried to spring into a run. He lunged forward and grabbed her ankle’s. He pulled her legs back towards him. Dragging her face down onto the soft grass. Using his body to keep her down he slowly moved up over her back.

He shifted enough above her so he could rip her dress from her leaving only her sweet ass encased in lacy white panties. He began touching her and stroking her every inch from her heels up to the back of her neck and back down again. His tongue swirled tracing imaginary symbols along her velvet skin. She quivered and tried to move away from him and the sensations he was creating in her young body.

“Let me go and I will not tell.” She tried to bargain with him when her struggles did not gain her release but seemed to excite him even more.

“You willnae have to tell them, because I will.” He growled in her ear. With one hand he pushed on her lower back trapping her on the ground and with the other hand he twisted her hair in his fist and pulled her head back. He growled has he bit the left side of her exposed neck. He flexed his jaw lightly sinking his teeth around her jugular vein until she stilled. He began to nudge her thighs apart using his strength to keep her pinned.

“I willnae let you see any of them again until your belly is swollen with my seed and your spirit is submitted to me.”

It took her a moment to understand his words from his heavy accent. When their meaning penetrated her mind she began to cry and thrash wildly under his heavy frame. He heard her gasp when she realized he meant to take her right there.

“Shh, I wish to taste you.” She started to struggle harder causing him to bite into her soft slim thigh until she stilled. She had struggled longer than most would have and he had been forced to break her skin. The smell of her blood so close to her sex was sending him into a sexual frenzy. He did want not hurt her, but she must learn not to deny him.

He started speaking to her in a low melodic voice. Trying to calm her he moved slow and gentle. His body was screaming for him to take her hard and fast. But, his mind was warning him of how soft and delicate she was how easy he could hurt her young womb.

Her scent swirled around him reminding him of how rare she was. Her family must have treated her as the most special of all creatures. But, they had left her unprotected. Something he would never do. She would be his, he would never let her from his site. The only way she would be away from his site was if she had to take a piss. Hell, he didn’t mind watching his woman piss, on second thought he could think of no reason for her to be away from his side.

He pushed her legs wide enough apart to allow his mouth to lick at the satin crotch of her small lace panties. A low growl of approval escaped him as he scented her innocence. He could feel her tremble as his tongue warmed her through her panties. Her small body tensed trying to override the pleasurable sensation.

Her breast began to swell and feel heavy. She could not seem to stop herself fro grinding her tender nipples into the dirt. She heard a noise that sounded like an animal in need. It stunned her to realize the sound was coming from her. She groaned with humiliation at the though that she had no control over her body.

His tongue began to lap at her growing wetness through her panties. One hand held tightly to her slim thigh while the fingers of his other hand began to press rhythmically into her tight pussy. She could feel her blood pulse in between her legs. With every heartbeat his fingers would push her panties slightly into her warm wet pussy.

He removed his fingers from her dripping panties and she let out a low keeling noise. His fingers started tracing the edge of her panties. She could not stop herself from lifting her bottom in the air to give him better access. She could not help but submit to the pleasures that he was forcing on her. Laying on her stomach thrusting her ass in the air she trembled with anticipation.

Her scent of arousal and submissive movements through him into a frenzy and he grabbed her hips jerking them back higher into the air. His canines lengthened and he buried his face in her ass and chewed through her panties to get to her tiny puckered hole. Suckling and nipping at her tiny rose bud he began to thrust his tongue deep inside her sweet little pucker while hand moved to stroke her pussy. His thumb dipped into her tight little channel while his fingers surrounded her little pleasure bud pressing them in matching rhythm to his tongue.

She could not believe what he was doing. No one in her young life had ever touched her this way. Tears of pleasure and embarrassment streaked her face as she could not stop herself from enjoy his fingers on her clit and his tongue in her bottom. She felt him shift slightly. Fearing that he meant to stop she grabbed both her ass cheeks and stretched them as far apart as she could and pressed her ass back against his mouth. She heard him chuckle his delight at her movements and could not help but contain the sudden blush at how happy this made her.

Her thighs began to tremble and a knot began to form low in her belly and her lower back. She wasn’t expecting the sudden surge of complete pleasure but suddenly her hands flew from her body and grabbed handfuls of grass as she screamed and writhed on his tongue. Gasping and shuddering she fell limp on the ground.

Softly he moved up to her and gently moved the tangled mass of her plastered on her soft cheek.

“We are not done yet little one.” His voice seemed to come from his chest and she couldn’t help but press her back against his chest while she purred.

Gently yet forcibly he rolled her onto her back. His claws extended and he tore away the remaining shreds of her lace panties. Positioning himself between her thighs, he knelt there and stared at her naked beauty.

Her body was still limp with her previous orgasm, she offered no resistance as he positioned her as he wanted her.

Slipping his left arm under her butt cheeks he lifted her up where only her shoulders and head rested on the grass. He ran his right hand between her breast, up stroking her neck and collarbone, and then down again pressing hard as he traveled past her ribs onto her stomach. He pressed harder just under her belly-button and she felt her womb jump. Her body already recognizing its master. He smiled as he stoked her and let loose a shear growl of pleasure when he felt her tiny womb jump at his touch.

He slowly lowered her down on the ground and low between her thighs. Using his large hands he splayed her thighs wide while stretching her pussy lips tightly almost painfully apart. Her delicate little clit stood unprotect and bare to his visual examination.

“Don’t.” She tried to cover herself but a warning growl from him scarred her enough to lay back and be still for him. He bent his head down low and blew across her little clit watching her body jump at the sudden sensation.

At first she felt him touch her exposed clit only with his lips. It was so soft and subtle she sighed. He began to pull her clit into his warm wet mouth with long drawn suckling motions. His wet tongue began to dip into her little cunny and swirl her growing juices out and suck them off her little pleasure button. Her head began to thrash and her skin felt like it was on fire. His fingers released her pussy lips and began to stroke her. He raised up licking her scent off his mouth as he watched her through heavy lids.

She moaned and moved as his fingers pressed and stroked her. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She tried to get control of herself and close her legs. A shout of anger erupted from him and his fingers became painful.

“I told you, do not deny what is mine.” She struggled to understand his words as his fingers pressed hard into her forcing both pain and pleasure upon her young body. Suddenly without mercy, he pressed hard into her clit. The pressure caused and instant orgasm to roll through her. Unlike the one before though, this one was painful and caused her whole body to clench. She looked up at him with tears in her eyes, innocent and confused.

“I will have what is mine.” He pushed his cock just barely into the small opening of her virgin opening.

“You can take it with pain, or with pleasure, but either way you will take it.” With these words he shoved his huge cock deep into her virgin cunt. She screamed and bucked at the pain.

He shouted his uncontrollable joy when he ripped through her maidenhead. The realization that no one had ever had her before or would ever have her but him caused his cock to grow and jump in her tight cunny.

“Tell me, who owns you?” He fisted her hair as he jerked back into her. She felt her pussy lips dimple back into her dry pussy as he forced his cock back into her abused little cunny. She began to cry and whimper as he slammed into her cervix. He jerked her hair again and pulled from her only to ram back into her again.

“Tell me, who owns you?” He snarled again.

“You…you do.” She gasped as she pushed at his hips trying to ease some of her pain.

“Do you willing accept my seed?” This time she did not wait for him to ask twice.

“Yes…anything.” Her body shuddered when he suddenly stopped pistoning into her.

Just as suddenly as he had taken her with force he began moving on her with gentleness. He slowed his thrusts and began stroking her clit with his fingers. He bent his head down and began suckling her nipples.

A shudder raced up her back as he began to arouse her. She felt the wetness grow between her legs with every thrust. Where his cock had felt too big and had hurt before, now she began to arch up towards his thrust, craving the full feeling. His warm mouth sucked and nipped at her breast. He licked his way up to her throat.

“Do you want me to cum in you?” His voice was but a hoarse whisper. She nodded and turned her head to press her lips against his cheek. She could hear his growls against her throat.

She wrapped her arms around him trying to hold him to her as she felt her pleasure grow. He started rocking her back and forth with each thrust. Her breathing became labored and black dots swam around her head. Through a pleasure filled haze she lifted her head to see where the two of them were joined. The site of his cock sinking into her warm inviting pussy was the most erotic sight she had ever witnessed.

Unable to control the beast in himself anymore he bit into her neck holding her beneath him so his body could fill her with his life giving seed. She felt his teeth sink into her neck but instead of pain she could feel only pleasure. Her body began to prepare itself for the best orgasm of its young life as she began to beg him to finish her off.

She felt him release her neck as he threw his head back and roared up to the sky. Her body exploded as her pussy clamped down on his cock milking him as his hot seed bathed her womb.

Slowly their breathing began to turn back to normal.

The realization of what just occurred hit her and she began to weep. Slowly their breathing began to turn back to normal. The realization of what just occurred hit her and she began to weep.

His shirt and pants were unbuttoned, but for the most part he was completely clothed, while she was totally naked. She felt scarred and insecure.

he starred down at her. She looked so small and fragile lying there beneath him.

“When my family finds me they will kill you for this.” Maybe not so fragile.

He was not afraid of her family but her words reminded him he needed to get back to his homegrown. Only there would he feel safe with his prize. He took his shirt off and helped her into it, buttoning it up himself.

Knowing that she might try to escape or cry out he decided he would quiet her. “I am going to quiet you.” Straddling her back he started to tear the skin from his index finger. Her she growled a small feral sound that made him get rock hard again. Then she started gnashing at him with her teeth. Little minx meant to bite him.

He grabbed a handful of hair with his left hand to keep her head still. Then he grasped her jaw with his right. He put his thumb on one side of her face and using every finger but his index finger he grasped the other side of her jaw.

This way he could apply pressure to both sides of her jaw should she decide to bite him. He tried to force his bleeding finger into her mouth but she would not open her mouth. He was afraid to apply to much pressure less he hurt her.

“You can either take my blood into your wee little body, by your mouth.” He waived his bloody finger in front of her eyes and waited for a moment to heighten the shock of his next words. “Or I can shove it in your tight little sheath, and you can take it that way.”

Her reaction was instant and just what he had wanted. Her eyes popped open and her small mouth opened into a perfect “Oh!” As she gasped in shock. He immediately pushed his finger into her warm mouth. As his blood started pulling there she had no choice but to swallow.

As soon as she did her eyes began to flutter. Small little noises escaped her as she began to suck and pull the blood from his wound. He would not have been a male if he could not resist lowering himself to her.

He spoke tender words of praise and pleasure in her ear. He used the tone of his voice to reassure her as she began to grow lethargic at the taste of his blood. Rubbing her with his body, he began the age old dance of his kind as he marked her with his scent.

“You have taken both my blood and my seed. You are mine little one.” As her eyes began to flutter close the last thing she remembered was him pressing a kiss onto her belly before lifting her up into his arms and heading towards his home.

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