It took a whole week of carefully planned arguments and pleading to finally convince his parents to let him have Halloween party at their house. John Carlson was desperately trying to get into the Delta Tau fraternity at his college so that he could finally move out of his parents’ house.

As a freshman it was a longshot but he knew that this was his only chance to move out, because while his parents were paying for his college tuition they decided not to pay for the dorm housing. They only lived 20 minutes away from campus and so his parents didn’t see the point in paying the extra money for housing. John had gotten a part-time job during his first semester but it was clear that wouldn’t be nearly enough to pay for housing, on- or off-campus.

John had learned that new pledges to Delta Tau were often required to live in the frat house for their first year, and through a bit of determined detective work John discovered that there were currently 4 vacant rooms and the Delta Tau’s would only be accepting 3 new pledges out of the rush class of 12. All of this meant that John had found a loop-hole to finally break free from his parents but that he also had to do whatever it would take to make the short-list.

John’s first mission was to convince his parents that joining a frat and moving into the frat house was a good idea. John initially argued that his parents would be able to enjoy the empty house and not have to hear him coming and going at all hours of the night. Unfortunately for John his father, Mark, was a heavy sleeper and his mother, Vicky, wanted to keep him close to home. He then pivoted to the argument that this would be an important step in him becoming an independent individual and would help him prepare for the real world post-college. He hadn’t quite won them over with this approach, but he noticed that they seemed to actually think that this was a reasonably valid point. John continued to press hard on this point and finally won them over by promising to be home every Sunday night for family dinner.

Once he got the green light from his parents he needed to devise a plan to actually set himself apart from the other pledges and ensure his spot in the frat. He volunteered for every activity no matter how demeaning and made sure that he sucked up to the most influential brothers. He had learned by paying close attention that four of the brothers would be the ultimate decision makers. He did everything he could to make himself look good in their eyes.

His big break came when the school, under pressure from the local community, decided to ban any organized parties on Halloween. Halloween fell on a Friday that year and the Delta Tau’s were infamous for having the best parties. This ban came as a big blow to the frat and John guessed that if he could figure out a way for the party to go on that he would lock in his place as a top pledge candidate.

The Carlson family lives in a large home in a relatively rural area. John knew that between his parent’s basement and backyard that there would be more than enough room for a party. He also knew that his parents went out to a Halloween party every year. He campaigned relentlessly for his parents to allow him to host a party. He assured them that he would limit everyone to the basement and backyard and that they wouldn’t do anything to bother the neighbors. He knew that the neighbors wouldn’t be much of a problem given how far apart the houses were in their neighborhood.

His parents were skeptical of allowing the party but finally agreed to allow John to proceed after he suggested that his parents could make a night out of it and stay at a hotel in town. He also offered to hire a cleaning company to come the next day to make sure that everything was back in order before his parents even got home. Of course, John offered to pay for his parents’ hotel room as a sign of good faith. He didn’t have the money but had no difficulty in convincing the Delta Tau Treasurer to pick up the added expenses in order to make the party happen.

John spent the afternoon getting ready for the party after his last class on Friday. He had already gotten the ingredients for the Delta’s signature punch, which consisted of a liberal amount of Everclear grain alcohol combined with a variety of fruit juices, which he mixed up in a garbage can that the frat had dedicated for this purpose.

The next step was his costume, which was pretty easy. John was going to dress up as a 70’s basketball player, meaning that his costume consisted of a jersey, tight satin basketball shorts, an elastic headband and a pair of sneakers. His party was scheduled to start at midnight and his parents were planning on leaving much earlier because their party started at 9pm.

John’s plan was to have everything ready in time for his brothers to come over at 10pm for a little pre-party drinking.

John was sitting in the living room when his parents came down to go to their party. Both of his parents were wearing off-the-shelf costumes they picked up at the last minute. Mark Carlson was dressed as a cowboy in full regalia complete with a set of plastic spurs attached to his heels. Vicky Carlson wore a french maid costume, or much to John’s astonishment she wore a slutty french maid costume.

John’s mother looked stunning. At 42 years old she looked at least 10 years younger. Her costume was fairly simple but also very revealing. It was a small black dress, made out of the same cheap nylon material you would expect from Halloween costumes. The thin, black dress clung to every curve of her body. The neckline was trimmed with white lace which converged into a small white satin bow right in the center of her chest. The top had a built in underwire for support so she didn’t bother wearing a bra with it. A dainty white lace apron was tied around her waist with a white satin ribbon and rested on the front of the skirt of the dress. The skirt hung loosely around her hips and was also trimmed with white lace. The short skirt barely covered her legs, on which she wore a pair of white thigh high stockings held up by a white lace garter belt. The clasps of the garter belt just poked out from beneath her skirt. The outfit was completed with a black silk ribbon choker and a pair of impossibly tall black high heels, which immediately reminded John of stripper shoes. Vicky’s dirty blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and instead of covering up her cleavage simply drew attention to her two soft mounds straining against the thin material.

“So, how do we look?”

John looked up at his mother as she asked the question. He was used to his parents being fairly conservative in their costumes and was taken aback at how revealing his mother’s outfit was.

“I, uh, you guys look great.”

“Don’t play coy with me young man, I can tell you don’t like it. What’s wrong?”

“It’s not that, mom, it’s just that… Well, don’t you think that outfit is a little revealing?”

“What, you think I’m too old for it?” She teased as she turned to show off the costume.

“No, mom. You look great. I guess I’m just not used to seeing you dress like that. Don’t worry about it mom, you guys look great.”

“Thanks, and don’t worry these parties never get too wild. And besides, I have your dad here to protect me in case anyone gets fresh.”

Vicky slipped her arm around her husband and winked at her son, letting him know that she was only playing around with him.

“Let’s go honey, we don’t want to be late.” John watched as his father led his mother through the house to the garage.

“Goodnight honey, and remember our deal. This place had better be cleaned up before we get home tomorrow. And no cops!”

“Bye mom, don’t worry I have everything under control.”

John killed time until the party by watching ESPN. A few of the frat brothers trickled in each bringing a six-pack in tow. Eric was the last to arrive and was expected to bring the keg. He showed up empty handed complaining that the guy at the beer distributor rejected his ID. John saw this as a perfect opportunity to prove how valuable he could be and volunteered to pick up the keg knowing that he had a foolproof ID. He left the frat brothers in his basement watching TV and drinking beer while he left to get the keg.

It was almost 11pm when Vicky tip-toed through the back door. She knew that John would be devastated if he caught her at the house but she also knew that his party wasn’t supposed to start for another hour. Her husband had forgotten the charger for his phone and she offered to run home and pick it up for him. Vicky carefully crept through the back door and once she realized that the house was empty she went upstairs and stuffed the charger in her purse. On her way back out she heard the TV from the basement and decided to say goodnight to her son one last time.

As she turned into the basement at the bottom of the stairs she saw a group of college guys watching TV and noticed that her son was not among them.

They saw her standing there and all four of them turned towards her before she could sneak back out.

“Oh, hi. I’m sorry to interrupt. I was looking for John.”

“Oh, he went out for a little while and should be back any minute.”

“I don’t know. We agreed that I wouldn’t come until later. I don’t want him to get upset.”

Eric, who failed on the beer mission, was the first to speak up. He quickly put two and two together and realized that John must have hired a stripper for them as a surprise.

“Don’t worry about it. We don’t mind that you came over early. Why don’t you come over here and sit with us while you wait for him. Here let me get you a drink.”

Eric wasted no time waiting for a response and poured Vicky a full cup of the special punch.

Realizing that she was already going to embarrass him she decided to stay until he got back so that she could at least explain why she was there. She was also pretty bored at the other party and so was in no rush to get back.

“Well, I guess I can join you for one drink.” Vicky walked over to the couch as Eric handed her the drink.

The signature punch was specially formulated to be a deadly combination of incredibly easy to drink while also having a very high alcohol content. Vicky fell right into the trap and eagerly sucked down the first half of her drink without realizing how strong it was. She had already had a few drinks at the other party and so this new drink quickly pushed her from being slightly buzzed to mildly drunk.

The frat brothers had been drinking beer while John went to get the keg so they too were already buzzed and eager to enjoy the entertainment. They picked up on her desire to wait for John and so they refrained from being too overt until he arrived.

Eric took the lead in the conversation and complimented Mrs. Carlson on her outfit.

Having finished her 16oz cup of punch, Vicky was feeling a little warm and her guard was lowered. She was enjoying the attention from the young men in front of her, but she didn’t think anything of it.

“Really? Are you sure it’s not too revealing?” She asked playfully.

“Why don’t you let us get a better look at it?”

Eric took her empty cup and encouraged her to stand up. Without even asking for it, a replacement was placed on the table next to Eric and the empty was taken away.

Vicky was now standing in front of the four college frat brothers. She was a little unsteady as she got up but she managed to not fall back down.

“Turn around so we can see the rest of it.” Eric encouraged her.

Vicky was feeling loose and a little frisky for some reason and decided to give them what they wanted. Her costume was, as her son noticed earlier, more revealing that she would normally wear and though she initially had second thoughts about it she found that she enjoyed the attention she was getting.

Vicky slowly turned around, trying hard not to trip on her own heels. She paused briefly while her back was to them before she proceeded to complete her turn.

“Well?” She asked with a crooked smile. “What do you think guys?”

The room filled with catcalls and comments about how hot she looked. She and her husband had a healthy sex life for a couple that has been together for over twenty years, but she couldn’t recall the last time he told her that she look hot or looked at her the way these guys were. Vicky felt flushed and happily took another drink when it was handed to her. The cold punch helped settle her nerves as she stood before the teens.

“I don’t know. I feel naked without a bra on.” She said as she absentmindedly looked down at her chest and pulled the dress away from her body slightly.

“You look great, and I don’t think you need to worry about a bra.” Eric wanted to keep the ball rolling until John got back.

“I’m jealous; you guys look like you’re going to have a great party tonight. I was at another party that really boring. I was the only one dancing!”

“You’re welcome to stay all night!”

“No, I don’t think John would want to me stay any longer than necessary.”

“So, you like to dance?”

One of the brothers walked over to the stereo and flipped it on, filling the room with a generic pop dance song as Eric got up.

“Let’s dance then. Here, why don’t you finish your drink first?” Eric helped tip back her cup while she brought it to her mouth and held it there until she finished it. Eric took the empty cup and handed it off to be refilled.

Eric began dancing with Vicky but was careful not to be too touchy at first. While dancing, Eric mentioned that he didn’t know her name.

“It’s Vicky.”

Eric placed his hands on her hips as he leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“Vicky… that’s a very sexy name.”

Vicky was surprised at how forward this young man was being but she couldn’t help but blush. She felt somewhat vulnerable but also felt safe knowing that she was in her own house and these were her son’s friends so she didn’t immediately object.

Before long, Vicky felt one of the other frat brothers inching his way up behind her and found herself being sandwiched between the two young men.

While his mom was getting used to having two men pressing against her, John came home. Upstairs in the kitchen, John ran into one of the brothers while bringing the keg tap in.

“Hey John!”

“I got the keg, you mind helping me get it in?”

“No problem. You know you’re french maid is here?”

“What?” John’s mind raced thinking that his parents were spying on him or worse that they might try to pull the plug on his party at the last minute. “She isn’t supposed to be here. I told her not to come until…”

John was cut off mid-sentence.

“Don’t worry so much John. She said her other party was boring and so she just came over early. We think it’s pretty cool that you would surprise us with a stripper like that, John, we just might have to move your name to the top of the nomination list.”

That last comment threw John off but what really stood out to him was that he might get bumped to the top of the list.

“Come on, let’s go get that keg from your car.”

After setting up the keg in the backyard, John finally made his way to the basement. Much to his surprise he found his mother, dressed like a slutty french maid, dancing with the other brothers.

While dancing with the young guys, Vicky felt an occasional hand or two against her body but decided that it was all in good fun and since she would be leaving soon anyway that she could enjoy the fleeting thrill from the attention they were giving her.

As John walked in, his mother caught his eye and called out to him. “John, I’ve been waiting for you!”

“What are you doing here?”

“Don’t worry, John. We wouldn’t start the party without you.” Eric chimed in, not picking up how upset John was.

“Can I see you upstairs for a minute?” John snapped at his mom as he walked up to her.

Upstairs he was far less restrained.

“What the hell, mom?” John’s voice was practically whining.

John could tell that his mom is drunk because her speech was slurring as she responded.

“I just stopped by to pick up your father’s phone charger. I thought your party didn’t start until midnight so I figured it would be fine. What’s the big deal? Your friends are being really nice to me.”

“Mom, they are being nice to you because they think you’re a stripper! That’s the big deal.”

“What??? They think I’m a what???”

“Mom, you can’t ruin this for me. They party will start any minute, ok? Once everyone else gets here you can slip out the back and nobody will notice. But…”


“But, until then I need you to keep up this act, whatever it is you’re doing down there. You don’t have to do anything just don’t tell them you’re not really a stripper ok?”

“I don’t know about this.”

“Listen, mom, you did this to me, ok? I told you to stay away and now these guys got it in their head that you’re a stripper I hired. Just play along for a few more minutes and then sneak out. Just please don’t embarrass me.”

“You’re right. This was my fault.” Drunk logic began to grip Vicky as she thought back over the red flags that she didn’t pick up on. “Ok, I’ll do it for you.”

“Ok, let’s go back down. Remember, this will all be over soon and then we can get back to normal.”

John led his mother back down to the basement and was himself led right to an armchair in the back of the room by Eric, who assured him that they saved the first dance for him.

Vicky was also ushered to the back of the room and told to give John the first dance. The music was turned up and switched from pop music to the faster-paced dance music you would expect at a strip club.

John watched in disbelief as his mother did her best impression of a stripper. She was given another drink and gulped most of it down before returning her attention to her son. She was pretty drunk at this point and not used to wearing such high heels so her moves were rather clumsy but she tried her best.

The brothers crowded around behind her to watch the show. Each of them was eager for their turn with Vicky the Stripper.

Vicky stumbled while trying to keep up with the fast music and fell forward. She barely caught herself by reaching for the two arms of the chair. Instead of standing back up, she just played it off like it was an intentional move and kept dancing. Vicky’s head fell forward and her hair brushed across her son’s face, encasing him in her perfume. John tried to look past his mom, but couldn’t help taking in the sight in front of him. His mother, though older, still look hot and he had never seen her act like this. When she fell over he also noticed that the top of her dress has shifted and most of her left aureole was now exposed. John could also clearly make out his mother’s two nipples straining against the thin satin stretched across her breasts.

Vicky was trying to be as reserved as she could, hoping that other people would soon arrive. She was so caught up in waiting for an opportunity to escape that she didn’t realize that in her new position the other guys had an unobstructed view of her ass as her dress pulled up to her waist when she bent over. The back straps of her garter belt framed her firm, porcelain backside perfectly and the thin strip of her white lace thong did little to cover her from their hungry stares.

Vicky could hear the lewd comments from behind her but still didn’t realize how exposed she was. Normally such crude language would bother her but she was actually getting aroused knowing that those comments were directed at her. Vicky had always been very prim and proper but secretly harbored a fantasy of being a wild party girl and this was her chance.

John was staring right at his mother’s breasts when she looked up and caught him. He froze, embarrassed that he was caught ogling his mother, and her eyes stayed with his. While staring into her son’s eyes Vicky felt something behind her and realized that someone was touching her. Before she could figure it out she realized that someone was pulling her panties down. She felt the cool air of the basement against her hot, wet pussy as her panties fell to the floor. She had no choice but to step out of them so she wouldn’t trip.

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