From Boring To So Very Exciting

—-Mark’s Side—-

I met Traci in high school and she ended up being my girl in such a strange way. I met her at a party and didn’t even know she went to my school until she told me. I was 18 and I was drinking a beer not talking to anybody and she walked up and asked me who I was. After I told her my name she suddenly gave me a hug and I spilled my beer on her back like a clumsy idiot. Traci jumped away from me with a shocked look on her face and then she smiled at me. I was stammering how sorry I was and she smiled and told me it was ok and she needed to cool down anyway and she giggled at me. As we talked I looked her over and she looked like she was maybe 14 and I ended up asking her how old she was. I was surprised finding out she was 16 because she was almost a foot shorter than me and looked like she only was 100 pounds of so. I later found out she was a touch over five feet tall and weighed 101 pounds. Traci was slender but she had a cute little round butt on her and her tits were pretty small.
To be honest I was still a virgin and only had a few girlfriends by then and my biggest problem was how damn shy I was. Traci did most of the talking and she kept asking questions about me and I couldn’t believe such a cute girl was talking to me at the party. She was smiling and giggling all the time we talked and after a while a couple girls came up and ushered her away. I finished my beer and grabbed another one and went out in the back yard away from everybody else and kept thinking about her. All I knew was her name and age and she was a sophomore in the same school as me. I felt so sorry for myself for not getting her number and just stood there in the back yard in the dark all by myself. I almost jumped out of my skin when she asked me what I was doing and I couldn’t believe she was standing behind me. She told me that her friends were leaving and they were her ride and told me she had to leave. I just stood there like an idiot and told her bye when she turned around to leave and she stopped and turned back to me. Traci asked me if I had a car and then told me she didn’t have to be home for another hour and I was shocked when she asked me if I could drive her home later. I was shaking when I thought that I even had a chance with such a cute sexy girl and I stammered out to her a soft ok.
Then I thought I was just being used to get a ride home and I didn’t care at all when she gave me another hug and took off running. I figured she would come find me when it was time to go home and then I was shocked when she came walking back out of the house in just a couple minutes. Traci walked up smiling and I told her I would be there when she needed a ride after she gets done at the party. She giggled and told me I was funny and then hugged me again and softly asked me where my girlfriend was. When I told her I didn’t have one at the time she said I was too cute to not have a girlfriend and I almost pissed my pants when I heard she thought I was cute. We ended up walking around in the woods right behind the house talking and ended up running to my car when we found out she was already a half hour late. We took off and she guided me to where she lived and had me stop so I did. Then she told me she lived down the street and when I started to dive down the street she told me to stop again. I figured she didn’t want her parents to see her with me.
I was shocked when she held out a piece of paper telling me her number was on it and told me to call her any time I wanted to talk. I stammered and Traci giggled telling me I was funny and I just sat there like the fool I was looking at the dash. She softy asked me if I wanted to say goodbye so I did and she just sat there and I could feel her staring at me. Traci took off her seatbelt and then sighed and suddenly climbed up on the console between the seats and shocked me when she kissed me. I felt her tongue dance with mine and she moved over until she was in my lap and when she sat on my hardon I groaned and felt my cock start spurting in my pants. Traci jumped and sat on the console looking down at my lap in the dark and then asked me to turn on the interior light so I slowly did. As I reached to turn on the lights I moved my other hand to cover my bulge in my pants.
I was shaking when she reached down taking my hand and moving it from covering my still hard cock in my pants. When she saw the growing wet spot over my hard cock I couldn’t look at her and just kept looking out the window. The radio was softly playing music and that was the only sound inside the car for the longest time. I was so embarrassed when I heard Traci giggled and she told me that it wouldn’t be smart for her to sit in my lap again and softly laughed. I wanted to cry and she moved closer as she turned me to face her staying on the console carefully and she asked me if that happened a lot when a girl sat in my lap. I shook my head no in silence. Suddenly she was planting her lips on mine kissing me in such a sexy way and I melted as she had her tongue dancing with mine again for a very long time. After the kiss she smiled and sat back in her seat telling me to drive her home now so I drove to her house and parked in front. Traci got out of the car and then leaned in telling me to call her any time and then shut the door running up and into her house.
I was so embarrassed and didn’t talk to her or call her all week. Then Friday when I was getting in my car to leave she walked up and I acted like I didn’t see her until she knocked on my window. Traci looked really pissed and soon as I rolled down my window she asked me why I didn’t call her yet. I sat there in silence for a minute before I said I didn’t think she wanted to talk to me again. All she said was that it seemed like I liked her and I told her that she was awesome and I didn’t know what to do. She came around the car and got in the other side and sat in the car telling me she needed a ride home and I just looked at her. Traci smiled at me and then told me she never made a man have an orgasm from sitting on his lap kissing him and she giggled at me. I just stammered out I was sorry and she told me not to be sorry because it showed her I really liked her and I just told her she was the cutest girl I ever saw.
That was when I fell for her I guess and we ended up being together all the time and talked on the phone constantly. The second time we went out she told me that she was a virgin and was going to stay that way until her wedding night. It took me a month before I even put my hands near her crotch and right away she stopped me telling me no. A couple weeks later we were kissing in my room on the bed and she didn’t stop me from rubbing her crotch. We were alone in the house and when she started squirming around with me rubbing her crotch of her pants I got brave and slowly moved to the top of her pants opening them up. She didn’t stop me as I slid my hand in her panties and slid down and I played with the soft hair of her little bush and she held my neck tight with her face tight to mine.
Traci had on little shorts and I worked them down her slender thighs halfway and she gasped in my ear when I slid down inside her panties past her bush to her tiny pussy. I found her soaking wet and she seemed to stiffen up and she was breathing raggedly into my ear. Traci felt very warm in her slit and I let my fingers slide around in her juice and she got even wetter. I was shaking as I felt around in the first pussy my fingers ever played with. Traci wasn’t moving and she was locked on my neck tight and I couldn’t even kiss her and then I let my fingertip touch her tight hole. She gasped loudly and I heard her moan and whisper oh god in my ear as I slowly slid a finger inside her for the first time. Traci jerked and I stopped and I softy whispered asking if she was ok and her hips rose up like she was trying to get my finger deeper inside her. I spent the next hour fingering her in a clumsy manner as she moaned and whisper soft yeses and oh gods in my ear.
After that day fingering her became something that happened every day and a week later she reached in my pants. Even though I jacked off a couple times that day it didn’t take her long of fondling my hard cock before I shot my cum all over her little hand. She kept fondling me and I had to stop her because it was bothering me and she sat there giggling at me. Traci told me that it was funny that when I have an orgasm I can’t be touched yet when she has one she can keep going on and on and she laughed. It didn’t take long for me to know when she had an orgasm and she never had me stop until we were done playing around. I loved how her pussy would grip my fingers tightly with each spasm of her orgasm and her pussy would gush out so much juice it was crazy like. We started doing each other with our hands all the time after that and after I would cum I would keep playing with her until she got me hard again and made me cum a second time.
A month later on her 17th birthday we were on a blanket outside of town and I had her naked for the first time and was so surprised she let me do that. Traci stopped me after just a few minutes and grabbed her pants and I wondered what was going on. I thought she was mad at me and I had no idea what I did wrong. She looked at me with her pants in her hand as she stood there naked and told me she loved me. It was the first time she ever said that to me and I was sitting there looking up at her for a few seconds and didn’t know what to say. Her eyes dropped and she whispered that maybe she made a mistake. I blurted out that I fell for her a long time ago and was just scared to tell her I loved her and she sighed and didn’t say anything. Then she got up and dropped her pants and walked to the car naked and she looked awesome in the dim light since it was almost completely dark. Then she came back from the car with a small bag in her hands and gave it to me and sat next to me with a somber look on her face and I looked in the bag. I pulled out a box of rubbers and looked at her in shock and she told me she was ready for me to make love to her.
I jumped up and I was shaking hard while I got the rest of my clothes off and then opened up the box pulling a single rubber package out. Traci had me sit down and she took the rubber from me tearing it open and said she wanted to put it on me. After she got the rubber on my hard throbbing cock she lay back with her legs spread and I got between them. I put my rubber covered cock at her opening and she was soaking wet as I tried pushing my cock inside her. I didn’t have a good angle and she was really tight and I didn’t know what to do as I kept trying to get my cock inside her. She seemed to know to raise her legs in the air and I finally got the head of my cock in her tight virgin pussy and it was tighter than I imagined it would be. I had the head inside her and Traci had her arms around my neck tight like the first time I played with her pussy. I kept pushing hard and suddenly I seemed to slide all the way in and that was when her hymen broke. Then I was getting deep inside her and then I had an accident. I started cumming in that rubber with a loud groan and her warm wet tight pussy felt so good on my cock.
Traci didn’t know I was cumming and she whispered in my ear to go slow for a while and told me it hurt as I lay there with my cock spurting into the rubber. After I finished cumming all I could say was I was really sorry and when she realized what happened she started giggling at me. I pulled my spent cock out and sat there with the full rubber of cum still on my half hard cock and right away she told me if she could get me hard again. She sat up and slid the rubber off of me and smiled at me telling me there was still two more rubbers and giggled. After she kissed me I was shocked when she pulled away and leaned over and put a kiss on my half hard cock and then slid the head in her mouth sucking on it. It was my first blowjob and felt wonderful as she licked and sucked on the head holding my soft cock in her soft little hand. Even though she wasn’t doing a full blow job it felt amazing to me and so much better than having a rubber on it and it only took a few minutes before it was fully hard again.
After she put the second rubber on and lay back with her legs spread wide and up in the air I got on top of her again. I put my cock in her soaking wet slit again lining it up with her opening and then slowly slid back in again and she was so tight. Once I was fully inside her she whispered for me to go slow and told me it still hurt a lot so I started stroking my hard cock in her tight pussy slowly as she held me tightly around the neck again. It was a couple minutes of stroking and she was breathing ragged in my ear and suddenly softly moaned out oh god it feels better now. All of a sudden her pussy was a lot wetter and she was softly moaning in my ear and I got her arm from around my neck and started kissing her deeply as I fucked her. A few strokes later as I kissed her I started cumming again and held myself deep inside her as my cock spurted more cum out into the rubber. I laid there on top of Traci as I cum and she asked me why I stopped and all I could tell her was I was sorry.
Traci smiled at me and told me there was one more rubber left and when I got up she was smiling at me as she took the other rubber off. Right away her mouth was on my cock and it took her longer to get me hard again and then I only lasted for about ten minutes again before I lost it again. Our lives were like that and she never really complained about it and just would tease me that I had to stop finishing soon as she moans. It was just a month later and she was on birth control and then I fucked her all the time without rubbers. That made it worse because her pussy felt so much better because she would get sloppy wet and her pussy was so dang tight. I kept telling her she should be happy that I can’t last long because it proves she was an awesome fuck. I learned how to eat her to an orgasm before I fucked her so she would be satisfied as best I could.
A few months later I took a trip with some friends to go 500 miles away to some races and it bothered Traci that I took off with them at the last moment. I was gone for a long weekend and didn’t even get to talk to her once while I was gone. As we were driving home Traci was supposed to be at my house waiting for me like she told me she would. I was so horny since we didn’t get a chance to have sex almost a week before the trip and only got to play in her panties once for a few minutes before I left. I jacked off at least four times in the bathroom at the hotel while I was gone and I wanted to get in her panties so badly. I got home right at six that evening and I was shocked to find out she wasn’t there like she said she would so I called and her mom said she stayed at a friend’s house this weekend. Her mom wouldn’t give me the number or the address saying if Traci wanted me to know it she would have told me. I was still living at my parents’ house and while they watched TV I went up and sat in my room listening to music with headphones on being miserable. When I saw it was almost 8 and she was two hours late I didn’t think she was coming and fell asleep with the headphones on.
I woke up later when it felt like somebody was messing with my lips. I thought it was my older brother messing with me and I shoved the person away I felt in the dark sitting on the edge of the bed to the floor. I told Ted to get out of my room and sat up on the bed and saw Traci on the floor staring at me. I took off my headphones and was trying to get my brains working and I heard her tell me she didn’t do it on purpose. I jumped up telling her how sorry I was and told her I didn’t know it was her and thought it was Ted. Traci told me she was just giving me little kisses and I just shoved her really hard and asked me if I was that mad about her being late. I helped her up and she pulled away from my hands when she was standing there and told me maybe she should just go home. I grabbed her kissing her a long kiss and then asked her if I hurt her and she told me I just scared her.
I got her sitting on the edge of the bed and I asked her why she was so late. Traci kept messing with her hands and I asked her again if she was hurt and she shook her head no. Then she softly told me she was so sorry that she was late but she fell asleep and just woke up. She did look like she just woke up because her hair was a mess and I showed her how her blouse was buttoned up wrong. She giggled and told me that she was sleeping in only her panties and bra and had to rush getting dressed when she saw it was so late. Traci smiled at me telling me she missed me so much and was even dreaming I was making love to her while she was sleeping. I smiled at her and my heart melted and I gave her a long kiss. She even moaned in my mouth before I even touched her and my cock got hard in a flash in my pants. I started to reach up the little skirt she had on and she stopped me holding my wrist in her soft hand. When she pulled her lips away she told me that she wanted to hear about my trip first and smiled at me telling me she missed me so much.
We sat there and I told her all about it and even told her I had to jack off in the shower and it made her laugh. I asked her about her weekend and she told me some of the girls got together and had a sleepover and told me she even got drunk for the first time. I smiled and told her I would have loved to be there to see all of them in their little nighties and it made her giggle. Traci told me it’s only like that in the movies and I asked her if there was any girl on girl stuff going on and she laughed. Then she whispered she hasn’t done that since she was 11 and I told her I wouldn’t be jealous if she did play around with a girl and she gasped and told me I was a dirty boy and giggled. I kissed her while I was unbuttoning her blouse and Traci moaned into my mouth again and I was so turned on. When I slid my mouth to her neck and was kissing and sucking on it lightly I pushed her bra up and fondled her little titties. I was shocked how her nipples were really hard and sticking out a lot more than usual and it was so sexy.
When I kissed my way down to her titties and took one of those hard nipples in my mouth she gasped and moaned and I felt a hand on the back of my head. Traci whispered for me to bite it lightly so I did and I heard her groan out oh god. I put my hand on her thigh at the bottom of her skirt and slid it up and when my fingertips touched her panties she asked me if my door was locked. I got up and locked the door and when I was turning around Traci was pulling her bra back down over her tits and I sat back down next to her. When I tried to kiss her Traci turned away and told me she was a mess and she didn’t shower since Saturday morning. I told her I love her and it didn’t bother me if she wasn’t fresh out of the shower and kissed her. I told her it would happen a lot probably because I wanted her with me for the rest of my life and kissed her again. Traci asked me what I meant by that after the kiss and I told her I would tell her on our first anniversary when we met and kissed her again.
Traci didn’t stop me when I put her on her back on my bed and my hand slid up her thigh and her hand met it before I got to her panties. I was nuzzling her neck and she whispered she feels like a mess down there and said girls get messy down there if they don’t shower every day. She whispered that girls have wet dreams just like guys do and it makes a mess. I smiled and told her that she doesn’t mind when I make a mess and she even puts her mouth on me after I make a mess so I don’t mind if it gets on my fingers. When I started sliding my hand up to her panties she didn’t take her hand off mine but she wasn’t stopping me. I rubbed her pantie covered crotch and her panties were soaking wet and warm and I smiled at her. I moved my hand to the top of her panties and then I slid my fingers down inside them. I was amazed how wet and slippery she was and the crotch of her panties were soaking wet and even felt sticky and it was so sexy. I smiled down at Traci and she wasn’t smiling and I told her it was easy to see how she missed me and it must have been a really sexy dream she had.
I gave her a light kiss on her lips and told her it was so hot to come home to a girl so wet and horny waiting for me. I slid my fingers down her slit feeling all the slippery wet sticky girl juice that seemed to fill it. I started pulling her panties down her thighs and couldn’t believe how sticky and wet the crotch was when I was taking them off her. I was so turned on to see how wet and horny she was for me and I told her that. I slid my hand back up to her tiny pussy and it was such a turn on to feel how swollen and covered with slippery sticky juice. I never felt her swollen like that and it turned me on so much as I started fucking her with two fingers. Her pussy felt like it wanted me so much because it felt so relaxed and open and for the first time three fingers slid up inside her. I was amazed how loose she felt and knew after a week of no sex at all she wanted to fuck as much as I wanted to.
Traci was just staring at me and she wasn’t moving at all like she usually does when we mess around and I chuckled and told her I loved her pussy like this. She whispered that she told me she was a mess and I said her pussy never felt so horny before and I loved how it felt. I told her how it turned me on so much and she softly giggled and finally started moving her hips with my fingers. I tried pulling her skirt down and she had to get up and open it in the back before it fell at her feet and she stepped out of it. Traci stood there with just her bra and open blouse on and I took her in my arms kissing her passionately. Her smell was so erotic and sexy as she moaned into my mouth grinding her naked pelvis at my crotch. I moved her back to sitting on the edge of the bed and put her on her back with her legs off the bed as I kept kissing her. I started kissing my way down her body and when I was kissing her little bush she whispered for me to just fuck her and tried pulling me up on top of her with my shirt and shorts still on but I didn’t let her.
When I got down on the floor on my knees and between her legs I put them on my shoulders. As I kissed my way down the inside of one of her thighs her hand went to my forehead and lightly tried to stop me from getting to her messy pussy and I just kept going. When I got to her pussy my eyes saw her holding herself up with her elbows watching me and the look on her face told me she was really embarrassed that I was going down on her when she was so messy. Traci tasted a lot different than she ever tasted before and it was so erotic and sexy. Her pussy tasted really salty and knew it was from her pussy being so warm that it had to be sweat mixed with her juice. When I sucked on her opening the juice wasn’t real thin and watery like it has always been when she was clean. I sucked on her hard and the juice was very slick and thicker than ever before and I could tell that she was creaming in my mouth.
It was so sexy feeling her swollen pussy against my face and it felt like it was made of sexy little pillows and her pelvic bone wasn’t as hard as usual. I loved how horny Traci was and wondered why she wasn’t moving around like usual. I took my mouth off of her pussy and told her softly to stop being so worried about her being a mess. I smiled up to her and told her that her pussy was so erotic like this and I loved it and smiled at her before I went back to licking and sucking on her swollen pussy. I had my fingers under my chin invading her loose rubbery feeling opening and my eyes watched her eyes softly close. I felt her hand on the back of my head pulling me to her pussy and I could hear her moaning softly as her hips started rocking to my mouth. I watched her head tilt back and her mouth was open and she softly groaned out oh god yes. She kept using the heels of her feet on my back pulling me to her pussy letting me know she was so turned on.
I ate her out for a long time and she only had little soft orgasms it seemed like and I couldn’t make her have a real one no matter what I did. I figured she was just so turned on that she couldn’t cum really and I gave up after a long time because I wanted to fuck her so much. When I pulled my mouth from her pussy I told her she really tasted sexy and I wouldn’t mind if she let herself get messy like that once in a while for me. Traci giggled and was smiling really big as I stood up and she quickly took off her blouse and bra. I took off my clothes and she moved up on the bed and I got on it with her and she cuddled up to me. Traci rose and smiled down at me and asked me what was so special about her pussy tonight. I explained how swollen and loose it was and being covered in sticky slippery juice made it so sexy and erotic. I begged her to let it get that way once in a while and she giggled and told me she was thinking about it. Traci smiled at me and told me she couldn’t believe I went down on her with her a mess like that. She giggled and told me it felt like I was sucking everything out of her pussy and told me she really liked how it felt. Then she asked me if I was sure I didn’t mind how she tasted and I told her it tasted so erotic and she giggled and smiled broadly.
I rolled her on her back and when I started to get over on top of her she stopped me and asked me if I was going to make love to her or was I going to fuck her. I told her I always make love to her when we fuck and she just shook her head yes as I rolled on top of her. When I rubbed my hard cock in her swollen slit her legs came up spread wide. I slid inside her easily because her pussy was so loose and inviting and I closed my eyes moaning that it felt so amazing tonight. I whispered her pussy wanted me so much it just opened up for me when I was going in. I kissed her and told her that her pussy felt so soft and I loved how it felt tonight and it was easy to see how it wanted my cock inside it so much.
As I slowly fucked her Traci wasn’t moaning and was just smiling as she stared into my eyes. I tried to concentrate to make it last longer and I would stop moving after every few strokes. I told her I would love it if she had her pussy like this once in a while for me. Traci softly told me she enjoyed getting it like this and asked me if it was better like this and giggled when I blurted out yes instantly. I kept fucking her slow and was enjoying how soft and open she felt and suddenly I couldn’t hold it any longer and started cumming inside her. Traci caressed my face with her hand while I was cumming and her body wasn’t rocking like it usually does. After my orgasm I was lying next to her holding her and I told her it didn’t look like she enjoyed it as much as I did. Traci smiled and told me she enjoyed it just as much as I did but she was still tired. She said it was just so relaxing and I was giving her a lot of little soft orgasms and she loved every minute of all of it tonight. Then she told me she didn’t like it all and said it hurt her butt when I pushed her to the floor and giggled loudly.
Traci got dressed and left soon after that and we fucked every day at least once and her pussy was back to normal in just a few days. I kept fantasizing that she was as horny as that night when I would be trying to get to sleep at night. The only thing I noticed was sometimes she felt looser than normal but was never a mess again for a while. The strangest thing was her pussy was the tightest on Saturdays and Sundays. Traci kept trying different things to make me last longer and she came up with a trick she started doing before we fucked sometimes. I would be on my back and she would sit on my cock with it hard and bent over on my belly and would slide her slit on it until she had an orgasm. Her pussy would gush out juice like crazy when she did that and would be soaking wet when she was done and would ride my cock until I finished and I couldn’t ever last long doing that.
After three weeks of waiting for her pussy like that again we were talking after fucking and Traci was telling more things that she would like me to do to her. She told me she would read about the tricks she told me about and wanted to me to try them on her when we fucked. After she finished talking I asked her when she was going to surprise me with her pussy special again. Traci just stared at me for a minute and then softly asked me if I really liked it and I told her I loved it with a big smile on my face. She didn’t look at me for a few minutes and was silent as she sat there. Then she told me she would work on it for me and we didn’t talk about it again for a while. I figured she wanted to surprise me one day so I didn’t bother her about it again.
I was working second shift at that time and I remember it was a Thursday and when I got home from work I ate what my mom left out for me. I went up to my room and there was an envelope taped on my bedroom door. I took it and went into my bedroom and sat at my desk and opened it. It was from Traci and I wondered why she left me a note while I was at work. I read it and she wrote she loved me so much and had something important to talk to me about. She wrote that she didn’t want to wait until tomorrow and wanted to talk to me tonight after 1am. She said to park in the alley behind her house at the empty lot and she would sneak out to meet me soon as she could get out. It was after midnight so I hurried and took a shower and got ready to go.
I got parked at ten to one and sat there in the dark and I couldn’t see a thing except where there were lights on in houses. They lived at the edge of town and not many houses were around them yet and there were no street lights. I wondered what was so important that she had to sneak out to talk to me this late. I kept watching the time and I turned on the radio to listen to music while I waited. At twenty after one I was getting tired and I thought about going to her house but decided to do what she wanted. I figured she must have had a reason for meeting me like this and just sat there. I even took small walks around the car to pass the time as it got almost to 2am. I was sitting there with my eyes closed leaning back when suddenly Traci whispered hi right next to me. She was standing by the car and when she stood up from the window I could see all she had on was a cute sexy little nightie and I only said wow. She looked so fucking awesome in it and I couldn’t believe she snuck out with only that tiny little nightie covering her body.
I told her to get in the car before one of her neighbors saw her and she giggled and told me only the perverts are awake this late and they would enjoy seeing her. I got out of the car and she put her arms around my neck and gave me a long sexy kiss as I rubbed her sides and back. I could taste alcohol on her breath and asked her if she had been drinking and she giggled and told me she got into her mom’s vodka. She had her arms around my neck leaning back and looking up at me and she looked so cute and sexy like that. Then she told me that we haven’t had time for any personal time for the last three days and told me she was having some wild dreams. She stood there smiling at me and told me she has to change her panties so many times lately because her pussy kept getting really wet. She was swaying her hips as she leaned back and I could tell she was waiting for me to get my hand in her little tiny bottoms she had on.
I put a hand on the small of her back pulling her hips closer and my other hand slid down the front of those tiny bottoms. I couldn’t believe the wet sticky mess I found and I pulled her closer with the hand behind her and kissed her passionately. She was so warm feeling in her crotch and felt more swollen than the last time and so loose. Traci whispered that she has a fantasy where she gets bent over the hood of a car and fucked from behind by somebody in the dark and giggled at me. When I did just what she said she was laughing and I had her lying across the fender on the hood. As I was pulling that tiny panty down her legs she said please mister don’t fuck my little pussy and giggled as she lifted each leg as I got them off of her. The crotch of her little panty was full of thick sticky juice and I put them next to Traci’s head and she asked me if she was a mess. I got down right behind her and sucked as much of that cream out of her pussy with her bent over like that and it was so salty and sexy. Then I stood up while she was softy giggling on the hood of my car.
I didn’t say anything and was opening my pants as fast as I could and just pushed them and my boxers down far enough for my hard cock to stick out. I got behind Traci’s butt and moved her legs apart and slid my cock up and down her sloppy swollen slit finding the opening. When I pushed inside her she was really loose and it felt like her pussy was full of juice and I knew she was even hornier this time. It was so sexy that I didn’t even last a full minute before I was groaning and cumming inside my girl’s very sloppy swollen pussy. When I wasn’t thrusting anymore Traci whispered asking if I needed to keep stopping again so I won’t finish too quickly and softly giggled. It made me realize she couldn’t even feel me cumming inside her this time and it made me realize that when she was this horny that her pussy seemed to numb up. She wasn’t moving and she softly asked me if I liked her special pussy tonight and told me she did it just for me. Then Traci laughed saying maybe she did it for her little bitty self too because she really liked getting it like that.
When I pulled out and pulled up my boxers and grabbing my half hard cock to put away it was covered in her sticky juice and my pelvis was as much a mess as her pussy. I chuckled and thought she must have really liked getting fucked like that because she creamed all over my cock. When she heard me pulling up my pants she asked me if I was finished or didn’t I like her pussy tonight and I told her I loved it. Traci rose off the hood giggling and held her wet sticky panties in her hand and told me that didn’t take long and giggled standing there in front of me in the dark. I finished closing up my pants and took her in my arms kissing her for a long deep kiss and when I pulled my lips away I told her maybe we shouldn’t fuck around so much. I smiled and said when we take a few days off she really gets horny and she asked me if I was tired of fucking her already and she whined she loved me too much to end it.
We stood there in the dark as I explained to her that when we don’t fuck every day she gets really turned on and her pussy feels amazing. When I said she isn’t swollen like she was tonight when we fuck every day she asked me why I didn’t like her pussy whatever way it was. I told her I loved fucking her and she was the sexiest girl alive no matter how her pussy was and I loved it no matter how messy she got. I told her I just wanted to experience her when she was super horny for a while and she asked me how it would work if we didn’t fuck. She said her pussy was so happy when it gets fucked because it really loved fucking and she giggled with a cute smile on her face. I told her that we could go back to playing around without fucking so much for a little while and maybe fuck a couple times a week just for a while. Traci told me she would try it for me but it was my loss when I don’t fuck her and she kissed me and told me she had to get to bed because her first class was at ten in the morning and it was late. She turned around walking back home holding her panties in her hand and I watched her cute butt in the dim moonlight until she turned into her back yard.
After that night we started having a lot of heavy petting and oral sex and only fucked a couple times a week. No matter what I did to her she only would get her normal wet most the time and her pussy didn’t feel swollen much. It did feel looser most the time and she rarely felt tight like she used to. Then the notes started being on my door when I got home from work telling me to meet her in the lot late at night. Those nights were the few times her pussy was a mess and swollen up and I started looking forward to those nights the most. When I saw her one night coming from the other direction she explained how she had to sneak out and circle around so nobody would see her because she would be in a tiny nightie or sometimes completely naked even.
The first when I started going down on her before I fucked her she didn’t like it and told me she felt like she was dirty and it felt strange to her. But after I explained how sexy she tasted the first time I did it she enjoyed 69ing but after I finished before fucking her 69ing stopped. Then it became normal for her to just sit on my face smiling as I licked and sucked all that sexy cream out of her and then we would fuck. I could never last long but it didn’t seem to bother her much and I figured it was because her pussy was numb when she was that horny.
This went one for a couple months and we started fucking all the time again because I found out it didn’t seemed to have any effect on her super horny nights. I ended up putting an engagement ring on her finger at a fancy restaurant like I had planned and then a couple months later her pussy got tight again all the time. The notes stopped being left for me and it ended up being we would meet every Wednesday night earlier than before right about one now. When we scheduled it like that I never had to wait for her and she would sometimes be waiting for me and she found a safe route to the lot right from her house and never came from behind anymore. Her pussy would be really wet but it wasn’t that creamy wet like it was before and she would only be slightly loose. She stopped having that sexy erotic taste at the same time and I never told her how much I missed it.

—-Traci’s Side—-

When I first saw Mark it was in school and I thought he was so cute and found out he didn’t have a girlfriend. I wanted to go up and talk to him but he was older than me and I just didn’t want to be told I was too young and looked even younger than I was. I was 16 and whenever I met somebody that didn’t know me they thought I was 13 or 14. I knew I had small tits but the guys that knew me told me I had a fantastic little ass and I don’t know how many guys that wanted to get in my pants. I never let a guy get his hand in my panties yet and only let the guys I really thought I liked a lot just rub me through my panties because I planned on being a virgin when I got married. I gave a lot of hand jobs just to keep the boys from being too pushy or maybe say bad things about me but that was all I would do.
Then one night I was at a party and my friends kept teasing me that my secret crush was there and didn’t have a girl with him. They kept pushing me to go talk to him but I was scared because he was so cute looking there and I drank two beers just to get brave. I never drank a beer before and it did get rid of the nerves so I went up and talked to him. Right away I hugged him like an idiot and he spilled his beer on my back and it made it so much easier after that. Then I had my friends leave without me so he would have to take me home because I didn’t have a ride. I had him park far enough away from my house because I really wanted him to kiss me goodnight and I was so excited. I gave him my phone number on a piece of paper so he would know I was really interested so he would kiss me at least a little kiss. I finally asked him if he wanted to say goodbye to let him know I was waiting and he just said goodbye and it frustrated me. I sat there hoping he would get the hint I wanted him to kiss me and finally just took off my seatbelt and climbed over the thing between the seats onto his lap.
I didn’t give him a chance to tell me no and put my arms around his neck and started kissing him and gave him the best kiss I could. I was wiggling around on his lap to show how much I liked his kiss and then I he groaned and I felt his pants jumping under my butt. His face had that look I had seen a few times when I would give a guy a hand job until he had that look when he was cumming on my hand. I jumped off his lap and told him to turn the light on in the car and he kept his hand over his lap after the light was on. I moved his hand over and he was so embarrassed looking when I saw his pants slowly getting wet and his cock would jump up once in a while and knew he was finishing his orgasm.
The first thing I thought was he thought I was so cute and sexy that just sitting on his lap giving him my best kiss made him cum. I even told him I told him something like a girl wasn’t safe in his lap and laughed. Right away I knew that was such an asshole thing to say by the look on his face because it broke his heart and embarrassed him. I didn’t know what to say so I just asked him if that ever happened before and he just shook his head looking out the window and wouldn’t face me. I sat there thinking that I must really be special if that never happened before and I think I fell for him right then. I turned his head and gave him the best kiss I could and it took him a few seconds to start returning it. After I kissed him I told him I would be home all weekend and sat there waiting to see if he would say he would call. But he just sat there looking down and I knew I really embarrassed him and I whispered I was sorry and he just ignored it.
I didn’t know what else to say because I really messed it up by laughing about his orgasm so I got out of the car and walked home. He didn’t call me at all the next day and when I was going to sleep I almost cried but promised I would tell him I was sorry next time I talked to him. Then I saw him at school on Monday and he ignored me and did it on Thursday too and when I was thinking about it in bed I got mad. Then Friday when I was leaving school I saw him walking to his car and rushed to ask him why he didn’t call me and when I stood there he ignored me. So I pounded on his window and when he rolled it down I was pissed and asked him why he didn’t call me. He stammered out he didn’t think I wanted to ever hear from him again and I told him he acted like he really liked me. He told me that he never met a girl as awesome as me and I didn’t know what to say. So I just went around and got in his car and told him I needed a ride home and he just looked at me. I told him I said I was sorry before I got out of his car that night and he ignored it and didn’t say anything. He whispered that he couldn’t say anything because if he opened his mouth he would have probably cried because he messed it up with the cutest girl he ever saw. I smiled and told him it wasn’t messed up yet unless he won’t take me home and I sat there and he looked surprised and I giggled.
He started taking me home and I had him take me out of town a little bit farther than where I lived and had him pull down a road I know that goes into the woods. I had him stop and told him to shut off the car and after he did I told him I had to apologize for making fun for having an accident. He was so shy he just looked at his hands and told me I kiss better than any girl has ever kissed before and couldn’t believe I was on his lap kissing him and he lost it. I tossed my books in the back seat and got over on his lap smiling at him and told him I wasn’t getting off his lap even if he loses it again and kissed him. We stayed there necking for over an hour and he came over the next day after he called for permission. He was such a gentleman and he was so shy it took me a long time to get him out of his shell.
I made the mistake of telling him my rule of how far I would let him go and it wasn’t long and I wanted him to get inside my panties and play with me and he wouldn’t even touch my crotch. So one time while we were necking I was pumping my crotch hoping he would get the hint and he didn’t. I kept moaning and squirming around the next time moving my legs around and it took him a long time before he finally rubbed my crotch but I had to get home so I told him to stop just to see if he would and he did. The next time before we started even kissing I told him why I had him stop and he still was scared to touch my crotch for a while. When I got home that night I told myself if he ever tried to get in my panties I wasn’t going to stop him. A couple weeks later he opened my shorts while we were necking in his bedroom and I thought he was finally brave enough to rub me through my panties and I wanted that so very much that night.
When he slid his hand in my shorts I felt his fingers go under my panties and I didn’t want to stop him like I told myself a couple weeks before. I just held his neck tight and was too nervous to even kiss so I hugged his head tight so he wouldn’t kiss me. When he slid his fingers into my pussy it felt better than I ever thought it would and I melted on him. I got so wet and then he put a finger inside me and I thought it would be the first time a boy gave me an orgasm. It felt so good that I would have fucked him if he tried I think but he didn’t try. But he fingered me for a couple hours and I just held his head tight and never kissed him once. After that he was in my panties all the time and it took him a while to be able to give me little soft orgasms because he wasn’t good with his fingers at first. But he learned quickly and the first real orgasm shocked me and I tried to hide it from him but I told him about it later. After that I started playing with his cock while he played with me and we did that all the time for a while and I decided to give him my cherry on my 17th birthday.
I bought a box of rubbers and it had three inside and figured it would last a couple weeks. On my birthday we went out to where I took him the second time he drove me home and we both ended up completely naked on a blanket. After a while I was ready so I was going to get the rubbers and I had my pants in my hand for some reason I can’t remember. I stood there for the first time I told him I loved him and I waited for him to say it back and he didn’t say anything. I felt like crying and I told him I mess up and I was thinking of getting dressed and going home to cry. All of a sudden he told me he fell for me right away and has been too scared to tell me in case I didn’t want to hear it. That made me want to cry so much more but for a better reason but I just went to the car and got the bag with the box of rubbers in it. I gave it to him and he pulled them out and just stared at me and I told him I thought he might want to make love to me. He told me that I said not until marriage and I just whispered I’m in love with him and want to love him completely.
I had to put the rubber on him because his hands were shaking so hard and then neither one of us knew how to fuck and it took him a few tries to get it started inside of me and it hurt a lot. I found out when I lifted my legs up he got in a lot easier but it hurt a lot more and I thought he knew that because he stopped. I told him to go slow and he told me he was sorry and I knew he finished already and it made me laugh a little. When he got off me I took the rubber off him with his cum in it and then I just tried my first blowjob. He got hard in just a couple minutes and I knew he liked my blowjob and I put a rubber on him again and I helped him get on top of me again. I was expecting that really bad hurt but it didn’t hurt as bad this time but it still hurt. After just a few strokes it was feeling better and I made the mistake of telling him because soon as I did I could tell he was cumming again. When he got off me again after that two minute fuck I told him we only had one more rubber left.
I gave him another blowjob and it took longer to get up this time and I was starting to enjoy it and it was him that stopped me that time. I put the last rubber on him and he got in a lot easier this time because I was really wet. It just hurt for the first stroke or two then it was starting to feel really good for me. This time he lasted longer and I was waiting to have an orgasm like I always heard about and I didn’t even have a soft one. He seemed to last long enough for it and I did like it but there was no fireworks like everybody talks about. That week we went through two more boxes fast and I finally told my mom I need to talk. After a talk she cried at first and then took me and got me on birth control. Mark was so much happier not using rubbers and told me my pussy was amazing. It felt better for me but he didn’t last over ten minutes at the longest and I always thought he would last longer once he gets used to fucking. Then one time a couple months later he lasted over 15 minutes and it was feeling amazing but then he went back to ten minutes average.
Then on a Wednesday he told me that he was going 800 miles away to some kind of races and I thought I was going to go. When he told me it was just the guys going the next day it really pissed me off. They left the next morning and we didn’t even fuck that week at all and that pissed me off to. Then a friend of mine told me her parents would be gone for the weekend so we would have the house to us alone. So we got a couple more girls to stay with us and then on Friday we came up with having a small party. On Saturday only us four girls and 9 guys ended up having a party. I only knew three of the guys there and some of them were from college and older than us girls. The guys brought beer and I was the only girl there that didn’t have her boyfriend and I was in a bad mood. After the third beer I started flirting with all the guys that didn’t have a girl there and one guy left. After the fourth beer I was drunk and having fun flirting like crazy and started kissing the guys as much as they wanted which was a lot. Then we chose bedrooms and the three girls that had their boyfriends there went off to their bedrooms and left me with five horny guys.
By then I had taken off my panties because they all would play with me while kissing me and I was drinking my fifth beer and real drunk. I don’t know why I did it but I had my blouse off quickly along with my bra. The skirt was meaningless because they were playing with me all the time now so I took it off to just get it out of the way. Then three guys were talking to me and I had two guys playing with my pussy while the other was playing with my tits. I was laughing and I told them it was like a gangbang and they asked me if that was what I wanted and I said sure. I don’t know why I did all that but I was drunk and I got on my knees on the floor lying on the couch thinking they would take turns fucking me. Before I knew it I had a cock in my mouth while another one was fucking me and they all fucked me at least once and it was fun. But still no orgasm and I started realizing that guys only fuck between five to fifteen minutes.
I told them I was going to bed and they were leaving anyway and I thought they all left and I was sitting on the couch and they just left me there. I finally got up and I was picking up my clothes when one of the guys was helping me and I told him he had his turn. He told me he didn’t fuck me because he doesn’t fuck but he makes love. I told him to explain the difference because I have had both and they are the same. He told me he couldn’t explain it but he could show me and asked me if I wanted him to. I had my clothes in my arms and told him why not and he followed me to the bedroom and he closed the door behind us. I just dropped my clothes in a chair and got into bed while he was taking his shirt off. Then he turned off the light and took the rest of his clothes off and when he got in bed he didn’t just climb on to her like Mark was doing all the time now. He started kissing me tenderly while it felt like he was checking out my body with his hands and kept fondling my tits softy like they were perfect instead of small. He was the first one to nibble on my nipples and pull on them with his teeth and he went slowly and Mark wanted to fuck instantly and I never had a guy take his time like that and I couldn’t believe how good it felt. He even took his time before he touched my pussy and kept rubbing my thighs and kissing me and it drove me crazy and I kept moving my pussy to his hand and he would only brush it. Mark still wasn’t very good with his fingers so I wasn’t used to it and it felt amazing how he did it and knew he had a lot of experience.
He was nuzzling my neck and I wasn’t even used to that because Mark rarely did it back then and when he softly touched my button it made me shake even though it was a light touch and it was the first time I uttered one of my famous oh gods I think. He took a finger and rubbed my hole lightly while his palm was pushing on my button and I shook so hard he asked me if I was ok and all I could say was oh god yes and kissed him. From the time Mark got a hand in my panties to the time it was over was about ten or fifteen minutes. It felt like an hour passed before his fingers lightly touched my pussy and it felt awesome to me and made me quiver. It was driving me crazy all the soft tender touches and he didn’t even have a finger in me and it felt like hours of teasing and I wasn’t used to it. When he slid his finger in me the finally I just held his neck tight with her face next to his because I was shaking so hard and it felt so good. He was only using one and he knew just the right places and how to touch those places and I held his neck tight because she was shaking so much. He whispered that it must be the first time anyone made love to me instead of just fucking me and I tried to say yes but it came out a very strange sounding oh my god yes. He told me I was a moaner and I didn’t even know I was moaning.
I held his neck tight with my face against his and I heard myself moan loudly when he slid a second finger in me and could feel his thumb rubbing on my button. It just felt amazing to me and just couldn’t help but shake and moan with every little movement he made with that finger. I heard him softly say I was so tight and those boys didn’t even make me loose and then I felt another finger join the first one and it felt so big inside me. I tried to relax my pussy because it felt so tight on his fingers. Each time I tried to relax it my pussy would spasm gripping his fingers tighter making me gasp and jerk and the pleasure I was feeling down there was stronger than I ever felt before. I heard him tell me he would love to kiss me but I was holding him too tightly so I let his neck go and he softly kissed me. When he was kissing me it felt like his fingers hit places that never were touched before and I couldn’t seem to kiss him back and my mouth was open and I just sucked on his tongue in my mouth.
When he pulled his lips away he was smiling down at me and I felt his fingers get a lot tighter inside me and it felt so wonderful. I tried to tell him I liked it but I just heard myself moaning out strange sounds and I squirmed around so he could get his fingers inside me easier. I was shaking so hard and I closed my eyes to try to stop shaking so hard I couldn’t because it felt like he was wiggling his finger around inside me. It felt like his fingertips were tickling me inside feeling so strange and so very good making me stretch my neck out and I felt my back rise as I arched. I tried to tell him it felt fantastic but I only could hear strange sounds come out of my mouth as I kept squirming around so he could get his fingers deeper. I let go of the blanket with my hand grabbing his hand to help him get deeper and when my hand got down to his fingers I could feel he had three of them up inside me. His thumb kept giving little soft rubs on my button and I could feel my pussy get stretched tight as he kept getting deeper inside me as he started nuzzling my neck under my chin.
I had my hand on the back of his hand in my pussy and pushed on it while I spread as much as I could to let him get as deep as he could and kept moving my hips around. I tried to tell him how much I liked it and the words came out as more strange sounds loudly from my mouth. My stomach tightened up and I felt my pussy spasm hard and I just started moaning really loud because I could feel he was going to give me my first orgasm done by somebody besides me. Then he pulled his fingers out of me and I heard myself almost scream it when I said oh god please don’t stop and he told me I was ready. I felt him get on top of me and when I started to spread out for him he put his arms under my legs. When he lifted up his arms he held my legs spread wide on them and rolled me up a little getting my pussy pointed up more. He started kissing me and I kissed him with my best kiss with my tongue deep in his mouth and I felt him rubbing his cock in my pussy.
When he started pushing it at my pussy he was having problems getting it started so I tried to relax it so he would go in. I couldn’t keep kissing and just held my mouth open when I felt myself open up slowly and suddenly the head of his cock was inside and it felt like it was his fist. It didn’t feel like Mark’s cock at all but it felt so big and it had my pussy stretched tight around it and it didn’t hurt at all. It felt wonderful when it slid in farther and he stopped and didn’t move and he asked me if I was ok. I tried saying yes but only funny gurgling came out as I shook my head yes and opened up my eyes a little to see him looking sdown at me. When I felt him sliding farther in I could feel my stomach jerking around making my pussy keep having little spasms. It felt like it took minutes to slide all the way inside me and I could feel the head of his cock rubbing all the walls inside me like he fit perfectly and snug. When he finally was all the way inside me and his pelvis was pushing on my pussy it felt like he was putting pressure on my stomach deep inside me with his cock.
I felt my whole body suddenly tense up hard and I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him down tight with my face against his face and I felt my whole body quivering as I tensed up even more. Suddenly a huge wave of pleasure came from my stomach down to my pussy and a strong spasm hit me deep inside as I started cumming on his cock. It was the strongest orgasm I ever had and my body was jerking all over with each strong spasm deep inside me and he just kept grinding down on my pussy. It felt like shocks of pleasure swept from my button as his pelvis rubbed it as he ground against me. It just kept going and going like it wasn’t going to stop for a long time and little loud noises kept leaving my open mouth. I thought it was minutes before it slowed down and the spasms got softer not making me jerk as strongly and I felt him pull his head free. When I felt his lips on my open mouth I just moaned into his mouth as his tongue danced in my mouth.
He pulled his lips off my mouth and wasn’t moving and I thought he was done too so I opened my eyes and smiled up at him and told him that was wonderful. He told me that I exploded really fast and I told him it was the first time I had an orgasm while the guy had one too. He laughed softly and then asked me if I was ready to get started now because he was a long way from cumming and I felt him pull his cock back before slowly sliding back in again. His thrusts seemed to take longer and I realized he was a lot longer than what I ever felt before and I could feel him get so much deeper with his thrusts. His cock was hitting places that were never touched before and I kept moaning out in pleasure between his kisses and I kissed him back with passion. It felt like I was getting fucked for the first time and I couldn’t believe how it felt. Mark never felt like this and his thrusts were uncontrolled compared to the ones I was feeling with this guy I didn’t even know the name of.
Mark never had my legs up spread like this with his arms tilting my pussy up better and I loved how it felt and how I felt like I had no control of the fuck. And I loved how each stroke took longer sliding in and out of me making my pussy send waves of pleasure through my stomach and whole body. This guy kept changing speeds as he thrust in and out of my pussy and I kept moaning out oh god each time he changed speed. His thrusts weren’t just pushing his cock in and out of my but it felt like he was fucking up into me trying to get as deep as possible making me shake and tremble when I felt his pelvis hitting my upturned pussy and button. I kept expecting him to stop with each thrust and be done but he kept going for hours it felt like. Each thrust was sending waves of pleasure from my pussy into my stomach and it felt like my stomach was storing more and more of it. It was feeling like nothing I ever felt before and soon it got feeling like my stomach was over flowing with the pleasure it was holding and I could feel it tensing up tight again taking my breath away. I couldn’t even moan anymore and it kept getting tighter until suddenly it couldn’t hold anymore.
I was going to tell him to stop for a minute when all of a sudden it all hit at once with a strong spasm in my stomach and pussy. I started cumming again having an even stronger orgasm and I was screaming in joy as each spasm hit. The guy just kept kissing my open mouth and thrusting in steady as I kept cumming on his cock again. I kept trying to get him to stop because it was too much pleasure at one time and I finally got him out of me and I just kept jerking with spasms. Right away I felt him slide back in and it was a lot better now and I loved how his thrusts kept going while I had little soft spasms as my orgasm slow down. It felt like I was cumming for a few minutes again and when it slowed down I pulled his mouth to mine and moaned into his mouth as I gave him a long sexy kiss as he kept my pussy in ecstasy with his steady slower thrusts. When he pulled his lips away he smiled at me while he was grinding against me and I heard him laugh softly. Then he whispered I was the easiest girl he ever saw to give an orgasm to and told me it only took about ten minutes to set me off again.
As he kissed and kept slowly thrusting in and out of me he kept telling me how amazing my pussy felt on his cock. He said I had the tightest pussy he has fucked and he loved how my pussy would grip his cock even tighter while I was cumming and he told me my orgasms were beautiful. I tried to hold him down when he started getting off me and he got loose from my hands pulling his cock out of me and I thought he was finished. But he turned me over and as I was getting up on my knees he put a pillow in under me and pushed me down on it flat on my stomach on the bed. I didn’t know what he was doing as I lay there and he moved my legs apart getting his between them and he got on top of me and his weight pinned me flat on the bed except for the pillow between my stomach and hips under me.
I felt him raise his pelvis from my butt and he started trying to get his cock in my pussy and I wasn’t up for him to go inside me again. His cock suddenly got in a little and he felt even bigger now this way because I wasn’t able to spread out good for him. Then he put his hand under my armpits from behind and slid them up to my shoulders holding them so I didn’t slide away from him when he thrust up inside my pussy like that. His cock felt huge as he thrust up inside me holding my shoulders like that and I groaned feeling his cock sliding up into me rubbing spots not rubbed before. It didn’t get as deep that way as he thrust as deep as he could with his pelvis pushing on my butt. I could feel every bump on his cock as his hips rocked on my butt as his cock slid in and out of me. He was kissing the side of my face and neck as he fucked me and I loved how thick he felt that way and it felt like he had me stretched out and tight on his cock. It felt like his cock was the first real cock that fucked me and I moaned out with each thrust up inside me.
It only took a couple strokes of his hips and it felt like I was having a soft orgasm that just kept going and it gained strength as I got fucked with my body flat on the bed except for the pillow. The feeling deep inside me was like I could tell the exact shape and size of the head of his cock rubbing my walls inside me. I was constantly moaning out oh god fuck me and I could hear his breathing getting deeper and he started grunting with each stroke up into me. That was when his cock felt like it was getting harder and bigger with each thrust and groan and I was building up to a strong orgasm again. Then he let out a deep groan pushing his cock as deep as he could get it holding it there. When I felt the first spurt it pushed me over the edge and I started cumming again with hard spasms on his cock. I could feel his cock jump and spurt in my pussy and never felt when Mark was cumming and could only tell by the look on his face or how he sounded. I could feel each spurt of his cum and felt each jump of his cock when it did spurt. I didn’t realize how loud I was screaming until he covered my mouth with a hand and told me I was being too loud as I could hear my scream muffled by his hand.
I don’t remember anything after that and must have passed out right after that. I woke up the next morning still on the pillow and just like I was lying when I was cumming. But I had the bedspread covering me and like he put it on me after I passed out. When I moved around the bed had a big wet spot next to me and one under my pussy. I felt my pussy and it was a mess of half dried cum and my own slippery stuff. I felt loose and like I had too many guys fuck me and couldn’t believe I had cheated on the man I loved so much. I actually just laid there softly crying for a few minutes and knew that I had to make sure he never found out what I did that night. I finally got up sitting on the edge of the bed and the sun was just coming up as I sat there looking out the window. I got up and when I went and into the bathroom and sat on the toilet to piss with my head in my hands wondering how I ever acted so slutty.
I wiped off my pussy after I got done pissing and when I walked out of the bathroom I saw a naked guy lying on the other side of the bed from where I was. He was lying on his side facing the other direction with his shirt over his shoulder lying on his side like he was using it like a blanket last night. Then I realized he made sure I was covered up with the bedspread making it so I was comfortable and he didn’t have a thing to cover up with except his shirt. I thought that was so sweet of him to think of my comfort ahead of his own when he just met me last night. I walked around to see his face and when I did I realized he was one of the older guys there from college. He was good looking and was in his twenties and in good shape and then I saw his soft cock on his thigh and was astounded. I stood there wondering if I should wake him up to go or not and I just kept looking at his cock. He was at least six or seven inches long and Mark was only about three or four inches long soft. And Mark was a little thicker than his finger when he wasn’t hard and this guy was as thick as my forearm it looked.
I went closer after making sure he was sleeping and looked at his cock closer and it had a big head on the end of it and I lightly touched it with my fingertip. He didn’t change how he was sleeping a bit so I took the head with my fingers and lifted his cock off his thigh and it felt a lot heavier than Mark’s soft cock. I got closer and compared my forearm to it and it was at least as thick as my forearm and it looked to be even thicker really. I saw it had some dried come on it and his pelvis was covered in a lot more of that dried cum all tangled in his pubic hair. I kept wondering how big it was hard when he fucked me last night because I didn’t remember it hurting when he put it inside me and I kept thinking it looked really big. I put it softly back on his thigh and stood there wondering what I was going to tell him when I woke him up. I thought about how he made sure I was covered and I stretched over his legs and slowly pulled the bedspread over him and slowly covered him up over up to his shoulders. When he rolled over on his other side I was scared he would wake up and stood there wondering what to do. He kept sounding the same as he breathed and I walked over to my clothes in the chair and was going to take a shower but I stopped and saw he had a leg sticking out from under the blanket.
I walked over and set my clothes on the end of the bed and walked over and was going to cover him up better. When I lifted the blanket to cover him better I saw his cock again and it looked so big lying there on his thigh. I stared at his face and he was deep asleep and the curiosity got the better of me and I softly picked it up off of his thigh and got it holding it softly with my fingers around it this time. It was soft but it was still thick already and I wanted to see it hard so much so I softly stroked it to see if it would get up while I had my eyes watching his face. It didn’t do anything after about a minute and I just held it and then I bent closer and lightly licked the head with my tongue because Mark really loved that. I felt it jump just a little and got back up with my fingers still around it holding it in my hand and watched to see if he was going to wake up and he just kept sleeping.
I went back down and gave it a few more licks and it jumped again and I could feel it throbbing softly in my hand and I just held it watching. It stopped throbbing and I was going to give it another lick but when I got my face near it I opened my mouth and slid my lips over that big soft head. When I got them over the head behind it I held it in my lips and sucked on it softly and I could feel it throbbing in my hand again and I slowly slid it in my mouth farther and sucked harder this time. It jumped a lot this time and it was throbbing a lot stronger in my hand and I just held it in my mouth feeling it grow bigger and thicker. I froze when I felt a hand on my bare back and slowly slid my mouth off his cock and it was almost half hard when I put it softly back on his thigh. I got out from under the blanket and saw him smiling at me and I didn’t know what to say so I didn’t say anything as I backed up a few steps. He laughed softly and told me that was his favorite way to wake up but he had to empty his bladder and slid out of bed. As he walked to the bathroom he was saying it was really hard to piss with a hard on so he had to take care of it before I went any farther. I stood there against the wall and watched as he held his cock in his hand and I could hear him pissing hard into the toilet and he sighed and softly said he was feeling better already.
I never watched Mark or anybody pissing before and this guy pissed a long time and it was a steady hard stream as I watched his back and butt. Then after he gave it a few little spurts of piss he stretched and softly said that feels a lot better now and he walked over towards the sink out of sight and I could hear the water running. When it shut off he came out and his cock was swinging as he walked and it looked like it was half hard and a lot bigger now. He smiled as he walked up and stood a just a couple of feet away from me telling me he cleaned it up best he could and asked me what I wanted to do. I blurted out I have a boyfriend that I love and told him I can’t and stood there nervous and he stood there smiling at me and I just looked at my feet. He told me that he was married and loved his wife and told me not to be scared of him and told me if he wanted to hurt me he would have done it after I passed out. Then he asked me how I slept and I whispered ok and he told me that he covered me up before he fell asleep so I would sleep better.
I told him thank you softly and then told him that was really sweet of him and just kept looking at the floor. He asked me when my boyfriend was getting here and I told him that he would be here soon and he had to leave now and I watched him go back into the bathroom and I heard the shower start running. I didn’t know what to do and just stood there watching the doorway to the bathroom and when I saw him walking out I quickly looked at the floor again. He stopped close to me again and told me he thought I was absolutely beautiful the way I looked right now and held his hand out near me and told me that her boyfriend might not think so. Then he softly said he wouldn’t try anything and just wanted to help me get cleaned up before my boyfriend got here. I didn’t move and he whispered that he never made me do anything last night and didn’t act like those boys that treated me like I was a piece of meat and told me he never force me to do anything.
I whispered that I believed him and told him I could clean myself and he softly said he knows how to clean a woman in a shower because his wife taught him and whispered that it would be relaxing for me to let him help. I raised up looking at him and told him I didn’t know his name and he told me he was Chad and he remembered that I was Traci and he smiled at me with his hand still out to me. I told him he didn’t have to help me and he smiled again telling me he was partly responsible for making her look like she does so he feels that he won’t rest until I was the cute beautiful girl that he met last night. He laughed softly and told me I outshined the other girls so much last night and was the cutest girl at that little party. I tried not to smile too much when I told him I didn’t have the top like the other girls have and I wasn’t near as beautiful as them. He told me we can talk while he cleans us up and said we better hurry before my boyfriend got here because he knows about love because he really loves his wife. He slowly reached out and took my hand in his softly and I whispered ok and he led me to the shower.
He had me check the temp of the water and I shook my head yes and got into the shower and he got in with me. He stood behind me while I was getting wet and he gently held me from behind and whispered in my ear to close my eyes and let the water relax me. I felt that huge cock against my butt as he held me and he softly told me he wouldn’t let me fall and just to enjoy the shower and let it relax me completely. I tried to relax but I never took a shower with Mark or any other guy before and his cock against my butt was so erotic to me. He washed my hair and every part of my body gently and even washed my pussy and it was so erotic and sexy. When he started cleaning himself I helped him and when I washed his cock I held it out and told him he was bigger than I ever saw before and giggled saying it wasn’t even hard. I told him I was just trying to see how big it was when it was hard when I was messing with it while he slept. He just kept smiling and I asked him how big it was hard and he told me about ten inches long and I said wow. I whispered my boyfriend is about the size of the other boys and he was about twice as long. I giggled and told him he had to be three times thicker than Mark is and he smiled and said his wife fell in love with his cock before she fell in love with him and I laughed and told him no way.
After I got done cleaning him we got out of the shower he even dried me and my hair telling me that we better hurry before my boyfriend got here. I told him that he would be back tonight and I had to meet him about six tonight and he told me it was about 9 now and asked me if I still wanted to see it hard. I just said I didn’t know and he took my hand and led me out of the bathroom and stood in front of the big chair putting my hand on his cock and sat down in the chair and pulled me on one of his legs sitting there with his cock in my hand. I was so turned on that I stood up holding that big cock in my hand and bent over kissing him one of my best kisses while I gently stroked his cock. When I pulled my lips away he smiled and whispered that it would be faster if I went back to where I stopped earlier and I giggled and told him he was getting harder already.
He sat forward and tossed one of the throw pillows on the floor before he sat back and closed his eyes. I stood there giggling while I was stroking his half hard cock and then I let go of it and got on my knees on the pillow between his legs and took hold of his big cock again. I giggled nervously and held his cock and got closer and looked at it all over and held it up and even picked up his big balls and played with them a little and he told me he liked that too. I held his cock in one hand because it was almost fully hard and had my other hand under his balls when I slid my mouth over that big head on the end of his cock. It was already a lot bigger and firmer than it was when I had my mouth on it before and I could only get my mouth down about an inch past the head before I gagged the first time. I tried to give him a good blowjob but he was too big to get my mouth down it and it made me realize he was huge compared to Mark’s cock. He was rock hard really quick and I kept sucking on as much as I could get in my mouth and took my hand off his balls and moved my hand down to my pussy. I was really wet before I even started playing with my pussy and my hand got coated in my juice, as Mark always calls it, as I licked and sucked on that huge hard cock.
I stopped and sat there on my feet and told him there was no way he got that in me last night because it would hurt a lot. He was laughing and I told him it was way too long even and it would be sticking out my butt if he put it all in me and I laughed hard. Chad leaned forward putting his hands on each side of my face and we kissed a long kiss. When he pulled his lips away he told me that I had it all the way in and told me it was a snug fit but it all fit. Then he told me when he finally got it all in I was cumming in seconds and told me I had three really wild orgasms while he made love to me last night. He stood up and helped me up and we kissed a long sexy kiss and I had to hold that huge cock from poking in my stomach. Then Chad told me that he would love to feel me sliding down his cock since we had until six tonight and I told him I really couldn’t. I told him that I got drunk for the first time last night and if I didn’t I would never had been a slut like that and softly said that Mark was the only man to have sex with me until I messed up last night. He held my face again and gave me a kiss and told me I never got a chance to enjoy learning how to fuck by fucking a lot of boyfriends before falling in love and kissed me again.
He turned us around and backed up sitting on the bed and pulled me up on his lap with his cock sticking up against my butt right between my cheeks. When I told him that I wouldn’t do it because that day was over and he said I didn’t start being a slut until about 8 last night and that means she has about 9 hours to get it out of my system all in that one day. Chad started kissing me and I felt his hand slide between us and down into my pussy while he was kissing me. His fingers felt so much better than I was used to and this time I gasped and moaned when he hit a really good spot and I was just about to tell him I wasn’t going to cheat on Mark again when he hit that spot again. I quivered and moaned out oh god softly and I don’t know why I started kissing him again moaning into his mouth.
I wasn’t going to let Chad fuck me again but when he started raising me up with the hand he had in my pussy I couldn’t argue when he got me up on my feet on the bed with my knees bent. Then he pulled his fingers out of my pussy and I could feel him rubbing that big cock in my slit and I could only think about his big cock inside me again like last night. When he put it where he wanted it his hand on the small of my back was letting me know to push down and I don’t know why I didn’t tell him no. I felt that big head pushing up inside of me and I wanted to say no but I felt myself stretching open and I gasped and moaned when it slid inside me and felt my pussy gripping that thick shaft behind the head. I felt him rubbing my back as I reached out to his shoulders and stopped my slide down that big cock and I moaned into his mouth with my lips open and not working. I didn’t let him get farther inside me and my body was shaking hard and I felt his arms under my thighs and he lifted my feet off the bed. My legs came up with his arms and when he hugged his arms around me my legs folded with my knees against my chest. Then he held me steady and let my weight slide me down that big cock and I felt my pussy stretch even more as I slid down the thickest part of it and I loved how my pussy felt so stretched tight around his cock. I took my lips from his and I wasn’t on his lap yet and Chad kissed my neck and under my chin and I felt my body shaking hard and I slowly slid down until I was down all the way.
I heard funny sounds coming from my mouth when I was trying to tell him to stop because I loved Mark and I let my head down on his shoulder facing his neck. I felt him lift me all the way up until just the tip was inside me before he let me slide down again and wiggled me on his lap and I felt the waves of pleasure get stronger. I thought that this was what I always dreamed that sex would feel like when I first started playing with myself so long ago. I was kissing and sucking on Chad’s neck and I whispered in his ear I loved his cock and I must have sounded like a real slut but I didn’t care. I struggled to get my legs off his arms and then I put my feet on the bed with my face in front of his face and told him I was going to fuck him now and locked my lips on his lips. I took over the pace and I went a lot faster than Chad was fucking me on his cock.
I loved how my pussy felt so full of his cock and it wasn’t long before it felt like I got a lot slicker inside my pussy even though it still felt like I was tight on his cock. Then I heard Chad laughing softly and tell me I was creaming all over his cock and I never was told that before or even heard about it. I just knew he like it a lot and it made me go faster slamming down hard and it felt like he was lightly tapping my cervix with that big head on his cock and it made it feel even better. I could feel my stomach filling with pleasure again and I was slamming harder on his lap wanting his cock deeper inside me. I loved how he was holding the cheeks of my ass in his hands pulling them apart while his fingers were rubbing my butthole. When I felt a finger slide inside my butthole it was all it took to send those waves of pleasure crashing hard in my stomach and I started cumming on his cock. I slammed down on his cock hard and was squirming around on it was so nasty how his finger was fucking my butthole while I was cumming but I loved it anyway.
It was a strong orgasm and it took a long time before it was just soft spasms and I felt him get his arms under my legs lifting them up spreading me wide. When he stood up I wrapped my arms around his neck tighter so I would fall with my face against his face. I felt his hands on my back holding me and then he slid them down holding my ass again pulling my ass open. I screamed out oh god when he suddenly was fucking me on his cock hard and fast and it felt like he was even thrusting into me each time he slammed me on his cock. I started cumming again instantly and I was flooded with pleasure and I screamed out oh god fuck me and I just started a long a****l sounding wail as he fucked me hard and fast on his cock. Every time it felt like my orgasm was getting softer I was suddenly cumming with strong spasms again and it got to be so much I needed him to stop for a minute. I tried climbing up away from his cock and it suddenly was out of me and the orgasm felt a lot better.
I felt him walking and when he let me down on the bed I rolled on my side covering my cumming pussy so he would stop for a while. He grabbed me pulling me to the edge of the bed with my feet on the floor and I covered my pussy with both hand with my arms under me and moaned out not yet. I felt him moving my legs apart and then he had his legs between mine and I was pinned to the bed with his body on top of my back with both of our feet on the floor. I whined out not yet when I felt him reach his arm back and felt his big cock rubbing the back of my fingers covering my pussy. Then I felt him slide it up and his cock was at my butthole and I felt him push hard with his hips and it felt like he was tearing my butthole with that big cock trying to get in my butt. I raised my head off the bed and tried to scream no when I felt the head pushing hard and when just the head slid in I screamed and Chad covered my mouth with both hands muffling my scream.
He kept telling me to relax and it would feel a lot better and I tried but it felt like he spit my butt open when the head went in. Then Chad told me to use my hands on my pussy and he held my head with both of his hands covering my mouth and pulled it back as he pushed more of his big cock in my butt. He was using my head as leverage to help his cock get deeper inside me and Chad groaned as I felt him slide in even deeper. When he stopped pushing he told me to relax again and give it a chance and told me I would like it better if I played with myself. Chad pulled my head back hard again arching my neck and I frantically rubbed my pussy with one hand while I was fucking myself with my other and he slid in until he was pushing on my butt. I kept trying to relax and rub my button hard to try to make the pain go away and it didn’t help much at all.
It hurt just as much when he slowly pulled back and groaned when he was pushing in again and I had all of my fingers on one hand fucking myself. My other hand was rubbing my button fast and hard and it felt strange when each stroke started caused tingles in my stomach. I quit screaming in his hands and his hands went down under my chin and I gasped out oh god it hurt so much. Chad groaned hard with each slow thrust and it hurt bad but it wasn’t a bad hurt and I groaned out oh god with each thrust and his cock felt even thicker and harder. I groaned out oh god it hurts so good and then I felt his cock throbbing hard and he held it deep inside me and I whispered don’t stop. He would softly groan each time his cock throbbed hard in my butt and I finally knew he was cumming in my butt. He softly asked me if it got any better and I whispered it felt a lot better and moaned while he with each hard throb of his cock as it shot his cum in my butt.
Chad got off me and I felt his softening cock slide out of my butt and I pulled my hands from under me and l just laid there with my butthole throbbing in soft pain. We got dressed and he told me not to put my panties on saying we would go get something to eat and he wanted to play with me while we ate. We drove to a town about 25 miles away and I found out it was his friend’s sports car and he got back two days early from California for work. When Chad told me where he lived I couldn’t believe he was really close to my house only about a block away in the new house down the street and around the corner. He told me that a friend of his told him about the little party so he came and couldn’t believe he saw me there without the guy I always was with when he saw me. He took me to a nice restaurant in that town after he showed me where he was staying in a hotel there. After we ordered he told the waitress there wasn’t any hurry bringing the food back and he had me sat next to him in the booth. His fingers were inside me while I was trying to order and if felt so erotic and sexy trying to order while enjoying his fingers probing in my pussy and rubbing my button.
Mark never did that to me and it was so dirty and sexy as he kept me wiggling in the booth and I leaned against him spreading my legs for him. I was softly moaning with my eyes closed sitting back when suddenly I heard the waitress setting our plates on the table and I tried to act like nothing was going on. She smiled at me and I knew that she saw what was going on and she even smiled and winked at me before she left and I smiled and giggled knowing that us girls knew the pleasure his fingers gave me. When he tried to pull his fingers away I held his arm and told him he had to eat his ribs with one hand and smiled at him and he laughed softly. I had two small soft orgasms in that booth before we got done eating and I finally let him get his fingers out of me.
Chad asked me if I would like to see his hotel room and I told him it was only about one and I didn’t need to get back for a while and smiled at him as sexy as I could. He told me that he had to use the bathroom before we left and he took off and when he was coming back he had his phone in his hand. I teased him asking him if he talked to his wife and he smiled and told me he had to tell her he would be back tomorrow. Then I leaned over and whispered in his ear that I would love it if he just fucked me this time so I can see the difference between making love and fucking. I giggled softly in his ear and whispered to leave my butt alone this time because it was really sore and he promised not to touch it. When we got out of the booth he was walking behind me softly laughing and I thought it was because he liked watching my butt while I walked. But soon as we got out the door he told me I had a wet spot on the back of my skirt and told me I should take it off soon as I got in the car so I did. As he drove he kept looking over at me telling me I had an awesome body and the tightest pussy and asked me if that was the first time I had anal. I giggled and told him it was and whispered it wouldn’t be the last time and laughed hard and then said but not today.
When we got to the hotel his room was away from the office and he dared me to leave my skirt off and I told him the guy sitting in a chair smoking would see me. He got out and stood there and I finally got out and put my skirt on my shoulder and got out. I heard the guy say wow and I peeked over and he was standing there smiling as I walked to the door and Chad took his time unlocking it so the guy would get a good look at me and I was so embarrassed and yet turned on. I ran inside giggling and jumped on the bed as Chad closed the door and I felt my pussy and I was soaking wet. As he was getting his clothes off I smiled at him telling him my pussy wanted to fuck so much and I tried to act sexy for him to tease him. Then I got up and moved over to the edge of the bed with my butt up with my face on its side on the bed and started lightly rubbing my pussy while I lowered down to the bed spreading my legs out until my stomach was on the bed and my butt was sticking over the edge.
Chad told me that he had to make sure the car was locked and would be right back and said he would hope I kept myself happy while he was gone. I giggled and slid a hand down under me and played with my pussy like he wanted and he wasn’t gone long and soon as I heard the door close I softly moaned and told him I had my pussy dripping for him. He softly told me to keep playing while he fucks me and I giggled and then felt him rubbing that big cock in my pussy. I gasped when he shoved it right in hard and let out a soft oh god when I felt his cock pushing on my cervix deep inside me and it made me quiver. Right away he was fucking me steady and after just a minute he stopped and slowly pulled his cock out telling me I was creaming all over his cock again. I softly moaned as he shoved it back inside me hard and was fucking me again and I rubbed the top of my pussy where my button was and it felt so fantastic that way.
I could feel him tapping on my cervix almost every stroke and I tried to squeeze my pussy tight on his cock as much as I could and he was amazing. Doggy is my favorite position and Mark can’t last long at all fucking me doggy and never fucked me like this. I felt him fucking my butthole with his fingers as his cock fucked my pussy and I moaned out oh god yes and didn’t complain that he broke his promise already. I heard Chad softly laugh before he said I would love to have a cock in each hole fucking me and soon as I imagined it I started cumming on his cock and fingers. Each spasm made my pussy grip his cock tightly as my butthole gripped his fingers even tighter and he just held his cock deep inside me as I slowly slid my pussy on his cock with the best orgasm so far. I was fantasizing that his fingers were a cock in my butthole and my orgasm lasted a long time before it slowed down and I was gasping with my hands gripping the blanket tightly.
Chad didn’t let me rest at all and soon as I was just having small spasms I felt his fingers slide out of my ass for a second and then he held my hips and started fucking me fast and hard again. After just a couple hard fast strokes I felt him pushing down on my butt and then it felt like he hooked his thumb on that hand in my butthole and I fantasized it was a cock again. I moaned a loud oh god yes and I felt my hair pulled back pulling my head up and arching my neck back. I almost screamed it when I let out oh god I loved fucking you and I felt like I was getting the fuck of my life. Getting fucked like this in my favorite position made me hope he never stopped fucking me. My arms were stretched out with the blanket in my hands gripping it tightly and my chin was pulled down stretching the skin on my neck leaving my mouth open wide the way he was pulling my hair back tight. I could feel my head bob with each hard fast thrust and I couldn’t believe how sexy and erotic it felt to me.
I never even thought at all when something touched my bottom lip and the next thrust from Chad shoved me forward and I felt something hit my tongue farther in my mouth. I don’t know why but I lowered my top lip and started sucking on another cock in my mouth. I never even gave it a thought really and don’t know why I did that but it just happened like it was natural. The next hard thrust happened almost instantly and I was shoved farther on it and I had my lips tight against the pelvis with all of that cock in my throat and I didn’t even gag a bit. I wasn’t feeling my hair pulled back and I felt a hand on each side of my face holding my head there and I opened my mouth to breath better when another thrust and shoved me tight against the pelvis in front of me again. I found it was easier to close my lips on that cock and breath through my nose best I could as my head was fucked on that cock in my mouth by the hands on both sides of my face.
I could feel that cock getting thicker and harder in my mouth before he suddenly held my face tight to his pelvis and I felt his cock jump and the first spurt went right down my throat. It made me gag a little and then I felt a lot more spurts and I swallowed it down my throat as fast as I could and I could hear groaning while I was hearing Chad’s grunts. I kept sucking on that cock as it seemed to pump cum down my throat for a long time and it got softer before he pulled it out of my mouth. I could feel saliva or cum run down my chin and I could feel Chad’s cock getting harder and bigger in my pussy and he let out a groan holding his cock deep inside of my pussy against my cervix. I was almost cumming and I groaned out please don’t stop and I felt his cock throb hard and the first spurt hit my cervix and it caused me to quiver in pleasure. I could feel his cock jump with each spurt hitting my cervix and my whole body was shaking hard as I felt on the edge of cumming but I couldn’t get over that edge. I groaned when I felt his cock pulled out of me and it felt like cold air from the air conditioner went inside me like I was left open wide. I let my legs straighten out to close my pussy and my toes felt the carpet on the floor and I just relaxed with my eyes still shut. I could hear Chad and the other guy talking about how wild that was and I heard the guy tell him I didn’t even try to pull away and drank all his cum and not much leaked out.
Chad came over and I felt him sit next to me and rub my back asking me if I was ok and I whispered yes. Then I softly asked him why he didn’t warn me that was going to happen and he asked me if I would have done it and I whispered probably not and giggled. He asked me if I wanted a beer and I said sure and I sat up and turned around and the guy that was sitting outside smoking was naked sitting in a chair smiling at me. We sat and talked while drinking beer and I found out it was his friend that owned the car named Jim and I was told that I took all eight inches without a problem and Jim told me he never saw a girl do it without gagging once. I could see he had a nice cock but it wasn’t as big and thick as Chad’s big cock but he made Mark’s cock look tiny even with his cock soft. I wondered how Mark had such a small cock when Jim had a nice cock and Chad had such a big and thick cock.
I even took off my blouse and bra when Jim wanted to see how my tits looked and he came over and fondled them and I even let him suck and tenderly bite them. He did it like Chad did and I really enjoyed it and we even kissed and fooled around on the bed and his cock got hard and I liked how thick it was in my hand. He wasn’t as thick as Chad but was a lot thicker than Mark and I even considered letting him fuck me to see how his cock felt in my pussy but I didn’t say anything. When he got on the bed Chad got on next to me and we started kissing and fondling each other and I whispered his fingers felt good inside me and he smiled telling me he had four of them inside me. I spread my legs wide while I was lying there on my back and I felt him get inside me with his thumb stopping his hand from getting deeper and it felt so good to me. I had him pull his hand out and I curled up and slid my fist inside my pussy and was amazed how easily it slid inside me. I usually have trouble getting it inside me and I have to play with myself a long time without giving myself an orgasm before I could fuck myself with my fist and I giggled while both guys watched me doing it.
Then I squealed and when Chad rolled me on top of him with his big hard cock hard with my on top of it with it lying on his stomach with my slit on top of it. After we kissed I sat up and was about to get up to let him get inside me and it was only four. I had time to fuck one last time before I went to meet Mark and my wild day would be over forever. Mark was acting like he wanted to marry me and I wanted to be his wife and after today I would never have the desire to fuck around on him. Chad held me down and told me he wanted to show me something I would really like and I was worried that he was going to ask if I wanted Jim to fuck my butt and I actually had it cross my mind already. He told me to just slide my pussy on his cock and I would really enjoy how it felt after a minute or so. Chad was kissing me holding my head and I put my hands on his chest as I curled my back and started slowly sliding on his big cock with my sloppy pussy.
It didn’t take a minute or so for it to feel awesome and I couldn’t believe I never did it before because I loved it. I just started slow and Chad held my face while I slid back and forth on that thick big cock with my eyes softly closed. When he pulled his lips away he held my face where it was while I moaned out my open mouth with Chad kissing my open mouth lightly and I was so into how my pussy felt I couldn’t kiss him back. I kept whispering oh god every few seconds and started sliding faster on his cock working my way to cumming and his cock got slicker and slicker as I flooded it with my juice as Mark calls it. It didn’t take long and I was sliding faster and faster gasping and saying oh god and suddenly Chad held my butt stopping me and he gave me a kiss and this time I returned it moaning loudly in his mouth. When his lips left my lips I groaned and told him I was just about to cum when he stopped me and he told me he would rather feel me cumming on his cock inside me. I let him slide me forward and felt him get his cock aimed right where it needed to be and I pushed back sliding his cock inside me again and I felt my body shake and quiver.
Chad pulled me flat on top of him not letting me move as he gave me a really sexy kiss and then pulled his lips from mine and pulled my face tight to his and I slowly started fucking his big cock. He put a hand on my butt holding me tight to him and whispered in my ear if I would like to have Jim in my butt while we both fuck me. I quivered when he said that and softly whispered oh god yes because I was fantasizing it already. Chad softly whispered that if I didn’t like it then Jim would just watch and jack off and he kissed my neck before he turned me and we kissed a long deep kiss. He must have signaled Jim because I felt him get on the bed behind us and before the kiss was over I felt his cock against my butthole and I tried to relax this time as he gently pushed. I pulled my lips away and groaned out oh god when I felt him get inside my butthole with his nice cock and it only hurt a little bit. When I felt him sliding in deeper really slowly I kissed Chad wildly moaning loudly into his mouth.
I felt Jim pushing on my butt with his pelvis and I felt my stomach jump hard and I squealed into Chad’s open mouth and sucked on his tongue hard. I never felt so full of cock and imagined Chad’s tongue was a cock in my mouth and I felt my stomach jump hard again. I loved the little bit of pain in my butthole and it made the pleasure in my body so much stronger and I it felt amazing when he pulled back and then pushed back in my quivering butt. Chad took his lips off my mouth and I groaned out a loud oh god when Jim held my hips fucking my butt slowly. I heard Chad whisper in my ear asking me if I like it and I softly whispered oh god I love it so much and I tried to fuck on his big cock but it was hard to make it work right. I fought back the orgasm that was trying to hit deep inside me and each slow thrust of Jim’s cock in my butt I moaned oh god and my whole body was shaking. I finally was able to fuck my pussy on Chad’s thick cock after a while but it was little movements and it felt like they fucked me for hours.
Chad had his hands rubbing my back and he quit asking me if I wanted to stop once I quit answering and just moaned with a soft oh god leaving my open mouth as I rode on that big cock stuffed up inside me with that nice thick cock in my butt. I kept the orgasm under control as Jim was fucking my butt steady at a nice speed and my butthole never stopped hurting but it was such a nice hurt. I loved how it felt like my butthole was tight on his cock feeling like it was pulled out whenever he pulled his cock back. I kept fantasizing I was sucking on a cock while I had Chad’s big cock in my pussy and Jim fucked my butt and it was hard to keep from cumming. I loved how they both lasted a real long time fucking me and it felt like both cocks were trying to rub against each other inside me. But a thin membrane kept it from happening as I gripped the pillow on each side of Chad’s head pushing back while trying to keep doing little strokes on his cock in my pussy.
I almost started cumming when I could feel Jim getting thicker and harder in my butt and my stomach kept jumping constantly wanting to send spasms through my body. Jim was grunting hard with each stroke like he was getting ready to cum and I suddenly felt my whole body get tense and I whisper oh god over and over and I started cumming when Jim groaned real loud holding my hips with his cock deep inside me pushing against my butt. When I felt his cock cumming in my butt I kept fucking my back at him trying to get him to keep fucking me while we both were cumming. I could feel my pussy and butt spasm on both cocks inside me at the same and I just ground slowly on Chad’s big cock and my whole body jerked hard with each spasm. I could feel Jim’s cock jerk in my butt and knew it was because he was spurting his cum deep inside my butt and it made my spasms get stronger for a while instead of softer. When my orgasm started I pulled my head up and was making funny wailing sounds until I was gasping with my head hanging down and I felt Jim pull his spent cock from my butt. I wasn’t moving as Chad kissed my open mouth and I didn’t kiss him back as I shook and quivered while my orgasm slowed down and got softer.
When Chad softly said he almost was cumming with us I just thought how it would have been awesome having them both cumming in me at the same time while I was cumming. Then I thought a third cock cumming down my throat would have made it like heaven and I had another strong spasm and felt my body shake hard again as I groaned softly. I let my body lay flat on Chad with my face tight to his face and I whispered please fuck me and I felt him grip my hips in his hands. I relaxed as he started fucking me up and down that long thick cock of his and it felt wonderful as he went fast right away. It felt like he was thrusting up inside me when he would pull me down and I softly told him it feels so fucking good like this. After a while he rolled me off his cock and on my back and got between my splayed out thighs and he grabbed my ankles. I opened my eyes and watched him put my legs against his chest and he leaned forward on top of me and I felt my knees on my chest with my legs straight and I had my hands trapped between my legs. As he let his weight down I opened my trapped hands to hold him from going down farther and it didn’t stop him and just got flattened under his chest. I could feel my butt curl up as he went down and I remembered it was how he fucked me the first time last night.
I felt him raise his hips up and then I could feel his big cock head at my hole and my eyes closed softly when he thrust softly into me again and when his cock put pressure on my cervix I grunted and then moaned loudly. Chad started fucking down into me with hard thrusts making me grunt with each one and I wanted to tell him to fuck even harder but could only grunt. His grunts were loud with each hard thrust and his cock kept hitting my cervix and I could feel myself building up the huge waves of pleasure my pussy was sending to my stomach. I wanted to tell him not to cum yet because I could tell I would cum if he lasted long enough before he finished but only grunts came out of my open mouth. I could tell his face was right above mine because when he grunted I could feel his breath and it smell of BBQ ribs that we both ate. I couldn’t do anything but grunt with each of his deep thrust and I wished his cock was an inch longer so it would hit my cervix harder. I couldn’t even fuck back at him the way I was pinned under him as he fucked me. Each thrust got more pleasure built up and when I felt his cock getting harder and thicker I tried to cum before he did. But he groaned a long groan with his pelvis tight to my pussy grinding against me and I felt his cock spurt against my cervix and I moaned with the pleasure I was feeling.
I could feel his cock jerk with each spurt of his cum against my cervix and I tried to grind against his pelvis while he was grinding against my pussy but I was pinned tight. I kept thinking what a slut I was on my slut day and wished we had time to keep fucking before my slut day was done. I just moaned softly while that big cock filled me again with its cum and I knew I would miss how it felt inside my pussy and I hoped he would never stopped cumming. But I felt him stop jerking and his cock got soft in my pussy and I groaned when he slowly pulled it out of me. I felt everything run out of me as he got off me and I just lay there with my thighs splayed out and I felt the cold air go inside me again like my pussy was open. Chad bent over me and we kissed a long kiss and he softly told me we should get going now and I opened my eyes and asked him what time it was.
I jumped up when he said it was twenty minutes to seven and squealed out I had to get back right now. I got off the bed and could feel everything run down my thighs and saw Chad rushing to get his underwear and pants on and I remembered I didn’t have my panties here. I ran into the bathroom and wiped my cotch with a towel quickly and ran back out and found my bra and put it on fast while I saw Chad rushing to get his socks and sat down putting them on quickly. I picked up my blouse and putting it on and told Chad I couldn’t put on my skirt because I didn’t have my panties and there wasn’t time for me to go home and change. Jim jumped up and rushed to the bathroom and came out with a clean towel in his hand and told me to sit on it in the car and Chad was tying his shoes. I picked up my skirt and stood there in one hand with the towel in the other and Chad stood up and grabbed his shirt and told me he was ready while he got the shirt on leaving it open as he picked up the keys to the car. We rushed out and I didn’t even look to see if anybody was out there and he opened the door for me and I tossed the towel on the seat and got in with my skirt in my other hand and he shut the door.
Once Chad got in he started the car and I didn’t say anything for a while and we drove with music softly playing. It was almost five to seven when he backed up and I put on my seatbelt and when he stopped backing up he put on his and I could hear the tires scream when he took off sliding the car for a while before he got to the road and stopped as a car was going by. He caught the car and passed it and I told him to slow down or we would never get there because we would be dead and he slowed down. I was sitting there thinking how I was such a mess and I felt my pussy and it the outer lips were swelled up a lot and my pussy was loose and I wished it would tighten up before I got to Mark’s house. But I knew when I would use my fist on myself it would be the next afternoon before it would be tight again. All the fucking with Chad’s big cock had me a lot looser than I ever got it before and I wished I never fucked anybody. I promised myself if I got away with this tonight that I would never cheat on Mark again because I would die if he knew I fucked anybody but him.
Chad asked me if it was ok to go faster and I told him I wanted to get there and not die in an accident with this fast car and I asked him what kind was it. He told me it was a Corvette and it could go a lot faster if I wanted it to and I told him only five over the limit. When we got past all the curves and it was straight now I told him he could go fast now and the car took off. I saw it took a while in the curves and a truck had us going slower behind him before Chad got around him. I kept looking at the clock and it was almost 7:30 and I didn’t tell Chad to slow down again and I heard him ask me if I was going to take a shower and I just said there wasn’t time. I told him soon as the car stopped I would get out and he had to leave when I shut the door and he told me ok. Then he told me if I ever needed anything that his wife goes to work Sunday through Thursday and sometimes on Fridays. He told me if the minivan was gone to just ring the doorbell at the back door so nobody will see me and I told him I won’t ever do that because I was too much in love to risk this again.
He pulled up to the house and 7:37 and it was dark and I wished somebody was home and no cars were in the driveway besides mine. I got out and rang the bell just as Chad drove away and I remembered my keys to the car were in the house and I pounded hard on the door and no lights came on. I was desperate and grabbed the door handle and the door opened and I was so glad it wasn’t locked and ran inside leaving the door open. I didn’t know where to turn on the lights and I could hardly see anything and I couldn’t tell where the bedroom was that I was in. I opened doors as I went and felt around for the light switches and turn on the light to see if each room looked like the room I was in. I started crying softly as I went and it felt like it was taking forever before I finally saw the room when I turned on the light. I looked all over and couldn’t find my panties and I stood there wondering where they were as I felt tears running down my cheeks. Then I remembered leaving them on the bed when I was told to leave them off and I grabbed them and ran into the bathroom turning on the lights. I went to the shower where the still damp wash cloth was and pulled it off and wiped the tears from my cheeks first before I wiped the inside of my thighs to get the stuff off of them and gave a quick wipe of my crotch. I tossed the cloth to the shower and picked up my panties and quickly got them on my legs and was pulling them up as I left the bathroom and I turned out the light when I walked out.
I stopped next to the bed where I left my skirt and adjusted my panties and my pussy felt really big and swelled up and I quickly got my skirt on and zipped it up. I turned out the light as I left the bedroom and ran to the open front door and made sure I shut it when I walked out. I took off and started to figure out what I was going to say and I was not going to stay long or he Mark would want to play or maybe fuck and there was no way her could touch me at all. I wouldn’t let him try anything because he would know instantly I just got fucked last night and all day long. I thought about just going home and seeing him tomorrow after I took a long bath to get rid of all the evidence and he would never know. But I did promise I would be there when he got home from the trip so I just had to keep my legs shut until I was leaving his house tonight. When I moved in the seat I could tell I had leaked into my panties and it felt like I was on my way home with Mark’s cum over filling my pussy.
I got there right at eight and I was two hours late and I was never late before like this and his mom told me he was upstairs in his room and he looked really upset. I went up and my heart was beating hard and I was terrified that he would know soon as he saw me. When I went in his room I saw he was sleeping with his headphones on and I wanted to get naked and cuddle up with him but I just sat on the edge of the bed and was putting light kiss on his face. Suddenly he jumped up and shoved me off the bed on the floor and it scared me because he never even raised his voice at me before. The look on his face when he looked at me told me he didn’t think he was shoving me away and I felt a lot better as he helped me up and we sat on the bed. He apologized so many times and I quit acting like he hurt me after I felt he suffered enough and we were kissing and I love his kisses.
When his hand went to my leg I quickly grabbed it and wouldn’t let him get under my skirt and told him I fell asleep waiting for him to get home and had a dream of us making love. I told him I was a mess because I got drunk and haven’t showered since Saturday morning and he kept telling me he didn’t mind. Then he told me that we would be together for the rest of our lives I melted when I heard that for the first time. I quit saying no and just held his hand not stopping him and told him I was really icky down there and I was shaking when his hand rubbed my crotch through my panties. I was terrified but he just said wow and his hand was in my panties with his fingers in my pussy and my heart stopped when he put a couple fingers inside me. He was smiling and then he kissed me and I was having trouble kissing him back because I could tell he knew I had another man’s cock fucking me not long ago.
When he pulled his lips away he was telling me how swollen and wet I was and my pussy wanted him so bad it was relaxed and loose. He kept telling me he loved how I felt and it told him I missed him as much as he missed me. I listened to him telling me how he loved how my pussy felt and then I couldn’t breathe when he got down on the floor and I kept telling him I was nasty down there. He wouldn’t stop even when I tried to hold his head away with my hand and then he licked from my butt to my button and sucked on my button and I just watched him in terror. It felt nice and if I wasn’t so terrified I would have enjoyed it a lot but I just watched him and kept thinking he would suddenly yell I had cum coating my pussy. I couldn’t believe it when he kept telling me I tasted so sexy and he could taste my sweat mixed with my juice and could tell my pussy got really hot while I dreamed about us. Mark kept telling me the salt from my sweat made my pussy really salty and I tasted so erotic and sexy and he loved it so much.
I was terrified and couldn’t think of the pleasure he was giving me and then he put his mouth on my pussy and when I felt him sucking hard I couldn’t help but close my eyes and moan and my hand went to his head holding him against my pussy. I lay back and it felt so sexy how he was sucking all the stuff out of my pussy and I couldn’t believe he couldn’t tell that a man’s cum was being sucked out into his mouth. He kept softly telling me I was creaming on his mouth because my juice was thicker and slicker and he loved tasting me tonight. Mark kept sucking and licking me and it felt so good and I kept pulling his mouth into my pussy as he worked on me with his lips, tongue, and even his fingers. When he told me he was enjoying my pussy like this I even told him how much fun it was getting it like that for him and even giggled after I said that. He finally gave up trying to make me cum before he fucked me like he usually did after a long time of going down on me. Mark could tell he didn’t last long enough for me to enjoy the fuck so he made it a habit to go down on me giving me a soft orgasm before he would fuck me for a few minutes and fill me with his cum.
He got up and got his cock out and it looked so small after I spent so much time not long ago with Chad with that giant cock of his. Even Jim’s nice thick cock made Mark’s cock look tiny and I was really stretched out from Chad’s giant thick cock fucking me all day long. I could barely feel when he slid his cock inside me and started fucking me and it wasn’t doing anything for me tonight. I just would smile at him when he would stop every couple of strokes and tell me that my pussy felt so awesome he was having trouble keeping from cumming already. I kept hearing him talk about how much he loved how my pussy felt tonight and how loose and relaxed I was because my pussy wanted his cock so much. I felt like crying when I thought about how much I was deceiving him like this and I just kept trying to smile. I couldn’t even feel him cumming inside me and thought he was just stopping again.
Mark felt so good in my arms and my heart melted while I held him tight after he got done with my pussy. He kept telling me it was the most erotic thing he ever saw and felt and kept begging me to let it get that way more often and he even named it his special pussy. I almost laughed when he said that but just softly giggled while I smiled at him. We only kissed and hugged for about five minutes after we got dressed again and I pulled my panties up to cover my pussy with another load of cum inside it. I told him that we could fuck again tomorrow and he almost wouldn’t let me go and even told me to spend the night with him and I told him that can’t happen because we weren’t even engaged yet. Then he was talking about something special planned for our anniversary of when we first met and right away my heart danced and I hoped he would put an engagement ring on my finger. I just loved him so much and wanted to be his wife so bad.
When I got home I saw an envelope sitting on the steps and my name was on it and I almost cried when I realized that Mark must have come over and left it when I didn’t meet him when I was supposed to. I held it to my chest and went right up to my bedroom and got naked to take a bath and finally just got in bed telling myself I could clean up in the bath tomorrow when I got up. I opened the letter and it wasn’t from Mark but from Chad instead telling me he hoped Mark and I had a great reunion and wrote that he was just a hop, skip, and a jump away from me if I ever wanted to talk. He wrote that he wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want and would just be there if I wanted somebody to talk to. Chad finished with reminding me that his wife went to work at 10:30 Sunday through Thursday night and sometimes even Friday nights and I should ring the back doorbell so nobody sees me. It finished with I should make sure only one car was in the driveway before I went to the door and she usually drove the minivan to work. But sometimes she drove his car and he had his number to his cell phone at the bottom and the last thing was that he enjoyed every minute with me and I was awesome.
After I turned out the lights I couldn’t get to sleep and I just kept remembering all the fucking I did and how it felt amazing. I ended up fantasizing that I was being fucked by that beautiful big cock of his and kept remembering how he felt inside me. I ended up fucking myself with my fist and it went in easily and I gave myself so many soft orgasms. I even got out the cock shaped seven inch dildo and stuck it in my butt and used my fist in my pussy while I was sitting up riding that dildo in my butt in bed. That last orgasm was intense and it left me gasping and jerking almost as much as when I was cumming with that giant cock fucking me. After I stopped cumming I hid that dildo again and got in bed and I fell asleep telling myself to stop putting my fist in my pussy because I wanted to feel Mark’s cock fucking me again because I loved him so much.
All week Mark and I fucked every night and on Saturday he fucked me four times and the last time he lasted almost fifteen minutes and I was getting close to cumming on his cock when he stopped and I felt him filling my pussy with his cum. My pussy was back to normal Wednesday night and Mark seemed disappointed with how tight I was and even told me all he thinks about was how swollen and he loved me creaming in his mouth. I almost laughed when he said that knowing he was talking about Chad’s cum he sucked out of me. I reminded him that he used to love how tight my pussy was and I told him I was soaking wet for him and I felt so horny and he told me how erotic and sexy I tasted and felt that night. He even said I was a lot slicker with my pussy creaming for him and I giggled when he said that knowing it was Chad’s cum that made my pussy like that. I even started sticking fingers in my butt while he was fucking me and that helped me make his fast fucks feel better. Every time I closed my eyes I fantasized I was being fucked by Chad’s giant cock and sometimes Jim’s cock in my butt too. I would hold Mark tight to me while I was fingering my butt while he fucked me. I noticed my moans and when my pussy gushed juice while he fucked me it made him lose it and finish so I tried to fuck without much moaning and held it inside me.
Every night before I got into bed I would look at my window and could see his house and I would rub my button while I fingered my pussy and butt until I had a good soft orgasm or two. I kept thinking of sneaking out my window and going over there and I would cum while I imagined Chad was kissing me with his giant cock stretching my pussy again. Sunday night he told me that we should stop fucking for a while and I told him I didn’t want to because I loved making love to him and inside I was thinking he just fucked me instead of making love to me. He played in my panties with me for over an hour and had me wet and so very horny but he wouldn’t even take off my panties. Before I left I told him he had to cum before I left and I ended up sucking his cock before I left to go home. It was so easy to slide all his cock in my mouth after Jim’s 8 inches fucked my mouth and I sucked and stroked that huge big cock that Chad has. I could only fit the head in my mouth and maybe an inch or two of that thick shaft behind it when I was trying to suck his big cock. I swallowed Mark’s cum when he had his orgasm about three minutes after my mouth touched his cock and he loved how I sucked his cock dry after he finished cumming. Then I went home and played with myself and wouldn’t take out the dildo because I wanted to be tight for Mark like he used to love so much.
He did the same thing to me telling me he hoped I would have another dream and get all messy for him and made me promise not to clean it if I woke up that way. He did the same thing when we messed around in his bedroom every night after that and looked so disappointed when he felt I was tight and wet in my panties and kept telling me he hoped my pussy was special soon. I was shocked how much he wanted my pussy fucked hard and filled with another man’s cum and he didn’t know that was what made my pussy special like he named it. Tuesday night after I got home after a short fingering while we necked I got naked and was getting into bed and I snuck out my window in the dark. I stood there next to the house naked and rubbed my pussy hard until I was standing on shaky legs having a nice soft orgasm.
The next night after he played with me again and talking about how my pussy was so erotic and sexy that Sunday night over a week ago I almost begged him to fuck me but he told me it would be worth the wait. I was so frustrated when I got home I even put on my sexiest little nightie and snuck out and walked in the dark until I was standing in Chad’s back yard. I snuck around and looked in the driveway and the minivan was gone and only one car was there. I snuck around to the back door and I stood there with my finger less than an inch from the doorbell and froze there for almost five minutes. Then I put my back against the house and started rubbing my button hard inside my little panties for a while and it felt just ok. After a few minutes I slid my tiny panties off and I squatted a little and started fingering my pussy with all the fingers on that hand before I made a fist rubbing it in my pussy and I was dripping wet.
I kept trying to push my fist in my hole and I was so tight and it wouldn’t go inside me for a while. I kept pushing my fist against my hole as I wiggled it and when it suddenly popped inside me I gasped out one of my oh gods and my legs were shaking with me squatted down as I just savored the feeling of how my pussy felt stretched on my fist. I pointed my face to the dark sky and softy wailed as I popped my fist in and out of my tightly stretched pussy and I had a strong orgasm fantasizing I was riding on Chad’s giant cock again. I was squatting so low that I could feel the mowed grass tickling my but as I rode my fist in my pussy while I was cumming with Chad’s cock in my mind. I jerked with each strong spasm of my stomach and pussy and it felt so good having my pussy tight on my fist and felt my pussy grip tight on it when I had a strong orgasm. I groaned loudly when my pussy pushed my fist out with a strong spasm and I couldn’t get it back inside of me again. I kept pressure on my button helping my orgasm last as long as possible and I slid my feet out and sat in the grass as I had my last soft spasms.
I sat there with a hand on my little belly and licked the juice on my fist and I tasted good and Mark should like it but he seemed obsessed with my pussy well fucked and full of someone else’s cum. I wanted Mark to fuck me and wished he had Chad’s giant cock and I only thought he would be perfect that way even if he didn’t last long still. I kept imagining he was fucking me and his cock was giant and he had me cumming constantly while he fucked me with that big cock. I got up on shaky legs and took just a couple steps and held my finger out but I just couldn’t press the button. I think I would have pressed it if I had something on and not naked like I was as I stood there. I went back home and snuck back in the open window and crawled into bed so fucking horny and it took a while to get to sleep. I dreamed I was riding a giant cock and it was pushing hard on my cervix each time I slid my pussy down to the root of that cock. I had another giant cock fucking my butt with another one stretching my mouth and so far in my throat it made my throat bulge out with the shape of that big head.
I woke up with my sheets wet and realized it was my juice from my pussy. I must have gushed while I was dreaming last night and I felt so horny and my clit was hard and sticking out from under its little hood. I didn’t even take a shower that morning and hoped my pussy would get Mark to fuck me that night. When he slid hi hand in my panties in his room he kissed me and smiled telling me that it was starting to work and he kissed me and I felt two fingers fucking me and I gripped them tight with my pussy. I was moaning and my hand went down and I tried to push his fingers in farther. I softly whispered that he should use more fingers and I fantasized he was fucking me with his fist and I felt my pussy gush out juice. I held tight to his neck and I groaned out to use more when I felt him using three fingers and he pulled them out and I felt him trying to force more inside me and I felt like he was stretching me as he tried. I quivered and moaned in his ear and whispered I think I would cum on his cock if he fucked me now. I let him pull his head from my arms and he kissed me and I wildly kissed him and tilted my hips and felt his fingers stretching me and I had a soft orgasm on his fingers. I felt my pussy grip those fingers with each soft spasm I had and moaned loudly in his open mouth while I pumped my hips at those nice fingers.
I could feel my whole body shaking as I felt his fingers force their way inside me a couple inches and I felt stretched nicely on them. I held his neck tightly with my face tight to Mark’s face and groaned out no when I felt his fingers leave my pulsing hole and I thought he was going to take my panties off when he pulled his hand out of them and held the top out from my quivering little belly. When he let the panties softly snap back on my belly and I felt him rubbing my pussy through my panties I released his neck and stared at him looking down at me smiling. When he told me I was so close and this weekend he would fuck me even if I’m not ready. I whispered I wanted him to fuck me right now and I needed him to fuck me tonight and I was tired of him teasing me like this. I softly said I wanted him to fuck me like a slut and I would cum on his cock tonight if he did that. I closed my eyes softly and I savored him pulling my pants down off me and then he slid my panties down and off my slender legs.
I heard him opening his pants and I raised my legs and spread them out waiting for him to get on top of me and fuck me as long as he could last. I kept telling myself I would suck him back up right after he finished and I would ride him as long as he could last again. I was shocked when I felt his mouth on my spread pussy licking and sucking on it and I could hear him moaning softly as he worked on my pussy. I was really enjoying it when he suddenly groaned in my pussy and I realized he was jacking off while he was going down on me and he was cumming in his hand when he froze with his tongue on my hard button.
It took a while before he started sucking on my hard button and I felt his fingers in my hole fucking me while he licked and sucked on my pussy and button above his fingers. I could feel a finger touching my butthole and kept trying to rock my hips to get it inside my butt. I quivered each time the tip would go in just a tiny bit and then Mark seemed to understand what I wanted and his finger sunk in my butt all the way and I loudly moaned out oh god yes. It felt small like his pinky while his other three fingers were in my pussy hole and I was shaking as pleasure swept through my whole body as he fucked both of my holes with his fingers and sucked tenderly on my button. I rocked my hips trying to get more inside of both holes and I suddenly tensed up gasping and then I felt a strong spasm hit my stomach and pussy and I felt my pussy grip his fingers tightly and my butthole gripped that little finger as I screamed out oh god I love you Mark. I was so happy when the love of my life made me cum and scream like a slut and I didn’t care who could hear it as I kept screaming out oh gods with each strong spasm of my orgasm.
I jerked and screamed out my oh gods as I was cumming on my lover’s face and it was amazing and strong. I had to push his mouth off my button before my orgasm was over and he licked my pussy lips around his fingers until I settled down with soft spasms with my stomach jumping softly as I gasped and moaned softly. Mark kept licking me and soon as he touched my button I would push him away from it and softly told him it was too tender now as I giggled. I felt him suck hard on my pussy hole and he slid a couple thicker fingers in my butthole and fucked it with them while he continued to suck all my juice out of my pussy like he was vacuuming it empty. I finally pushed his head away and felt his fingers leave my butthole as I rolled over and curled up on the bed. I could hear him pulling up and closing his pants and he pulled my legs and I loved him so much when he was putting my panties back on me.
I sat up and helped Mark get my pants on me and we kissed passionately for a long wet kiss while I licked around in his open mouth. When he pulled his lips away I held him tight with my head lying on his shoulder and whispered I loved him so much and heard him softly whisper it back to me. Then Mark squeezed me tight in his arms and told me that his mom and dad must have her me cumming and we both laughed holding each other. He whispered I really gushed a lot of juice while I was cumming and it tasted sweet and sexy but it didn’t have that really sexy taste but he still loved it. He let me go and I smiled and giggled at him when he told me I really seemed to like my ass played with and I told him that I read some girls have orgasms getting fucked in their butt and sat there giggling. Then I tried to smile real sexy as I told him I bet I would have an orgasm if he did that to me one of these days.
Mark smiled and told me it didn’t work and he wanted to go back to fucking me all the time and would just hope one day my pussy would be special again and I kissed him and whispered in his ear I would try to make the man I love happy soon and nuzzled his ear giggling. I told him I had to get home now and we kissed before I left and tried not to look at his parents as I walked past them and out the door. Soon as I got home I got undressed and looked at myself in the mirror and I could see that my little bush was getting wild and needed to be trimmed. I took my time and even considered shaving it bald but I read guys think a nice trimmed bush is sexier for them. After I got done I got my sexiest tiny black nightie on and looked at myself in the mirror. Then I took the little black panties off and untied the top letting it open so my tits peaked out and looked in the mirror again and I liked what I saw. My little tits looked nice peeking out of the open top and the arrow I trimmed into the bush with the tip right at my hood over my clit looked sexy and pointed to my pussy nicely.
I wiped my slit with a washcloth and sat at my desk and it was only ten so I did a search for big cocks fucking young girls. I noticed that the little movies were mostly black men with white teenagers and they had big cocks and some looked over a foot long and even thicker than Chad’s big cock. I watched some of the movies as I lightly played at the top of my pussy and I imagined I was the girl squealing as they get stretched tight on those big black thick cocks. I could feel myself getting wetter and ten minutes later I felt my pussy and my tiny slit was full of slippery juice and I watched another movie before I snuck out the window at fifteen after ten. I hurried because I wanted to see Chad’s wife because I wanted to see what she looked like. The minivan was still in the driveway and I stood there and waited.
I didn’t have to wait very long and when the front light came on and I peeked around the house and I saw a pretty girl walking to the minivan and I could hear Chad tell her to be safe as she walked and they both said they loved each other as she got in the van. I could tell she was pregnant maybe three or four months only and she had on what looked like a nurse’s outfit. When she opened the door of the van I ran to the back of the house so the headlights wouldn’t shine on me since I was almost naked. I waited and soon I watched her drive by and waited until the car was out of sight. I walked over and I felt really nervous and I pressed the doorbell and waited with my arms behind my back and slowly bouncing as I stood there waiting. The door opened and when the light from inside lit me up I smiled as seductive as I could and saw he only had boxers on and I loved that bulge in the front. I softly asked Chad if he had time to talk or something and stood there bouncing and giggling. He smiled and told me he kept hoping I would stop by sometime and I slowly walked up with my arms behind me trying to look as sexy as I could.
He moved aside and when I walked by him I moved my arms in front of me so he would have a clear view of my butt while I walked since he told me more than once I had the sexiest butt he ever saw. I her Chad softly said I was like a sexy angel that had a fantastic body and he loved how it looked right now. By the time I went back home and snuck back in my bedroom my pussy was a mess and I was tired. I got fucked by that magnificent cock so much that my pussy was just like Mark wanted it to be. Just to make my boyfriend happy I had to have four amazing orgasms and I guess I did it for myself also. I now understood that I could love a man completely even if he wasn’t a good fuck because there were ways to make myself extremely happy sexually. I told Chad all about how Mark loved how messy my pussy was when he came back from the trip. I explained to him how my boyfriend was so happy that my pussy got that way from not having sex for so long that my pussy desired his cock so much it even loosened up to let his cock in easier.
Chad thought it was a case of my boyfriend was going to grow up wanting to be a very happy cuckold and I would have a wonderful life. He explained how it works and I was shocked that there were men that love their women fucking other men that can give their wives orgasms that the husbands and boyfriends can’t give the wife. My pussy didn’t even seem to mind it a bit because it had no problem cumming all over that magnificent cock of Chad’s. I found out that Chad and his wife have an open arrangement and they love each other so much and are so happy. Chad told me that his wife didn’t mess around with another man while they were trying to get pregnant and once she knew she was pregnant she was making up for it. I wasn’t that surprised to find out that she had a thing for black cocks when Chad told me. When I watched that porn before I went over to his house I already had thoughts of letting a black man fuck me to find out if it was as good as they say. I really liked how I never had fantasies of fucking somebody else while Chad fucked me because I loved how he fucked. With Mark the fucking was just for him because it really did nothing for me but leave me horny.
We fucked the normal way with him on top and I only lasted about five minutes before I had that first orgasm and it was awesome. Chad let me savor it and stopped once I was screaming and jerking around under him and just ground against my happy pussy that needed that orgasm. I was surprised how tight I was because he had to take his time getting that magnificent cock all the way in and the stretching out of my pussy felt amazing and I was on the ledge of an orgasm before he had it all the way inside me. After that first orgasm I got on top and I got his big cock inside me I told Chad how I tried sliding on Mark’s cock and it wasn’t as good and Mark came before I had a small orgasm. I giggled when I told him that Mark’s cum made the sliding even slicker. I had another powerful orgasm when I was riding that big cock from the tip of the head to the root like I was in a race I was sliding up and down so fast. Chad told me that I was the most vocal girl he ever fucked when I was cumming and told me never try to be quiet and let the whole world know how I loved cumming.
Chad didn’t let me rest after I came on top of him and I was squirming around on him when he rolled me off and got me one my hands and knees and Chad had me lay my face on the blanket with my butt high. I learned that it made a better angle for him and I enjoyed that position. Doggy is my favorite and just seems to hit every spot in such a fantastic way and I never wanted him to cum. It didn’t take long that way to get me on the edge of another orgasm and Chad took my hair in his hand and pulled my head up and back while he pushed down on my back and I started cumming with the first hard thrust once he had me arched like that. This time he didn’t let me stop cumming and I kept begging him to stop because it got to be too much in my pussy but he never slowed down. Suddenly it just felt better and I was screaming at him to fuck me harder and I was amazed how long he lasted. When I felt his cock getting bigger and harder I was so close to cumming and when he suddenly groaned and slammed inside me as deep as he could get I started cumming with him. I could feel every jump and spurt of that magnificent cock touching my cervix. I loved how his cock would lightly tap on my cervix when he was really pounding me with his magnificent cock and I wished he could bang it harder.
After I got home I was in the shower and made sure not to let my pussy get too clean because I wanted it just like my Mark wanted it. But while I was taking the shower the water running down my body washed most of the mess away and when I thought about it I didn’t want a bunch of dried cum in my crotch at school anyway. But I didn’t clean it like I used to because I wanted Mark to be surprised and I hoped the puffiness of my pussy lips didn’t go away too fast. I was so much happier being with Mark that night and when he felt my pussy I loved how his eyes got big when he felt how loose I was again from Chad’s magnificent cock. Mark told me it must be hormones changing in my body as I was becoming a woman now. I loved how excited he was when he went down on me and licked and sucked me for only a second and he told me I had a faint taste of saltiness again but I didn’t have the cream. Mark told me after he licked and sucked out as much as he could that he loved how relaxed my pussy was and said it was because it wanted to fuck so much. When Mark fucked me I tried to moan for him so he would think I liked it and he only lasted a few minutes and I was so happy that he was happy.
When he was done he told me how much he loved my pussy but said he wished it was swollen more and so horny before he started that I would be creaming like that one time. I went back over the first night Chad’s wife went to work that next week and told him how happy Mark was with my pussy and we fucked for hours and my pussy was so happy with the orgasms it had again. For a couple weeks I went over every night before I came up with a way to give the man I love the pussy he wished he could have again. I waited for him to go to work one night and left a note for him to meet me that night at one in the morning in the alley behind my house at the big lot halfway between my house and Chads. After giving the note to his mom I went back home and when it was time I took off to Chad’s in my sexy nightie with my panties on this time.
I told Chad my plan and I was surprised he came when I had my second orgasm. I laughed when he explained that he wanted to leave twice as much cum inside me tonight and after a short break I got a chance to practice sucking his cock better and I could take almost half of him in my throat when I got his cock fully hard again. Chad’s cock was so thick it made it hard to get more of it down my throat but he told me I was a fantastic cock sucker and I was so happy. We fucked again because it was a little after midnight and I had two more orgasms. Every time I went over and fucked I had at least two orgasms but some nights I had more. I got my panties on right after Chad pulled his spent cock out of me so everything would stay inside me. I noticed it was almost two and I was late for Mark again so I took off and when I saw his car I snuck up and knocked on his window. We kissed and he was so happy to see me in a nightie for the first time and we kissed a while before he slid his hand in my panties and I was scared that this time he would know it was another man’s cum inside me. My heart was beating hard while we kissed and I was scared but I loved Mark so much and wanted to make him happy so I was taking this chance.
When Mark stopped kissing me I thought my heart would beat out of my chest and I felt his hand slide out of my panties and I was terrified. But he was so happy and kept telling me how fantastic my pussy was tonight. I told him I just woke up from a dream of us making love and I almost laughed when he sucked on his fingers covered in my juice and Chad’s fresh cum. I told him I had a fantasy of being bent over the hood of a car and fucked and Mark took me right over there and bent me over the hood with me giggling and saying in please don’t fuck my little pussy mister in a little girls voice. When he got my panties off he dropped them right next to my face with a small splat on the hood and I asked him if I was messy from my dream. He didn’t say anything and it wasn’t long and he was pressing his pelvis against my butt and I couldn’t feel his cock much at all. Mark only thrust his cock inside me a few times and stopped and I thought it felt so good to him that he had to stop before he lost it and I was wrong. He came that fast and I knew that he loved fucking me the most when my pussy was fresh fucked and full of another man’s cum. I picked up my panties and they were full of the mess of my juice and Chad’s cum and I just held them with one finger as sexy as I could and told Mark it was late and I had to get home. Then he had the idea I was a mess because we didn’t fuck as much and wanted to go back to heavy petting for a while and I just told him he would miss fucking me.
Mark and I went back to going down on me and me sucking his cock at the most and sometimes we would do each other at the same time and he called it 69ing. The no fucking didn’t last long because Mark wanted to fuck me. I was fucking Chad every night his wife worked at that time so it didn’t bother me much when Mark wasn’t fucking me. Once a week I would leave a note with his mom for him to meet me again in the alley late and the man I loved was so happy and his face beamed. I found that to keep my man happy I had to cheat on him and I didn’t mind doing that because I loved him so very much.
Then on our anniversary Mark took me out to a fancy restaurant and proposed to me and I made a fool out of myself because I was surprised. I screamed and jumped up out of my chair and ran around the table screaming I loved him so much and sat on his lap kissing him wildly. Everybody there was silent until I sat there crying while he put the ring on my finger and they all cheered and clapped. It was a Friday night when that happened and Sunday night I snuck out my window and ran over to Chad’s and his wife was still there. I didn’t check for her car and I got to meet her and I was completely naked and embarrassed when I saw her after blurting out I was engaged. When she was leaving she hugged me and I couldn’t believe she kissed me and was playing really softly in my pussy with her fingers. I froze and wasn’t kissing her back but she kept kissing me and my pussy was feeling really good. I surprised myself and started kissing her back and even rubbed her crotch as my legs were shaking. Then she stopped and gave Chad a kiss telling him she loved him and she told him she could see why he liked fucking me so much and smiled at me as she walked to the door. When she opened the door she looked at him and told him to do something special tonight to celebrate and left.
Chad took my hand and led me to one of the bedrooms and told me it was their playroom. He picked up a something off the table and I found out it was a blindfold and put it on me. He had me stand there and then he took my hand and led me telling me that I was the first girl his wife ever allowed him to fuck in their bedroom. Chad told me that it shocked him when she whispered it to him because their bedroom is off limits for anybody either of them is fucking. He said I must really turn his wife on because she never has let it happen before. I didn’t tell him that she really had me turned on with that kiss and fondling she did before she left. I was shocked how much I actually liked it as he got me on a bed on my knees sitting up and kissed me lightly and told me not to move and I just giggled smiling. I could hear him doing something and could feel the bed move a little as I sat there giggling and couldn’t see a thing.
Then Chad finally got on the bed lifting me up standing on my knees and had me move forward a little and had me reach out. My hands found something that was rounded at the top and flat on the bottom and it had a padded covering on it and I pictured barrel on its side flat on the bottom. When Chad told me I was going to sit on it I giggled and told him it would be hard for him to fuck me with me sitting on it. He didn’t say anything but helped me standing up and got me with my feet on each side of it and he kept moving me slightly as he had me sit on it. When I got my crotch close he told me to go slowly and he had his hand under my crotch from behind. I gasped when I felt something in my pussy and he got it at my hole and sat me down and it was some kind of dildo and then he guided my hands to show me I had some kind of small stool to lean on forward if I wanted to.
I was giggling and I told him I had a dildo at home but I was here to fuck a man and not a toy. He told me to just sit there a minute and he had a surprise for me and told me that Amber his wife likes using it for hours sometimes. I gasped out a soft oh god when it suddenly vibrated and it was a lot stronger than my toothbrush and it vibrated at a nice slow speed. I never felt a real vibrator like that before and just felt my electric toothbrush that I would use on my button sometimes. Then it stopped vibrating and suddenly it was like the dildo was turning around in a circle inside me and that shocked me even more as it felt like it was rubbing the walls of my pussy inside me as it turned. Then it kept turning and vibrating at the same time and Chad asked me how I like that and I told him wow and giggled. I leaned on the stool in front of me and found that if felt like a pad of little fingers vibrating were right in front of my button. I just moaned and suddenly it vibrated faster and I said oh god and kept my button on the pad of little fingers gasping and moaning.
It was the first time I ever used a vibrator at all and like this it felt so fucking good to me. When it sudden went superfast I was on the edge of cumming and I just leaned on that stool with my mouth open wailing in joy. When it suddenly slowed down the orgasm hit and it was a good one. My body jerked with each spasm and the vibrator went slow while the dildo kept spinning in my pussy as it kept having spasms. I just savored the pleasure I was feeling in my pussy and enjoyed the orgasm and it lasted a long time. Then I sat up smiling with that blindfold on with my hips tilted forward so my button could touch those little fingers. I said loudly over the hum of this thing that I never got vibrated before and now I know why women have vibrators and laughed and could hear Chad laughing in the room. I reached up to take off the blindfold and right away Chad told me no and said it stays on tonight until I go home and I sat there squirming my pussy on that machine giggling and smiling. Chad told me he was in control of it and then it kept changing speeds and the fastest was almost too much for me at this time. I sat on that thing for a long time and had three orgasms before I finally rolled off it backwards and curled up saying I couldn’t take it anymore laughing and shaking.
I could tell he was taking the machine off the bed and a few minutes later I felt Chad get on the bed and then he held me while we kissed. The Chad softly laughed and said I like it so much I even got the bed wet all around it and kissed me again. He didn’t waste any time after the kiss and he had me on my back with my legs between our bodies with my feet on each side of my head. I was folded under him and I felt him reach back and that magnificent cock got thrust all the way inside me with one hard thrust and it made me grunt and let out another oh god. He fucked me a long time and it was intense. I only had one orgasm with him that time and I think it was because of all the vibrating before. I never got the blindfold off until I was leaving and I never saw the machine again and I kept asking if I could use it again a week later and Chad told me that Amber burned up the motor and they would get a better one later.
I went to Chad’s every day and I almost went over on Friday night when Amber would be there because I had fantasies about us playing. But I couldn’t do that because it wouldn’t be for Mark and that would make it cheating. On Wednesday right after we got engaged I left a note for Mark again to meet me at one again and I was only twenty minutes late. Mark didn’t mind and when he wanted to go down on me he told me he would take his time this time to enjoy me creaming on his mouth. I told him that since he loves sucking my cream out that he had to lie on his back and he did. It felt so wicked when I took off those wet sticky panties and squatted right on his face and Mark enjoyed eating my cream and it didn’t bother me anymore that he was really sucking out Chad’s cum. I left a note the next day also and this time I it was me on my back on the ground with my legs wide and Mark sucked and licked me a long time before he mounted me for about a minute like always when I was messy like that.
I made sure I got my pussy fucked by Chad so the man I loved would be happy for almost a month and a half after that. I left notes for Mark at least once a week and sometimes more for him to get my special pussy full of my horny cream he called it. I would watch him with his face in my well fucked pussy and my heart over filled with love for him. Then one day Chad told me they were moving to California for his job and it was the last time he could fuck me and would miss me. I stayed that night and we fucked until five that morning and he pumped his cum in me three times. I got him hard each time with my mouth and I could take almost all of his big cock in my throat now. Only a couple inches would fit before I choked and gagged on it and couldn’t go any farther.
After Chad moved I just told Mark to meet me every Wednesday night at one in the alley to meet me. It didn’t take long before he noticed I got tight again and wasn’t all swollen up and there was only my regular juice. He wanted me to try thing to get my pussy worked up again and I would tell him ok and pretty much ignore his ideas because I knew what got my pussy special like he wanted it. I did play with myself in my bedroom while I waited for one and even tried fucking myself with my fist but it didn’t do much to loosen me up. He acted like it wasn’t that important because he loved my pussy no matter how it was but I knew it broke his heart when I didn’t have the pussy like he really liked. I told myself that if I ever found somebody that had a cock like Chad’s that I would get my pussy special so I can see the happiness in my lover’s eyes again.

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