I followed behind my husband and son as they carried Julie, Sam and Alison into the house with the aid of 4 large black men, all the time I could see the black men groping and squeezing the little white girls bottoms and firm breasts, then you could see them pulling and twisting on the much large nipples of Julie, her breasts had to be a 40DD if not bigger, they always looked like a couple of beach balls tucked away in her swimsuit.

Paul was there waiting for us and ordered my husband and son to go into the garage area and help out with the filming. I was pulled close to Paul and my bikini was removed and my naked ass spanked and groped as I was led into the main living room.

I could clearly see 4 monitors on our dining table, showing our three bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. Paul told me I had a choice, but I needed to think about it before I gave the answer as once it was agreed there was no going back.

Option 1 was for me to stop in the room with Paul and allow him to fuck me or get me to suck his cock while we watched his friends fuck my friends and compile a film of each for later. If I did this that would be the end of it all and he would let me and my family go back to normal

Option 2 was I could pick when we allowed his friends to fuck each girl, and make sure we were there for the first time they received a BBC. This would mean I wanted to be part of it, and going forward I would need to arrange more parties for them to fuck my friends.

Option 3 was that my husband, son and I got to join in the fucking and abuse of my friends, but that would mean we were part of his crew forever, and we would be moved around to different areas to help them seduce the local white women from rich respectable neighbourhoods.

I just dropped to my knees and started to suck his cock saying I am yours forever please use me as you wish. Paul lifted me up and said who first. I said you wanted Anna so let’s go fuck Anna, as we walked up the stairs I was holding his hard cock slowly wanking his foreskin backwards and forwards allowing his head to pop in and out and allow his pre-cum to smear all over my hands.

Paul led me into our master bedroom, there was Anna being held in place by handcuffs and pink fluffy shackles around her legs. She had been stripped and was now lying there crying in a drunken mess. I slid onto the bed next to her and moved the hair out of her face so I could look into her eyes as I kissed her on the lips, my hands went to her pussy and I could feel the heat and the juice flowing around her lips.

I lifted my lips from hers and she cried and asked me what was going on. I explained how she and her lovely daughter were going to be fucked and black bred by at least 20 or so dirty niggers as she calls them. They would fuck her mouth, her pussy and her ass. They would film it then send it to all of her friends, family, work colleagues and school friends. She begged me not to do this and asked me why I would do this to her as we had been friends for years.

I explained how my whole family had been fucked and used by his gang of niggers, and to get our freedom we had to sacrifice our friends or we would forever be slaves to the BBC. Anna cried out loud and begged me not to hurt her daughter, she said they could do anything to her, but please for the love of god leave her daughter alone, she was planning on getting married next year.

I looked over at Paul and smiled then winked. I turned back to Anna and said, what happens if I vouch for you and get them to leave your daughter alone, then you will not allow them to fuck you, so I then get in trouble. Anna looked at me with pleading eyes and said I will do anything just promise me you will save my daughter from these niggers.

I said let’s see how true your word is. I told her I was going to climb onto her in a 69 position, she was to eat me out while Paul slid his powerful cock in and out of my pussy whenever his BBC popped out of me, she was to suck it until he pushed it back into me. I asked if she still wanted me to save her daughter, she cried and said yes I will do anything.

I climbed onto her body lowering my pussy onto her face, she lost no time and her tongue darted into my pussy sending a shudder through my body. God this woman knew how to eat a girl out. Paul slid behind me and lowered himself over her head and close behind me, he lowered his cock into her mouth and ordered her to suck his cock and get it nice and hard ready to fuck her friend. I couldn’t hold back I pushed my head between her legs and started to suck and lick her clitoris, wow this woman had a big clitoris, I would say it was close to an inch long and an half inch round. I could almost suck it into my mouth like a small penis.

I could feel her body shuddering and shaking under me as she climaxed within seconds of us starting to pleasure her, she tried to scream, but her mouth was full of BBC that was being forced further and further down her throat. I moved my body forward and released the shackles holding her legs in place, then I lifted them up to allow me to get deeper into her pussy and suck that clit all the way into my mouth, holding it there and flicking it with my tongue.

I could feel her body shivering under my tongue as I kept her clit sucked into my mouth and allowed my tongue to flick over it time after time until she hit another orgasm. I moved away allowing for Paul to slide around and lower onto her body and between her legs. I then moved up and sat on her face as I watched Paul slide the head of his BBC deep into her pussy on the first stroke, you could see her body twitch and shake as another orgasm flowed through her body as the BBC slowly entered and stretched her pussy to the limits.

Anna cried into my pussy as the BBC full embedded itself deep into her once tight married cunt. Paul deep stroked her at a steady rhythm for a good 5 minutes, then he stopped and pulled his cock out. He pulled me off Anna’s face and made me stand up next to the bed. Anna begged him to keep fucking her, Paul just smiled and said what do you want. Anna said please fuck me, Paul reached forward and said come on slut what do you want, Anna shouted please fuck me with your BBC.

Paul just laughed and opened the door and said she is all your’s boys have fun, he grabbed my arm and pulled me naked and dripping of juice out of the bedroom and down the hall. We entered my son’s bedroom and there were Rose and Jenny naked lying on the bed tied with their arms above their heads connected to the headboard and their legs strapped over the bottom of the bed and down under the wheels on the bed frame. I was shocked at how young and firm their bodies looked. I walked over and I think at first they thought I was there to help them, once I started to pull and twist their nipples, then slipped my fingers into their very tight virgin likes pussies.

I had to ask if they were virgins or not, Rose said she had fooled around with her boyfriend but only given him oral and a handjob and poor little Jenny said she had never seen a cock before, never mind touched one. I slipped my fingers into their pussies and started to flick their little clits. I soon found this would be better if I climbed onto the bed. I thought what the fuck lets get this party started, so I sat on Rose in the 69 position and started to suck her clit into my mouth as I had done her mothers only minutes earlier. I soon had her body twisting and shaking under my tongue. I then informed her I was going to let her go, but she needed to do as I say or her mother would be hurt.

I told Paul my plan and we removed her restraints then got 2 large black men to hold her arms and walk her down the hall to the master bedroom. There she watched as her mother was riding one BBC while another was fucking her not so tight ass, and another one was stood on the bed fucking her mouth. I got them to hold her there while I stood by her side stroking and flicking her clitoris until she started to shake and tremble under my fingers. I held my hand behind her head and pulled her forward and slightly downwards, this allowed for Paul to walk up behind her and start to feed his large cock into her delicate little virgin pussy.

Rose turned and looked at me then back to her mother, who was entering into another orgasm as her body thrust backwards to meet the BBC pounding into her body. She almost let out a sigh as if to say you win and gently pushed her body back onto Pauls cock as it popped her cherry and make her cry out with pain. I could see the small amount of blood on Pauls cock as he slowly fucked into her tight virgin pussy, the two black men holding her started to grope and suck her tits as she slowly started to respond to the large cock breaking down her virgin walls and stretching her pussy to accept the BBC that would now own it. As soon as she started to push back to meet Pauls thrusts he pulled his cock out and turned to walk away.

Rose Looked over her shoulder and asked what was wrong. Paul smiled and said nothing I have taken what I want, you are just meat for my friends to fuck and abuse from now on. The talking caused Anna to look over her shoulder just as the first black man was shoving his BBC deep into her daughters freshly deflowered cunt, then the next one shoved his BBC down her throat. Anna called me a slut and said she hated me and would never forgive me for doing this to her daughter.

Rose was now lifted and placed onto the bed next to her mother as the two black men pounded into her tight little white body with their BBC making her firm tits bounce across her torso, the nigger fucking her mother’s mouth just turned her head and shoved his BBC back into her mouth. I wanted to stop and watch these two sluts get fucked by these BBC gods, but Paul dragged me off and said we have lots to do.

He dragged me back into my son’s room and there was Jenny still tied to the bed, we agreed to let her go and see if we could seduce her while she was free to move around. I just grabbed her arm and led her into the other bedroom, letting her see her friend being fucked by two BBC whilst her friend’s mother was being pounded by three BBC. I felt her legs go weak as she looked at the size of the BBC fucking her friends tight little cunt, you could see the lips being pulled all the way out as it it was turning her inside out, then it would slam back into her and the lips would stretch inwards as if they would be lost forever.

I was now stroking her clitoris and groping her ass cheeks making my way down the crack and around to allow my fingers to slide into her virgin pussy, she was transfixed on her friends mother being fucked by three BBC at the same time, her pussy was running like a tap, her breathing was getting heavy and laboured, her nipples were rock hard and she was melting into my arms. Paul just walked up behind her and tried to shove his cock into her tight virgin pussy, this one was going to be hard, he struggled to get the head in it kept popping out to the side.

Suddenly two black men entered the room on Pauls arm movements, they lifted her into the air and then lowered her onto Paul who had now sat on the chair at my dressing table, she screamed with pain as his cock buried deep into her tight virgin pussy. Jenny begged them to lift her off the tears ran down her face and onto her breasts as the black men shoved her body down harder onto Paul’s cock. This caused Anna and Rose to look over, there was cum running from Anna’s mouth as she smiled at Jenny. Rose had cum all over her face and tits as the first black man shot his load then moved away to allow Rose and his friend to fuck one on one.

Jenny looked at her friend and smiled as the BBC that had just shot its load in her friend’s face came over and wiped it all over her face. The black men bounced her up and down for around five minutes before Paul told them to lift her off, he then shoved his cock in her mouth and shot his load deep down her throat. I had to go and clean my friend and her daughter up even if she hated me. I walked over to Anna and kissed her on the lips, she sucked my tongue into her mouth and we kissed for several minutes before I moved off to her daughter. Rose kissed me and sucked my tits as she bounced up and down on the BBC fucking her once virgin pussy.

If you want to know what happens to Julie, Sam plus Friend Alison you will have to let me know. I have removed all spelling mistakes for those of you who are cutting and pasting my stories and using them as your own. Get a life be original.

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