Just imagine me, with you, in your car giving you a blowjob – all nude.
So, finally, we meet at Starbucks, with all due permission of my husband, under this condition that you will not touch me. It is a summer of July, and I arrived at Starbucks bit later than scheduled time. I wear the same pink leggy suit which you can see in my DP. You are already in café sitting on side corner table with warm slime on your face. I’m also blushing seeing you from far away – but shy. You are in white t-shirt and blue jeans. I walk slowly towards you, and you also stand up to greet me. We lock eyes and smile with hand shake.
We just sit together, opposite to each other, and start talking on formal and casual subjects. We order coffee and cookies as supper. Now, it is about half an hour, and we are all finished to discuss anything which normally discuss between two good friends. Now, I become more comfortable with you – you too observed the same. We start talking about all those chats which we had made previously in porn chat room. Recalling about those virtual sex moments, we both start feeling horny. “Please don’t talk about this subject, I feel so horny, and it’s not good for both of us,” I said. “Are you getting wet down there?” You replied. I look at your eyes with very hot feelings and nodded my head and say in whisper voice “yes, I think so.” Seeing me horny and warm you table me a request of masturbation, “I want to masturbate in front of you if you allow me.” “It is out of question,” I replied growly. But you start persuading me for my approval with all humble requests. “Please yaar ek baar karne do, main tumhe hath bhi nahi lagaunga. Just tum mere samne bethi rehna aur main khud masterbate karlunga.” I replied, “ye kese possible hai yahan sab log bethe hain. Aap bathroom main jake karlo, please.” Now you are all confided that instead of denying your proposal again; now, I’m talking about the suitable place. “meri gadi main karaine, kale shishe hain usmain, koi nahi dekh payega, aur windshield par main sun sheet laga dunga.” I replied in very shy voice, “kuch aur galat to nahi karoge.” You said no trust me. “OK” (I get agree).
You opened the door, for me to sit at front passenger (next to the driver ones) seat. First, I felt hesitated, then I step in – in this confidence that everything will be alright. You run forth to the driver seat, step inside and sit next to me. The rhythm of my breath comes faster,” now what,” I whispered. You covered the windshield with sun visor cover and started the car as it is hot summer. “Dekho, aap masturbate karlo, main aapki taraf nahi dekhungi,” I bend my back towards you and turned my face to opposite site. You said, “ese maja nahi aayega, you must see my bare tool.” NO, NO,” I replied,” agar aap chahte ho main yahan bethi rahun to please mujhe aapki taraf peeth karke bethne do, jab aapka choot jaye to mujhe bata dena. You replied with nothing, and after 5 second, I heard the sound of your jean’s jip opening. “Oh my GOD! He is getting his cock out,” I thought in my mind. A strange bizarre sound starts coming in my ears; I was friendly with sound though. “Oh! He starting masturbating behind my back.” PUCH! PUCH! PUCH!
My breath come heavier, and I have a feeling to see your cock. I ogle and start seeing your massive cock. You can easily see my amorous face. You asked,” do you wanna touch it. I see towards you, “No please finish it, choot kyon nahi raha? Instead of reply on my question, you said, “tumhare husband se kya bara hai ye?” I replied in shame and smile on my face, “YES.”
You: Haath main leke dekho.
I: No, Ye galat hoga.
You: Kuch galat nahi hoga, kisi ko mat batana; mainbhi ise secret rakhunga.
I: Nahi, please aap finish karlo, koi aa jayega.
You: koi nahi aayega, tum hath main ek baar pakrogi, to mujhe horni fee hoga aur jaldi choot jayega.
I: Nahi, please ye nahi kar sakti.
You: Acha, fir apna saliva hi lagado ispe.
I: Kya, you want me to suck it?
You: nahi mere haath pe dedo apna sleava.
And you raise your palm in front of my mouth; without resisting, I spit my saliva on your hand. You applied same saliva on your cock and start rubbing. You asked for more saliva, and I obliged you accordingly. Now your penis is all wet of my saliva. It sounds, “PUCH! PUCH!, when you run up-down.
You: Aapne bra kon se colour ka dala hai?
I: it’s pink.
Now you observed that I’m not hesitating in revert of your horny questions.
You: I think you don’t wear panties.
I: why do you think like that?
You: When you were walking towards car, I saw your ass was twerking so nicely.
I: I always wear panties; instead, I feel embarrassed when even I think to wear cloths without panties.
You: So why your ass was twerking that much? Normally the girls who wear hipsters, their ass gripps a well and twerking less.
I: It’s a thong, which I wear today.
You: Oh! Your ass must be look awesome in that thin strip panties.
I: I don’t know.
You: can I see once.
I: No, you just finish your work and let’s leave.
You: if you show me your nudity a bit then it will be easy for me to ejaculate faster.
I: We are going to wrong way.
You: no one knows. Please.
I: Promise me, you will not touch me.
You: yes! I promise.
I: I will just remove my kameez but not leggy.
You: I want you to remove both the things kameez and leggy both.
I: No, please, “ye bhi bahut zada karne ko maan rahi hun” sirf kameez.
You: Okay!
With hesitation, I removed my kameez and covered my front with same kameez. Now you have shown me your manhood in dominating way and pull my kameez from front of my body and left me back with my arms crossing my bare upper body with pink bra.
Your cock is now harder, and our breathing speed increased rapidly. You can easily see my deep glimpse of neckline, almost 50% of my boobs, belly, and navel. You left your cock and catch my both wrists with your both hands and pull up my arms in hands up position. Now, everything is in front of you for pleasure seeing. My bare armpits, deep neckline, belly, navel, and loins – everything.
I: you are breaking your promise please leave my hands.
You: Sorry, sorry, I just get excited. You chanting while leaving my arms along with.
You back to your work and start shaking your tool. I moved my arms down, but this time, I don’t cover my nude body. Although, there is my pink bra which is still hiding my boobs. Till now, your cock becomes drought.
You: would you please apply some more saliva.
I: Okay, but do it fast. I gathered saliva in my mouth to spit on your hand.
You: do you mind if you spit directly on my penis?
My mouth was full of saliva, and I was not able to answer your question. Till now one thing is clear that you are dominating me.
I lean forward, lift my ass from passenger seat, put my left knee on passenger seat to balance my body. I hold your right thigh with my right hand to prevent myself to not fall on your huge, hard, massive cock. After my mouth comes parallel to our cock, I release the saliva load on the crown of your cock. Your hand was behind my head and hold me hard to not move back to my earlier position. I’m now aware that you want more saliva.
Your hand is now pushing my head down towards your cock, it is hard for me to resist. Your attention is clear to me, I tried to pretend that I don’t want, but indeed I’m lustfully willing to taste your precum which is constantly coming out of your cock tip. Now, your cock is too close to my mouth, I can smell the manhood sweating aroma out of your cock and forest – Yes, you have not shaved your pubic hairs. It is the time of submission in front my master. I close my eyes and open my mouth wider to accommodate your manhood in my mouth.
Now your cock is all in my mouth – crown touching my throat. I am squeezing your balls with my right hand and sucking your manhood passionately. Right now, my both knees are on passenger seat, and I’m in the position of bitch. You are in true pleasure; you moved your back rest more backward so that you lean and relax. Meanwhile, you are rubbing your hand on my bare back – with just one obstacle left that Is my bra strip. You unhook my bra, and it fall downwards. While sucking your cock, I removed my bra, and now I’m completely nude above my waistline. You moved your hands to my boobs and start squeezing it hard. It is painful, but I can’t say anything because my mouth is full of your huge dick.
Now you are confident that this bitch is all yours. Now you plan to remove my leggies, and see how my nude butts looks like in pink thong. You moved your hand directly to my G hole and check how wet this bitch is. My leggy is tottaly wet. You just hold my leggie from elastic and slide it downwards down to my knees. I got understand that you want your bitch totally nude; to ease you, I lift my both knees up so that you remove my leggies completely. You don’t think much and also removed my thong form my butts.
Now this bitch, a wife of someone, is totally nude in your car sucking your bare, huge, dick for ejaculation. It is also hard for you to hold your cum for long because the woman whom you dream is sucking your cock all nude like a slut. Because a woman who hearts you a lot, who was not answering to your chat, who was showing attitude is now on her knees and sucking your cock like a bitch, you are her master. you are now about to cum, your load is too high. To prove your manhood and domination on me, you start slapping my butt’s cheeks. I’m now moaning hard; I feel your dick becomes huger and you are about to cum. I want to taste my master’s cum. You release all your load inside my mouth and a swallow everything, every drop. Like a good slave, I clean your cock and balls properly. Now your dick is down and you are all relaxed.
I come back to the passenger seat and sit on it all nude – head down in shame.
I: Ab please kya kapre pehan lu.
You: Kutiya, mujhe teri chudai bhi karni hai……..

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