It was a warm hot summers day at the fun fair
Sun kissed freckle faces and messy hair
Dribbling ice cream
spinning round and round on rides so fast
The thrill of the roller coaster making my belly flip as you’re zooming around
The wizz making you feel horny as hell.
Day time slips into night time
Bright lights hairspray and the fairgrounds still open flashy lights loud music
Adults only
I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine and my mates playing Clawee
Only the stuffed toys have all disappeared
And there’s humans inside
This place is pretty weird at night

My mate wins a prize
Some Greasy looking Italian bloke
leather jacket no T-shirt dark hair
They disappear

I’m left to my own devises
Wondering around time to explore

Another Clawee machine
This time it’s full of sex toys
This place is very different at night

Iv run out of money and my mates got my keys

It Starts to rain
I Slip into the exit door of the haunted house
Dark and creepy
A Tap on my shoulder
Makes me jump

Chill runs down my spine makes me shudder
You’re dressed as A vampire
Excuse me miss
This is the exit

Err sorry It’s raining out there

I couldn’t help but notice
he’s staring at my nipples my soaking wet T-shirts exposing

You look like a drowned rat
Let me get you a towel
Follow me
In the chamber of ghouls there’s a secret door
To the staff room

Darkness becomes light
I look in the mirror My hairs dripping
mascaras run all over my face.
My clothes clinging to me
Wet and see through

You hand me a towel
Would you like to use the bathroom

There’s a shower
I close the door behind me
It’s hot steamy and warm
Bubbles and steam everywhere

There’s a bang on the shower door
My pulse starts racing
You Creeped me out
A face squashes itself against the steamy window
Makes me jump

That’s not funny
Then a hand slips around my waste
Another softly around my neck
Water pouring
You’re warm lips against my neck
Your prickly stubble brushing against my neck
Warm water splashing against my skin

You un clip the shower tap
Holding it
Firmly on my clit making me shudder
The full pressure of the water intensity blasting Over my clit.

You’re lips sliding all over my neck
You push me over to the shower wall
sliding the shower spray
over my body
Over my breasts all over my face & down to my clit where you start eating me erotically like all vampires should.

You’re tongues flipping licking sucking
While the shower spirts all over your face waters pounding over my tingling clit.

You have absolutely no idea what your doing down there
I shudder
You’re fingers tongue & the shower head
Feels so intense I’m about to explode

Then nothing you’re gone and the water stops
The place is thrown into darkness

I stumble out the shower I can’t see a fucking thing
I’m soaking wet
Turned on my pulse racing

I feel a chill
Your behind me your hands on my boobs your sliding yourself behind me you’re lips on my neck.

The click of a lock
The sound of a chain
It took me a second to realise
My wrists are cuffed

You pull me over to your sofa
Spread my legs apart
I sink into a sofa full of pillows and fluffy toys
Ahh that’s where the toys went
You laugh
I lean back
You on your knees
Your Head between my legs
Slapping that warm wet tongue everywhere

My head falling deeper and deeper into the pillows my arms chained behind my back

I’m Moaning with
Intense pleasure

after the 4th orgasm I fall asleep

I wake up an hour later
But I’m not on your sofa
I’m inside the clawee machine
Wearing a massive fluffy dressing gown
Surrounded by fluffy teddy’s
I Hear a funny noise above my head and there’s a clawee Crain lowering down
I jump up
Run to the glass window there’s a bloke throwing £50 notes into the machine
I’m banging on the glass
oi let me out let me out.

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