[Here’s another for Solomon—who I remember so fondly, if somewhat wistfully!]

My phone buzzed.

When I saw that the text was from Solomon, my heart began beating faster; and as I read it, I was even more excited—because he said he wanted to drop by my apartment! I knew exactly what was meant by ‘drop by!’ So, even though I’d been getting ready to go to the grocery store when the text arrived, I was more than happy to postpone it till later!

My reply was short, and to the point: ‘Yes,’ I typed. ‘PLEASE come on by!’ Pressing SEND, the message arrived on his phone in a matter of seconds!

An hour later, I heard the knock on my apartment door, and opening it, there stood Solomon.

“Come on in!” I said, and stepping to one side he walked in.

He was a little nervous acting, and perhaps even feeling uncertain that he should have texted, let alone actually come by, so I was as reassuring as I could be.

He and his girlfriend, and soon-to-be-wife, had had yet another of their infamous screaming and shouting matches, and Solomon had driven off in anger and frustration…only to find his way to my apartment; which, though I was sorry he’d had such an explosive emotional blow out with his girlfriend, I was glad he had sought me out!

He sat on the sofa like he had the last time and vented about his girlfriend, and how she drove him crazy, and yet, at the same time, how he loved her anyway. I let him go on like that for as long as he wanted. He seemed to need an ear to listen, and I was glad to be that for him, of course, but I was also hoping that at the end of the rant, that I’d get to suck that big, beautiful Latino cock of his once again (and to finish by taking another load of his Latin cum)!! And my patience was eventually rewarded, but it had to occur after a long and tangled tale of love and hate!

I didn’t try and rush Solomon. I knew that if I gave him the time to unload his frustrations with his girlfriend, then I’d get to have that fantastic cock of his at the end of it! Patience, they say, is a virtue; and with Solomon, that was certainly true!

Eventually, when Solomon had sufficiently unburdened himself regarding his domestic discontents, he stood up, unzipped his fly, undid his belt, and after yanking down his jeans and boxers, there was that fabulous brown cock of his, already on it’s way towards being erect!

Without a word, I got up off the chair I’d been setting on, and knelt down in front of him, and began enjoying his cock!

“Remember,” he said, like he had the last time, “I ‘aint no fag! Okay? You got that? I just need a fucking blow job is all.”

Looking up into Solomon’s handsome Latin face, I smiled and said: “I know you aren’t a fag! I’d never think that of you! No problem. Don’t worry. Just…enjoy! Relax!”

I never keep track of how long a blow job session lasts. I just enjoy it for as long as it lasts! For me, that’s the secret. Enjoy EVERY MOMENT! Be IN the moment! Savor every second!

I then lavished Solomon’s gorgeous, MANLY cock, with as much energy and enthusiasm as I possibly could, and it was perfectly obvious that he enjoyed that as much as I did; and for me, fag, or no fag (he was so worried about being regarded as gay!), I think Solomon was captivated by it!

This time, instead of just giving him the orgasm I knew he’d come for, I decided to tease him a little (but not too much) before he did come; and he liked that! So, I’d work and work and work that big cock of his with varying amounts of enthusiasm, and the, when it seemed that he was getting quite close to ejaculating, I’d lean back and let his cock slip out of my mouth; and more than once he would twitch and throb, but not come; and once, right near the end, I teased him so much that when I stopped, a small amount of sperm oozed thickly out the end of his cock head; and I caught it on my tongue!

“Aw, FUCK!” He said, grimacing with that unmistakable expression of near-orgasm! “Goddamn! You suck cock GOOD!”

“MMMM, thanks!” I replied, as I resumed sucking his cock once more.

A moment, or so, passed and I heard Solomon say: “Okay, I wanna fucking come now. Finish this! I gotta come!”

The urgency in his voice was inescapable, and that was the very thing I enjoyed hearing the most from any man I was giving head to! It meant, among other things, that I had them right where I wanted them; that I had CONTROL over them; that I had, in a sense, entered inside their souls; and there was no greater exhilaration for me than that! Except for their load of cum, I’d come to ‘own’ them, at least in that precise moment in time!

When Solomon did come, it arrived very explosively, urgently, a completely open, honest, and unvarnished moment of total surrender to me! And I swallowed every single drop of Solomon’s cum; eagerly, hungrily.

As I did, he was gasping and trembling, and saying: “Oh FUCK YESSSS!!! YESS! Suck my cock, FAGGOT! You, you COCKSUCKER!!!” Whether he was saying those things to insult me, or to try and distance himself in some way from me, I didn’t mind! If he had to call me names like that, in order to let me suck him off, then I didn’t care! He could call me whatever he wished; just as long as he kept coming back for more! He’d already been twice, and I was hoping he’d return yet again, and again, and again! I thought that if he stayed with his girlfriend, and apparently future wife, and if they continued in the same emotional turmoil they seemed to be trapped in, then the likelihood of his return seemed a virtual certainty! Or so I hoped, as I let his slowly sagging cock slip out from between my lips.

Oh—FUUUCK!!” Solomon said as I leaned back onto my heels and looked up into his face.

“Good?!” I asked, unnecessarily.

“Yeah!” He said. “Thanks,” he added.

“I should be thanking YOU!” I replied.

At that he gave a small chuckle.

I leaned forwards and gave his sagging cock a quick kiss, and then I looked up into his face again and said: “Your girlfriend is a fool to treat you the way she does. You deserve better than that, Solomon.” I didn’t say that what he needed was me, but that was certainly the sentiment beneath the words; but he didn’t respond.

I fetched him a towel to clean up with, and then he got ready to leave. I wanted to kiss him on the mouth so bad, but I knew that this would be too much for him to accept! His view of himself as a macho was far too important, and to disturb it would risk loosing any chance I had in him returning. I’d settle for the occasional hot load of his cum, instead!

“Thanks again,” he said at the apartment door.

I was touched by him saying that! It meant a lot to me that he even said it. I just smiled and thanked him as well! Then he left. I savored the taste of sperm in my mouth. Solomon had huge loads! They were always so warm and thick, and the latent fertility of it excited me to know that I had it, rather than his bitchy girlfriend! She didn’t deserve it anyway. So, a small victory over her, now and then, pleased me very much.

Would number three visit become number four? Or five? Or six? Or…? Only time would tell!

The End
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