I was just out of the service and at 32 my divorce was finalized and I moved back to my hometown and enjoying my new freedom but even though I was out having a good time a couple nights a week I was having problems getting layed and back into the dating scene so wasn’t getting lucky with the girls to often which only added to my getting extremely horny.

Once Friday night I was downtown at a local bar and about midnight I was thinking of heading home for the night and while walking to my car I passed an adult book store and looked at the mannequin in the store window and thinking I wish I had a woman wearing that for me. So I get to the car and stood there thinking I never been in an adult store before and maybe go in and get a porno DVD to take home and jack off to so I turned around and headed back, walked in the store and started checking out magazines and then the movies.

There were a couple guys checking out the same things but also looking around I also seen a couple guys come into the store and got some change from the clerk and headed back to a doorway with a black curtain on it. I was browsing and keeping an eye on the people in the store and going to and from the back room. I walked up to the clerk and asked him about the back and he said I needed a membership and had to purchase 3 dollars in coins to go back so being curious I paid the 10 bucks and got my change and headed back there.

I go through the curtain into a very dimly lit hallway and stood there a little bit to let my eyes adjust and noticed there was like a maze with little rooms with TV monitors in them with a little bench to sit on these rooms didn’t have doors on them but the way they were designed it was somewhat private unless someone looked around the little wall.

I picked a booth and sat down and put some of the change in and started watching some straight porno and then noticed you could change channels and each channel had something different on each one and as I was going through them I was checking out a shemale getting sucked by a guy which was kind of intriguing then I came across a gay movie and was memorized at how eager this guy was sucking the other guy off and how verbal the guy getting blown was to his cock sucker then the movie went off.

I hurriedly put more change in and lucky it came back on and I continued watching in amazement and while watching it I found myself rubbing my cock and how hard it was and as I pulled my cock out to start jerking it I thought I might like to try that sometime just to see if it was as enjoyable as the cock sucker was making it look.

I ran out of coins and the machine took 1’s and 5’s so I feed a 5 into it and continued watching and stroking myself and was getting close as I was picturing me doing the sucking instead of this gay actor and just as I was almost ready to cum I see this guys head peer around the corner of the wall and look at me and at this point I was so close I wasn’t going to stop.

Just then they guy steps into the booth which startled me and I did stop stroking for fear he was going to try and assault me but as he stepped in I seen where his hand was and he had his cock out and stroking it. With me sitting and him standing my face was pretty level to his crotch and he stepped closer and put his other hand on the back of my head and felt like he had a vise grip and started pulling my head towards his cock and telling me to suck him just like in the movie.

I tried pulling back but the leverage he had it didn’t work and his cock touched my lips and he said come on suck it, you were getting off on watching a guy sucking a cock so here’s the real thing. I still tried to resist but wasn’t doing to good then as he forced his cock to my lips I actually started opening my mouth and taking his cock in my mouth.

The feeling and texture was very different but enticing at the same time. I actually started sucking and slowly taking in more and more of his cock which was about 6 1/2 inches and average thickness but as I got towards his pubes I did start to gag some but about 5 minutes of this I felt my nose in his pelvic and his verbal comments telling my it felt good but at one time he said watch your teeth which after that I concentrated on not using my teeth.

About 10 minutes into it I was really getting into it and his verbal assaults were turning me on even more and found myself stroking my little cock while eagerly sucking this guy off. All in all it was about 15 minutes and then he jammed his cock as far in my mouth as he could and I felt his cock twitching and knew he was going to cum and I actually panicked and tried to pull off his cock but he had a death like grip on my head and started cumming.

I started choking and gagging but with the way he held me I had no choice but to swallow his cum. Once he stopped twitching he slowly pulled out and told me great blowjob faggot and zipped up and left. I looked down and noticed I had cum sometime during this incident I hurriedly pulled my pants up and left the store in a hurry.

The next day I felt guilty about what happened and swore I would never do it again and then about 3 days later I couldn’t stay away and went back to the store.

It was a Tuesday night about 9 pm and there were only a couple guys in the store all together and I would say in their 50’s possibly 60’s and typical beer belly type bodies which didn’t turn me on so I didn’t pay no attention to them but instead went back to the booths and even sat in the same one as Friday. I started watching some gay porno and less than 5 minutes in the booth this one guy walks around the corner and is standing there stroking his cock and not saying anything so I look at his cock which was a little thicker than the first cock but about the same length and it was stupid but I looked up at him and said can I help you and with that he stepped forward and said you can help me with this and gets his cock real close to my face and not sure why being he was not attractive at all but I opened my mouth and took his cock.

It only took about 10 minutes and he tells me he is going to cum which (not sure why) I grabbed the back of his legs and pushed my mouth taking him all the way in and with that he blew his load which I swallowed with out gagging and didn’t spill a drop. As he pulled out and was about to leave I seen a 2nd guy standing there stroking which I figured he watched us and that for some reason got me really horny and as one left I reached for the 2nd guys cock and said feed me as I pulled him towards me.

He was about the same build but his cock was about 2 inches longer and thicker and I eagerly started sucking him off which he only lasted about 5 minutes maybe less before he filled my mouth. It was pretty dead after that and about an hour of nothing I left.

I was at home and jerking to the thoughts of the store and the fact that I actually enjoyed it so decided to go again that Friday. Friday came and about 9 pm I went to the store and there were several guys there and as I went back to the booths I was already hard and having high hopes of getting to suck a couple more cocks I sat in a booth and this time I pulled my pants down to my ankles and was playing with myself and it took about 15 minutes and a couple guys looking into my booth before my first cock of the night came into the booth which I hungrily sucked into my mouth.

My 2nd cock about an hour later happen to be my first black cock and this guy was extremely verbal (mainly about a white guy sucking black cock) but only average in size but it was a real turn on and I happily sucked him off.

About midnight I had sucked 4 cocks and then this very linebacker looking guy comes in and gives the impression of being very dominating which was right. I had pulled my pants up earlier and while sucking him off he pushes my head away and tells me to take my pants down which I did while still sucking him then tells me to stand up and turn around which nervously I did and he started playing with my cock and balls then kneels down and spreads my ass cheeks and I yelped a little when I felt his tongue licking my hole but man I never had that done to me before and it felt amazing.

Then he wet his thumb and inserted it slowly into my hole which made me squeal some and he worked it back and forth which started feeling good and I actually moaned some and pushed back. I then felt something cold against my ass which turned out to be lube and when I turned to look and seen him lubing his cock I said I don’t think so I never done that.

That’s when his domination really came out and said shut the fuck up bitch and just enjoy it. Me being 5’7 and 150 pounds, him being about 6’1 and 240 pounds there wasn’t much I could do as he bent me over and I could feel his cock head pushing against my hole and shortly after I felt his head pop in and he stopped moving and told me to relax bitch the pain will go away and you’ll be thanking me after I fill your slut hole. Slowly he inched himself in until I felt his pelvic against my ass cheeks. I actually had tears in my eyes and telling him it hurts and to pull out.

He told me to relax again and held he still for a bit and then slowly started sliding in and out little by little and about 5 minutes into this violation the pain was starting to go away and then he started speeding up as he was pumping my ass.

After about 10 minutes he shifts me around to where I am facing the opening of the booth and there is a guy standing there stroking as this linebacker is fucking me and with tears still in my eyes and running down my cheeks he steps in and tells me to open my mouth and his pushed his cock in my mouth and now another first I am being spit roasted.

I could see another guy moving around behind him so I know he was watching what was going on and for some reason this turned me on even more and I really started getting into it and they were both being verbal calling me a cum slut and faggot bitch then the guy fucking me groans and fills my ass with his cum and it felt amazing that I could fill his cum shooting into me and I blew my load on the floor and the guys shoes in front of me.

The guy fucking me stayed behind me while the guys using my mouth was literately fucking my mouth then he blew his cum down my throat.

After they were both done they straightened up and left.

After that I left and over the course of the next 2 weeks I went back 3 or 4 times and got to the point I went into a booth and took all my clothes off and waited. During this short 5 or 6 weeks I come to find out I love when guys use my holes and love pleasing men and think gay sex is the best sex and from that day (27yrs ago)I never even have thought about having sex with a woman and have been used at the book store in parking lots, restrooms, parks, gay camp sites and gangbanged in a few homes and I haven’t looked back since.

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