The night before I had flown to this far town from home, to participate in a very boring conference. During the day I had assisted; it was at the same hotel I was staying there.

After a light dinner, I decided to take a walk out of the hotel and then I went to a bar for some drinks. There I met a handsome black guy, who invited me some margaritas as we chatted.

A while later I was walking around town, a little bit tipsy.
I feared that black guy could had slipped something into my drink. All I wanted now was to reach my hotel and go directly to the bed.
I saw a back alley; thinking it could be a short cut down, I took it…
This alley was not really well lit. So it was hard to see if I had taken the right short cut back to the hotel.

As I was getting cold; I walked a little faster down the long alley.
“Hey honey … ” Said suddenly a deep voice in the darkness.
I hurried up and almost started to run; but I felt my legs a bit shaky.

Then, a short distance along the alley, I saw two thugs beating up a third guy. Suddenly I noticed one of them had shoved a huge black cock in the mouth of that poor guy. It was late to run away. I knew behind me there was another black man, who had whispered in that deep voice.
I stepped back a little; but the sight of this poor guy being abused, suddenly turned me on. I felt my thong starting to get damped…

Both attackers were black and the victim was a Latino young man.
All of a sudden, I felt myself horny as hell.
As the first guy was abusing the Latino’s mouth, his mate discovered me standing in the shadows. I saw him smiling with his white pearl teeth glistening in the dim light…

I turned around and tried to run. But soon I fell straight into the arms of the first black guy. I recognized him; it was the same man I had met at the bar.
Then I knew my ass was in big trouble now.

One of them stood behind me and he shoved two fingers into my mouth. He made me gag and I tried to bite those nasty fingers.
He slapped my face and a second guy pushed down to my knees; then he shoved his thick black cock into my open mouth.

“Swallow all the way, babe… I know you like my cock for sure…”
He said, as he started to pump in and out of my throat.
I was getting choked; but I managed to swallow every inch of this dirty black cock. Then the guy pulled out and I gasped for air…

The third guy pulled me up to my feet and made me bend over, putting my hands against the cold bricks of the wall. He got behind me and lifted my tight skirt up my waist.
A couple hands ripped off my tiny thong. Another guy took the ragged pieces and sniffed them. He laughed and told his friends:
“Guys, the white bitch is wet and ready for some black cocks…”

The guy behind me kicked my feet apart and he plowed his very long, but slender cock into my wet cunt. I could not resist; the stuff this guy had put in my drink made every muscle in my body relax.

I gasped loudly as the black guy pumped me deeply. His mates laughed at the sight. The man strongly grasped my hips and he screwed me hard and fast. I screamed loud; I could not help it.
He grunted into my ear as he slammed in hard. Very soon he unloaded his nuts deep into my womb; I tried to wriggle free once he filled my cunt.
But he pulled out and the other guys took me. One of them made me bend over a window open there in the dark alley. He held me there, as I sensed his mate getting behind me.

Then I felt it. I felt an even bigger black cock trying to enter my tight rear hole. I begged him for mercy; but he laughed, as he kept pushing his hard dick into my rosebud. I cried in pain…

As soon as I began to scream, my mouth got filled again too.
Both black bastards took turns to fuck my face, as their friend sodomized me. Once he filled my anus with his burning semen, another huge black cock took his place.

I begged him in tears to fuck my cunt; but the bastard pushed his cock deep into my now stretched asshole. He pumped me in a wild manner as I lay there bent down to my waist; but this time he shoved two fingers in my cunt and caressed my swollen clit. Moments later I came in a very intense orgasm, as he kept fucking my asshole with no mercy at all.

After he came, the last guy also wanted to try my ass; but luckily for me, his cock was no so thick as the others. He filled me very soon and then they walked away, leaving me there in a pool of cum; with my poor asshole really hurt and sore.
I returned to the hotel. I was right: this dark alley was a short cut.
I limped through the lobby and got inside the elevator; but before the doors closed, a couple of black hands kept them open.
The three black thugs came into the cabin, smiling at me.
“Hi, babe; we thought your bed could be a comfortable place…”

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