Granny's Timeshare Part 2
The next morning I wake up a hungry and I can smell food cooking. Barbara is out of the bed, so I figured she got up to make breakfast. I go wash up real quick and head to the kitchen to see Barbara and my granny Alice both in the kitchen my granny wearing a red see thru night gown with white panties and bra, and Barbara is in her black bran and panties, laughing and giggling like school girls making potatoes, eggs, pancakes and bacon. I didn’t bother them, so I decided to slide into Sam’s room to see how he was doing.

Sam is still laying on the bed naked, so I shook him a bit as he quickly jumps up, startled, Looks at me smiling and says, “WHAT A NIGHT!” Sam then gets up and puts on his underwear. I ask Sam was this the reason why you invited my and my granny Alice? So you could fuck her? Sam’s eyes got big. NO! he expressed I wasn’t even thinking about fucking your grandma. I actually wanted to fuck my granny Barbara Sam replied. She actually married my grandpa Fred years after my real granny passed so we’re not related but my wife doesn’t know that she thinks she’s my real grandmother. The last time we were here alone, things got a little heated. Then I said, Well, if you really want the truth Alice used to baby sit my mom when she was young and when my real granny passed my mom started calling Alice mom and well… you get it right. But my Girlfriend doesn’t know all that.

Today, lets take the ladies out on the town, show them a good time and then let’s see what happens tonight. Sam nodded his head and went to wash up. I went back into the kitchen with the ladies to see if breakfast was ready.
By that time Alice and Barbara were both seated, drinking coffee and had started eating already.

After Sam cleaned himself up, we were all sitting eating together and got prepared for the day I called my girlfriend to let her know everything was ok told her I love her and would call back soon. I told Sam to call his wife, but he didn’t Sam said he’d call later.

Later that day we’re all at the Casino and go the Poker Table. Grandma Barbara is quite the poker player, we all sit at same table to play. Barb wins a nice amount of money and so does Alice. Sam and I aren’t that good so we didn’t do as well. Alice then say’s, ” we should play Poker tonight at the room”. Barb says, girl I’m going to take all your money.
Alice say’s naw, we playing for clothes so, get ready. They both laughed and hi fived each other, while Sam and I look at each other and do the same thing.

All in a very good mood, decide to head back to the room to finish this game. Sam and I tell the ladies we’re going to grab some drinks for the room. The ladies say ok. Alice say’s to Barb, let’s stop in the boutique first. This boutique happens to be a loungerie, sex toys, etc.. Barb say’s get some oil girl. Alice say’s ok and they both get a sexy outfit as well.

Back in the room now fully clothed, they all sit the table ready to play strip poker. Sam makes drinks for everyone and I get the cards ready for the game. Granny Alice and Barb are sitting across from each other, and I’m facing Sam.

I deal the first hand, Barb wins. Alice, Sam and I take off our shoes. Next hand, I win. Sam removes socks, Alice takes off her skirt, and Barb removes her shoes. Next hand, Sam wins. Barb removes her skirt, Alice takes off her blouse she is now sitting in her bra and panties, and I take off my pants. Next hand Sam wins again. Alice takes off her bra!
Barb removes her blouse she’s now in her bra and panties and I take off my shirt, sitting in my underwear and socks.

Alice say’s next hand winner takes all and makes up the rules for what’s to follow after the game. Everybody agrees and the cards are dealt. Sam wins.

Sam tells both of the ladies to stand up. Alice standing there in her panties and Barbara in her bra and panties. Ok so now I need each of you ladies to draw a card Sam says. If you get a red card its regular sex. Black card means anal sex. Alice goe’s first. Black card. Barb picks a card, Black card. Ok Sam says’ both are anal. Now Sam tells me I have to choose a card. If I pick a red card I take my granny Alice in the room. If I pick a black card I take his granny Barbara in the room.

My heart is beating fast, just thinking about fucking either one of them is exciting, but the fact that I may get to fuck Alice in the ass is fantastic. I draw my card slowly, turn it over and with my eyes closed and it’s red! Alice grins and say’s lets go to the room. Sam is smiling cause he get’s to take granny Barbara to the room.

Sam is like hold on! Before going to the room, my instructions are not over yet! Sam told me to go sit on the couch. And then told Alice to come sit on my lap. Alice grabbed the lube she bought earlier and came to me. She took off my underwear and she took off her panties. Sam then said, i want you to ride him cowgirl style, Alice gave me the lube and I generously used it on my dick. Alice slowly sat in my dick as I rubbed the head of my cock on her asshole, slowly easing it in, with the lubricant, Alice sat right down on my dick. Alice made a sound I’ve never heard before, I’m sitting back on the couch now, and Alice had placed both feet up on the couch sitting reverse cowgirl with me dick up her ass.

Sam looked at Barb and said, same position for us. Sam sat on the couch, naked now and Barb took off her bra and panties. Alice gave Sam the lube, as I was still stroking her asshole, granny Barbara eased down on Sam’s hard erect cock, sliding it in slowly as she pumped more aggressively. Barb puts her 2 feet up on the couch and we are both on the couch fucking these grannies reverse cowgirl in the ass. I look at Sam and we give each other a high five, while the ladies take cock up their assholes, After about ten minute off ass fucking Sam say’s “Switch”… Both ladies slowly takes our dicks out of there assholes, stand up and switch places, I’m now fucking Barbara in the Ass and Sam is fucking Alice’s asshole..

Sam burst’s a nut up my Granny Alice’s asshole and slows down to a complete stop, i’m still fucking his granny Barbara’s ass. I stop, and tell Barbara let’s go to the room. I take Sam’s granny Barbara to the room, I’d was thinking about how he was fucking Alice in the back seat of the car, and now it’s my turn to really have some fun with his grandmother.

I took granny Barbara in the room and bent her over the bed rail and shoved my dick back into her asshole. I grabbed her by the back of the hair and went to town on her asshole. She moaned and groaned grabbing the bed rail, taking my dick up her asshole. We fucked that way for 5 minutes, then I laid on the bed and had her get on top of me, I put my dick back inside her asshole as we fucked slowly for another 10 minutes. Alice walks in the room. Sam fell asleep.
Alice lays on the bed next to us. I motion Barb to get up, then Alice climbs on top of me. I put my dick up in Alice’s asshole and grab both her ass cheeks.

I turn Alice over and get on top of her, putting my dick in her pussy for the first time. I put her legs over my shoulders and put my dick deep inside her. Sam stumbled in the room and took Barb back to his room, while I lay there in granny Alice pussy, just rocking side to side, in and out of that good as pussy. It was so wet and juicy. I laid on my back again and had her reverse cow girl anal again until I came in her asshole.

Sam and Barbara were in the bed fucking slowly missionary style, Alice got up and went into the room with Sam and Barb. Alice got in the bed with them, Sam got off of Barbara, slid to the edge of the bed and had Alice get on her knees to suck his dick. He then stood Alice up and had her turn around to sit on his cock again, Sam put his dick back into Alice’s asshole holding both her arms back pulling her as hard as he could on his cock.. Alice started shouting.. Oh shit.. Oh shit.. Fuck my ass… Then I got up. My dick got instantly hard when I saw that. I sat next to him and pulled Alice away, and I put my dick up her ass and did the same thing. Barb went over to Sam and started fucking granny Barbs ass again, until he came again, and came shortly after.

We all fell asleep in that bad that night.

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