I am married to Porsche, who is a beautiful 5′ 8″ tall and seductive blonde with average size breast and a very nice firm ass. I have always had a fetish for Female Domination since I was in college, and a stripper in thigh-high boots spanked me on stage through my jeans at a birthday party.

My wife knows that I liked Female Domination role play, but she preferred just vanilla sex. My wife and I have great vanilla sex but in the last five years of our marriage we needed something new in our lives. We began to play S&M games on a random basis due to my constant prodding.

We were married on Valentine’s Day, and it was our twentieth wedding anniversary coming up. I had planned a nice night of dinner and a movie for our twentieth wedding anniversary/Valentine’s day and ending with a passionate evening in the bedroom with candles, romantic music, and using our wonderful “Tantra” love chair for some great foreplay and sex.

I phoned my wife that I was on the way home from work for what I thought was a nice romantic evening. However, the journey I was about to embark on was totally unexpected. Just to let you know, I had been on the road a lot for the military, so we haven’t had time to have sex in about six weeks, so my balls were heavy with cum.

I parked the car in the garage, and as I walked up to the door leading into the house from the garage, there was a note on the door. It said, enter the house, go to the guest bathroom, give yourself an enema, take a full shower, shave your ass/crotch, insert the butt plug, and put on the chrome cock ring. When finished, come to the top of the stairs, assume the slave position in front of our bedroom door (kneel with buttocks on your feet) and put on the blindfold on the doorknob.

I followed the orders from Mistress (As she liked to be called during these scenes) and waited intently with the blindfold on outside our bedroom door for the scent of her presence. My 7 inch cock dangling in front of me slowly started to rise at the forthcoming anticipation of domination events.

Mistress opened the door to our bedroom and her scent overcame me. She said, “Well, it looks like my slave is ready for his punishment this evening.

” Slave, crawl on your hands and knees into the bedroom until I give you a sign to stop moving.”

I crawled forward on my hands and knees and was suddenly stopped by a swat on the ass by something I recognized very well. That sharp stinging could only be from a rattan cane. It stung like nothing else against your ass. Mistress commanded that I assume the slave position again, and I did without hesitation. I could feel the familiar feeling of my leather collar being put around my neck to show my submission to her.

After positioning my collar, Mistress said, “Stand up,” and she finished getting me ready for my punishment.

Once I stood, Mistress said, “Put your arms behind you and be ready to receive your arm binder!”

I did as she asked and was now confined by the leather arm binder. After it was locked in place, Mistress hooked a leash to my collar and slowly led me to where our sex swing would normally hang in our bedroom. I felt her attach a rope to the arm binder and raise my arms up away from my back and expose my ass.

Mistress said, “Slave are you ready for what awaits you this evening,” and then she remarked, “It seems you have been holding out on me with that sac full of white juicy cum.”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied as I nodded in confirmation that I needed punished and was ready to serve her. My cock couldn’t hide the excitement that was making my heart race in anticipation.

Mistress then got angry as she said, “Did I tell you to get excited, Slave?”

“No Mistress,” was my reply.

She then said the one thing that all slaves were leery of, “Count them out!”

The first swat of the rattan cane broke through the air and felt like a horse whip had just hit my ass. It stung unbelievably, I said, ”One, Mistress.”

She swatted me until I counted out 20 good swats with the rattan cane. My ass was on fire. What happened next shocked my body even more. Mistress placed an ice pack on my ass that quickly cooled my ass but the quick temperature change was incredible to the endorphins my body was going through.

Mistress then unhooked my arm binder from the rope and led me by my collar over to another area of the bedroom. As I slowly scurried across the carpet by her lead, I could smell my mistress’s perfume but had no idea at this point what she was wearing, which made me get even more excited thinking about that picture of her in my head.

“Kneel slowly slave,” I obeyed and knelt on to my knees to a padded area that felt totally foreign to me.

“I know you do not know what you are kneeling on, but it is a new piece of dungeon furniture that you will learn to appreciate as I dominate you on a more frequent basis, she said.”

I could smell the mistress around me but had no idea what she was doing. Her presence got very close, and then I felt her hands behind my head, and she said, “Lick my pussy.”

I immediately leaned forward and began to lick her slick velvet pussy. Mistress had her pubic her all removed by laser for a Brazilian look, and it was great to lick. I moved my tongue over the tip of her clit and luscious pussy lips, and she started to moan and grind her pussy more and more into my face. Her pussy became very wet, and as she started to cum; she grabbed my head and held it in place as she came hard into my mouth. Still being blindfolded, I felt my mouth being forced open, and I accepted what was put into it.

Mistress said, “Slave, I want you to fuck me with this head dildo harness.” I nodded agreeably, and she led the dildo to her pussy.

“Slave, start moving your head back and forth until I come!” she said.

I started moving my head back and forth and could sense her moving to meet my movements. I don’t know the size of the dildo, but from the weight of it hanging off my face it had to be a good size.

After what seemed like 5 minutes she was moaning and started screaming, “Fuck me, fuck me with that cock.”

I moved my head faster back and forth, and she came with a screaming orgasm.

After she came and relaxed Mistress asked me to move my head back, and she removed the dildo harness from my mouth. I could again hear Mistress moving around in the bedroom, but still didn’t know what to expect next. At the point in time, I don’t know how much time had passed but being in a blindfold all this time all I could do was use my senses of hearing, smell, taste, and the feeling of the butt plug in my ass.

Mistress said, “Slave stand up, take ten steps back and assume your slave position.”

I did as told and assumed my position. What happened next was every submissive male slaves dream. Mistress removed my blindfold and what I saw took my breath away. From her head down, Mistress was wearing a black leather officer hat, dark black mascara on her eye lids, bright-red lipstick, and a rhinestone collar that spelled out “Mistress” in the middle. Next were her round perky tits that had brand new “Pierced Nipples” with gold nipple rings with diamond studs,black leather open corset, a black leather strapon harness with a 12 inch black dildo hanging between her legs, and to sum it up a pair of Crotch high leather boots with spiked heel.

Mistress said, “You like Slave.” I said, “Very Much Mistress.”

She said, “Crawl over here and suck my big black cock.”

I crawled over and started licking up and down her cock. She said, “Slave, deep throat my cock.” I tried to take as much as I could but gagged on it.

She said, “Lick it good because it is going up your ass.”

I licked that cock like it was a Popsicle trying to make it as wet as possible. Mistress then grabbed my leash and led me over to what I kneeled on earlier, but didn’t know what it was at the time, a brand new spanking bench in red leather. Mistress led me over to the spanking bench, forced me flat across the bench and cuffed my hands to the bench with leather cuffs.

Mistress then said, “Slave are you ready for your fucking?”

I said, “Yes, Mistress.”

Mistress then slowly pulled the butt plug from my ass. What I felt next was cold lube being forced into my ass. Next came the pressure at my ass hole of the tip of the big black cock pushing at my door. I relaxed as much as I could as I felt it slowly slide into me. I could hear Mistress applying more lube to her cock which I much appreciated.

Mistress spoke out to me, “Slave, is this what you have been wanting all these weeks away from me?”

I cried out, “Yes Mistress, Please fuck my ass.”

Mistress then began to slide that monstrous strap on cock up my ass, I was felt so full from the second it entered me. She began to fuck me with passion and resolve that I didn’t know that she had in her. She fucked me to the balls of that big black cock.

I cried out, “Fuck Me Mistress, Fuck me with your cock.”

The feeling of the cock inside me felt more acceptable the longer she was fucking me. She fucked me like a dog in heat, as the dildo rubbed her clit more and more as she fucked me, she began to cry out in ecstasy. After she came hard and her pussy was dripping wet, she stopped fucking me. She removed the large monstrous cock from my ass, and I moaned as it left my hole.

Mistress asked, “Do you want to cum, Slave?” “Yes Mistress,” I said.

Mistress removed the strapon harness from her waist, unhooked me from the spanking bench and led me to our bed.

Mistress then said, “Slave, fuck your Mistress’s pussy.”

I got between Mistress’s legs and slowly put hard cum dripping cock inside my Mistress’s pussy. Her wet velvet pussy felt great on my cock. I slowly fucked my mistress and enjoyed the feeling of her love box that I had been missing for weeks. As I sped up my movements, her hips and legs took me in deeper until I bottomed out my cock and came with a large six-week load of cum in her pussy.

As I slowly excited my Mistress’s pussy, she said, “Lay down on your back.”

I lay down on my back; she then proceeded to position her pussy right on my face and said, “Lick my pussy and eat your Valentine present.”

I had never tasted my own cum except once after a girl in high school gave me a blow job, and that was a long time ago. I eagerly stuck my tongue into Mistress’s pussy and began to lick and taste my large load that I had just deposited in her pussy. I licked and ate all of my cum with great enthusiasm and licked Mistress until she had another orgasm on my face. She got off of my face and lay down beside me; it was then that I could truly take in the beauty of my mistress/wife and her brand-new persona. I loved her perky pierced nipples, which was something I always wanted her to get, but she was always reluctant to do in the past due to her conservative ways.

Porsche looked deeply into my eyes and said, “Happy Anniversary and Valentine’s Day sweetheart” I hoped you enjoyed your treat tonight. She said, “The punishment will continue if I have to wait six more weeks to have sex.”

I said, “I will try to keep that in mind so it doesn’t happen again” and I just smiled.

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