As a career man it goes without saying that I travel a lot. My wife, Tracy, is a tall, fit woman with long blonde hair who stays at home and reaps the benefits of my career. With that said, I supposed it only makes sense with how often I leave town on business, that Tracy might get bored.

I’ve started to notice that Tracy has been distant as of late. She hasn’t been very talkative, no longer seamed interested in my trips or what I was doing or even when I was coming home in some cases. Also on a more personal note, when I was home and in need of her more intimately, she was no longer entertaining my fetish for silk and satin clothing and lingerie. Normally she’d dress up in layers of lovely lingerie and clothing and tease me until I’d lose control and fuck her uncontrollably. But lately, it felt like she was simply losing interest in sex altogether.

Recently I was on another trip when I found out the conference I was attending was cut short and therefore I found myself able to return home several days before expected. With feeling like I needed to reconnect with Tracy, I decided to surprise her by coming home early without her knowledge.

I end up coming home three days early. In the early evening I am dropped off by a taxi at the end of my home’s driveway. Right away I noticed that there was an unrecognized car sitting parked in my driveway. As I approach my home, I could see some soft light in the kitchen and living area, as well as the master bedroom. It only took moments before I got a bit suspicious and decided to peek into the house before entering.

I crouched down and slowly walked towards our bedroom window as quietly as I could. As I come to the window, I did my best to keep my head down and not be noticed. Luckily it was getting dark enough that it would be pretty hard for me to be spotted with how many trees are outside our home. As I stepped a bit closer, I hear voices but can’t yet make them out. So I continue to creep in a bit more as to hear what’s being said. At this point my heart was starting to beat heavily as I listened carefully.

The window is almost in view for me to peak in, I once again hear voices speaking from the bedroom, one was clearly Tracy and the other was a man’s voice that did not recognize…

“My husband loves these!”

“Oh I bet he does! You look fucking sexy as hell!”

“Oh I’m just getting started!”
“I’ll be out in a moment and you can enjoy the rest.”

I heard a door shut as I slowly got myself in a safe position to peek into the window. My heart skipped a beat as I saw a well built man laying on our bed looking towards the bathroom door which was shut. He’s only wearing boxer briefs and a anxious grin on his face. At that moment I had a pretty clear idea what was happening, and I felt sick to my stomach. I felt paralyzed, wanting to burst in and take action, but at the same time I was frozen in place, only feeling able to continue watching.

I stared at the man in my bed as he awaited my wife to come out from the bathroom. The anger and jealousy was beginning to boil as I thought about what I believed to be going on. My thoughts stir on why hadn’t she let me know things were this bad? How could she go this far and find another lover? …and how the hell could she just bring him into our home? Into our bed? As my mind spins, it is quickly brought to a stand-still as Tracy exits the bathroom.

I can see her clearly as she enters the room and approaches the foot of our bed. She’s wearing a short sleeved, bright pink, satin, button-down blouse paired with a knee-length, tight fitting, black, satin, pencil skirt. Her hair was up in a pony tail, and she was wearing black, silk stalkings with some pink high heels. Tracy was clearly looking to fuck! It had been a long time since I’d seen her dress this way, and I knew she only dressed like this when she was aiming for me to fuck her like an a****l. But for her to dress up for someone else? This was more than I could take!

As Tracy stood there looking crazy hot and ready to please at the foot of the bed. She curled her finger at this man to call him to her. He stood up and walked across our bed until he was right in front of her. I could see his bulge was getting quite large as his briefs began to stretch, no doubt getting excited by Tracy’s sexy appearance. He remained standing on the edge of the bed as he looked down at her with a wide, egotistical smile on his face. Tracy didn’t waste any time, she put her hands on his ass and firmly grabbed his ass-cheeks before pressing her open mouth to the bulge in his underwear. She nibbled and mouthed his member through his briefs for several moments before grabbing hold of the waistband of his briefs with both hands and yanking them down to his ankles, letting his cock and balls fall freely into view.

Tracy looked up at him and smirked before she slowly put her face to his 7-8 inch cock and slowly licked the tip. Little did I know, this was only the beginning!

“Yeah, that’s it, take my cock in your mouth, you know you want it!”

“Mmm, yes, let me lick it till it’s nice a hard for me.”

I watched in silence from outside the window as she began giving this stranger oral pleasures beyond most men’s wildest dreams. She took her time, clearly she was enjoying pleasing this man. Not only did she lick him slowly, but once she did take him into her mouth, she went down as far as she could, then on the way back stopped to give extra attention to the tip before she pulled it from her mouth and began licking his ball and shaft even more. Each lap that she did this, she sped up a bit more until finally she was sucking him to the point where I could hear the slurping through the window. The man grabbed her by the ponytail and began to fuck my wife’s beautiful face…

“Oh yeah, you like it when I fuck you in the mouth don’t you?”
“Yeah that’s right, suck this fat dick, you fucking love sucking it don’t you?”

*slurp, slurp, pop*
“Oh I love sucking your big, hard dick!”
“Mm, yeah let me lick it and suck it for you!!”
*spit, slurp*

Tracy continued to pleasure him, licking him, sucking him, and stroking him until his dick was very large and clearly rock hard. Even at full girth, she managed to continue taking him all the way to the back of her throat, gagging on his manhood for the sake of giving him extreme pleasure. This man just continued to grab her by the hair and face fuck her, then release and watch as she’d just go wild on him, licking him from all directions before placing his member right back in her mouth for more.

Finally my wife parted her mouth from his large cock, leaving a large strand of spit that dangled between them for a moment. The man then stepped down from the bed and quickly positioned himself behind Tracy and aggressively pushed her onto the bed. She fell forward onto the mattress, landing with her hands. She turned back to shine him a devilish grin before positioning herself onto her knees with her shiny ass up in the air. The son-of-a-bitch smacked her ass through the shiny, black skirt before grabbing it by the hem and slowly dragging it up until her panty-covered ass was on full display. With her skirt now around her waist, he began to grab and smack her ass which was encased in a pair of fullback, pink, satin, bikini, panties. She was also wearing a black, satin garter belt that held up her sexy, lacy, thigh-high stockings.

I felt my cock hardening as it pressed more firmly against my jeans. As I continued to watch, the anger took a back-seat and lust began to take control, watching the love of my life be so unfaithful, and so filthy and slutty all at the same time. It’s a hard thing to describe, but I was extremely turned on. And things were only getting wilder by the moment.

With Tracy now on her hands and knees waiting to be pleasured, the man does something a bit out of the ordinary. This guy starts playing and fucking her panties the way only someone with a fetish would! First he takes his cock in his hand and slowly begins rubbing it back and forth across her satin covered pussy. She moans lustfully while she flashes a smile back at him as he begins to enjoy the soft, silky panties against his cock. After he rubbed the bottom of his shaft across her panties for a bit, he got more bold and slid his cock under the thin material and continued rubbing his cock all over her ass. He fucked her panties in this way for a few moments before taking his index finger and yanking her panties to the side while spitting in his free hand to then slap it against her pussy.

“Yeah, let’s get that pussy nice and wet!”
“You ready for it? You want this big dick inside you?”

“Oh fuck yes, put it in!”
“Slide your thick cock inside me!!”

And with that he wasted not another moment and pressed the wide head of his cock to Tracy’s moist entrance. She let out a huge moan as he slid his cock deeper into her pussy. He then began thrusting himself into her repeatedly…

“Oh yes!”
“Fuck my little wet cunt!”
“Make me your little, dirty, satin slut!”

“Yeah, you like that don’t ya?”
“You love having this hard cock slamming into your pussy don’t ya?”

This asshole just continued pounding my wife right before my eyes. The harder he fucked her, the more she let out lust-filled screams, clearly enjoying having her pussy filled by this stranger. He let her have it for a good while before slowing to a halt and gently pulling his cock from her dripping cunt. His cock glistened with her love juices which she quickly turned around to lick from this large member. He stood there at the end of the bed while she faced him on her hands and knees as she orally pleasured him again.

“That’s right, lick all your pussy juice off my dick!”

“Mmm, oh yeah, I’ma make your dick feel so good.”

“Oh yeah, you’re making it feel good alright, don’t stop!”

Tracy licked him from balls to tip, then took him fully in her mouth and sucked his dick profusely. As I watched her once again gag, drool, lick and suck on his cock like something out of a porno flick, I thought for sure she was going to make him cum, but no such luck. He let out a small chuckle as he pulled his cock from her drooling mouth…

“Slow down there woman, I’m not done fucking you yet!”

“Oh is that so?”
“How would you like to fuck me now?”

Just as the words left her lips, He grabs her by her stocking covered legs and yanks them from under her, dropping her down on her back. He then spreads her legs wide and places her legs over his shoulders as he quickly yanks her silky panties over once again and re-inserts himself back into her wet cunt. He must have really been turned on as he wasted no time getting right back to a full speed pussy pounding! Tracy just laid on her back, calling out in pleasure as he mercilessly fucked her wet hole, pushing harder and deeper with each thrust.

“Oh my god!”
“Holy fucking shit!!!”
“Fuck me you bastard, fuck me harder!”

“Hell yeah, you like that don’t you slut?”
“You just can’t help yourself, you just need this dick inside you!”

“Yes, I’m a dirty girl that needs to be fucked!”
“How about I open my blouse huh?”
“I want to tease your cock while you fuck me!”

“Fuck yeah, open that blouse!”
“Show me what you got under that silky top for me!”

He continues fucking her wildly while Tracy slowly undoes the buttons to her tight fitting pink blouse. She pulls the remaining fabric from under her skirt, unbuttons the last button and then yanks her shirt wide open to reveal her hot pink, satin, nightie with black lace trim at the bust and hem. I immediately recognized it as it was one of my favorite pieces in her satin collection. This really got the asshole going, as he only started to fuck her even harder than he was already.

“Holy shit!”
“My god, you really are a little satin slut aren’t you?”

“Oh yes I am!”
“I love teasing you with my satin!”
“And I love cock!”
“My husband never fucks me like this, you’re fucking wonderful!”
“Don’t stop!”
“Keep fucking me hard!”

He grabs at Tracy’s silky titts through her lovely, silky nightie and just goes full a****l mode on her! I had never seen a man fuck a woman so hard before! As he thrust into her more and more, he grabbed at her, ravishing her silky body as she continued to yell out lustful moans and vulgarities. Her high heeled feet bounced over his shoulders as he rammed her over and over again with his flesh spear. She grabbed both her titts firmly as he continued using her pussy until finally she called out…

“Holy fuck, don’t stop I’m cumming!!”

“Fuck yes!”
“You fucking…”

He then quickly pulled his throbbing member from her wet cunt as Tracy swiftly got turned around to suck his cock. He moaned out in pleasure as she sucked and stroked his cock with great urgency. She sucked harder and faster until finally…

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

“That’s right big boy, cum all over me!”
“Cum all over my satin!!”

She quickly pushed the spaghetti straps of her nightie off her shoulders, allowing it to drop to her waist and expose her pink, saint bra. As she did this, the stranger shot stream after stream of his hot seed all over her silky titts and face. It was clear that Tracy loved every moment of it as she let out a gleeful squeal as the cum hit her face and body. After he’d jerked off all over her, she gently licked the remaining cum from the tip of his cock before taking him fully in her mouth to slowly suck every last drop of cum from his member as it began to go flaccid.

“That’s what I needed!”
“Thank you for such a great fuck.”

“Pleasure’s all mine dollface!”
“Holy shit…that was something else.”

And with that, they were finished…
As I stood there watching her snuggle up to this asshole still wearing all the satin clothing that I adored on her so much now drenched in this man’s cum, I couldn’t believe what I witnessed. I had no idea Tracy had this in her. No idea she was so unhappy in our marriage. No idea she could be such a dirty, little whore. As they both lied on the bed spent, and I made a split decision to leave before she noticed I had come home, let alone that I had watched what she’d done. I needed to go clear my head and figure out how to confront what I had just seen.

People can be so cruel, even the ones closest to you, don’t ever forget that!

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