I married a girl from the better part of town, against her daddies wishes. I met her when I was driving for AAA. I got called out to put her spare tire on when she had a flat. It wasn’t me who was talking her ear off but her. She had just turned 18, and her daddy had give her a brand new BMW for her birthday.

When I showed up to repair her car, I found she had hit the curb really hard, and had broke the wheel and torn the side wall out of the tire. The whole time I was there she never stopped talking on how her dad would ground her for what she done, and how he would throw it in her face every chance he got.

Well she was and is one hell of a good looker, so I felt sorry for her, so I told her I knew of a place that could fix the wheel, and if I got a new tire he would never find out what happened. She put her arms around my neck giving me one hell of a hot kiss on the lips saying that I was a life saver, and her knight in shining armor.

We exchanged cell numbers with me taking her damaged wheel and tire with me. Two days later I called her saying it was repaired and ready to go back on her car, so she met me near my apartment for me to put the wheel and tire back on her car with her saying how much she appreciated everything I was doing for her, and then out of the blue she asked me out on a date. Hell she is one hell of looker so of course I went out with her.

I couldn’t afford much but, she didn’t seem to mind pizza and a movie. After the movie she said she wanted to see my place which isn’t in the best of buildings. I could see she didn’t like the dirty carpets in the hallways or the marked up walls, but she didn’t say a word. When she walked in my apartment she was surprize by how clean it was and other then the used furniture the place didn’t look that bad if I do say myself.

Once I closed the door she was all over me and I bet me were in my bed fucking up a storm within two minutes. She was one horny bitch, and nothing seemed to be off limits. We started seeing each other on a regular basis and after 8 months it was her who started talking about getting married. I wasn’t against the idea, but her father said to me that, her getting married to me would only happen over his dead body. Well she worked her charm on him, and finally he said she could married me only if I signed a prenuptial agreement before the I do’s were spoken.

Hell I didn’t care about his money, cause I had found a decent paying job, and we were able to rent what I would call a nice house. Life was good for about four years then she started whining that we didn’t have enough money for this or for that, saying that she didn’t know it would be so hard to live without money. Hell I was making 79,000 a year plus bonuses, and hell she could’ve gone out and got a job, but she said she had enough to do keeping the place clean and doing the cooking [ which she isn’t any good at. She burns more then she cooks ]

Anyway our sex life started slowing down, and with her putting me down in front of my friends I was starting to get pissed off with her.

Things I though had just got better when we won a bunch of money and was able to buy our first house, and a whole lot of other things as well, but it wasn’t long before her bad mouthing me started again. So after one bad night out with our friends. When I got home and pulled out our prenup agreement which her dad’s lawyers had made up before our wedding. See by now I wanted out, but I didn’t want to have to give her half of everything we had made since our wedding day. As I read there was a thing saying that if either one of us could prove that the other had cheated, then the one who cheated left the marriage with nothing other then what they had bought into the marriage.

Well she wasn’t going to cheat I was sure of that, so I had to find a way to make it look like she had been fucking around. I thought about it long and hard when a plan popped into my head. Now I just had to find a way to put it in place.

Like I said before that our sex life had slowed down big time so to spice things up I suggested we try other things like maybe tying her to the bed. She wasn’t to happy about at first but when she give in I got her so fucking hot I was worried the people on the street might call the cops. She was yelling for me to fuck her, and I kept taking her right to the edge of her orgasm only to back off, and then do it all over again. When I finally did fuck her she went totally crazy.

From that night every time she wanted to be tied up. After a few weeks I pulled out a blindfold putting it on her which made her go even more nuts. If it wasn’t her put downs I would’ve not done what I did. See I picked up a couple rubber dicks, which are much longer and fatter then what I I’m, and fucked her with them making her orgasm so hard that she started squirting when she would cum.

I considered not going through with my plan until she put me down in of my boss and my workmates. It was at a party thrown by my boss, and I had enough.

I started looking at swinger ads, and once I found what I wanted I called a guy named Sam. I told him that my wife wanted to try a BBC, but didn’t want to see or hear anything from the man giving her what she wanted. I went on to tell him that he could bareback her, and if he could cum more then once inside of her, so much the better. He wanted to see pictures of my wife, so I sent a couple bikini shots to him, and he said it sounded a little kinky which was fine with him.

One thing I haven’t told you about is my wife can’t handle taking birth control pills so we have been using condoms, and so far we haven’t had any close calls. I started watching when her monthly would come on, and from there I knew when she would at her most fertile point in her cycle. Her most fertile day would be a Friday night so I set it up with Sam, and just to get her even more horny, I didn’t have sex with the wife after the Sunday before.

When the night come I had left the backdoor unlocked so Sam could slip in about ten a clock. By then I had the wife tied blindfolded, and climbing the walls to be fucked. I told her I had a new toy for her, and that I was sure she would really enjoy it. I went down stairs finding Sam had helped himself to one of my beers. I told him not to say anything to my wife, and that she was ready for him. I took him to the bedroom, and once he saw the wife he smiled as he began undressing. In his ad he said he was nine inches hard and very thick. Well it looked more like a fucking log then a cock, so I handed him some lube cause even with her wigging all over the bed wanting to be fucked I was sure Sam would have to work on making his cock fit.

Sam got on the bed with the lube dripping off his cock, and my wife yelling at me to fuck her with anything, she didn’t care what it was as long as I fucked her. Sam started pushing against her dripping pussy, and she started screaming at me that I was ripping her apart. I nodded at Sam to keep going, and when he was a little over half way in he stopped, letting her open up to his size. Once she seemed to of stretched open he started to fuck her slowly, going a little deeper each time. My wife started to yell at me to fuck her with that monster toy cock, and was pushing her hips up to meet what she though was me, but it was Sam, as he fucked her a little harder.

The scream that come out of my wife when she came, was ear splitting. Her whole body was jerking like she having a seizure. When she started to come down, and as she was gasping for air she went into her next extreme orgasm. This time she seemed to black out for a couple seconds, and once able to talk again she yell for me to never stop fucking her like this.

Sam pushed inside of her as deep as he could pumping his cum against her fertile cervix, and I was sure into her womb. He only stayed still for maybe 30 seconds, before he started slowly fucking her again. To what I could see, he never really went soft inside her pussy, and after maybe 2 or 3 minutes was hammering his cock in my wife again, making her scream in the pleasure she was receiving from him.

Sam pumped his cum inside her fertile pussy 3 times that night before he was done. When he pulled out, his and her cum flooded out of her wide open pussy like a water fall. I told my wife I would be right back, but I don’t think she heard me, cause she had fallen asleep still tied and blindfolded. Once Sam had cleaned up a bit in the main bathroom and got dressed, he said anytime I wanted her to have a repeat performance, just give him a call cause he was more then willing to fuck that piece of white ass anytime she wanted it. I told him I would let him know.

I got lucky cause she missed her next period, and when her mom asked if she was pregnant she said she didn’t think so. She was sick two mornings in a row, and when her next period didn’t come she went to the doctor who told her she was pregnant. At first she was upset, saying that I had done it on purpose. I told her that I hadn’t done anything that would’ve gotten her pregnant, then I asked if she had been seeing someone behind my back. Well I wont go into the 4 hour fight we had over that one.

She was raised to believe that abortion is murder, so I knew she would have the baby. When the day came for the birth, I was there with her parents, and my parents along with 9 of our closes friends. When the baby was born and was shown the everyone you could’ve heard a pin drop, cause there was the nicest baby boy you would ever see, and almost as black as his dad is.

Well I’m seeing a lady I work with now, and I’m not to sure just how my ex is getting along with her black baby boy, and her parents cause I’m as free as a bird with everything we got from the day we were married, and all she got was FUCKED.

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