It was one month into my final year of high school when I encountered an event that would shape my future feelings. One day after school I returned to my auntie’s house as usual: a nice semi-detached house in a quiet cul-de-sac. My auntie was a fairly plump but curvaceous lady who always wore her silver-streaked dark hair in a bun. She was always very presentable and took pride in her appearance, her make-up being neat yet demure with a preference for blood red lipstick. For work she usually wore a pencil skirt with tights and court shoes along with a white blouse. I wouldn’t admit to it at the time but I always found her attractive despite knowing it wasn’t exactly alright to do so, a fact that used to make me fell a little inside myself.

Anyway my auntie was already back from work when I arrived and asked me to nip to the local shop for a couple of things, so before I changed from my uniform I took the £5 from her and set off. To get to the shop I had to pass through a small park/wooded area that was fairly secluded and quiet, not many people used it as it only linked to our small cul-de-sac. As I headed through and rounded a bend I saw three girls from my school year hanging around by a small bench. I knew them, they were a bit like me; I was a general outsider/loner and they didn’t associate with anyone else either. They were generally a bit overweight and wore their uniforms a bit loosely like most did, hitching the skirts up to the top of their thighs and all three sc****d their hair back into tight ponytails. As I passed them the ‘leader’ if you will, Michelle, stepped across and tried to swipe my leg for no reason, making me stumble forward.

“What was that for, you fat slag” I snapped at her.
“Don’t call me a fat slag you little prick” she snapped back.
At this point she came and squared up to me.
“Go on say it again” she demanded.
“You fat sl-” was all I could get out before she slapped me hard on my left cheek with her right hand.
After a brief pause of shock, I grabbed her shoulders and tried to push her back (as a boy I couldn’t hit a girl), but she instantly resisted and I was struggling to impose myself on her. Her two friends, Stacey and Claire, were egging her on and telling her to beat me up in no uncertain terms. After a few seconds of Michelle and I grappling with each other, Stacey and Claire came to her aid. Stacey grabbed my left arm and thrust her knee into my left thigh to try to dead leg me, which made me drop down on one knee. Claire had a one hand pulling my right arm away and the other with a firm grip of my hair. I ended up down on both knees and let go of Michelle to try to get the other two girls off me, and that was my big mistake. As I brought my hands up to try to release myself from the grip and attention of Claire and Stacey I glanced forward just in time to see Michelle step forward with her left leg and then bring her right foot firmly into my bollocks. I instantly stopped struggling with the girls and clasped my manhood as I doubled forward in a kind of foetal position. I received an earful of abuse with a couple of kicks to my backside and thighs, before they started laughing and giggling. After around 30 seconds or so, maybe longer, I tried to crawl forward so I could stand up out away from them, but just as I made it onto all fours I felt a foot placed on my left buttock before pushing me back down to the floor. More laughter and giggling followed, and this time they din’t stop me from getting up. As I hurried back to my auntie’s house they were calling after me and teasing me about being beaten up by girls. As much as I wanted to do something about it, my confidence had been ripped away by their humiliation of me and i felt a burning shame as I left the park.

As I returned to my auntie’s house empty handed and looking like I had been roughed up, she wanted to know what had happened. I couldn’t tell her that I had been beaten up by girls so I made up a story about a group of boys in the park. However, my auntie wasn’t prepared to leave it at that and wanted to confront these ‘boys’ about what they had supposedly done to me. She marched me back to the park despite my protests, and as we entered I was praying that the three girls had moved on. As we rounded the same bend to the bench my heart sank as I saw them there still hanging around.

“They’re not here auntie” I said in the hope we could turn back.
“Hang on, I’ll ask these girls if they have seen them” she replied sternly.
My heart started racing at the thought of the truth coming out.
Auntie approached the bench. “Have you seen the bullies who beat my nephew?” she asked.
“He started it, he called me a fat slag” said Michelle.
Auntie paused for a moment, looking a little stunned. “Oh, it was you?” she eventually said, surprised.
“Yeah but he started it, he called me a fat slag and tried to hit all three of us when we stood up to him”.
I couldn’t believe it, the lying bitch! She started it!
“Is this true, are these the ones who beat you up?” Auntie asked me, still a little stunned.
I hesitated to answer as the burning humiliation returned.
“Yes but-” I wasn’t allowed to finish.
A momentary flash of amusement passed my auntie’s face with a flicker of a smile.
“And did you called her a fat slag?” she asked.
“Yes but only aft-” again I wasn’t allowed to finish.
“I that case I think you had better apologise, don’t you agree?”
“What, no that’s n-” I pleaded to no avail.
“APOLOGISE!” Auntie demanded.
My voice trembled and almost disappeared as the embarrassment washed over me. The three girls were struggling to contain their giggles at what was happening.
“S-sorry” I said meekly.
“Louder, don’t mumble!” said auntie harshly.
“Sorry” I said, with a distinct tremble in my voice. The humiliation and embarrassment was making my whole body tremble. I couldn’t believe that my auntie had sided with them over me, especially as they had lied and blamed me! Compounding my humiliation was the giggling of my tormentors and the now obvious amusement of my auntie, who seemed to enjoy the fact that I was trying to hide coming off second best in a fight with girls.

Auntie marched me back to the house and proceeded to give me a stern lecture on lying to her, all the while whe looked like she could burst out laughing at any minute. Yes I had lied about a group of boys beating me up, but I didn’t get a chance to explain the truth about who had started the real fight etc.

Later that night as I lay in bed, my mind was racing with what had happened earlier and the humiliation and embarrassment still raw. I suddenly noticed that my cock had become erect, and I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing it and yanking up and down forcefully until I came all inside my boxer shorts. This happened every night for the next three weeks or so as I struggled to get over my experience. However as time wore on and I was subject to taunts and further bullying from the three girls throughout my final school year, I started to fantasise about plump/curvy/fat dominant women getting the better of me, something that still dominates my fantasies 20 years later.

I’ve tried desperately to suppress and get over these thoughts ad I have had quite a bitter relationship with women since, but I’m finally starting to accept that maybe I should just give in and let it be…

This is the first time I’ve told anyone about this experience.

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