Chapter 1: Owned by Big Daddy.

I met Richie and Amanda about two years earlier and immediately thought that I would love to get my lips and tongue all over Amanda’s tight little body, and that Richie might just be the perfect guy to help me fulfill one of my husband’s fantasies. The day after we met, I got my wish and not only got to know Amanda much better, I also got my first contact with Richie’s beautiful hard black cock when I gave him a short but super hot foot job.

Amanda and Richie were in their early twenties when we first met. Now Richie and his partner owned a physical therapy business in a town about an hour away, and Amanda was finishing her master’s degree in nursing. They were African American, and in great physical shape.

Amanda had been a collegiate cheerleader. She was barely 5 feet tall but had a beautifully round and sexy body. Large natural breasts, a tiny waist and a very round, amazingly tight ass. She was beautiful, with short curly hair, high cheekbones and dark eyes. Richie was nothing short of magnificent. I have had a thing for beautiful black men since my twenties and have been with my share, but he was as fine as I had ever seen. He was a collegiate athlete and still had his chiseled six pack and arms that looked like they could accidentally crush you in a hug.

Amanda and Richie had been to our house a few times in the last couple of years but most often it was just Amanda who had visited. With Richie’s complete approval, she and I had enjoyed a few girls’ weekends and on occasion, she and my husband John had been lovers as well.

John had a long standing fantasy of watching me have sex with another man, and although his fantasy usually involved a middle aged white guy, I thought I would make his fantasy come true, but with my own twist.

Amanda and Richie arrived before John got home from work and they parked their car at a friends house so John would not know they were here. Once I knew John was on his way home from the gym which was his routine stop after work, they hid out in a guest bedroom. As I do sometimes I joined John in the shower and as he usually did before we finished he took his position on his knees and brought me to a wonderfully intense orgasm with his tongue. Just before we left that shower, I removed his chastity cage and directed him to shave. He had been locked away for thirty days today and except for one milking, he had no contact or release for that entire month. We dried off and before he dressed, I handed him his chastity cage. John was very familiar with the routine and laid down on on his back on the bed, laid the cage on his tummy and raised his hands over his head. I enclosed his cock in the stainless steel ring and cage that made up his chastity device. With the lock in place, I secured the key around my neck on a chain.

Then the first sign of a change. I directed John to roll over face down. I wrapped each of his wrists in a heavy leather restraint and connected them with a heavy ring behind his back. I then directed him to sit in a chair I had placed next to the bed. Once he was seated, I restrained each ankle to the legs of the chair as well. With John in position, I left the room and returned with Richie and Amanda. Amanda and I were naked except for our high heels and John’s chastity key now hung around Amanda’s neck. Richie was dressed only in a pair of silk boxer shorts and his 12 inch long thick cock was obviously already half hard and bulging against the fabric. “Hey guys, this is a pleasant surprise,” John said.

“Good to see you again, John,” Richie answered. “I have been looking forward to this weekend since I first met your beautiful wife.” And with that he gave me a long deep slow kiss. John’s eyes widened and it registered on him that he was about to get to see his fantasy play out. Amanda went over to John and straddled his lap pressing her bare pink pussy against his chastity cage and kissing him tenderly.

“Hi Baby, I have missed you,” she said as she raise up to bury his face between her breasts where the key to his chastity cage rested on the long gold chain. “I hope Misty lets me use this key later,” she said as she took a spot at the head of the bed to watch the show.

“I have missed you too Beautiful, and I definitely hope you get to use that key.” John answered.

With the greetings out of the way, I reached down to grip Richie’s growing cock through the fabric of his shorts. With one of his huge hands he cupped the back of my head and guided my lips to his mouth. His tongue filled my mouth and I felt the other hand first cup my breast and then roughly pinch and pull my nipple. I shuttered at the deliciousness of the pain on my nipple. He turned to John after the kiss and said, “By the way, she has asked me to treat her like a whore, and I am going to give her what she wants.”

John’s eyes widened more and he softly whimpered, “Oh, ok.” And with that Richie roughly forced me to my knees.

“Suck my cock, Bitch,” he said and my hands immediately lifted the beautiful cock over the top of his shorts. It was the longest cock I had ever had the pleasure of holding in my hand, and it was even wider than I remembered. It was an impressive two and a quarter inches across the head but then quickly widened to at least two and three quarter across. Just forcing the head of it in my mouth stretched my lips to the max. I dutifully complied with my lover’s demand and took the first few inches into my mouth. It was way too big for me to immediately deep throat, but nonetheless I worked it deeper and deeper into my mouth while stroking its magnificent shaft with both hands. Richie had reached his full length and girth now and he was moving his hips to stroke his BBC into my eager mouth. “I think she likes black cock, John. Do you like watching your wife worship my cock?” I couldn’t hear John’s reply over the sound of my slurping and occasional gagging on the beautiful cock in my mouth. Richie cupped my head in both hands and was guiding my strokes until his cock head completely filled my throat. He was holding my head there so long that I was seeing stars when he would release me for a quick breath and then fill my throat again with his huge cock. I was in heaven even though my jaw was aching and my throat was already feeling raw. It had been years since I had sucked any cock besides John’s and had been close to twenty years since my last BBC. I was tasting precum already when Richie pushed my head away and said, “Now worship my balls you Cunt.”

“Yes Sir,” I responded as he stepped out of his shorts and he sat on the edge of the bed just inches from John. I noticed the buzz of a vibrator for the first time and saw Amanda was fingering herself and stroking a vibrating dildo into her pink wet pussy. I turned to see that John’s cock was as hard as it could get in his cage and he was flushed red with excitement. I wrapped my hand around Richie’s magnificent manhood and stroked its long hard shaft as my lips closed on his shaven balls. His balls matched the size of his cock and I struggled to get one of his huge balls past my lips but finally stretched my jaw enough to repeatedly suck each ball into my mouth and pulse it there.

“That’s it,” Richie said with approval. “That’s a good Whore.” I continued my task and worshipped his huge balls while stroking the length of his cock. Sucking and licking his sack and sucking in and pulling hard on his balls in my mouth. Stopping only to rewet his cock in my mouth and then back to his balls.

I am a huge fan of oral/anal play with other women but had not rimmed a man more than twice in my life, but tonight that was going to change. I pressed Richie’s legs wider and following the trail of my saliva below his balls my tongue found his tight asshole. I circled it teasingly then forcefully drove my tongue into his ass.

“Holy fuck”, I heard my restrained husband gasp.

Richie also let out a gasp, but quickly followed with “Shit yeah, Bitch. Tongue fuck my ass like I am going to fuck you.” I happily obeyed. While still stroking his monster black cock I began to repeatedly move from his beautiful balls to his ever widening asshole. Eventually I simply focused on tongue fucking his ass and stroking the arm sized shaft of his cock. My tongue was as deeply inside him as I had ever had it inside anyone and his cock was totally rigid and pouring precum. Suddenly, Richie pushed my face back a bit and said, “Give John a taste of my ass, then I am going to eat your pussy.”

I turned toward John and he said “No thanks, I’m good.” With that Richie stood up and moved over to John.

“Not your call John,” he said as he roughly forced John’s head back with one hand and gripped and pulled hard on his chastity cage with the other hand. I leaned over and forced my tongue between John’s lips. He eventually returned my kiss and at Richie’s direction licked my face clean. “I am in charge here John,” Richie said as he released John’s head but twisted his cock cage. “Got it?”

“Yes,” John whimpered.

Richie pulled the chastity cage harder and said, “What the fuck did you say?

John softly said, “Yes, Sir, you are in charge here.”

Richie released the cage and patted John on the cheek as he said, “Good boy, I like a white boy who know’s his place.”

I moved to the bed and onto my back and Amanda slid down beside me. She kissed me tenderly as Richie started kissing my feet and sucking my toes. He quickly progressed up my legs and my inner thighs. Amanda pulled one of my legs up toward my chest and Richie pushed the other one up as his tongue make a long slow stroke across my shaved pussy. I shuttered and gasped and Amanda muffled my moan with a deep kiss. Now it was on, a rapid-fire assault on my dripping wet pussy with his lips and tongue. Sucking, licking, probing again and again he loudly attacked my pussy. In seconds I could feel the heat rising inside me and a minute later it arrived. I gripped Richie’s head and ground his tongue against my clit and as I exploded in orgasm, I screamed “Oh fuck yeah, please God don’t stop, please, please.” The orgasm came quickly and held me in its grip for a very long time. Finally released from the quivering of the climax I was so wet and so ready for his cock inside me.

Richie rose up from my pussy to my mouth and shared a long passionate kiss with both me and Amanda. “Please fuck me,” I whispered softly. Richie just smiled. This time louder I said, “Please fuck me with that magnificent cock. Fuck me like the nasty whore I am, please, please.”

Richie was already moving his cock toward my wet pussy when he said, “Tell John what you want. Tell him how bad you want this big hard black cock.”

Obediently I turned to John. “I want this huge beautiful black stallion to fuck me like the filthy whore I am. I want to feel him spreading me wider than I have ever been spread I want him to fill me with his thick hot cum. I want this cock so badly.” All the while I was talking to John, Richie was slapping his huge cock against my wet pussy. John just sat quietly as Richie began to press the huge bulb head of his cock against my wetness. He was gentle at first, slowly widening my love tunnel. My legs were raised high and spread as widely as I could to give that monster cock as much room as I could. My legs shook in nervous anticipation of what was coming and in response to the uncomfortable feeling of my pussy stretching so widely. “Oh fuck it’s huge,” I moaned and Richie pressed further into my pussy. Every time he moved his massive cock forward it was agony and ecstasy at the same time. My pussy was stretching beyond where it had ever been. But I continued to beg him to fill me. “Please, please fuck me with that beautiful cock.”

“Damn, she is tight John,” Richie said as he held the head of his cock just inside me. “You know I am going to ruin this pussy for you if I fuck her like she is begging me to? So what do I do John?”

Immediately I responded, “Tell him to fuck my Baby, please, please. Please tell him to fuck me like a dirty whore. Please.” I looked into John’s eyes and was not sure how he was going to respond. I was now beginning to worry that he had gotten cold feet and was going to ask Richie to stop. One last time I begged, “Please, please, I want him to fuck me like a whore with his huge cock. Oh God, John please, I want this so badly.”

John closed his eyes and ever so quietly said, “Give her what she wants.”

Richie obliged John’s request and pressed hard against the resistance of my tight pussy. I felt like I was going to be ripped open with every movement but continued to beg for more. Slowly deeper and deeper the huge cock entered me. I knew he had to be almost balls deep when I felt him begin to stroke slowly in and out of me. I looked down to watch his perfect cock fuck my pussy and I was shocked to see almost half of his length still outside. “Oh fuck, there’s more?”

“Hell yeah there’s more Bitch, we are just getting started,” Richie responded. “Beg for the rest of it.”

“I’m not sure I can take it,” I moaned as I tried to relax with this massive cock inside me.

Then to my surprise I heard John say, “Fuck her hard with all of it.”

I turned to look at John just as Richie did as he was told and with his full 260 pounds drove the last five inches of his cock into me up to his balls. The pain was intense but the pleasure won out and I screamed as he stroked out and all the way back in. His beautiful, perfectly chiseled body was glistening in sweat as he steadily increased his pace. He repeatedly lifted himself off of me and then dropped his full weigh on me impaling me with his monster cock. His big beautiful balls were slapping on my ass with each thrust. My second orgasm was growing quickly as Richie raised up and started to take shorter rapid-fire strokes into my now gaping pussy. “Cum on my cock, Bitch,” he demanded. I reached down and the instant my fingertips touched my clit I exploded in a long loud screaming orgasm. Unexpectedly Richie pulled out and quickly repositioned me on my knees on the edge of the bed. My black owned pussy was inches from John and he had a perfect view of my dripping, gaping wetness as Richie stood behind me and guided his spectacular cock back inside.

Now he really put his strength and power to good use. He gripped my round fat ass in his huge hands and held himself balls deep inside me for just a couple of seconds before beginning his assault of my pussy again. First slowly and then faster and faster he pushed my hips away from him and then slammed me back against him. His monster cock reaching new even more painful depths with each brutal stroke. My huge breasts were swinging wildly slapping against my tummy and then just under my chin with each stroke. His stamina was superhuman and he continued his non-stop pounding of me from behind for about ten minutes when the strength in my arms gave way and a went face down on the bed. “Oh fuck no,” he said. “Get back up there and take this fucking like the white whore you are.” I felt his fingers wrapping my hair into a thick ponytail which he then used to roughly pull my head back all but ripping my hair from my head. He then closed his other huge hand around my throat. He raised me back off the bed as my trembling arms struggled to hold my weigh. His jackhammer pounding of my pussy now resumed. I remember gasping for air as the huge hand around my throat blocked the blood flow to my brain and my head was constantly spinning. I lost all track time and only began to regain my faculties when Richie released his grasp on my throat. John would later tell me that Richie was gripping my throat for almost thirty minutes of non-stop fucking, all I knew was that my neck was bruised for days.

Richie pulled out of my damaged pussy and I collapsed on the bed. I was still foggy but for the first time in the last hour of rough fucking realized that Amanda and John were still in the room. Amanda toweled the sweat off of her magnificent fucking machine, Richie. John sat stoically watching me, with a long string of precum hanging down from the tip of his chastity cage and his throbbing cock bulging from every part of the cage.

The break was a short one and Richie laid down on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor. His monster cock was just two feet from my restrained husband. “Time to ride Bitch,” he said as he pulled me toward him by my hair. I straddled him, my legs still trembling, and with my ass and gaping pussy facing my helpless husband.

“Holy shit, your pussy is huge,” John said as I began to lower myself onto Richie’s foot long love muscle. Richie’s long fingers wrapped tight around my huge hanging breasts and as he began pulling and rolling my nipples I began to ride his cock. The pain was so intense, but the pleasure was overwhelming. My pace increased and after every three or four strokes I ground my hips hard against his. I reached down to gently touch my swollen clit and immediately felt an orgasm building. I leaned my head back and circled my clit as I rode this beautiful cock.

“That’s right Whore, cum on this big black cock,” Richie encouraged me. “Tell John how much you love this black cock Bitch. You both know I own this pussy now, don’t you?”

“John, I love this cock. I love this magnificent huge black cock stretching my pussy,” I said as my orgasm came closer and closer.

John responded, “I can see you love that cock Baby. Maybe a little too much.”

Richie laughed but then said, “Tell her that I own her pussy now. Tell her that Big Daddy Richie owns her pussy.” John was silent until I turned and looked at him.

“Tell him!…Tell me Big Daddy Richie owns my pussy!” I said almost screaming.

John said quietly, “He owns your pussy.”

“Say it all John,” I answered.

With his eyes closed John said, “Big Daddy Richie owns my wife’s pussy.” That was more than I could stand and I was overcome with a powerful, shuttering, screaming orgasm. My rapture lasted for almost a minute, coming in successively stronger waves of ecstasy. Now exhausted to the verge of losing consciousness I collapsed onto Richie’s massive sweaty chest. For the first time I felt his tender side as he wrapped me in his arms and gently cradled my head to his chest.

“Mmmm, Just rest a minute. That’s a good Whore,” Richie whispered. My rest was a short one and after just a couple of minutes he said “OK Bitch now I get mine, roll over.” Dutifully I obeyed the new owner of my pussy. On my back, he raised my legs and placed my high heels over his shoulders as he guided himself back to my swollen, huge wet pussy. With his long muscular legs straight and his arms on either side of me he again started his pounding of my now painfully sore pussy. On and on the brutal assault of my pussy, I mean, the assault of Big Daddy Richie’s pussy continued. The pain and now the exhaustion both physical and mental were too much for me and I simply turned my head to the side and watched John watch me as this magnificent man had his way with me for another 15 or 20 minutes. I snapped back to reality when I felt lips on my nipple. I looked down to see Amanda sucking one of my nipples and then felt the familiar touch of her fingers on my clit. I recoiled slightly as the sensation was too much at first but then with just a couple of swirls of her fingers I felt another rush of warmth that signaled another orgasm on it’s way. The intensity of my passion grew slowly but then suddenly was rushing over me like a wave.

I screamed, “Oh fuck, I am cumming again,” as the powerful orgasm gripped me. I was bucking my hips and gyrating wildly trying to get every last second of pleasure from this release.

That’s when I heard Richie saying, “Fuck yeah you fucking Whore, I am about to bust a nut up in that cunt!” and with that I felt him spasming as he pumped his thick hot semen into my gaping pussy. Again and again he spasmed and each time I felt his hot cum filling me. The massive beautiful man then gently lowered my legs, with his huge cock still deep inside me. He tenderly kissed my lips and wiped back the hair from my sweaty face. “You did good Misty, a lot of women make me stop way before now.”

“I was not going to stop,” I said, “No matter what, I was not going to make you stop.”

Amanda had taken pity on John and was sitting in his lap again and they were kissing passionately. “Let him come over here,” I said to Amanda and she released him from the chair although his hands were still behind his back. John bent down toward my face and I broke my kiss with Richie. “You know what I want you to do, don’t you?’

John responded, “Yes, Ma’am,” and he was already moving lower on the bed.

“Let him clean up,” I whispered to Richie and as soon as I felt the massive cock clear my pussy I felt John’s lips and tongue cover my gaping hole. He was gentle but thorough and I knew he could see how much pain I was in. Richie and I began kissing again but not before I saw Amanda begin cleaning up Richie’s cock with her lips and tongue too.

I heard Amanda saying softly, “Here Sweetie, let’s share,” and I looked down expecting to watch John give her a cum kiss sharing Richie’s huge load with her. They did kiss, but then to my surprise she pressed Richie’s cock between their lips and neither stopped kissing. The cleanup turned to licking and then to taking turns sucking the massive cock head into their mouths. It was not John’s first time to suck a cock, but it was my first time watching my husband suck cock, and he was good at it. Richie rolled onto his back and put one of his huge hands on each of their heads as they took turns bobbing on his massive cock, which was responding to the attention and growing again quickly.

“Looks like someone else wants some of Big Daddy Richie’s cock,” he said as he watched his wife and my husband both sucking his massive member. Seeing his excitement, I released John’s hands from his restraints and they immediately flew to grip the huge cock and stroke it as he guided it to his and Amanda’s mouths. Richie’s cock must have been super sensitive after he used it to all but kill me, or else his wife and my husband were an awesome cock sucking team, but in minutes he was squirming and obviously moving toward another orgasm. I was certainly turned on by the sight of my husband sucking the cock that had just stretched me beyond my limits. John was alternating between sucking the gigantic cock and the smooth shaved balls and Amanda was doing the same. Richie finally said, “Fuck, you are going to make me cum again.” With that John’s intensity doubled, and he stroked and sucked the black cock like his life depended on it. Richie shuttered and then his hips rose up, but John’s lips stayed closed tight around the thick cock throughout the orgasm and never released until Richie began begging him to stop tonguing his hypersensitive cock head which had just filled John’s mouth with cum.

John held the massive load of thick cum in his mouth until his lips met mine and then allowed it to flow between our lips. Our tongues danced in and out of one another’s mouth and the taste of the love juice was intoxicating. “That was fucking hot, Baby,” I whispered.

“Glad you enjoyed it, Darling,” he responded.

Turning to Richie, I said, “Big Daddy, will you please help your Whore to the shower?”

“Come on you Nasty Bitch,” he said as he scooped me up in his massive arms like a c***d and started to carry me toward the shower.

As we moved toward the bathroom, I heard Amanda say, “Misty, what about this?’ As I turned my head I saw her holding the key to John’s chastity cage.

“His cock is yours if you want it, but be carefully he has been locked up for thirty days.” And with that Richie and I stepped into the refreshing water of the shower.

My massive lover was now so tender and gentle in the shower. As I mentioned earlier, I had known Richie and Amanda for a couple of years and they were and are one of the the sweetest most polite couples I have every known. So tonight’s role play was out of character for Richie, but exactly what I had asked for. Knowing John could not hear us in the bedroom, he said softly, “I hope I was not too rough Misty and I hope I did not get too carried away with the language. I was just trying to give you what we talked about. Are you sure you are ok? I know you asked me to be rough and to take ownership of you but I am afraid I went too far.”

I tiptoed so I could reach is mouth and stopped him with a kiss. “You were perfect Honey, just exactly like we discussed and exactly what I wanted. I got what I wanted and we gave John the show he wanted as well. I will be fine, but I may have trouble walking for a day or two. And I know it was part of the role play, but my pussy really is yours now, anytime you want it. Your cock is amazing.”

Richie smiled, a little embarrassed maybe, but then said, “Thank you. You were amazing too. I was little surprised by John though. I was not expecting him to suck my cock, but damn he is good at it.”

“I was a little surprised too, but he knew that when he got his fantasy of seeing me with another man that he was going to have to clean me up. I did not tell him he had to suck your cock, but he seemed to get into it too. You were alright with that weren’t you?,” I asked.

“Oh yeah, I am flexible. Not my normal style, but not my first guy either,” he said.

Just then I heard Amanda screaming in the throes of an orgasm. “Oh fuck me Baby, fuck me, please fuck me harder,” she said.

“Are we done, or do you want more of this fantasy, Misty?” Richie asked as we were finishing our shower.

“You can stop if you like, but your Nasty Whore wants more from Big Daddy Richie,” I said as I kissed him tenderly and passionately again.

“Then you get more, you fucking nasty Slut,” he said with a grin.

We left the shower wrapped in towels, and went back into the bedroom. John was behind Amanda on the bed and had his 8 inch cock balls deep inside her. She was throwing herself back against his cock and he was obviously close to his first release in a month. He shivered and suddenly exploded inside her beautiful pink pussy. He pumped his cum into her again and again. His orgasm just kept coming in waves and finally he collapsed over her beautiful black skin. He held his cock there inside her until he started to recover a bit and then as always he pulled out and immediately covered her well-fucked pussy with his mouth to catch every drop of cum he had deposited. With the first of the load captured, he laid on his back and she straddled his face to give him full access with his tongue. She ground hard on his face and he pulled her hips down onto his tongue hungrily. Once she was sure she was perfectly cleaned, she slid off of John and curled up beside him.

“We will be by the pool,” I said to the satisfied duo. “Amanda, put John back in his cage and join us. And John, we are ready for dinner. There are steaks in the fridge. Get on that won’t you?”

Amanda said, “Yes, Ma’am.” and started the task of re-caging John.

Richie and I slipped naked into the cool water of the pool under the glow of a nearly full moon. The water was quickly working its healing magic on my abused pussy and the throbbing ache eased significantly. Richie and I swam and just stood in the water exploring one another’s bodies with our hands and lips. I could not get enough of kissing his beautiful smooth chocolate skin and he was paying particular attention to my huge breasts and the back of my neck.

Amanda joined us by the pool and sat on the edge near us dangling her perfect size 7 feet in the water.
I peeked in the windows to see John dutifully at work on dinner.

“Big Daddy, may I please worship your beautiful wife’s feet?” I asked.

“Mmmm. that’s a good Whore. Yes worship her feet and then her pussy and ass.,” was his reply. I was immediate at my task of licking and sucking her beautiful brown toes. Kissing, licking sucking her toes one by one between my lips was heaven. I so love Amanda’s sexy feet and the pleasure of worshipping them was awakening my very abused pussy and the sensation of the blood rushing to it was uncomfortable if not still more than a little painful. Amanda spread her legs and slipped her fingers into her tiny curly bush. She slid forward and I covered her pussy with my lips as she stroked her clit. God I love the taste of a recently fucked pussy and hers was exquisite. I was devouring her pussy and working to bring her to orgasm as quickly as I could, but then she pushed my head away.

“Now my ass too,” she said rolling back further to open her ass for me. I started to lean in when Richie’s giant hand roughly forced my mouth against Amanda’s spread asshole. I recoiled enough to extend my tongue and then for the next ten minutes, Richie drove my tongue again and again into Amanda’s tight pink asshole. She was constantly circling her clit with her fingers and then suddenly exploded in an orgasm. As she relaxed, Richie also relaxed his grip on my head. Amanda slid into the pool in front of me and passionately kissed me. When she finally broke our kiss she said to Richie, “I like your new whore Big Daddy.”

“I think she likes you too,” he said as I felt his half hard cock press against my fat ass. He wrapped us both in a huge bear hug as we kissed and slowly rubbed his cock against me. I knew he was going to fuck me again but wanted to ensure that John saw it all and I also knew I needed to try to numb my pussy before he stretched it again. I reached back and wrapped my hand around his hardening cock, It was already so hard my fingers barely reached half way around. “I want my pussy again, Bitch,” he said.

“I know Big Daddy, and I want you to fuck my nasty whore cunt in the kitchen,” I responded. He just smiled and we all climbed out of the pool. Amanda and I dried off Big Daddy and then I led him to the kitchen where John was still working on dinner. I took John’s hand and led him to Richie then said, “Fluff Big Daddy’s cock for me Darling, I want him to fuck me again.”

John’s eyes went wide and he protested, “Misty! No!”

“Suck his cock John, NOW!” I yelled as I forced his head down. He obediently slid down onto his knees and Richie immediately slapped him across the face with his half hard cock. I watched the huge cock head disappear between John’s lips again and as I left the room I said, “I will be right back and he better be hard.”

I hurried down the hall to the bathroom for the numbing gel. It is made for burns but works great to temporarily numb the pain of anal or now vaginal sex. Of course I knew it would have the same desensitizing effect on Big Daddy’s cock and me might fuck me for hours before he came. but I had no choice, so I filled my swollen pussy with it and rubbed it all over my lips and clit.

I hurried back to the kitchen to find Amanda guiding John’s mouth onto Richie’s cock which was already back to its magnificent rigid glory. “Thanks Sweetie,” I said as I reached for Big Daddy’s cock, “I will take it from here.” I leaned in to kiss Big Daddy and whispered, “Where do you want to fuck your Whore Big Daddy?”

“On the counter, on your back Bitch,” he replied and I obediently climbed onto the end of the counter as John hurriedly moved dishes and bowls. Richie lifted my hips and d**g me to the edge then placed my bare feet against his chest. “Amanda, give our new Whore’s tits a little love while I fuck her, I am going to be too busy splitting this pussy wide open.” Amanda did as she was told and began massaging my breasts but also bracing me for what she seemed to know was coming. “Come here Little John, tell this pussy goodbye. I know this used to be yours, but now it is mind and as much as you think I broke it before, after this you will be lucky to ever see it again unless it if full of my cum.” John did come closer but before he was close enough to really see my raw gaping pussy, Big Daddy pressed the head of his gigantic cock inside me. His cock head fit more easily this time, but I braced for the full width of his arm sized cock. “Hold her Babygirl,” he said to Amanda and as she laid over me, Big Daddy plowed his full-length into my swollen raw pussy. I am sure the numbing gel helped, but I was still sure my pussy would never heal from this abuse.

Simply reacting to the pain and amazing pleasure of this monster cock inside me I screamed loudly, “OH FUCK! GOD, NO, OH FUCK THAT HURTS, OH FUCK YES DADDY! Fuck your Whore Daddy!”

After a few minutes of this brutal session of fucking, I began to slip into a barely conscious state, and time stood still. I figured out later that Richie had abused my pussy for over an hour this session. I would occasionally awake enough to still realize that the most beautiful man I had ever seen was a****listicly using my pussy for his full pleasure. I was jolted awake as Big Daddy roughly d**g me off the counter and suddenly I was facedown on the edge of the cool granite counter with my feet dangling. I thought he reentered me from behind but I was too numb to be sure and I slipped away again until I heard him saying “Fuck yeah, Bitch I am cumming!” The last thing I remember was the feeling of his sweaty body collapsing over me.

I shuttered awake totally disoriented. It was dark and it took me a few seconds to figure out I was face down on the kitchen counter. I was able to raise my head, but just barely. I started to look around when I heard Richie’s deep voice in the dark, “You are awake. Don’t move, I’ve got you.” His hands were quickly scooping me up from the counter and like a newborn he was cradling me to his bare chest,

The fog in my head was clearing, but slowly. “Where is John?” I whispered.

“I sent him and Amanda to bed in the guest room a couple of hours ago.” he answered

“How long was I out?” I asked.

“About three hours. Are you ok?” he said as he held me in his arms and tenderly kissed my forehead.

“You fucked the hell out of me, Big Daddy, and yes, I am wonderful,” I whispered.

“Yes, I did and you were amazing, my beautiful sexy Whore,” he said with a tender smile and a long passionate kiss on my lips.

“I need a shower and some sleep, Daddy,” I said wrapping my arms around his neck and he carried me to my bathroom and joined me in the shower again. With my lover’s tender help I was showered and dried and he again carried my big round exhausted body to the bed. He so gently laid me on the bed and then cuddled his perfect body against me from behind. The last thing I remember was his massive arm covering my side and pressing softly against my round tummy.

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