If there is a woman with whom I wrote a year full of memories was with a traveler nurse. This nurse whom at that time was in her mid 30s, had an average body, beautiful breast and the type of nipples that want to hang a christmas decoration from it everytime they are erected it. Due to my job at that time, I spent a quality of time at the airport since I had to travel a lot for business. On this opportunity, I recall that I was gone into Dallas, my organization headquarters office for a conference . She was frustrated with me since this meeting was dropped on me on the last minute and I had to travel this time to represent my office. Knowing my conference schedule, I began to look at the flight schedule back onto South Florida since I would not mind flying into a different airport than the one I flew from, if it means arriving a day earlier. I was schedule to return on Saturday, but I notice the conference was ending on Friday afternoon.

During the week, I continue chatting with her and teasing her about where I should take her for a date upon my return. By the middle of the week, her response to my teasing was simple. ” Just tear my clothes off, and fuck me hard… no dating, no eating, just do it ” Her mind was set about what she wants. I never told her that I was planning to change my plane ticket, and once I got confirmation that the conference was ending early, I contacted the early requesting the change to a late flight on Friday. The agent, was nice and was able to find me a flight that had me arriving at 10p at my home airport.

That Friday morning, I prepare my luggage and went to the last part of the conference. I called at her cell and asked for her plans for Friday night. She indicated, that she will be going to a friends’ house from work and relax with her at the jacuzzi. She hinted that she wished I was there. Knowing who her friend was, I text her about their night plans and she confirmed. She told me that she had seen my nurse very frustrated lately and she knows part is my trip and she needed to be fuck by me. I told her that I needed her assistance with something. I revealed to her my change of flight and I wanted for her not to drive tonight. She understood me and told me, that she got a better part, she has a room open at her home, and will be available for me to fuck her tonight there. She don’t care how loud she gets.

The night came and the plan was set. My girl unaware to what she was going to experience was pick by her friend from her own place. They both had a pleasant dinner and entered the hot tub about the time I was landing. The drive from the airport to their home was a short one and I sent a message as I was arriving to her place. The friend got out of the tub and came to open the door just with a pair of wet panties and told me the tub is ready. I walked to the back and my nurse could not stop jumping of joy seeing me there. Her friend, was not shy and began removing my clothes until I was there standing in a pair of boxers and a visible hard on.

I was welcome into the tub by both ladies and it didn’t took too long before my nurse had remove my boxers and her panties were floating and my long shaft was deep in her pussy . Her moans can be heard and her friend began to caress her while massaging my balls at the same time. She asked. Lets go inside to the bedroom, I have it ready for her. No need to dry up. It all it took to get us out of the tub. We went into the bedroom and I threw her onto the bed as I slide my shaft onto her pussy making her moan loud. She began to tell me to fuck it hard, when her friend came and kissed her and then told her to be quiet and eat her pussy. It was the first time she goes down on a woman but she could not resist to the ideas. It all it took for her to let go of her stress as with her legs on the air, her pussy wide open and her mouth busy she let go herself. I pound her pussy until i filled her. Grabbing our friend by the hair, I guide her head to my cock so she could taste it and then to my nurse pussy so she could eat it too..

The night ended with another fuck this time, I fuck my friend giving her a fuck for been a good friend and preparing a good night. We went to bed on the same bed. The next morning, we sat on the sofa, drinking a cup a coffee and talking about the wonderful evening we had… Thats when I told both of them, time for round two

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