There were several years that a big project was being developed with another company fairly close to mine and for several years I spent part of my day going back and forth and this happened in my early forties.The General Manager of the other company had a daughter named Allison who had just finished high school and worked for him since she was old enough to do so doing office and odd jobs around the factory. She was shy and cute in an awkward way, the girl next door type except shy and she just had a way about her. Small round tits that you could see thru the outline of her tees and tank tops that summer. But the one thing that turned my head with her was her ass, it was perfect in every way, not too big, not too small but in jeans or shorts it was a wonder to behold.

After several months of working with her Dad we became very friendly but in a very innocent way, as nice as her ass was she was just a cute k** to me. Toward the end of summer she told me she was starting community college about a mile from my work, she was saving for a car but didn’t think she’d have one in time for school to begin. I told her Dad I could get her to class in time or after class to his place after work if we timed our work just right so I would be able to be there when needed. He was happy about the offer and told me to check on it with Allison. She agreed and I was struck by her enthusiasm.

So at first we started with my coming in each morning dropping of parts we were producing for this project development then I would drive her to class and her Dad or someone else would pick her up for work later in the day. The conversations started innocently and then one day on a hot September Indian Summer morning she was wearing very tiny shorts and tank when I came to get her, till that day she was usually in normal length shorts or jeans. I joked as we got into my car that those shorts may be a problem at school and she laughed and said its college they’ll be fine. Then she asked if she could get my opinion on something, I said sure of course and she said she liked a boy who sat next to her in her first class and did I think he would notice her today? I told her if he”s male and he has a pulse he would! She really seemed to like that answer and said thanks. She said she wasn’t sure if he thought she was pretty, and I said of course you are so go get this lucky guy! She left for school happily.

The next day I waited for her to say something about the day before and she didn’t bring it up so neither did I but she was dressed in much longer shorts. The day after that she was in jeans as it was raining and she seemed a little down. So I tried breaking up the gloom and asked if that boy noticed her shorts? She said she thought he did but he still hadn’t talked to her. I told Allison he was a fool and if it were me 20 years ago I would of followed her all day till I got the nerve to talk to her! She clearly blushed and thanked me as we pulled into school. The next day was a Friday and when I picked her up she had on shorts that were not overt but still made that ass look incredible. As we drove to school she was acting a little nervous and finally asked if she could ask me another question? I laughed and said of course, and feeling a little bolder, told her any question at any time was fine with me and I’d answer them honestly and never say anything to anyone about anything we discussed.

So she took a second and then said do I remember when I said I would of followed her around to talk to her 20 years ago? I said yes, she said, well how about now? I looked straight at her and said what do you think I’ve been doing for three months every morning when I see you?? She bushed incredibly deeply and said “seriously” I said yes Allison you have that certain something that attracts men, and a perfect ass.” We both laughed and she said she had never been told that by a guy but girls used to say to her that guys talked about her body. We pulled into the school and she blushed and said she would think of more questions for me and laughed, I said I couldn’t wait for Monday!

Monday came and I was a little concerned things went to far given the work aspect of who she was. I told her I was sorry if i was a little too bold Friday. She said no way what I said made her happy all day and after thinking about that all weekend she was more an more curious about what guys thought about her and was full of more questions! She said she only had one class scheduled the next day because of some event on campus and her Dad thought it was a normal full day so if I can work it out we could meet after that class and spend the day together?? I couldn’t say no and the next day I dropped her off and picked her up 90 minutes later. It was another beautiful day in early Fall so we went for a ride north to a great place for hiking out in the woods around a reservoir. We hiked for about twenty minutes and found the spot I was looking for and that I’d been many times since high school, a rock overlooking the water and surrounded by trees. We sat and I said okay little Mrs Curious ask me anything!

So she said ok, but she should start by saying she isn’t a virgin, she had a boyfriend Junior year and he was her first and last after they broke up. She said he was clumsy and didn’t make sex fun for her outside of her curiosity being solved about the male body. I said well that is normal so what can I help her with? She said “do you really think I’m hot enough for guys to want” and I said I could give you a straight simple answer or I can go into great detail about what I see when I’m looking at her. She said “please tell me everything, and like you said this will never go any further than us”, and as she was of legal age I couldn’t say no, when could I ever expect this kind of chance in my lifetime again? (it would happen though lol)

I told her to lie down on the rock, she did and I said Allison, guys are interested in womens bodies for mostly two things, your top and your bottom, she laughed and said you can say boobs and ass! I said ok, lets start with your boobs then, first of all they aren’t too big which can be good and they appear to be round and pretty symmetrical which is all a guy needs. The whole more than handful is wasteful thing! I said I could tell her nipples are hard right now, she looked down and pulled her tank top outward and although I couldn’t see, she laughed and said “yup”. As she laughed I told her that her laugh and the way she carried herself and with how smart she seems is really the big turn on, without those things the rest would get old, and she had a great smile.

Then I said okay, turn over, now to my favorite part, she rolled over and as she did I stopped her as she got onto her side. I said here it is Allison, your lower back and your ass, they are perfection, only a woman can possess something so perfect in nature. She was silent but she pulled her top leg up a little, I could see the top of her thong and reached up and put my hand on her lower back right where the thong was. I told her that this was too much for me to take and I needed to touch her, she just sighed and said okay, she been wanting me to, more than I could know. At this time my mind is being blown, this perfect young women, just of age, innocent of everything in my mind, wanted this old guy to touch her. I started by slowly reaching down and placing my hand under her shorts and feeling that perfect roundness of her ass, reaching down far enough to feel the wetness soaking that little slice of fabric between her thighs.

She moaned lightly as I reached up and pulled those athletic shorts and thong right off her feet, she remained on her side, I took my shorts off and laid next to her, all the way up spooning that tiny body in my body. I could feel my rock hard cock in between the perfect cheeks of her ass gliding up and down slowly. And I turned her and kissed her, we kissed for I don’t even know how long but her bra came off and her tank pulled down with those perfect little breasts in my hands and her nipples rolling in my fingers. She was so excited she asked if I would just fuck her right now, and she had brought a condom she got from one her girlfriends. I said that will happen but I have to taste her first, she said she didn’t think she’d like it and I said just give me a chance and at it and anytime you say stop, I will stop. She agreed and smiled as I worked my way down her body stopping at both nipples and kissing her stomach all the way down.

I could not believe how wet she was, her pubic hair was soaked and trimmed for a bathing suit all summer I imagined. I spread her open just a little and her pussy was so perfectly pink with labia fanning out from top to bottom like a butterfly. I tasted her and my tongue slid all the way up her, her wetness was thick and waxy in its substance, so slick to the touch I could slide my hand all the way down to that tiny asshole which looked like it was bubbling with the wetness as my hand slid back and forth. I spread her open even more and I caught the bottom of her clit in my mouth and pushed the hood all the way up with my top lip until my whole mouth was clamped down on it and I slid my tongue in circles and pushed, she seemed to sit almost straight up staring at me, in one motion I grabbed both sides of her hips and pulled her over on top of me, sitting her on my face, I could look up and see the expressions on her face as she rode my mouth with guidance from my hands and arms moving her back and forth across my tongue, she exploded in my mouth, gushed, I was covered from ear to ear and all over my neck, she rolled back off of me like she had been shocked. She looked at me with a sense of wonder and amazement but she could not talk. I sat up and she touched my face and I moved to show her how wet she made that rock.

I opened my arms and she climbed in, we kissed for I don’t know how long with her cum on our lips and tongues. I slipped my cock in that tight pussy because I couldn’t even think of stopping to put on that condom. It was so slippery and wet that she had to lean back to keep my cock in at first, her tits standing straight up, I laid down and pulled her on top of me, I told her to rub her pussy against my cock back and forth and she will cum again, she put her hands on me and I guided her into the fuck, until she felt the sensation of my cock hitting her clit, she was so intent on concentrating to hit that perfect angle I couldn’t stop her as she started to cum and I came at that moment as well. I had a whole life at risk if she became pregnant, but at that moment it didn’t matter, only her cumming again mattered.

We rested and talked about the next few weeks of worry but decided we’d handle that as it came, and that we needed to do this again soon, she wanted to learn more and wanted only me to show her. We sure did, more to come! (she didn’t get pregnant and we were always more cautious after that)

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