My hubby had gone fishing that Friday night, leaving me home alone.

But after dinner I began to get bored and decided I had also right to go out with my girlfriends. Camilla picked me at my door in her car and then we both went to Laura’s house. She was ready and the here of us went to the local bar.
Soon I lost traces of both Laura and Camilla; but it did not matter to me, because a huge black man had all his heavy guns aiming at me…

From the moment our eyes locked, I knew I would be his tonight.
After sharing several shots and some slow dancing, we sat next to one another in a darkened booth. The stranger put his hand on my thigh and then he whispered in my ear that he wanted to get my thong as souvenir.
I got up and made some sensual movement with my hips, slipping my tiny black thong down my legs, until it ended inside his pocket.

I leant on him, licked his ear and whispered very softly, that we should get out of there. He took his hand off from under my tight skirt and smiled…

Outside was starting to rain and we hurried to get a taxi. He had warned me that it was going to be a long ride out to his place.
As we got into the back seat, his black hand caressed my exposed thighs and then it moved slowly, slowly and higher. The stranger was watching my face, how I was biting my red lips as his fingers slipped beneath my skirt and just barely touched my soaking wet pussy lips.
I spread my thighs as he whispered in my ear that I was a very nasty girl.

His thick fingers entered my wet cunt and teased my clit, as I closed my eyes and moaned onto his neck.
The bastard was stroking and stroking me. I then held my breath as I felt his fingers plunging inside of me…
I hissed quietly and licked his ear, as he opened his fly, freeing his tremendous thick black cock. He stroked it as he groaned softly.

I looked at the taxi driver; but the man pretended he was not noticing anything that was happening in the back seat. My new friend gave him some directions and they both agreed the trip.

I then lifted my skirt around my waist and straddled his lap, rubbing my hot slickness against his hardened piece of black meat. I felt his cock was growing even thicker and then I impaled myself on this huge cockhead, gasping and shivering with pleasure.
He looked into my eyes in the dim light and I began riding slowly, grinding my hips in small circles. His naughty hands found their way beneath my top, rolling and pinching my hardened nipples.

I moved back and forth even faster, knowing I was close to cum anytime.
I bite his neck to signal him my urgency. He smiled and murmured he wanted me to cum on his black dick. I complied, sensing my head explode and my body shiver with no control as I came.

He lifted me and his huge thick cock slipped out from my well stretched cunt. I got on my knees onto the floor and lowered my mouth onto his magnificent piece. I started licking very softly. It tasted nice covered in my own juices. I sucked him deep inside my throat, my tongue caressing him.
I knew he was also close to cum; by the way his dick was twitching.

Seconds later his salty semen filled my mouth and I managed to swallow almost every drop of this warm nectar.
He looked at me and he then helped me to sit back close to him. He hold me tight by my waist and he kissed my lips passionately as he groped my tits, pinching my erect dark nipples.

The taxi finally got into the driveway. My friend gave the driver a good tip and he opened the door for me.
We entered his house and he turned on some lights.
He pushed me against a wall and he lifted my skirt. As he shoved his hard cock from behind deep into my wet cunt, I claimed I did not even know his name yet.

He grunted, saying he did not know mine either.
He kept pushing harder and I closed my eyes in abandon, knowing we would have time later for a proper introduction…

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