She was looking for herself, but when I found her, she denied who she really was. Too much lived by the norms and values that were not hers. Acted too long as if she fit in with the picture her surroundings had of her. Eventually she found herself at the end of my chain, to which she had been chained more or less voluntarily for more than three weeks.

The first time she caught my attention by her way of writing. Ordinary words were neatly written with care that revealed a literacy that did not seem to match the nature of the advertisement.

Classy deepthroat slut is looking for you, my D.

Hello D, I am a sweet classy, but oh so horny slut who loves sex, I have a very wet pussy, delicious tits and ass and soft skin, but be careful I am a bit naughty.

I know what you expect from me and I will show you I am worthy serving. I love blowjobs and go wild with anal, do you? Call me and we will make a discreet appointment.

And are you looking for a submissive woman and do you know how to tame this naughty woman? If you succeed then you can do the 2nd appointment for nothing, because then I will do everything for you, nothing is taboo.

See you soon, a big kiss from your future deepthroatSub.

The appointment was made quickly and an hour later I parked my Mustang Shelby in front of her house. The door was open and there was a note that I could enter her home. I walked across a tiled floor, toward her living room. There I saw her sitting naked on her knees on a perfect circle of dried rice. The right attitude for receiving a superior to show him you love being disciplined and that the pain you are feeling is a very small price for your presence. Exactly as I had told her during our telephone conversation from an hour ago.

All this time she has been sitting like that, I could tell from how deep the grains had already been pressed into her skin. Without hesitation or warning, I pushed my cock deep down her throat and she quickly began to move her hot wet lips back and forth over my cock. She could no that without moving her body and her knees slightly, so that the rice grains penetrated her skin even harder and deeper. After a few minutes I let her sit down on all fours, so that hands were also pressed on the hard pointed rice grains. I knelt behind her, also with my knees in the rice because I would never let my Slavs and Subs do anything that I myself was not willing to do or could not stand.

I looked briefly at her beautiful sensual female body with beautiful curves in the right places. Because she hadn’t given a cramp, I rewarded her by taking a tiny bit of moisture out of her wet pussy with my fingers and made her anus a little less sensitive. Then I rammed my cock in her ass and still she didn’t shrink and still she looked respectfully to the floor.

While I was fucking her faster and faster and her anus was pulsating around my cock, I squeezed her nipples as hard as I could. For a moment there was a first short reaction from her body, but immediately the iron discipline reappeared, and she was in balance again. Her ass was exceptionally tight and I was very much aroused by her unprecedented body control, that I very intensively came in just a matter of minutes. I carefully let her clean my cock while at the same time tilting her head by pulling hard on her hair so that she could look me in the eye for the first time.

Immediately I recognized her lost look, searching for the void, and after seeing and feeling and mutually accepting each other’s soul, I gave her the choice. Come with me and you will be mine for as long as I want or keep on searching your entire life for that void that will eventually make you disappear.

So we came to my house and I gave her hot tea and told her that the heavy burden that she has fought too long in vain can become her greatest friend and lover in her new life. That is not going to be easy, but she looked at me and nodded with just enough certainty to convince me that she would be worth it and voluntarily walked to the chain that I had already prepared for before I left …

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