Hey guys , ever really wanted to do something really crazy? I would love to be on a stage, surrounded by gorgeous men in ballet tights,all hung like horses with monster bulges in their tights, in a production like Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, etc….

Major problem is, I might have good body BUT am sadly lacking in the cock and balls department and although I LOVE to wear panties and tights (pantyhose) te lack of a respectable bulge somewhat spoils the effect.

Having applied as an extra in a production of Robin Hood in a small local am dram group, I had to go along for a fitting for the costume at a Theatrical Costumer in one of the towns about 20 miles away. Off I set and arrived on time. I was thankful that at least the stage members we being measured up in separate rooms. Some rather nice men there, even wearing tracksuits I could see some promising equipment inside them!!! The door opened and a rather gorgeous tall black haired man walked in and sat by me. After a few minutes he asked me had I been waiting long, “No” I replied “Only about 20 minutes are you waiting to get fitted too?” I asked him

“Yes, I am playing Big John, you will soon see why, rather embarrassing actually,, always getting the piss taken out of me, what’s your name mate? I am Phil” I told him I was called Jo and dreading getting called in as I will have to ask them for a padded jock strap, not got much to look at to be honest” just then my name was called….

“See you afterwards for a coffee Jo OK?” “Yes I would love to” I said.

I followed the guy into a nicely decorated room, will all sorts of clothing hanging around, “Right, my name is Georgy, I will be measuring you up for your outfit, feel free to ask anything you feel like and are worried about, you are Jo? Right.?”

“Yes” I said, before I could ask anything Georgy said “Off with your clothes and lets get you kitted up”

I stripped off and waited for his laugh, “Mmmmm” he muttered gorgeous legs and body shame about the cock and balls though.
He told me to sit on the long bench and leaned over me, “Here, put this dance belt on to hide what you have, when you put your tights on” I pulled it on and he started to pull pale green tights up my legs. “Have to change these for XXXL, you have superb legs and thighs, need a BIG pair”

He returned with another pair, they are thick and very stretchy “Nylon and spandex” he added, “Stand up please and I will show you how to pull them up with damaging the stitched seams. “

they felt very comfortable, and were held up with elastic strap over my shoulders, the tights came up to just below my nips, and he pulled them right upside the crack of my butt Gives your bum great shape, although your is pretty dam good anyway” he laughed, and I saw him rib his crotch

We looked in the mirror, I looked great with the short tunic on but was sadly lacking a decent bulge.

Georgy walked to the cupboard and came back with a large box, he opened it up and revealed what looked like a very large prosthetic cock and balls” “Here, I will cut off the cock on the other end, these are transgender items, the gurls push them inside their pussies and they then have a realist cock and balls”

“Leave it on in case its no use” I added I was thinking I could use it as a dildo when I gt home the cock was BIG as in about 8” long and thick. Georgy pulled down my tights and belt and pushed the cock inside, secured the belt and pulled up my tights, a bit of pushing around and I had a massive bulge. “I will leave it on and wer my tracksuit over it” I told Georgy, He passed me 7 pairs of tights and 3 belts and three tops to change each night and added, try this pill when you get home, usually increases you cock and balls a little, might work. And off I went.
I met Phil outside, told him what had happened and he laughed and said lets go for a coffee, feeling a little bold I asked “Would you like to come back to mine for suppers, could pick up fish n chips on the way back”.

He looked a bit surprised, “Just one problem, I live about 20 miles in the other direction?”

“Stay the night” I suggested, to my even more surprise he said “Brilliant” and laughed again.

Got back to my house, made coffee and sat watching the TV eating our food, “I love fish n chips” said Phil

It was soon 1130pm and Phil said he ought to be going home, I looked and suggested he might like to stay over?? “Gotta a large bed then Jo?” he asked..

“Yes a king size, why” I answered.
He stood up and removed his track suit bottoms, he was still wearing yellow tights for his BIG JOHN part and I gagged. He was sporting a massive hard cock, nearly to his waist and a massive bulge disguised a bit by his dance belt. He looked embarrassed, “Cant get my cock into the belt its not big enough, hey, by the way, try that tablet he gave you”

I opened my wallet and pulled out a rather large bright red pill, took some water and swallowed it.

“Hope my cock and balls grow a bit” I laughingly replied.

I suddenly shuddered, and a massive pain shot through my crotch I gasped and Phil grabbed as I was about to drop to the floor

“Fucking hell” I yelled “What the shit was that” I yanked off my trackky bots, and my crotch was giving me hell…… I pulled down my tights, Phil helped.. Fuck me he is soooooo hot. I eased my dance belt off, and the cock and ball dildo fell out. Phil looked and to my surprise simply said “Mmm wouldn’t mind that baby being rammed up my back passage, even though I prefer to give”

Ahh, I thought so he he is deffo gay, well thats a start.

Phil looked at my crotch and remarked “Your cock and balls seem to have vanished and whats that lump where they should be?”

I stood up, I had no cock and no balls, however I did have what shockingly looked like a vagina starting to form. As we watched intently my phone rang, it was Georgy “dont take the pill,” he screamed down the phone “Its the wrong one, I gave you a MTF in error!”I could feel

“Toooooo late Georgy, gotta a pussy forming now” he put the phone down whimpering.

Phil and myself watched in awe as the flesh between my legs slowly split open, and formed a pair of plump pussy lips inside the flesh look warm and moist and to my horror I wanted FUCKING.
Phil eased his massive cock from its confinement and stood against me, he started to kiss me. “Jo, forgive me for what I about to do”

Next minute I felt a huge hot wet cock head pushing against my gash, he gently pushed and with a loud plop, his cock entered my new orifice. He pushed inside and I took all 10” of his hot hard member, he fuck me so gently all the time kissing me, and pinching my nipples, “Hold on Jo” he yelled “I’m cumming”

He nearly lifted me off the floor, I could feel his seed filling me, then felt something oozing down my thighs, he gently moved away, thick creamy cum was dripping into his yellow tights and dance belt, it was oozing from my pussy and soaking into my tights, we were in a right mess.
I stuffed some paper hankies up my gash to keep me dry and knew I would have to get some tampons to wear to stop me leaking cum of whatever would drip out.

Phil looked at me and said “Here lets try this” He picked up the cock and balls and pushed the dildo shaped cock up inside my gash, it stopped and I looked as though I had my own cock and balls. I pulled up my dance belt and tights and I looked pretty dam normal.

We stripped off, into the washer ready for rehearsals next night. And went to bed, not before getting fucked by Phil….. I loved it. Phil said he was having a super time with me and could we make this a permanent thing. It was now 2am, before I answered I went to my spare bedroom, put on a pair of red frilled panties, red suspender belt and red fishnet stockings and went back into the bedroom.

He leapt off the bed shouting “Its not fair I cant leave you alone now” His cock was red hot and solid as a rock, it simply pushed my panties aside and he was in and up in no time, 20 minutes later two cum covered guys again.

We finally got to bed, and when I woke up, we were in each others arms and Phils cock was still inside my pussy.

Cannot wait for this evening…….

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