“Incest Submission”: Mom & Son

Summary: Hot Mom and college son seduce each other on Earth Day.

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Incest Submission: Mom & Son

Simon was in his freshman college psychology class when all his unhealthy obsessions, or at least the biggest one, suddenly made sense. His professor discussed Sigmund Freud’s Oedipus Complex, Freud believed it was a universal psychological phenomenon that all boys fantasize about having sex with their mothers.

There was utter silence as their professor spoke and Simon wondered instantly if it was because all the other male students were all thinking the same thing he was. ‘Thank God’. Although Simon had a steady and very hot girlfriend, who liked giving head and whom he fucked regularly, every time he masturbated it was not while imagining his girlfriend Kim, but rather to images of his mother, Sara.

As his professor continued to discuss how the Oedipus complex was a theory that deep inside every boys’ subconscious is the desire to sexually possess their mother. These inappropriate thoughts are held deep inside the boy’s subconscious and never released, therefore never being dealt with emotionally. In extreme cases, the son wants to murder his father and replace him as the man of the house.

Simon was floored. He had fantasized about having sex with his mother forever, and always felt guilty afterwards. He was always horny, being eighteen, and his fantasies always included his mother being his sexual submissive and obeying his every order, the way he assumed she did for his father in the bedroom when he was alive. His fantasies were often different, but they always included his mom in pantyhose, obeying his every sexual whim. Sometimes he imagined forcing her to suck his cock and shooting his cum down her throat; other times he imagined being woken up by his mom’s beautiful lips; other times he fantasized taking her in the back of the car while Dad drove in the front seat oblivious to mom riding his son’s cock; other times he created crazy tales full of risk, like eating Mom’s pussy under the table while his father ate supper unaware of what was occurring right under the table; but mostly he just fantasized having mom suck and fuck him. Yet, as soon as he had cum, an overwhelming guilt would hit him as he couldn’t believe he would fantasize about committing incest and treating his sweet, caring mother so inappropriately and with such disrespect.

Simon’s obsession with his mother reached new heights after he lost his virginity at prom to Kim. It was a magical night, but as he had sex and closed his eyes, it was his mother whose face popped into his head.

It didn’t help that his mother, a teacher, was often walking around the house in a skirt and pantyhose…or that, at forty-one, she was easily the hottest women he had ever seen.

Simon never had any real hope of making his fantasies become a reality, until fate opened the door.


“Simon,” Sara called out, her computer not working properly.

“Yes, Mom,” Simon called back, coming into his mother’s room.

“Can you check out my computer? It keeps freezing up on me,” Sara asked.

“Of course,” Simon said, taking mom’s computer. “I’ll work on it tonight as soon as I finish my homework.”

“Thanks, sweetheart,” Sara said.

Simon returned to his room and finished his homework before beginning to work on his mom’s computer. An hour later, he was surprised to learn that his mom had acquired a virus while watching porn. The thought that his beautiful sweet mother was watching online porn was quite the turn on and he began searching her web history. A plethora of adult web sites popped up including movie sites, chat sites and erotica sites. He was just checking out one of the sites when she popped into his room unexpected.

“Fix it yet?” Sara asked, startling him as he quickly exited out of Internet Explorer.

Simon shifted the computer slightly, to hide the erection in his pajamas, as he stammered, “N-n-not yet.”

“Okay,” Sara shrugged, hoping to have it fixed so she could chat with a couple of men she had been doing some online playing with.

“I’m just doing a virus check right now,” Simon lied, trying to buy time to snoop.

“No problem, sweetheart,” Sara said, leaving him alone, figuring she would have to get off with one of her toys tonight.

Simon continued searching her computer and found that although she occasionally watched videos, or read erotica, she enjoyed yahoo chat the most. Simon clicked on yahoo and gasped at his mom’s handle: Submissivemom.

He located her conversation history and began reading some of her conversations:

Submissivemom: Hi, Mistress

Simon stared at the word Mistress.

Kimlovescunt: Hi, my little cunt.

Submissivemom: I shaved my cunt as u ordered

Kimlovescunt: Send me a picture

Submissivemom: Yes, Mistress…brb

Simon gasped. His mom had an online Mistress. She sent pictures of herself to strangers. Simon quickly searched her photos but didn’t find anything there, but doing a more intrusive search, he found a secret file in her pay stub folder. Clicking on it, there were pictures of his mom in thigh highs and nothing else, cupping her breasts while smiling, up close photos of her vagina both shaved and hairy, and one with a wine bottle inside her. Simon’s cock was about to burst.

Kimlovescunt: Very nice cunt

Submissivemom: Thank you

Kimlovescunt: I’d love to eat that cunt of yours

Submissivemom: hmmmmmm

Kimlovescunt: I’d make you come so hard

Submissivemom: oh God, yes

Kimlovescunt: rub your clit my slut

Submissivemom: yes, Mistress

Kimlovescunt: tell me what you want

Submissivemom: to come for my Mistress

Kimlovescunt: slide two fingers inside that cunt of yours

Submissivemom: yes, Mistress

Kimlovescunt: are u wet?

Submissivemom: soaked

Kimlovescunt: cum my little slut

Submissivemom: so close

Kimlovescunt: now slut

Submissivemom: yes, yes, yes

Simon couldn’t believe what he read. Curious, he clicked on another conversation.

Submissivemom: Master, I am online and dressed as instructed.

MasterJohn: Describe your outfit.

Submissivemom: cheerleader sweater, skirt and beige thigh highs

MasterJohn: have you come since our last chat

Submissivemom: no master

MasterJohn: have you continued to tease your son as instructed?

Submissivemom: yes master…he loves my legs in nylons

MasterJohn: do you want to fuck him?

Submissivemom: you know I do

Simon froze. He couldn’t believe what he was reading.

MasterJohn: and yet you haven’t done so

Submissivemom: It is one thing to fantasize about it and yet another to cross that taboo line.

MasterJohn: yes it is, slut. But, the question is do you want to keep living this lame fantasy life or do you want to make both yourself and your son very happy

Submissivemom: how do I know he won’t be sickened by me?

MasterJohn: all boys want to fuck their mothers…it is the Oedipus complex

Submissivemom: really?

MasterJohn: of course and u r a very beautiful mommy. I imagine he jerks off daily thinking about fucking u

Submissivemom: u really think so?

MasterJohn: I know so…I have a task for u

Submissivemom: okay

MasterJohn: u will accidentally squeeze his cock

Oh my God, Simon thought to himself, recalling his mom tripping a few days ago and her hand landing directly on his cock to catch her fall. It was super embarrassing at the time, but knowing it was planned made it all the hotter.

Submissivemom: yes, Master

MasterJohn: I expect his cock in all three of your holes one day soon

Submissivemom: I would love it…I haven’t had a cock in any of them since Jake died.

MasterJohn: well, u have a live-in cock in your house…use it

Submissivemom: I wish it was that easy

MasterJohn: it really is…but we will start slow with u

Submissivemom: thank u, Master

MasterJohn: now cum for me thinking of ur son pounding that cunt of urs…but u may not use a toy or ur hands

Submissivemom: what should I use?

MasterJohn: be creative

Submissivemom: how about a wine bottle

MasterJohn: perfect

That explains the wine bottle picture, Simon thought to himself.

Realizing he had to hurry, he grabbed a USB drive and saved all her chats and pictures to read later.

He finished fixing her computer and took it back to her room. Usually, he would knock on her door, but hoping to catch her in the act he just walked in. Unfortunately, she was reading a book.

“Did you get it fixed, honey?” she asked, hopeful she could still catch Master or Mistress online.

“Good as new,” he answered, handing her the laptop, trying to hint that he knew more than he should about his mother. “You just had a virus. You need to be careful what sites you go on.”

Sara’s face flushed as she worried he knew about her porn watching.

Simon left and went directly to his laptop, an idea instantly popping in his head. He sent her an invite to chat under the username: Makingmommymine.


Hi, I am a dominant son who has made his mother his personal plaything. I would love an online pet to train.

If interested add me and send the following message in the next half hour:

“I want your help in becoming a good Mommy-slut!”

I expect your response ASAP!

Master S

After Simon sent it, he freaked out. The words he wrote just flowed out of him naturally and yet they were not him. He would never be so crude with his mother, or any girl, for that matter.

Sara was just about to send a massage to Mistress Kim when the friend request came. She read it and gasped even as her cunt instantly tingled. She loved the forceful, no-nonsense approach and figured the role playing would satisfy her fantasy of sleeping with her son. So after grabbing a toy from her growing box of self-pleasure assistants, she responded.

He hadn’t expected a response, but five minutes later:

Submissivemom: I want your help in becoming a good mommy-slut!

Makingmommymine: Hi, slut.

Submissivemom: Hi, sir.

She wanted to call him Master, but held back, not wanting to look over zealous.

Makingmommymine: Tell me about yourself, my pet.

Submissivemom: I am 42, a widow, with two children (my older son moved out and is currently backpacking Europe, while my youngest son lives at home with me while attending college. I have blue eyes, blonde hair, 36D breasts that are still in great shape and long legs that are probably my best asset.

Makingmommymine: Do you want to have sex with your son?

Submissivemom: yes, sir.

Makingmommymine: How old is he?

Submissivemom: 18

Makingmommymine: Perfect. If you obey my orders I am confident I can have his cock in you within a couple of weeks

Submissivemom: Really?

Makingmommymine: All sons want to have sex with their mommy

Submissivemom: Really?

Makingmommymine: it is logical. You are the first female to have any influence on him. Have you ever heard of the Oedipus Complex?

Submissivemom: No.

Makingmommymine: look it up when you have time. In essence it is psychologically proven that all boys want to have sex with their mothers.

Submissivemom: Wow!

Sara googled the theory and couldn’t believe it, yet, it made perfect sense in many ways…she recalled Master John saying something similar.

Makingmommymine: Do you want assistance in submitting to your son?

Submissivemom: Yes.

Makingmommymine: I will help you but I expect total obedience.

Simon couldn’t believe how easily his mother obeyed.

Submissivemom: Of course, sir.

Simon, deciding to test her early, made a demand he was sure she wouldn’t obey.

Makingmommymine: Take a picture of your tits for me.

Sara looked at the demand. Her cunt tingled at the order. She had always been submissive, but always in a generic sort of way. It was only when she started playing online, reading stories on Literotica and watching videos like the lesbian ‘Hot & Mean’ series did she begin to question whether perhaps she was sexually submissive. Looking back at her life, she realized that she had never been completely sexually satisfied because she had never given herself up to the lust underneath her conservative attire. Yet, as she chatted with strangers online and just let herself say whatever she TRULY felt, she had begun to question herself. Deciding what the hell, she lifted up her sweatshirt and quickly took a picture with the web cam. Before she could even ponder if it was a good idea, she clicked send.

Submissivemom: Here you go, sir.

Simon gasped. His mother had just unknowingly sent him a picture of her still very firm breasts and very erect nipples. His cock, already hard, begged to be pulled out of his underwear. Before responding, he quickly tugged down his pants and underwear to allow his cock to be free.

Makingmommymine: You have delicious titties, Mommy-pet. Would you like your son to suck on them like he did all those years ago?

Sara couldn’t believe she had sent someone she had chatted with for only two minutes a photo of her breasts. She also couldn’t believe how erect her nipples were or how wet her pussy was.

Submissivemom: I would love my son to suck on my big titties, sir.

Makingmommymine: Are you ready to begin your training as a Mommy-pet?

Sara’s right hand responded, while her left hand began pleasuring herself.

Submissivemom: Yes, sir.

Makingmommymine: I will give you quite a few tasks to complete. I will also expect you to dress a certain way and ALWAYS obey without hesitation.

‘Oh God’, Sara thought to herself. Why are his firm words turning her on so much? She again responded without hesitation or thought.

Submissivemom: Yes, sir.

Makingmommymine: First, I am not sir. I am your Master until such time as your son takes my place.

The word ‘Master’ was so much more powerful in Sara’s mind and she even said the words out loud as she typed them.

Submissivemom: Yes, Master.

Makingmommymine: Good, Mommy-pet.

Somehow, the new title and the positive reinforcement only enhanced Sara’s eagerness.

Submissivemom: Thank you, Master.

Makingmommymine: My expectations are as follows: You will wear nylons every day.

Sara smiled to herself, she already did that. She loved the feel of silk nylon on her legs. She liked how the nylons disguised how white her legs were. She liked to accessorize her outfits with different colours of nylons. She also liked to wear thigh high stockings under her skirts and dresses, as it made her feel sexier even if no one knew but her. She also loved knowing that men were checking her legs out.

Submissivemom: I already do that, Master.

Makingmommymine: Good Mommy-pet. Next, you will stay in your nylons when at home, keeping your stocking-clad feet and legs in view of your son.

Submissivemom: So no heels?

Makingmommymine: Right! You, of course, will keep your toe nails painted.

Sara thought the expectation a little strange, but no stranger than all of his other expectations, things she already did…at least partially.

Submissivemom: Of course, Master.

Simon couldn’t believe just how obedient his mother was. She seemed to obey everything he said without hesitation. He decided to keep seeing just how far he could push her.

Makingmommymine: Also, I don’t share my pets. You are not to have any other online masters or mistresses. Is that clear, Mommy-pet?

Sara really enjoyed chatting with her online Mistress and Master, yet there was something so alluring and intriguing about this Master, that she was willing to temporarily obey and see where this led.

Submissivemom: crystal clear, Master.

Typing the word Master sent another chill through Sara.

Makingmommymine: I also expect you online whenever possible, and you will send a photo each day that shows your obedience to me.

Submissivemom: Yes, Master.

She agreed, even without clarity of what the photos may be, her pussy burning as she continued slowly rubbing it. Not wanting to orgasm yet, instead wanting to build to a slow crescendo until it reached a fever pitch.

Makingmommymine: I will give you some tasks that I believe will assist in fulfilling your fantasy and if done correctly and completely as instructed you should end up with a new live in Master…your son!!!

Sara’s cunt tingled at the last few words as she had fantasized about her son a lot since reading stories online, but she had never considered him as a Master with her his submissive until now, even though her username was submissivemom.

Submissivemom: I look forward to obeying your tasks, Master.

Makingmommymine: Good…have you been playing with yourself?

Submissivemom: Yes, Master.

Makingmommymine: Are you close to coming you dirty mommy-slut?

Submissivemom: Yes, Master.

Makingmommymine: Why?

Submissivemom: Your powerful words turn me on, Master.

Makingmommymine: And you want to be your son’s Mommy-slut?

Submissivemom: Yes, Master.

Makingmommymine: Get yourself off, Mommy-slut.

Sara began rubbing herself frantically, desperately wanting to come as she imagined Simon fucking her.

Submissivemom: Yessss, Master.

Makingmommymine: his personal cocksucker.

Sara felt her body giving in completely to the thought of committing the ultimate sin.

Makingmommymine: his personal cum bucket.

Simon was pumping away too. The long held fantasy of fucking his mother was no longer a silly boy fantasy, but a real possibility.

Makingmommymine: Mommy-pet.

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