We learn it the same night drunk at the hotel pool
a pack of 3 white teen boys of 20 yr in holiday

the pool was closed and at 2am we came back drunk trespassing not caring about anything and having fun

we all were in shock when a group of older black guys came to the pool 5 of them smiling and joking about not being the only ones ”awake ” for a night bath

we should have left before , one close the pool lights , onlt stars and moon for a light

all 5 just undress . bbc sprung from boxer one after another in the dark

we were way too slow once they dive in

”any little cock boy wanna touch a real cock?”

laughing together at us

all of them wanting us to throw our boxer too, night bath rules they said

not wanting too and swimming away was useless

all 3 line us up standing in the low water side of the pool, our wet boxer pulled off trying to fight em scarred and not wanting to be naked

all 3 of regular size trying to hide our 6inch , bigger hard black cocks all around us laughting at our smaller cock

put in a triangle our back touching i fought the 2 bbc rubbing on my face , my 2 friends could be ear doing the same

until i ear one get in phil mouth

”thats it little cock white boy , suck this big fat cock”

i got scarred even more listening to phil now just mouth open head knocking on mine

”open boys or we fuck you up instead”

you could clearly ear me and math getting mouth filled right after one said that

looking up at all 5 pumping in our mouth , cock sucking sound everywhere myself slurping up cocks after cock presented to me

our back heads hitting each other as we become cock suckers

until phill was pulled ass up mouth fuck his ass getting popped eye closed moaning taking him without a fight

all 3 in line infront of 2 bbc, ass up and stretch open by big cock
drunk and taking big cock together like it was nothing

guys switching position slapping out ass calling us faggots

i moan like a bitch every time his hips slam on me

all 3 now moaning helpless , taking cocks deep like pussy boy

”arent they good little white cock boy? we should go back in and bring our new friends with us”

i didnt talk to either of my friend walking between them a hands in our pants fingering us as we walk

”told you we would be finding holes this holidays”

”yeah i owe you one frank i needed to fuck , jenny been a bitch”

in silence walking all 5 horny str8 daddy just wanting to wreck our little white holes

i was pull by mike as soon as i was in the hotel room

”gonna take a shower with this one”

once alone he throw me down in the shower on my back and tilts my head to fuck my face
filled my mouth as he got the shower running i was drench and gagging

i slide away and tried to get up to breath , the water pouring on me

i was punched in my stomach so hard i fell in a fetus position my head pull back mouth fucked

”fucking wore, you dont have a say in this, i grown up r****g my white neighnors at the park , i know how to fuck up small cock boys , you obey or get ****d ”

i was gagging mouth fuck hard until i coudnt anymore

i pushed him and i was beaten, he punch me in the face thrown me on the floor and pull my ass slapping me hard on it

i cried under my boxer in my mouth ass up and ****d

thrown hard on the shower wall and pickup ass up fucked **** smacking my face as i cry

”you never gonna be a boy again, i can tell you will be a fag taking cock in alleys forever ”

”we gonna fuck you all week , fucking useless white boys , its over for you”

i was filled with cum ass up ask to yell loud i love to be a girl

my friends bouncing on cocks on the beds on the other room ear me become a girl, **** and crying until i got out on all 4 on the bed

”tell them”

”my….my name is now cindy”

i was between 2 cocks phil in the shower , i could ear him moan and cry getting throw around and scream

”dont be afraid, you are going to be a good girl too lidia”

me friend looking scarred he was next with mike

looking at me suck and get fuck smiling moaning im a wore for bbc

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