If you have read the last story about my best friend Kaho you would know of her recently experience with foreigners and sex… Working in an office job I have many foreign friends and they all want to talk to Japanese women and of course fuck… Me being the good friend I am directed them to Kaho’s bar and they sure enjoyed her. For weeks now in the break room I would hear my coworker breg about how they fucked Kaho and used her all night. I would see videos of her getting throat fucked and used and it made me happy to see my best friend enjoy long foreign cock. Kaho was a loving Japanese women like me. Only 25 of age and lost her virginity at 13 like me. At her bar older men would pay extra to fuck her and it was just work… Going to love hotels and having horney old men do whatever they pleased but with young foreign guys she can fuck the way she wants to. No more dirty old man grabbing her tits and ass… I watched Kaho have an older man slide his hands under her skirt before and fingering her while she worked at the bar… Japanese women are not allowed to make a scene so she let him do as he pleased even though she didn’t like it… With my coworkers going to her bar now her sex life has improved and she enjoyed riding on bigger and stronger cock. I never seen her become so slutty before I was jealous… I mean I would fuck these guys on my break time to time in the office but Kaho’s pussy was the talk of the office and not mine… I had to one up her… At work we have a foreigner named Jamal who is black… We fucked before and I remember how sore he made my pussy… As good as it was it hurt! I could hardly fit his big cock in my mouth and he was so rough. I could hardly breathe while he throat fucked me like a cheap whore… He would be the make or break point for Kaho. If Kaho can take him she can handle anything…

So one night after work I bring Jamal to Kaho’s bar. Kaho looked at me funny for she never had a black man before and I just winked. Jamal looked at Kaho up and down with please. I can already see he was planning to fuck Kaho out of her mind. After 2 hours of drinking Kaho decided to close the bar. I ask Kaho if she wanted to fuck him? She asked me if it was true, are black men really that big? I said yes… You will never have anything like it. So Kaho goes and locks the bar. I tell Jamal to enjoy, Kaho has never been with a black bull before. Jamal aroused grabs Kaho’s grey dress and rips it off her. His tongue being forced down Kaho’s throat and he slides his hands through Kaho’s purple panties. Kaho is moaning while smacking lips with Jamal. His long fingers going in and out of her makes her so wet. Her grey dressed only half on while her breast and bra are exposed. Jamal exposes her nice F cup boobs and begins to suck on them. All I hear is Kaho’s moan of joy and delight. Kaho gets on her knees and unzips Jamals pants to see a big black snake come out. She is in awe, she couldn’t believe how big he was. Jamal being the man he is slaps Kaho’s face with his large cock and says suck it bitch, you know you want it. Kaho feeling degraded try to put it all in her mouth. Seeing Kaho struggle made me wet as I am rubbing myself watching my best friend get treated like a whore. Jamal is impatient and starts ramming his cock down Kaho’s throat. Kaho is gagging and struggling to breath asking him to stop but Jamal won’t. After 5 minutes he pulls his cock off Kaho’s mouth and bends her over. He slowly rubs it over Kaho’s wet pussy and Kaho is moaning saying it feels so good. Finally he sticks it in and all the way and Kaho screams! Itai! She says, itai means it hurts in Japanese but Jamal doesn’t care. He came here to fuck and degrade my best friend and I am wet as ever watching this! In and out he is pounding Kaho’s pussy making her nice and wet and red. I see Kaho’s eyes roll back from suck pleasure. She looked like she was going to pass out but Jamal chokes her making her pussy tighter as she screams for him to stop. Jamal is pulling on Kaho’s long black hair and fucking her from being telling her this pussy is so tight! Kaho is cumming like crazy with her pussy oozing with cum and Jamal keeps pounding. I cum a few times after fingerings myself to my best friend being dominated. All I hear is Jamal asking Kaho do you like it bitch? You love my big black cock don’t you slut? Kaho dick drunk replies yes baby! It hurts but give me more! Motto! Motto! Iku! More and more, I’m cumming Kaho says in Japanese. Finally Jamal pulls out and grabs Kaho’s face and hair and slams his cock down her throat and unloads his cum inside her. Kaho almost gagged when his cum hit her back of her throat and Swallows. Barley functional Kaho licks Jamals cock clean and Jamal gets up and calls Kaho a nice little slut. Kaho still in her purple bra and panties with her breast and pussy exposed asked Jamal to pay for the bar tab he owes. Jamal looks at Kaho and says I did with my cock didn’t I? Kaho too dick drunk to argue nodes and thanks him. Afterwords me and Jamal leave a passed out Kaho at her bar. I felt bad because the door was unlocked. If anybody heard the noises Kaho was making they’d probably go in for a freebie hehe…. I ask Jamal how was Kaho, he said she was some good pussy but he wanted Chikako (me) next. We ended up getting a love hotel for the night to enjoy ourselves while Kaho was passed out at her bar in only her bra and panties with her pussy and boobs exposed. Door left open for any other guy to walk in and enjoy… XOXO
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