This a true story of how I deflowered Jayne the 85 year old virgin. This really long story will be broken up into shorter chapters.

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This is chapter 2.

Barb and I left and I asked what she wanted for dinner. She told me and we went to her favorite local short order burger joint. We went through drive through got the food and then she wanted to go to an overlook to eat. We drive and ate on the way. By the time we got there she was naked, had her seat laid back all the way and was fingering her pussy. We got to the top and saw two other cars there. My car is a convertible and she asked me to put the top down. She wanted to put on a show. I recognized one of the vehicles, it belongs to a prostitute I know. Her vehicle is a camper van that she uses as a brothel. I did not see anyone in the other car so I figured the owner of the other car is her client and they were fucking in her camper van. Barb started giving me a blow job in my car. We then moved to the back seat where we tried to fuck but my car is so small it was not easy. As we were trying we heard the door to the camper van open and someone got out. Barb got worried but I told her to just keep sucking my cock. The prostitute, she calls herself Ginger Kitty, because she has red hair and does not shave her pussy. And the guy she was with walked over to my car. Ginger was pretty much naked. Even in the dark I could see cum running out of her red haired pussy and down her legs. Ginger said hi to me and called Barb’s name. Just as she did I started cumming in Barb’s throat. When I was done, she looked up and smiled at Ginger and said “mmmm, he’s got a tasty load.” Ginger told she knows and bent down and kissed Barb and they shared my load. The guy who was with Ginger was a young 20 something k**. He looked dumbfounded at the whole thing. They finished kissing and Ginger asked if she wanted to clean her out. Barb smiled and told her yes. Barb got out of the car, they both walked behind it, Ginger lay back on the trunk and spread her legs. Barb put her face in Ginger’s pussy and started eating her out and stuck her exposed pussy out for whom ever wanted to fuck her from behind. I told the guy who was with Ginger he had better stick his cock in her. He just looked amazed at the whole thing. I got out of my car, walked around it to behind Barb and shoved my cock in her pussy. I knew I was not going to cum right away. I looked over and saw his cock was really hard and he looked like he was going to burst. I told him to come closer, he did, I told him I’m going to pull out and you fuck her from behind. I pulled out and he shoved his nice cock into Barb’s pussy and started jack-hammering her. Ginger started cumming in Barb’s face and the k** blasted his load in Barb.

Just then someone was coming up the road. The k** pulled out of Barb and pulled up his pants. Barb got off of Ginger and both casually walked to the camper van carrying their clothes with the k** and I following. The k** was freaking out thinking we were going to get in trouble. I told him to calm down and waved at whom ever was in the car that was pulling in. We got in the camper and I was feeling ready to cum again. Ginger and Barb got in a 69 position and I got behind Ginger and shoved my cock in her. I asked the k** if he likes sex with guys. He said he has never tried. I told him to get closer to me and took his cock my mouth. He is nice and thick. I have him a blow job and backed off when he got closer to cumming. I edged him a few more times. I could tell he was getting frustrated but told him not to worry. I told him to kneel behind me, he did. I reached back, grabbed his cock, lined it up with my tunnel and told him to shove it in me, hard. He did and it felt great. Right away he jack hammered my ass. I knew he would not last long and I was getting close to cumming in Ginger. I felt the k** unload deep in me and I started cumming in Ginger while she orgasmed around my cock and Barb’s mouth and tongue and Barb had a big orgasm too.

After everyone was done cumming the k** pulled out of me, I pulled out of Ginger and Ginger got off of Barb. The k** and Barb got dressed and waited outside while I talked and settled up with Ginger on what I owed her. I paid Ginger double what I usually would. She asked if I was going to take k** home with me and continue to break him in. I told her I am going to ask if he wants to come with me, but I want to fuck her some more and asked if she can take Barb home. She said she would and can join me at my house later. We went outside and I asked the k**, he told me his name is Justin, if he wanted to come home with me for more sex and told Barb Ginger is going to take care of her. Justin said he would love to come home with me for more hot gay fucking and sucking. Barb was cool with staying with Ginger.

Justin followed me to my house. I texted my wife and told her what has happened and what or rather whom I am doing next. She sent me pics of her hot sexcapades with a bunch of sexy, old, fat women. Some of whom I have never seen.

When we got to house I took Justin back to the master bedroom and told we are going to get naked and and get in bed together. We started making out and the k** was a natural. I asked him if he was sure this was his first time with man. He said with an actual male yes, but he has been with a trans woman. I asked what he did with the trans. He said got sucked by her and fucked her. He said he tried to suck her but she has a really big cock and he was really disappointed because he wanted to feel her cock in his mouth as she came and swallow her cum. I told him I want him to suck me and do the best he can. Justin moved down to my cock that he was already stroking. He took the head in his mouth and started sucking and licking. I told him I am going to teach him how to take my whole cock down his throat. After he got used to sucking the head I had him suck about half way down the shaft of my cock I told him to concentrate on opening his mouth and throat wider and breathe steadily through his nose. He started doing so. I then had him go further down on my cock, and stop when he felt he could not go any further. Justin did and did not have to stop until he was all the down on my cock. His tight throat felt incredible. I had him pull off and asked him how it felt. He told me really good. I told him if he gives me a blow job I won’t last long and asked if he wanted to taste my cum or just take it down his throat. He said he wanted both but asked about me having enough to fuck him. I told him not to worry and when I start to cum he will want to pull back a little to taste it on his tongue and then take it down his throat. He smiled and took my cock down his throat and started bobbing his head up and down. He used his tongue and swirl it around the head and down the shaft. I was getting really close and told him. He started massaging my balls. I could no longer hold back and my cum exploded out of my cock and into his mouth. He quickly pulled back a bit to take the first spurt on his tongue then as he swallowed my cock back down his throat he took spurt after spurt until I was done. He took every ounce of my cum. When I was done he pulled my cock out of his mouth and moved his head up to my chest where we kissed and I held him in my arms. I also started stroking his cock.

I wanted his cock in my ass again, but I wanted to ride him because I knew it would get me all horned up to fuck him.

I got up on my knees and told him to lay there and enjoy what happens next.

His cock was rock hard and it was the first time I really noticed he is uncut. I thought i felt something when he fucked me earlier, now I knew for sure. I wasted no time and straddled him taking his big uncut dick all the way in my ass at once. This took him by surprise, especially when I started riding his cock fast and hard. I could feel his thick foreskin sliding in and out of my love tunnel. I rode him to the point of just having the tip of his head in my ass, but my anal opening is pulled just above has foreskin and then ram my tight ass back down his thick shaft, forcing his cock up into me. I could feel his cock get thicker and harder as he got close to cumming. I continued like this and he started blasting his load in me. He grabbed my hips, held me on his cock while he thrust even deeper into me and finished filling me with cum. I let him finish and leaned forward and started kissing him passionately. My cock was really hard and ready to fuck him. I hissed in his ear it is his turn. He smiled and told me he is ready and asked how I want him.

I got off of him and had spread his legs as wide as he could and told him I want to see his face when I fuck him. I got the Vaseline and took a good size glob out with two of my fingers. Before I started rubbing around his love hole with the Vaseline I noticed how sexy, and hot looking his virgin rosebud was. I sc****d my fingers off in the Vaseline jar, bent down and started rimming, tonguing and kissing his sexy love hole. I normally do but do this but he really turned me on. He responded by putting legs over my shoulders and humping his ass onto my mouth. I drove my tongue as far in his love tunnel as I could get it. He was really moaning like a whore at this point. I kept going for a few more my min to make sure he was really relaxed to take my cock. I knew he would not need to use my relaxation and breathing technique and all I will need is the Vaseline. I sat up, put the lube back on my fingers, started fingering his love hole, inserting one and then two fingers into him. He took it like a pro. I pulled my fingers out, put his legs on my shoulders spreading him really wide, lined my cock up with his virgin rosebud and started pushing into him. He told me to take him and make him mine and not stop until I was all the way in him. With one smooth, hard push thrust my cock into him and did not stop until I could go no more. The look on his face was one of amazement and lust. He was the best male virgin ass in have ever deflowered. Before he could respond I pulled back and thrust back into him again. He groaned loudly. I kept fucking my cock in and it of his tight fuck hole until I had a good rhythm going. Once I had a good rhythm going he was moaning even louder. All of a sudden I felt something warm on my chest and looked down. Justin was cumming while I was fucking him. This really turned me on and I started pounding him hard. I then started blasting my cum deep inside of his hot ass. I had never cum so much in a guy before. I came so much it leaked out and ran down my balls. When I was done pulled out of him and lay next to him. We kissed and held each other and fell asleep.

I woke up a couple of hours later to my phone ringing, it was Ginger. I answered it and she and when she can come over. I told her to come in over. Justin woke up at well. He said he had to get going, it was about 1 in the morning. Justin got dressed and left after we exchanged contact info.

Ginger arrived shortly after

When I answered the door she smiled at the fact that I was naked and semi hard. She had on a loose fitting shirt, no bra and very tight little leggings showing an obvious camel toe between her legs despite her thick red pussy hair. With the door wide open and the light on, I pushed her to her knees and shoved my cock in her mouth. She greedily swallowed it and took her shirt off.

My wife and I have a very nosy neighbor who is an old prude. She likes to try and lecture us on how to live godly lives. My wife has actually invited her to join us in bed just to mess with her. I knew she would be looking out of her back window that my back door faces as Ginger sucked my cock. I turned the light out saw my neighbor staring at us. I smiled and motioned for her to join us, knowing she would not. She glared at me and shut her blinds and stopped watching us.

Ginger stood up and asked whom I was gesturing to, I told her about my neighbor and she laughed. She asked if we should really put on a show and fuck each other on the porch. I told her she stopped watching us. Ginger said let’s go to the bedroom. I told her we need to shower first. She took the rest of her clothes off as she followed me to the bathroom. We got in the shower and turned the water on. We faced each other at first, soaping each other up, she stroked my cock and I messaged her tits and hairy pussy but what I really wanted is to fuck her ass before I fucked her pussy. I am the only client Ginger allows to fuck her anally. I pay her for what she calls around the world. That is a blow job, I fuck her ass and I fuck her pussy. I pay her the same basic rate whether I cum or not. If I cum in more than one of her holes I pay her a bonus based on how many. Taking showers together is part of the basic rate because she knows when she is fresh and clean and I am too the chances of me cumming in two of her holes is greater. She will also charge for time spent together beyond her standard two hours. She does not charge me extra if I suck her tits or finger or eat her pussy. After we washed each other I turned her around me had her bend over and grab the bar on the shower wall. She did so and I plunged my cock in her tight ass. Her ass is tighter than my wife’s and my MIL’s. Not only am I the only guy who fucks Ginger’s ass, I was the first guy to do so. Every time I fuck her tight ass feels like the first time because she is so tight. Her legs were getting tired so she had me stop and pull out. She said she has to finish doing something in the shower and to wait for her in bed. As I got out of the shower Ginger grabbed my wife’s shave gel and a razor. I went and lay in bed for her. She came in a little while later but I could not see her very well because the lights were off. She got in bed, lay on her stomach and told me to pound her ass hard. I got on too of her, lined my cock up with her anal love hole and pounded her hard until I came deep her ass.

She said that was the best one yet, referring to how good it has been for her in the past. There has even been a few times when she called me just to get fucked in the ass without charging. She liked it so much she has ridden my cock with her ass and then also had me fuck her hot cunt without charging me.

After I rolled off of her and lay on my back beside her, she said she has a surprise for me. I asked her what as she sat up and got on top of me in the 69 position. As she put her hot pussy in my face and took me cock in her mouth I could feel she was almost completely shaved between her legs. He pussy was bare and all she had was a smaller tuft of pussy hair just above her clit. She calls her pussy the Ginger Patch as she is a full nude dancer at one of the local clubs so I guess she had to leave some hair down there.

This is the end of chapter 2. Chapter 3 will be submitted after chapter 1 is published on this site.

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