she’s gained weight in all the right places. her meaty thighs are just begging you to grab on to them. you see her at a fansign and she’s touching herself at the table. you come to her and she shakes your hand with the hand she just had in her pants. you feel her juices between your palms but she doesn’t let go. she looks you in the eyes and mouths the words “fuck me”. you get an instant hard on that she can see. she starts biting her thick lips and tells her manager if she can take you to get some exclusive merch. you head to the back with her and she closes the door behind you two. She starts to rip sm your shirt off immediately and dragging her freshly done nails gently down your chest, twirls her finger around your belly button and heads down to your pants.

she keeps clawing at our chest chest while she unbuttons your pants with her mouth. She finally pulls them down and tells you not to say a word and starts to suck your throbbing clock. “I never thought our fans would have anything this big, or are you just a special case?” she says while laying your huge cock on her face. she keeps sucking while playing with your balls.

Theres something about her that makes everything she does extra sensual. she lays you on the couch and starts to pull off her pants exposing her blue panties. she slowly takes those off and you see them sticking to her pussy from how wet she got at the table. she takes our cock and puts it right in her pussy with no hesitation. it doesn’t go all the way in and you notice. you you grab her and start to make out with her. you ease your throbbing cock further and further while she screams louder and louder into your mouth. she finally takes every inch and screams “FUUUUCK!” so loud that you’re surprised no one rushed to help her.

she bounes on your cock for a while before she realizes she needs to get back to the fan sign. you’re about to cum but she tells you to cum on her pretty asian face. she gets on her knees and starts to jerk you with one hand, flicking your tip with her tongue, and using her nails to play with you balls. she says “cum for me daddy” and when she says that you can’t take it any more and let out a creamy load all over her sexy face. her face completely covered in thick semen. she climbs up towards your face leaving a dripping trail of cum on the watch up. she gets to your face and starts licking your chin. then she starts making withbyou you with her cum glazed lips. you can’t believe you’re tasting your own cum but her lips are so sexy and juicy you’d lick anyone’s cum off of them. She stops kissing you, chokes you with one hand while wiping cum off her face with her other hand. she uses that hand to jerk you off again since you’re still hard. “I don’t care ignore I’m late, I want more”

hearinng herbsay that took you immediately to cum and as she felt it she went straight down and shoved your tip in her mouth so she could catch every drop. with a mouth full of cum again she comes up kissed you again and drops every ounce of thick creamy cum into the back of your throat. “swallow it” she says. You do. after that she gets up puts her pants back on with no panties and tells you she’ll be back after it’s over with with lisa
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