Me and the wide have been happily married for over forty years now, and living in the same house for most of that time.
And now we’re both retired, I spend most of my time doing handyman jobs around the house, and have become pretty good at it.
Now, about a month or so ago, a new young couple moved in next door, and they seemed very nice and friendly.
Nathan, was a young handsome man in his early twenties and an accountant, he was very polite and spent most of his time at the office, and Jenny was a petite blonde young woman, in her early twenties, who had an online company of some sort, but she seem to spend most of her time at home, alone.
Well, after a few weeks my wife got chatting with her one day and invited her over for a drink in the afternoon sunshine.
And as we sat in the back garden chatting and having a cold drink, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful and young Jenny looked, with her long blonde hair flowing down over her shoulders, her perfect toned tan and blue eyes, and her white knee length summer skirt that gave the impression she might not have much else on, underneath!
Anyway, after an hour or so, the chat turned to the work I had been doing around our house, and it was then Jenny admitted Nathan wasn’t much of a handyman, and she had a few jobs that needed doing around at hers.
“Bill can do them!” suggested my wife politely “Can’t you love?”
“Well, err… sure, if you want?” I asked politely.
“Would you?” Jenny asked eagerly “That would be great! When could you come over, and have a look at what’s needed to be done?”
“Anytime!” I replied casually.
“How about now? Could you come over now?” she asked eagerly.
I glanced at my wife and she just smiled and shrugged and replied “Well, its not like you’ve got anything else to do today?”
So, after finishing our drinks, Jenny led me around to her house, and then into the living room.
“This bulb needs replacing!” she said pointing to the light in the centre of the room.
“Okay” I replied “I’ll need a set of steps?”
Jenny quickly found me a pair, and I climbed up them and began fiddling with the bulb and its casing, and as I did, she held onto my hips to keep me steady.
But then as I struggled to unscrew it, and get it out, I felt her hands move from my hips, and glancing down I saw her little hands starting to undo my cargo shorts, and before I could say anything, she pulled them down my legs and released my old soft dangling cock.
“what are you doing?” I asked quite shocked.
She then looked up at me with her big blue eyes and pale white petite face and replied “I need cock Bill! God I need cock! Nathan’s been so busy at work, he’s never in the mood, and when he is, he’s just not that good! I need a real man to satisfy me!”
Then she took hold of my hanging dick, lifted it up, and looking up at me, she opened her small little mouth and clamped it around my soft cockhead before she began to suck.
I instantly groaned, feeling the wonderful pleasure of a petite young woman, young enough to be my granddaughter, sucking on my old man cock, and quickly began to rise to the occasion.
Her soft small hand then began to massage my lower shaft increasing the speed my cock began to grow, and pretty quickly I was almost my full eight inches.
Her mouth eagerly continued to bob back ad forth along my hardening cock, soaking it in her drool, as her hand continued to jerk my shaft, and I held onto the light fitting above me, groaning in pleasure
She then lifted my hard cock up and slowly ran her tongue down the length of my shaft, until it reached my old hairy man balls, where she then ran her little wet tongue all over them, before engulfing them into her mouth.
I then groaned louder, as she then jerked my cock with her hand while sucking on my balls, and began to wonder if poor Nathan wasn’t actually crap in bed, but stuck with woman who clearly was fucking amazing!
After a bit more of that, she then released my balls and slowly ran her tongue back up my length until she teased the very tip for a moment, and then let go of me completely, stepped back with a naughty grin on her face, before she took hold of her little white dress and pulled it up over her head, and revealed in fact she was completely and utterly naked underneath.
I stared at her skinny petite little body, with her small perky breasts, and completely bald smooth pussy, before she then moved back to the sofa, sat down, raised her little slim legs up to it, and then parted them.
“So Bill, are you man enough to satisfy me?” she asked, as her fingers slid down and began gently rubbing her little clean mound.
I stared for a moment watching her playing with herself right there in front of me, before I quickly clambered down the ladder, kicked off my shorts completely, pulled off my t-shirt and moved towards her.
Her little face lit up as I approached her, before I dropped to me knees in front of her, moved her legs out wider, and lowered my face between them.
Now it was Jenny’s turn to groan in pleasure, as I brushed my tongue up against her sweet smooth pussy mound, and then began licking it up and down, and happily she moaned softly enjoying my touch.
“Oh yes Bill! Lick my little pussy! Lick it! Lick it!” she urged as I did.
I eagerly ran my tongue back and forth her split, teasing her inner lips just like her tongue had teased my cock, before I pushed it in, forcing her little pink lips apart and tasting the sweet moisture inside.
“Oh yes! Yes!” she moaned a little louder as I began probing her sweet little box.
My tongue jabbed back and forth in her hole, and then I began flicking at her clit as well, and she moaned louder and got more excited, and her little hands held onto my head as she urged me to keep going.
So I did, and for a few more minutes I licked and sucked on her pussy lips, and even slipped a finger inside of her, which just drove her wilder!
Then finally, when she was really breathing heavily, I knelt up a little, took hold of my hard cock and moved it towards her pussy, and Jenny watched excitedly as my cockhead quickly approached her little moist pink mound, before I began to brush it up against it.
“Oh ! Oh !” she moaned softly as I teased her with the end, then I thrust forward, and my cockhead pushed between her soft pink lips and entered her warm wet hole.
“Oh god! oh god!” she moaned gripping onto me, and arching her back, as my hard cock slid into her warm wet cunt.
Then once I was in, began to gently thrust back and forth, watching her face as I did, and she groaned over and over in pleasure enjoying the feeling of an old hard cock inside of her.
For the next few minutes I just steadily fucked, her on her back, as she moaned and gently groaned through it, before I began to pick up the pace, and my cock began to thrust firmer and quicker.
“Oh yes, that’s it! That’s it!” she groaned looking up at me eagerly “Fuck me like that! Fuck me harder! That’s what I want! I want a dam good fucking!”
As I pumped into her harder and faster, she clung onto my shoulders, and I felt her little slim legs rise up and wrap around my waist, and now she had me locked in for the duration.
But I was happy with that, because I really didn’t want to go anywhere else right then, so happily I continued to pump my hard cock into her soft wet pussy, and she continued to moan loving every second.
Pretty soon, my cock was sliding back and forth like a well oiled piston between her pussy lips, and my balls slapped against her little arse so hard you could hear them, and she was getting more and more excited, until finally as I was driving her into the cushions of the sofa she began to cum.
“Oh god! oh god! oh god! OH GOOOOOOOOD!” she then cried out, before she tensed up tightly on me, and began to shake a little.
“OH GOD!” she then groaned heavily as she came.
For several amazing seconds she held onto me tightly cumming hard on my cock, and I stopped and let her.
Then finally she stopped cumming and relaxed, and after a moment she loosened her grip on me, and I began to gently thrust into her again.
“How was that?” I asked smiling.
“Good! So fucking good! God, I needed that!” she replied still trying to catch her breath.
Then after a little longer of fucking her steadily on her back, I got her to roll on her side, and holding onto her raised little hip, I began thrusting into her harder and firmer again.
“Yes, fuck me again!” she groaned looking back at me “Make me cum again! I want to cum again on your big mans cock!”
“You like my old pole, huh?” I asked
“I love it! I fucking love it!” she replied eagerly, as her eyes burned with lust.
So, I continued to pump my cock into her again, sideways on, and Jenny moaned and groaned again, begging for more.
For the next few minutes we stayed like that, but she seemed like she wasn’t going to cum that way, so I got her to roll over onto her stomach, and then raising her hips up, so her little round arse was in the air, and her head in the sofa cushions, I began thrusting down into her, and in that angle I began really filling her cunt with my hard cock.
“Oh fuck! fuck! fuck! fuck!” she began groaning loudly as I pounded down into her.
My cock was now not so much fucking her little pussy, as it was trying to create a new deeper wider hole, but Jenny seem to love it, and just stayed knelt down under me, just begging for more.
“Yes fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me! fuck me! Fuck me!” she groaned over and over as I hammered her little pussy.
For another few minutes I carried on fucking her hard and heavy, until I pushed down deep making her take my whole length in one go, and then held it there filling her little pussy with old man cock.
“OOOOH FUCK!” she cried out, as her head tilted upwards, so I did again and again, and every time she groaned loudly towards the ceiling, loving the feeling of being stuffed with cock.
Then I pulled out completely, moved to the sofa and sat down, and suggested she ride me for a bit.
Eagerly she climbed up onto the sofa, and standing over me so I could see her whole perfect naked body just inches from my face, hovering over me, she then lowered herself onto my hard cock.
Her little wet pussy slipped perfectly onto my hard pole, and she slid right down taking in my entire length before groaning loudly again, then she began to rise and fall on me, riding my hard cock, and I got to watch her little petite white body bounce on top of me.
Her little perky breasts barely wobbled as the moved up and down, and her little pink pussy was stretched quite wide around my shaft, and I happily took it all in, watching her fuck herself on my cock.
For the next few minutes again she continued to ride me, bouncing faster and getting more excited as she did and I knew she was building towards another orgasm.
Then as she rose and fell so fast her body was almost a blur, and her little pussy was crashing over and over again into my crotch, she began to groan continuously, until finally she dropped down heavily into my lap, tilted her head towards the ceiling and began to cum again.
“OH FUUUUUUCK!” she cried out as she tensed up again, and then began to shake a little.
“OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” she muttered as she came on my hard cock for a second time.
I stayed perfectly still enjoying the sight of a hot young blonde woman cumming hard, because of my cock, again!
Then finally after a few seconds had passed she calmed down and relaxed, before she leant forward, placed her hands on my chest, and began to ride me slowly again.
“That’s twice right?” I asked with a grin.
“Uh huh!” she muttered back still trying to catch her breath.
“Do you want to try for a third?” I asked eagerly
“Oh yeah!” she replied with a big smile.
I then scooped her up in my arms, and forced myself up onto my feet, and with her still impaled on my cock, I stood up right, and began to raise her and then let her drop onto my hard cock.
“Oh yes! yes! yes!” she moaned enjoying this new position.
She then wrapped her arms around my neck, and began to lift and drop herself, and I happily held onto her soft warm little arse cheeks and gave her hand.
Soon Jenny was moaning and groaning loudly again as we fucked stood up, and I happily did my best to keep us there because we both seem to be enjoying it.
But as I was a retired old man, I began to grow a little tired fairly quickly, but then seeing a side table I could perch her little arse on, I moved us over to it, and eagerly she rested her soft cheeks on it, as I began thrusting into her again.
“Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she groaned staring into my eyes “I want to cum again! I want to cum again on your beautiful old cock!”
I was now half holding onto her arse, and half driving my cock into her sweet wet pussy, and she had now wrapped her little legs around my back again and was leaning back against the wall behind her urging me to do her harder.
So I did my best to drive my cock into her, pumping her once again with old man cock and filling her pussy with hard member, and this hot blonde woman groaned and begged for more over and over.
For several more minutes we continued to fuck hard against the side table, and all her little ornaments and a picture of her and Nathan toppled off and fell to the floor, but she didn’t seem to care, all she wanted right then was a good hard fuck, and that’s what I was trying to give her.
Then as she began to get more and more excited again, I began to feel my pressure building, and I knew it would be a race against time.
“Oh god, I think i’m going to cum soon!” I groaned trying my best to hold it off.
“Just keep going! Just keep going!” she groaned back, getting close to her third.
So I continued to pound into her, and our naked hot sweaty bodies continued to brush up against each other, and my cock continued to pound into her sweet little pussy, and she continued to groan ever louder in my ear, and then she got louder and louder, and then she exploded for the third time.
“OH FUUUUUUUUUUCK!” she cried out as I hammered to a third orgasm.
“OH FUUUUCK! OH FUUUUUUUCK!” she cried again.
And as she gripped me tight and began to shake and tense up, I felt my own orgasm reach its full pressure and with a grunt and groan I cried out “OH FUCK! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!” and then I exploded inside of her, and began to shoot my load deep in her little cunt.
“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” I continued to groan as I pumped wad after wad of sticky white goo into her cumming pussy, and as I did it felt like her little cunt was squeezing and milking me, urging me to fill it with my love juices.
For several hot wonderful seconds we stayed locked together, cumming over and over again, and holding onto each other tightly, until finally we were both spent, and began to calm.
“Oh thank you! Thank you! thank you!” she then said between breaths, before kissing me.
“Oh thank you! Oh god I needed that!” she then muttered.
“I think I came in you. sorry!” I replied
“I don’t care!” she replied back “You made me cum three times in a row! I haven’t cum like that since college! You can cum in me, as many times as you like, as long as you keep me cumming!”
Then she leant in and kissed me again, before finally we parted, and got dressed again, and as she headed to her bathroom to get cleaned up, I let myself out, and headed home.
As stepped back into my garden, my wife was still sunbathing in her chair, and she asked “How was it? Was there much to do over there?”
“Quite a bit actually” I replied “I’ll probably have to spend a good few afternoons over there, trying to fix all the problems they have!”
“Well, just don’t over do it!” replied my wife, before closing her eyes again.
“I’ll try not too!” I replied with a grin.

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