Jock Tales—Devastation PT 2

I arrived at ‘the spot’ about 11:30 PM. It was about 12 miles North of town on old RT 4. Small dusty road in the middle of nowhere. Some of the older folks in town referred to it as ‘that place where the homosexuals go’. I laughed my ass off the first time I heard that—how the fuck do they know that if they ain’t been there themselves ?

Mostly out of town truckers, bikers, and construction types. Pretty rough dudes mostly, lots of muscles and ink, or maybe some married dude from town that couldn’t get head from their wife. I went straight to the back of the field to the motel. It only had about 25 rooms, and this late on a Friday night, I would be lucky to still get a room. Actually, not being 18, I would be lucky at all.

I park the jeep off the corner of the building. Hopping out, still shirtless and barefoot, and pulling my ball cap down over my eyebrows, I stroll into the lobby. Holding my head kinda downwards, I glance up at the clerk, and just say “gotta room left”. They guy kinda snickered, “So—you hold your head down so I don’t see your face, or—you waltz in here looking like gods gift, with all them abs, hoping Im queer and I’ll let you have a room in exchange for some of that dick ur packin, or—your going to try to make me believe your really 19, but you don’t have your ID on ya, after driving out here in the middle of no where without it, and would I be really cool and run over to the store and get you a six pack. So cowboy—which is it”?

I raised my head up, and shifted a bit, making the abs flex. Looking ‘Jason’ right in the face, I sheepishly replied, “all that, I guess”. Jason, looking peeved, fired back at me “you know the kind of trouble I could get in for renting you a room ? How old are you, anyway”? With a slight Elvis smirk, I replied “16—that’s the truth”. Jason shakes his head back and forth, and just mumbled “oh fuck man, I dunno”.
“Look dude, it’s like this—I had a really bad day. I got demoted in football, got in three fights today, my best friends told me I was a shit fucked prick, and my lil bro hate my guts. It’s the same as anybody else out here—I just wanna empty these balls down somebody’s throat. I won’t be any trouble, I promise”.

Jason, still kinda put out with my pressure, finally turns around and yanks a key off the rack. Slamming it down on the countertop, he looks me square in the eyes, “24, back side—in the dark, all the way down. Get ur nut, then get the fuck outta here. Got me”? “Ya, I got ya dude—and thanx bro. Oh—you need me to fill out a card or sompin”? “Oh fuck no honey—ur ass was never here”

As I head for the door, I stop and turn around, and just stand there . “Something else, cowboy”? I grab my dick and pull it down inside my jeans, and flashing a slight smile, just say “the beer”? “Holy Mary, Queen of Scots” replied Jason, rolling his eyes. He grabs another key, and pushing me out the door, locks up the office, and heads across the parking lot to the 24 hour store up front on the road. “I’ll be back in a few—get ur ass in that room before someone sees you”

I hop in the jeep, and drive around back to the corner room at the end. It was so dark I had to leave my headlights on for a minute just to see the door lock and open the door. Grabbing my gear bag, upon entering the room I toss it on the bed, kicking the door shut behind me. I strip out of my 501’s and head straight for the shower. Turning the water to ‘pretty fucking hot’, I jump in. With my back to the spray, I grab the packet of motel shampoo and lather up the hawk. Relaxing under the the****utic powers of the hot water, I just tilt my head back and close my eyes. I only stay in the shower a few minutes, in spite of how good it felt. It was already midnight, and I needed to get to ‘work’. Jumping out of the stall, with dick hanging super low now, I grab a towel off the rack. Standing at the mirror, I rigorously run the towel back and forth across the mohawk. Turning around to head for the gear bag again, I stopped dead in my tracks, startled.

“Goddamm dude—your scared the fuck outta me”. Jason had come into the room, and was sitting on the corner of the bed, leaning back on his elbow, with the six pack resting on his waist. He was a pretty good looking dude actually—I pegged him about 25 or so. “I knocked, but you didn’t answer—so I came it to make sure you were OK”. I walk towards him, reaching out for the beer. He hands it to me, and I pull a can off the ring. Popping it open, I chug down about ¼ of the can. “So—is that your ‘professional answer”? Jason chuckled a bit, and just said ya, I guess so. I walked right up to him, with my knees touching his legs. Still dripping wet, I took another slug of the beer, and just stood there, not saying a word.

It’s funny how just a couple of days ago, watching some porn here on Hamster, I came across a flick that so perfectly took me back to this night. It’s in my favorites—Gypsy Gay B o y. It went down just like that.

So getting the hint that it was his chance to swallow down that big teenage dick in his face, Jason grabs me by my thighs, and gulps down my low hanging dick. He sucks really great—straight up and down, getting my shaft hard. I close my eyes, and placing my hand on top of his head, usher him down to the pubes. After a few minutes, he’s got me rock hard, and the veins are starting to pop. I yank my swollen cock from his mouth, and retrieving my beer from the credenza, finish it off. I snap the towel, still hanging from my shoulder, and start drying off. “Aight dawg—get the fuck out. I gotta get to work”. Jason just stared at me, I guess flabergasted that I just pulled my still rock hard cock from his mouth, denying his prize of my sweet yung juice. I told him I would call him when I got done, and he could come back and finish up. He did me a favor, so I wasn’t going to jet out without returning the same.

As he nodded his understanding and headed for the door I hollered at him “hey—ok if I smoke some dope in the room”? Jason rolled his eyes and head again as he walked out, and I barely heard him say “they’re going to build a special jail for me” I took that to mean ok, lol,

I quickly toweled off, and reached into my gear bag again, fishing out the small bag of dope I had packed. Rolling up a pencil joint, I quickly sucked down the whole thing. Fishing out some socks, then sliding back into my 501’s, stuffing my still half hard dick down the right leg. I brought my Catapiller work boots for the night. Figure Id go fore the ‘rugged’ working man look, rather than jock, or teenage state boarder. I grab another beer, then put the rest into the mini-fridge. Grabbing the ‘glue’, I quickly spike up the mohawk—damm, it’s about 6” tall now. Heading out, I begin walking across the parking lot to the front of the complex.

The ‘spot’ was almost a small town in itself. In addition to the motel, there was a small 24 hr grocery store— down the road there was a small lake, where you could camp. There was also a small grill—kinda like a waffle house, a tattoo shop, (hmmmm make note of that one), and of course the main attraction—the dirty book store. Ahhhhh you say—now we get it—you fuckin slut !

I doubted I had much of a chance at actually getting in the bookstore—but being out in the country like it was, they’re were a few people hanging out front of the building. I spied a plastic porch chair near the corner, away from the main entrance, and decided that would be my best spot. Fishing my smokes, and zippo from my pocket, I lite up a Camel, and take the seat. Pushing back with my toes, I rear the chair back until my shoulders meet the wall, and with a couple of fine adjustments achieve just the right balance for leaning back on the rear two legs.

Taking a swig of beer, then sitting it down on the concrete sidewalk, I notice three dudes, about 25 feet in front of me, just to the side of the row of 18 wheelers parked along the roadside. About 11 of them I guess. The dudes appeared to be of the construction persuasion, and were standing around a 55 gallon barrel that they had started a fire in. Two of them were wearing tank tops, one shirtless. He was pretty hairy, and had enormous pit hair growth. I figured they were around mid twenties to early 30 or so. Like me, they each had Levi’s on, and work boots.

“Hey k I d—you old enough to be drinking that shit” one of them shouts as I take another chug of my Bud. “You see me doin it, don’t ya”? They work up a slight laugh at each other, and I barely hear one of them say “punk got a bit of attitude, too”. One shouts back with “Kinda smart ass ain’t ya”? I plop back the chair to the ground, back to all fours. Standing up, and turning my back to the three dudes, I pop the buttons on my 501’s, and drop them to my thighs. Turning my head back to them, I shout back, “maybe you like to cum lick this smart ass”.

One of the guys playfully slaps the others chest with the back of his hand, and they start a moderate stroll over towards me. I flip the chair around, and pulling my jeans back up, but not buttoning up, take a seat backwards in the chair, with my dick and balls hanging out. I take a quick whiff on my right pit, just to show off a bit.

As they approach, one immediately comments on my junk. “damm b o y nice package”. I give him a big smile and respond, “Ya—just think after it bones up to all it’s 10” what it’s gonna feel like up ur ass”. (stretching the truth just a bit for the sales pitch) The guys look at each other still laughing—I think they were pretty drunk, and one replies “what make you think any of us wants something up our ass”.

“Aight dawgs, it’s like this. Your at the spot, I guess those are your trucks back at the motel. Your either looking for ass, or your looking to get something up ur ass. Im looking to fuck some ass, and I got a three day back up in these balls. So, let’s start there—do we need to talk, or are we wasting each others time”?

About this time Jason rounds the corner headed for the store. Seeing me, he shouts out “Careful b o y s , I hear he has a black belt”, and goes on into the store. The three once again start laughing, yep—they were pretty drunk, and one says “that right b o y —you got a black belt”? I look them steely in the eyes, and in my best low growling voice reply “Karate, ju-jitsu—and taekwondo. And three golden gloves”. (again, stretching it just a bit) “Ahhh, bad boi, huh”? “When I need to be—let’s just say I ain’t skeered”. (street trash for scared) One of the guys fires back with “How old are you k I d”? This time, I do the chuckle, and just reply “Let’s just say I’m still in high-school. I also play a little football. So I’m used to getting banged around by guys bigger than me—and I just keep going back for more. So—you guys wanna strike a deal, or you just wanna stand there and stare at my abs and my big jock dick”?

The three just glance around at each other, until one finally shrugs his shoulders. “Aight smart-ass, so let’s just say ya—we all three want to get fucked by that big teenage dick. So—how much”? I stand up, and stuffing my swelling dick back into my jeans, reach down for my beer, and finish it off. Wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, I start slowly walking across the front of the bookstore. “Six hundred—cash. Room 24, around back, where the jeep is. If you don’t show in 15 minutes, I’ll assume you can’t afford it”. (how was that for intimidation ?) I walked around the building, and headed across the parking lot back towards my room. I barely heard one of them say “goddamm that punk got some attitude”. I detected that ‘bounce’ in my step, that earlier the guys had so put me down about. “Fuck them” I thought to myself—I like it.

Back at the room I leave the door standing open. Being total darkness, there weren’t many bugs to contend with. I stripped down, and slumped my ass on the corner of the bed, and roll up another joint, taking a couple of hits off it. That’s it—boned up now. Grabbing the lube from my gear bag, and spreading my hairy legs pretty wide, I started stroking up at a slow but deliberate pace. It only took moments for the thick veins of my shaft to swell up, and my big mushroom head to flare out, like a dog. The fuck juice was already flowing, and coating my head, and I was ready to fuck. Figured since I didn’t hear any negative comments walking away from the three dudes, that they would be showing just any minute. I was ready to get this on—and bust some fuckin nut.

It was less than ten minutes, as the three came strolling in the door. The last shut the door, and one exclaimed ‘jesus fuckin christ’. I flash an evil grin, and just respond, “more like Satan bro—now who’s first”? “Ummm we decided we would go five—ur gitten 3 pieces of ass on ur dick, but we just gitten 1 dick each. Probably the more drunk of the three gets a big grin, and lays across the end of the bed on his belly. “Me first cowboy” Im really getting tired of this cowboy bullshit today. Grabbing the lube, I hold the bottle high in the air, and squeeze out a stream right to his hole. Tossing it aside while the others watch, I grab dude by the waist, and slam it in. He lets out a yelp, exclaiming “damm this lil punk is thick”. I rear back and deliver the second slam, and then a third, and then, I go to town. A relentless assault on his ass, hard, deep, and rapid. In just a couple of minutes, I was panting like I had run a mile.

The dude was grabbing at sheets like he had a baseball bat up his ass. In just a few, he started screaming “Oh fuck b o y s, get this lunatic off me ! Get him off ! The other two walk up behind me, and each grabbing an arm, yank me from dudes ass. He jumps up, and spinning around, collapses in the corner chair. Putting his hands to his face, he just mumbles “damm that punk is a monster”. The next dude, chuckling still says “fuckin light-weight—me next”.

With the second dude assuming the same position, I start the same treatment, grabbing his waist, and slamming it in hard as I could. In just a couple of hits, he too is crying out for me to ease up a bit. Another evil grin, and Im sure nuff now in ‘devil mode’. I reach up and grab him by the back of his hair, and yanking his head back, mumble “shut the fuck up”, and just keep fucking, like a jackhammer. My nuts were slapping hard against his ass cheeks. I only noticed then that only one of the dudes had any hair on his ass. In a few more minutes of still taking his pounding, the third dude finally steps up, and basically just pushes the dude aside.

“My turn now”. Assuming the same spot, on the corner of the bed, as I aim my dripping wet cockhead at his hole, I pause and soak in the beautiful hairy mounds of his ass. He was so dense up in his crack, that you could barely detect his hole. Being the pig I was myself, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, and following the ‘code’ of ‘lick it before you stick it’, I buried my face into the rich pungent stink of his unwashed ass. He was ripe as fuck, and with just a few munches of his hairy crack, I drove my tongue as deep as I could into his ripe greasy hole. He was funky—I mean days worth of funk ! I sucked on his hole, as I probed it with my tongue. Between the high from the dope, and the stink of his ass, I was getting close. Deciding to get out, I stood up, and then again, slammed his ass for a proper dick down. Only about 10-12 thrusts into his guts, then contestant number 3 was ready for me to get out of his ass as well.

I yanked out, and slapped him on his ass, then ordered in a loud throaty voice “on ur knees”. The other two followed suite, and the three of them lined up at the base of the bed, each stroking their own dicks, with mouths open. I thought to myself what a perfect blackmail pic this would be to show to their wives, or girlfriends. With tongues hanging out, I grab my swollen shaft, and began yanking it like I was trying to literally pull it from my nuts. Still swelling, and my veins popping up like never before, (Oh, I forgot to mention I had put on a chrome cockring earlier), the pressure from my cock n balls was now reaching it’s eminent end. Aiming at #1’s eagerly awaiting mouth, I volleyed.

Slinging my meat from left to right, I popped the first stream of my thick jock juice across each of their faces. Then, back to the left, for another. Seven times, blasting my rope from left to right, completely covering their faces in my thick slimy jizz.

Having finally unloaded, and emptied my balls, I stand there for a few seconds, while they looked at each other in amazement, at the massive flood that had drenched each of them. With the pressure now rising from the four beers, and without warning, I then cut loose a strong powerful stream of my steaming hot jock piss, and again from left to right, soaked them down from their heads to their pubes. They were covered now, with all my jock juices. I kinda smirked, as they each began to blow their own loads up their chest’s and bellies, mixing their cum with my piss and jizz. They were a complete mess, lol. But—number three, the hairy nasty one, had yet to blow. I step up to him, and turning around, placing my hairy jock ass right in his face, shouted “eat me”

Instantly, dude #3 dived his face into my ass crack, and licked me up just as I had done him. In only moments, as he drove his tongue into my tite jock hole, did he finally bust. Falling back, with his back into the bed, and his head tilted back onto the top of the mattress, he volleys, almost as good as me. Three shots go straight up from his piss slit, landing right in the crack of my ass, coating my hairs with his thick construction jizz. I grin at his powerfull explosion, but then five more shots hit me in the small of my back, and started trailing down my ass and thighs.

Giving the three of them only a few seconds to recover, and spitting into the face of the one in the middle, I then order them to get dressed, pay up, and get the fuck out. One objects with “don’t we get a towel to wipe off”? I just respond with “fuck no—you got towels in ur own room—wear it”.

As each of them, almost in sync, get their jeans on, I bark at them “that’s good, now pay up”. Appearing a bit nervous now, prolly wondering could this 16 YO actually stomp their asses, hairy dude #3 fishes in his pocket, and retrieves a wad of $20’s. Without even looking at it, I toss the money over to the credenza. I give a friendly shove to the dudes shoulder, at once again bark for them to get out. As they each grab their boots and tees, and go scrambling out the door, I step out my self, and see Jason outside up front, catching a smoke.

I give a loud whistle, and motion for him to come on down.
As he enters the room he starts with “Did you just—”, but cutting him off, I just command “shut the fuck up, and get this dick in your mouth”. Widening his eyes, Jason fell to his knees, and engulfed my still half hard meat into his mouth. Sucking loudly and sloppy like, (I loved it when they made a lot of noise) he eagerly took down my slab and in just a few had me boned up again.

I was actually somewhat surprised that I had boned up again so quickly. As soon as he got me good and hard, I yanked out of his mouth, and told him to get on the bed—belly down. Dropping his jeans to his ankles, and hobbling over to the bed, he just fell over it, and spread his cheeks. Nice tite hole—and like the others, I grab his waist, and slam it in. Jason lets out a yelp, like a puppy. I go right for it, and slam his ass with one thrust after another. I took a few minutes this time, but I felt my abs tighten up, and knew it was time.

Yanking out of his ass, I swear I heard a suction noise as his anus closed shut. Telling him to turn over, I climbed up on top of his chest, and grabbing him by the throat, shoved my dick into his mouth. All the way to the back of his throat, I once again volley. Not near as big as the few moments ago of course, but three ropes straight down. As Jason pulled rapidly on his on meat, he shot pretty damm good himself, leaving a stream across his chest and belly, and making a nice puddle. Just as he finished up, with dick still in his mouth, I flash him and evil grin, and cut loose another stream of my hot stinkin piss. His eyes widen again, and he starts to shake his head back and forth, but I just look him in the eyes and say “drink it”. After all—beer piss is best, right ?

He manages to drink me all down, and I let him up, choking and gagging from all the slim coating his throat. As he zips back up, I walk to the credenza and snap off two twenties. “Here’s for the room, and beer. Thanx dude” Jason just kinda nods a bit—I guess he was in shock, and as he heads out the door, I quickly pack up, and slide back into my 501’s. Skipping the socks, and putting back on my Cat’s, not lacing them up, I hit the road, and head for home.

As I approach town, I decide to wheel into the truckstop, and gas up. It was cheaper out here than any place in town. As Im fueling up, I notice a couple of girls a few pumps over checking me out. Damm—just no time. Still shirtless, and flexing my rock hard 8-pac, I grab my junk for a quick adjustment. I see one of the girls widen her eyes, as now my rod is hanging down my right leg, and slapping her hand against her mouth, turns her head to the other, giggling.

Hanging up the pump, then grabbing my tank, I proceed into the sore to take one more piss, and pay for the gas. As I head out of the mens room, I notice on the wall, a whole line up of cowboy boots. “Fuck”, I thinks to myself. I walk over to it, and in just a few minutes, pick out a pr of snakeskins. Scanning up and down the stack of boxes, I find a sz 12. Holy fuck–$125. I smirk to myself, and shrug my shoulders. “Fuck it—everybody seems to want me to be cowboy, so I’ll be cowboy. Besides—I’ll be sure enuff hot as fuck now.

I place the boots, and a hat I grabbed on the counter. The girl rings me up, and asks ‘anything else’? I mummer ‘Camel lights—hard pac, and gas on pump 7’. She looks at me a moment, decided I guess whether to card me for the smokes, but then I guess deciding I spent enough money, and just total’s me out. “One eighty, hun” I snap off the twenties, and she bags up the boots, and I put the cowboy hat on my head. Strolling across the lot, back to my jeep, a few vehicles are moving in front of me. I pause to let them pass, but one dude is just like staring me down. I grab the hat with my right hand, and gently tip it up, while flexing my bi-cep, and exposing my bushy pits. He keeps staring, and moving, until pop. He hits another car head on. Nothing major mind you, just a tap. I couldn’t help but laugh—again, just no time—I had to get home before mom, or in case Dustin were to wake up and freak out cause I wasn’t there.

Finally home—5:45. Damm, just under the wire. I quietly sneak into the house, and into the kitchen. Opening the fridge, I take a few slugs of chocolate milk. Damm I loved that shit. Then taking a peep insides Dustin’s room, I see he’s snoozed out. Sneaking down the stairs to my room, wait—was lil bro snoring ?? really ?? 11 yo ?? I open my ‘sock drawer’, and drop in the last of the cash. One more quick piss, then strip down, and plop belly down on the bed. Finally. It had been a long day, and I was beat.

As I lay there feeling the ceiling fan softly blowing the hairs in the crack of my ass, and the back of my balls, and damm, if my dick wasn’t stiffening up again, with a smile, I finally doze off.

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