Jock Tales—Gettin Dirty

Summer was going slowly—which I guess was a good thing. Usually seemed like it was over all too soon. That’s why I so hated school. I mean I did good and shit, playing the model student athlete and shit, but mostly I was just there for football. If it weren’t for that—I prolly woulda been a drop out after 9th grade. I just didn’t deal very well with regimen, and rules, and people that acted like they were your daddy. It would prolly have blown the heads off about 99% of my teachers if they ever caught wind of my ‘other life’ LMAO.

I had managed to get plenty of sun this year—now a rich deep Texan brick red, if ya will. Add that now shaggy blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, big thick teen-age dick, I could pretty much get anything I wanted.

I started visiting the ‘spot’ almost every weekend now. Most of the clerks at the various places were comfortable with me—so they let me in. The bookstore was an easy place to get some quick bucks. Stick you dick in a hole and get a twenty.
If it worked out, you could follow some old geezer back to his room, and let him eat some ass, or swallow down a big load of jock nut. Usually get around $100 for ‘basic’ stuff.

This one night I hooked up with another construction type dude. I like them the best cause they had the best bodies. Most truckers, and biker types were more on the ‘pig’ type—grossly fat, hairy backs, bushy faces, and little 4” dicks. Dude said his name was Johnny. I said I went by TAZ. I loved the cartoon, and decided that being so close to town, I shouldn’t tell my real name for ‘safety’ reasons, lol.

Johnny was a ‘right down to bizz’ type, wasting no time with chit-chat, or rubby dubby feely feely bs. Soon as we walk in the door of his room, he barks out ‘strip’.
I kinda chuckle as I peel off my tank, and then sitting on the bed to loose my cowboy boots. After the Levi’s, then standing there in just a jock, he tells me to pause for a minute. He asked me for the third time how old I was, and I repeat 17 for the third time. He just shook his head and said that was a lot of fuckin hair on my ass for just being 17. I told him I got it from my dad, along with the big dick. He commented that ya, that was a pretty big slab for sure.

He told me to just keep the jock on cause I looked sexy as fuck in it, along with those rock hard abs, and that big lump the jock was holding in. Finally, I just blurted out the question–”So what will it be—big jock dick, or hairy funky ass”?
“Well, I was kinda eye-ballin that tite lil butt. Can’t hardly see ur hole, for all that dense hair around it. But, Im bankin it’s pretty fuckin tite as well”. I just shoot a big grin, and come back with “tite as ur little finger”.

Johnny grins back, and asked if he could get a little taste, then negotiate. I said sure, so laying across the bed on my belly, I spread out, and sling my arms up over my head, grabbing the pillow. As Johnny starts rubbing on my cheeks, and fingering the dense growth in my crack, I get a whiff of my bushy pits, and just say “damm, I stink”. Johnny gets down and sticks his nose in my crack and takes a whiff, then replies “ya, lol, you pretty funky all right”. Then sticking his tongue into the the heavy forest of my crack, and running it up and down a few times, continues with “Oh ya boi—ur ripe as fuck”. I twist my head around just enough to catch a glimpse of Johnny’s cock, stiffening up by the minute. Not too bad—I’m figuring about 8”, more slender than most I had dealt with. Not near as big as Mark Mattox, or dad.

I give him a few more seconds to get me real wet. Then I go for the sales pitch. “So how many presidents you think that yung high-school jock ass is worth”?
Johnny takes a jab at my hole with his tongue, and just says “damm”. “I recon I could swing about 2 bills for that, 2 1/2 if I get my dick dirty”. I shoot a big grin and counter with “Throw in a tattoo at the shop when we get done, then a scrambled egg sandwich, and it’s a deal”. Johnny simply replied with “open up”.

He put his tongue back into my hole, lapping up the rich ripeness that hadn’t been washed for days now. Spreading my cheeks to get in deeper and deeper, I started moaning at the feel of his probing, and the wetness of my hole. Finally he comes off, and sticks his middle finger in, to get me loosened up, I guess. I moan some more as he finally enters me with his rock hard boner. It wasn’t much to it really, I guess you could say a nice fuck. Not being that big, it wasn’t hard to take. He didn’t say anything while fucking, just a steady moderate pounding of my tite jock hole.

After about 15 minutes, I’m getting impatient of course, so I turn my head back towards him and offer “if you wanna get that dick dirty, the you prolly gonna have to hit it pretty hard, and deep. It’s way up there”

Johnny took that as cue, and finally began slamming my ass pretty hard. I figured if ya gonna let a dude fuck ur ass, then he might as well fuck you good, right ? It only took a few thrusts. I could feel him now bustin up my guts, and my ass was getting petty slimy. I won’t get too detailed here, cause were getting pretty close to some ‘specialty’ fetishes here, not fit for most, lol.

Johnny finally volly’s his load after a few super hard punches, and I feel him shoot into my guts. Actually, a pretty warm feeling. As he continues a few more thrusts, the slime in my ass now is mixing up to a thick batter, and really I mostly thought ‘gross’. Finally pulling out, and wiping off his nasty dick with a tee, I just lay there a minute. I really like the feeling of my ass being filled, in spite of how nasty Im sure my insides were now. After a minute Johnny declares he’s done, and I could get up. I turn my head back towards him again, still on my belly, and with an evil grin, softly say “suck it out”. Johnny just stares at me a few seconds, and replies with “whut”? “I think you heard me, daddy—eat me out—I ain’t leaving here with all this batter in my ass”. I don’t know if it was the thought of pigging out on my nasty jock ass, or because I called him daddy, but Johnny dove straight for my hairy ass, and started munching. I pushed, and pushed hard, and well, I’ll just leave it at that. He got what he came for 🙂

Finally showering up, we went next door, and Johnny playing the ‘dad’ the tattoo guy agreed to put some ink on me. I went for a pic of “TAZ” on my left shoulder, and he paid up for the tat. I don’t even know what it cost. Then over to the diner, as promised, for a scrambled egg sandwich, and a glass of chocolate milk. Johnny said I was “cute’ drinking the choco milk.

I gave him enough time to head back to his room, and I went back to the bookstore to see if maybe some old troll wanted to suck down on some big jock dick. Afterall—I had just got fucked up the ass, and I still had a big jock nut to blow 🙂

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