Author’s note: This piece won’t please everyone. It’s a multi-part story, erotica not porn. The hardcore sex will come, but not before the story is established. Thanks for reading. Comments, both critical and supportive are welcome.

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Chapter 1

Headlights flashed, spinning wildly and careening towards a tree… the drunk in the other car morphed into a clown, and cackled at him… an explosion of flame and the smell of gasoline…

Mike shot bolt upright in bed, screaming and slapping at his chest and legs in a panic, trying to extinguish the flames that weren’t there. Wondering why he was beating the shit out of himself, he stopped slapping at the imaginary flames and began to rub his eyes.

“Another damn nightmare,” said the voice in his head. He was having the bad dreams still, less than when his parents had just been killed, but he still wondered when they would end. “Maybe never,” he said aloud, looking at himself in the mirror that sat on his desk across the room.

“Maybe you should jerk off.” The voice wasn’t usually very helpful.

Mike smacked himself on the cheek, partly to punish the voice, but also partly to wake up. He glanced at the clock, only 5:30. Grumbling, he started to rise and reached over to flip on the lamp. The door to his room creaked open.

Emma, his twin, poked her head in and looked at her brother sympathetically. She cast a sad, knowing glance at him.

“How does she always know?” the voice asked.

“You okay Mike?” she asked, tiptoeing quietly into his room and sitting down next to him. “Another nightmare?”

Mike lowered his head, not wanting to concern her. She was like him in so many ways, but was also vastly different. Sometimes it was hard to believe they were even related, others, easy to see that they were twins. The voice in his head started singing that stupid Donnie and Marie song.

Halloween was usually a fun time, especially when they were kids. They’d go as Raggedy Ann and Andy, or dressed as M&M’s, which actually became a nickname that stuck with the two, unfortunately. Somehow she always knew when he was upset, though. His other three sisters passed it off as “twin intuition”, but it was still pretty creepy. He could always feel when she was upset as well, though, and it was hard to explain how.


He glanced up at her. She was staring at him with that slightly goofy concerned look glued to her face. He’d always thought she…

“Hello?? Earth to Mike…”

“Yeah, sorry. I’m fine. Another nightmare,” he confirmed, finally shaken from his trance.

“The same? Mom and Dad?” she asked, knowing the answer.

Mike nodded. She put her arms around her brother and laid her head on his shoulder. “Was the clown there too?”

Mike chuckled, and nodded.

“What’s that about? Fear of clowns mixed in with a bad memory of losing our parents? Did a clown fondle you at the circus?” she asked, looking at him with an all-too-seriously concerned looked face.

Mike laughed out loud, and pushed her off of him. She always knew how to make him feel better.

She continued, making her voice husky, “Did the naughty old clown man make you touch his big red clown nose?” and moved to her brother’s side again.

He cackled out loud at that and pushed her away a bit so he could get at her with his hands. “No it was something more like this,” he said, tickling her ribs mercilessly. She rolled back, kicking her feet and cackling.

“Ack, stop it, stop it. Mike, stop it PLEASE! Ow, stop it you fucker. Quit! QUIT!” He always knew right where to tickle. They were twins, of course he knew; it was right where he was ticklish.

“She’s got boobs,” the voice pointed out.

Mike stopped, letting Em catch her breath. He wondered if there was an operation he could get to block out the voice, which seemed intent on pointing out the obvious. He probably needed therapy. Seeing her start to rise, he quickly moved his hand back into tickling position.

“STOP,” she said loudly, a wide smile on her face. She smacked him on the arm and stood to head back to her room.

“Back to bed?” he inquired.

“Now that I’ve been tickled and woken up?” she asked rhetorically, and flipped him the bird as she left the room and shut the door behind her. “Fucker,” he heard her say from the hallway.

He lay back down on his pillow, arms under his head, and stared up at his ceiling. He’d always known he had an evil voice in his head, but he wasn’t a schizophrenic or anything. At least, he didn’t think he was. Does a crazy person know they are crazy? It wasn’t an evil voice anyway, just kind of a perverted voice. His expression changed as he realized, that if he was without realizing it, he could be one ‘knock, knock’ joke away from slicing up all four of his sisters. He shook his head clear, ‘you think too much’, he told himself and chuckled, realizing he could never do that. They’d always been there for him when he needed them. Most of them, he amended. His thoughts drifted back to Emma, the yin to his yang.

“Wang,” said the voice, causing Mike to roll his eyes. He was always very protective of his sister, not that she’d ever needed it. She was the same height as he, though not nearly as muscular, and of course she was pretty. She’d had boyfriends in the past, but not many. None really hung around too long, probably because she and her brother were so damn close. He’d never thought of himself as intimidating, but figured that he could be pretty scary, if the need ever arose.

They had the same nose, though his had been broken several times. Same emerald green eyes, same hair, except hers was longer. Long and brown, curly near the ends. Yeah, she was definitely very pretty.

“Pretty Hot,” the voice added.

Mike ignored it. Being twins meant they had always been close. They had just started their first year at college together, the same one of course. They had most of the same classes, ever the twins. It didn’t bother him much. He’d never gotten tired of having her around. She was like his right hand, he decided.

“And you know what you use your right hand for,”

“Shut up,” Mike said out loud. He did think she was pretty, though. All of his sisters were.

Mike couldn’t think of Emma in that way, though, not seriously. It was like, thinking of himself that way. Mike briefly wondered what he’d look like as a woman. The dick tucking scene in Silence of the Lambs popped into Mike’s head, uncontrollably.

“I’m going to vomit.”

His thoughts shifted to one of his other sisters, Beth. He chuckled. Sweet, clueless Beth. He and Emma were blessed with brains and decent looks. Beth still had both, but it was different than them. Beth wasn’t stupid, far from it in fact. She was the smartest one of their family. She was incredibly smart, almost scary smart. She’d been valedictorian when she graduated high school, and was near the top of her class at the university. She didn’t really concentrate on her looks, though. A pity really.

She wore glasses, not thick, but it still relegated her to the dork side of the social scene. There was no denying that Beth could be a stunner though. She was incredibly gorgeous, or least he’d always thought so. When she took off her glasses or dressed up for a social engagement, an awards banquet or something usually, she could literally take your breath away. She’d had large breasts ever since he could remember, and was, in fact, larger than her three sisters. She was short but not too short, thin but not anorexic. She was a perfectly cute dork. A dork-et really. She was a dork-et with a nice rack. She always seemed to have a little pack of nerds following her at school.

Her own little nerd herd, so to speak. It was mostly boys in the nerd herd, with the occasional nerd-et sprinkled in for good measure. He wondered if she’d ever had a boyfriend, though he’d be shocked to find out if she’d ever been intimate with anyone. The main problem Beth had was that she was too smart. She had no common sense.

She could figure out how to solve a complicated problem the family had, but didn’t know how to talk to anyone outside the family. She also seemed to be perilously unaware of how magnificent her breasts were. She always wore a bra, though he was sure it was only to keep them out of her way. She was the quietest of the sisters, as well, often letting the other three run their conversations. She was blonde, so that didn’t help her when she did something ridiculous. So you couldn’t call her dumb, because you could give her a calculus problem and she’d complete it and use it to solve the entire next chapter. She was just…

“A social retard.”

“She is not,” he barked mentally. I mean it’s not like anyone had to remind her that girls don’t fart in public, or that pants were an integral part of getting dressed. ‘Don’t elaborate on that last part, damn you,’ Mike quickly thought.


Mike shook his head and his thoughts landed on Dannica.


“Knock it off,” he thought at the voice. Mike wondered what his sisters would think if they knew about his internal dialogue. He wondered if Emma had the same voice. Did hers sound as perverted as his? Did it have an accent? Mike always thought his sounded British for some stupid reason, even though he’d always lived in Texas. Did everyone have voices? Did his sisters? He knew Beth’s voice would be probably be a disembodied version of Einstein, floating around in her head. If Danni had a voice in her head, it was constantly stuck on bitch mode, or tease maybe.

“Or sexkitten.”

Mike sighed. He knew what Danni would say if he asked her, though. She’d call him a freak, hit him with something and then wait for him to plot his revenge so she could hit him again. She was his scourge. He hated her. He’d love to stick something pointy into her and make her scream. Wait, no he wouldn’t. Don’t go there, don’t go there.

“Sometimes you make this too easy.”

Okay so he didn’t hate her. It was his sister; there had to be law somewhere that said he had to love her. Wasn’t there? If there wasn’t one, then he did hate her.

She’d always been mean to him, though, and Emma as well. Growing up she’d made their life hell. Emma was easier to make cry, and thus get Danni in trouble so Mike had always been the main target of her pranks, ridicules, and thrown pointed objects. She’d get in less trouble from Sarah that way. She used to love calling them M&M, singing the kissing song when they were kids, they were so inseparable. She was the very reason the name stuck, especially since she spread it around the entire school.

The voice was trying to force his thoughts back to its favorite topic. It would be summer soon. He’d have to start cleaning the pool again.

It was already summer actually, he just didn’t want to admit it and have to actually start cleaning it. They’d always had such fun at the pool, though his sisters liked to sunbathe way more than swim. Especially Danni, she’d already started laying out in fact, even though the weather was still mild. Well, mild for Texas. Summer if you were from New York or Boston.

Danni did swim though, just hadn’t started yet. She used to swim in high school. 200 meter breast stroke and the Medley Relay. Mike started to picture her. Swimming in the pool in her small yellow bikini, breasts bouncing up and down and up and down and…

“Breast stroke…”

“YES,” Mike thought, “she’s attractive. Can we PLEASE move on?” The voice was giggling uncontrollably in his head, it really loved to torture him.

His thoughts drifted to his eldest sister. Eldest sister. The term eldest made him laugh. She was only 24. It occurred to him then how close in age he and his four sisters were. He and Emma were 18, nearly 19. Beth was 20, Danni, 22, and of course Sarah was 24. His parents must have been really into having kids. He desperately hoped that the voice wouldn’t try and go anywhere with that thought. “Even I have limits, dude.”

Sarah had been handed the responsibility of looking after her family at 17. It hadn’t been easy on her. Mike didn’t know how she’d handled it. There was a great strength in her, and also a great caring. She finished raising him and his sisters, though Danni would never admit it. She was shorter than him, thin and was usually cleaning something.

Their parents had both been doctors and had left them financially comfortable, but you wouldn’t know it. Sarah had always been in charge of everything related to all the finances. Mike didn’t even really know how well off they were, until he’d gotten older. Sarah always gave to her family first and herself second. She was wise and so very sweet and caring. He swore at the voice in his head silently, wondering why he always had a sister pop into his head when he started to cum. It happened every damn time. He felt like a degenerate pervert. He looked at the clock again. 5:35.

It was going to be a long damn day. He stood and went to the bathroom to shower. After they’d moved out of their parent’s old house, Mike made damn sure that they had more than one bathroom. He wasn’t going to compete with four other girls time. He still had to share with Beth and Em, but it wasn’t as bad as trying to use Danni’s. Sometimes it looked like some creature made out of makeup and hairbows had exploded in there. Danni could be such a slob for having such an impeccable body. She’d spend hours on herself and not a minute cleaning anything up. She always had somewhere to go, someone to see, or something to do.

He got in the shower, turning the water to hot.

She could be a colossal bitch sometimes. He’d never known her to not be calling him or Em something, tossing an insult or a heavy object at him. He wondered if she acted that way around any of her myriad of friends. Was that her role in her group of friends? Was she the tempestuous bitch that could fly off the handle at the drop of a hat? What did those guys she went out with see in her?

“A nice rack, an exquisite ass, a perfectly toned stomach…”

Besides the obvious, of course. She was definitely hot. That wasn’t the point. He shook the thoughts of her out of his head.

He obviously needed to get rid of some of his raging male hormones. He grabbed some shampoo and squirted it in his hands. He started rubbing his dick, trying to concentrate on a fantasy. He quickly became erect and could feel the orgasm easily building in him. The bathroom was filled with the wet sound of his hand pleasuring himself and he desperately prayed that the girls in the house were still asleep or deaf, or both. His thoughts drifted briefly back to Danni, bouncing up and down and up and down… He shook his head, internally scowling at the voice, forcing his thoughts back on the cute redhead in his fantasy. So close now, he could feel it rise in him like a wave, relishing the feel of his first orgasm of the day.

The voice was biding its time. It knew the perfect time to strike.

Mike was very distracted at that point and didn’t hear the knock at the bathroom door. Emma peeked in, saw that it was her brother and not Beth in the shower and started to pull her head out. Then she heard it. It sounded like something fleshy was rubbing something else fleshy and wet. She put a hand over her mouth, stifling a laugh as well as a cry of surprise, figuring out just what the hell the sound was. She thought briefly about leaving, but a kind of morbid curiosity filled her.

He still didn’t hear notice the door had opened. Everything kind of faded out as he started to climax. A thousand tiny sparks went off in his head… and then the voice struck.

“Oh Danni.”

A streamer of cum shot out and hit the shower wall, while images of Danni bouncing up and down on the diving board, her perky breasts bursting at the small bathing suits she wore, flashed through his head. “Oh fuck me,” Mike said out loud as he began to shoot his seed onto the tile in front of him. “Oh Danni,” he blurted out as the images continued to flash through his head.

Emma stopped. “Oh Danni?” she thought, suddenly not so mirthfully amused at catching her brother jerking off. Oh Danni? What the fuck was he doing? Was he actually fantasizing about Danni? He hated her. Wait… what the fuck? “Oh MY GOD!” Emma froze as she realized she had spoken out loud, and slapped a hand over her mouth again.

“Damn it to hell, not again,” Mike said loudly, mostly at the voice in his head, which incidentally was cackling in glee. Why the hell did he just yell Oh Danni? Damn it to fucking hell.

“Oh MY GOD!” he heard just outside the shower. He froze. He really hated when images popped into his head when he was coming, and it was always one of his sisters.

Thinking he had sensed her spying on him, Emma yelped loudly and pulled her head out, slamming the door behind her and running to her room. She dove into her bed and couldn’t stop laughing. Great peals of laughter rolled out of her as she desperately tried to smother them under her pillow.

“Oh fuck,” Mike groaned. Which one was it? “Please tell me it wasn’t Danni.” Oh god, oh shit, oh lord, oh no… his brain rambled. What the fuck had just happened? Why the hell did he just blow his load thinking about the one sister he hated? What the fuck was that about?” Mike leaned forward into the stream of water and closed his eyes. He felt like a deranged asshole. “Shit… I must really need therapy.”

He got out, toweled himself off and stomped off to his room to get dressed.

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