Katie sat at her work desk trying not to think too much about the day ahead of her, no doubt it was going to be a general display of customer service, tediousness and paperwork like it usually was. She had been made assistant manager a few months back and although at first it was fresh and exciting, those feelings had since passed and she took to having the occasional drink and pretending to do “paperwork” in her office while she browsed the internet. Besides the money being good they were the only things that got her through the day with her sanity intact.

She made a little more room on her desk by brushing aside a few stacks of folders and then pulled a small bottle from her purse, unscrewed the cap and topped up her morning coffee with a shot of vodka, katie was by no means hooked on the stuff, it just simply made the mornings a hell of a lot easier to deal with.
The next few hours were as predictable as expected, she had to resolve a few employee payment issues and one of the new girls hadnt turned in for work, yet again, so katie was going to have to deal with her.
“Great” katie thought to herself, if things stayed like this she was’nt sure how much longer she could stand it, she already found herself checking job sites inbetween watching movies and porn, now that cant be a good sign.

It was about an hour away from lunch when katies desk phone rang, it was the internal phoneline so it had to be an employee, probably from the shopfloor.
Katie: “yes”
employee: “hi katie sorry to interrupt but a customer wants to make a complaint”
Katie: “ok so get helen to do it”
employee: “helens not here she left early for lunch”
Katie: “again?, does she do this everyday?”
employee: “hmmmm, yeah i dont know.”
Katie: “whatever then, just ask them to wait and i’ll be down in a few minutes.”

Katie hung up the phone before closing all the tabs on her screen and then stood to adjust herself in the full length mirror next to her office door. She ran her fingers through her hair and straightened her top over her tits and tummy. Katie is 27 years old, 5 foot 9 (179cm) long blonde hair, blue eyes, 10 stone (64kg), 34D bra size, slender figure with curvature, smooth waxed pussy. Shes wearing a white blouse with short medium blue skirt, size 8 to 10 (usa 4 to 6) and matching 6 inch heels.

After she was done checking her appearance she left the office and rode the elevator to the shop floor. The door pinged and she exited, her heels clicked against the shiny wood floor as her eyes adjusted to the brightness of the well lit store. She took a moment then headed over to the complaints desk where the girl was waiting with rebecca, the employee who had called her office line.

Katie: “hi are you the girl wishing to make a complaint.”
Customer: “i am, are you the manager?”
Katie: “im Katie the assistant manageress, the owner isnt here right now but i can help with any problems you’re having.” Katie could see the customer was still seething about the whole thing
Customer: “ok, well yeah i want to make a complaint against her”. She scanned the shopfloor looking for the girl until she found her. “her, she was being an absolute bitch for no reason, all i did was ask if they had a size eight (usa size four) in this top”
Katie watched as she held the top up.
Customer: “and at first she just ignored me, then when she finally did talk to me, after i asked her like three times, she said she didnt know and went right back to chatting to her friend.”
Katie: “ok and it was definetely her, you’re sure about that?”
Customer: “yep her and the one stood next to her, thats who she was talking to.”
Rebecca: “she works here too Katie, shes new.”
Katie: “Ah well im sorry this happened and if you want to make a complaint i can completely understand that, though i’ll have to ask you to come up to my office and fill in a complaint form if you want me to take this any further”
Customer: “ok, how long will that take.”
Katie: “only ten minutes or so, but if you dont fill one in i will have to treat this as a non issue and wont be able to take further action on the girls, such as giving them a cautionary warning or possible dismissal.
Customer: “so if i dont fill this form in then they basically get away with it?”
Katie: “essentially yes.”
Customer: “ok fuck that, i dont want them talking to me like that and then just getting away with it.”
Katie almost started laughing, but she managed to hold it at a smile. “Good, then if you’d like to follow me i can get this dealt with for you”. She turned to head back to her office when she remembered rebecca “Oh rebecca thanks for dealing with this, you can break for lunch now and take an extra hour, helen will fill in for you when she gets back.”
Rebecca: “oh ok, thanks Katie” she grinned cause she didnt like helen all that much.
Katies attention turned back to the customer “Ok if you would just come with me I’ll get this done for you.”
Katie lead the customer over to the elevator then pushed the button for it to return to store level.

Katie: “Im sorry this happened to you hun, girls here tend to be a hive of bitchiness from time to time, i’ve found it’s always worse when their jealous of someone.
Customer: “you think thats why they were rude to me?”
Katie: “i think so, i hear them gossiping and they mostly pick on the girls who are prettier than them or who have better stuff, you know nicer clothes or hair than they do.”
Customer: “you really think thats why though?”
Katie: “i do, you have a great figure hun, so you asking them if that cute top came in a 4 would have drove them over the edge, not even in their dreams could they fit a size eight”
The customer just laughed then smiled shyly at Katies compliment.

The elevator doors pinged open and katie went in first, standing by the buttons waiting for her to enter before pressing for the second floor. There were three levels to this building, ownership and top management on the third floor, assistant and general management on the second floor and staff on the first floor. Outside of third floor management katie was the only assistant manager to have her own office, something she was incredibly thankful for.

Katie: “floor two” turning to smile at the customer as she pushed the button, “this shouldnt take too long i promise, it seemed like you were hesitant when you asked how long it would take, so i’ll get this done as quickly as possible.”
Customer: “no its ok, im not in a rush or anything, its just when you said i had to come and fill in a form i thought it was gonna take ages, i mean i didnt just wanna leave it but if it really took that long i might have had to think about it.
Katie: “ah ok, no its nothing like that, it only takes between ten and twenty minutes for most people, and in this case its just a formality anyway, i need it to show the owner so i can justify firing them.
Customer: “wow really, you mean they will lose their jobs over this?”
Katie: “if you’re ok with that then yes they will, i wont tolerate my staff treating a good customer this way.”

The elevator pinged for a second time as the door opened.
Katie: “This is us” as katie stepped out and lead the customer down the hallway to her office.
“Come on in and take a seat hun, would you like a drink or anything while you write this out?”
Customer: “a soda please if you have it.”

The customer took a seat at the desk while katie pulled out a fresh complaint form and pen, placing them infront of her, then proceeded to open the mini fridge and collect a cold can of soda, placing it next to the form with a fresh glass, “There you go, all set” katie smiled then took a seat in her chair opposite.

*This first part might be relatively short but i wanted to end it here and start the action in part two. Its also my first post so any feedback would be super super appreciated, thanks for reading, lottie*

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