Kissin cousins and more pt 4

Today is Saturday Uncle Bob is going to play golf with three of his friends and will be gone most of the day and Aunt June is going shopping and out to lunch with a couple of her girl friends and should be gone until at least four o’clock.
My Uncle Bob tells me that I am doing a great job and that all of his men on the job like me which makes me very happy. We are almost done with this project and should finish about a week ahead of schedule and should earn all of us a little bonus. I will save the money toward an apartment down the road but won’t have enough money for awhile yet.
I have been living with my Aunt and Uncles house for almost three months now and they seem to enjoy having me here. I help out with cooking, keeping my room clean, mowing the lawn, even try doing to do my own laundry which amuses my Aunt June. My mom calls often asking them how I’m doing and if I am being a pain. Aunt June always tells her that he is a wonderful addition to their family and he is a great help around the house. Pam and I always smile when we hear that because if they only knew that Pam and I were fucking each other as often as possible I’m sure my time here would be short lived.
They try to give me as much privacy as possible. I asked Pam how come she and I share the largest bathroom ? She said that when they built the house this was her parents room with a bedroom next to theirs with a door connecting into the baby’s room which was her sisters Charlotte room before it was her room and they moved to the other end of the house to get some privacy of their own.
Before you came I use to hang my bras and underwear in the bathroom to dry now mom said that I have to dry they in my room on hangers as not to embarrass me or you. OK I guess that makes sense I said. I do like the oversize shower and the double sinks. Yeah Pam said we are gonna take full advantage of the big shower more that we already are.
My Aunt and Uncle left about ten minutes apart and we waited almost five minutes before we headed to the big shower to fuck like rabbits. Pam walks ahead of me towards the bathroom I just love watching her ass sway back and forth as she walks knowing that in just a couple of minutes I will have my cock fully engaged in her tight pussy. I drop my clothes as soon as I get inside the door while Pam turns on the water and adjusts the water temperature. I love watching her get undressed those succulent tits that clean shaved pussy her beautiful ass a hundred pounds of sexual dynamite just waiting for my big cock to pound her cunt and fill her ass with cum.
Pam looks over her shoulder and says someone is ready to party I look down at my raging cock and say we both are, well get over here and let’s get started. I walk in her direction as my cock wobbles up and down with each step Pam has a huge grin and reaches out and grabs my hard as hell cock and says let’s find this guy a warm place and get to work. We get into the shower Pam turns around gets on her knees looks up at me and says I love this big ole cock as she takes it fully into her mouth and sucks it down to my balls in one slow motion while cupping my nut sack god this girl really can suck cock. I put my hands on her head and start pumping her mouth pulling almost all the way out before I plunge it all the way back down. Pam sucks for a couple of minutes when she suddenly stops and says to me I need you to eat my cunt after you fuck my ass.
Pam turns around bends over as I line up my cock the water raining down on us sure helps to ease into to her poop shoot. I hold her hips as I slam as far into her ass as possible she is tight and so smooth warm this is what heaven must be like. The look of both pain and pleasure are on her face as she moans now pulling on her tit eyes closed head thrown back like she is really enjoying the hard pounding I’m giving her. I can feel her squeezing me every couple of strokes and it doesn’t take very long before I can feel the cum rising from my balls ready to pour deep into her bowels.
I grip her hips hard as I give her everything I got trying to put every single millimeter of cock as deep as possible. I cum as hard as I ever have in my life pumping the entire contents into to her hungry ass. Pam starts to cum just about the time as I finish so I slide a couple of fingers deep into her cunt to help. Her body convulses seven or eight times as her body starts to shake one final squeeze from her ass as she pulls away grabs the soap as she cleans up my spent cock and balls.
God I love it when you pound my ass like that Pam says as she soaps my cock and balls rinses the soap off and kisses me. Now lets finish our shower so you can eat my cunt OK? Yes mam I tell her. We rinse off all the soap and she smells great. I love a clean just washed cunt.
We go to my room since today is laundry day so making a mess on the sheets will be no big deal. Pam’s phone starts to ring so Pam picks it up on our way. Hello oh hi Lisa -yes we are home -why do you ask-well if you must know Michael is just about to eat my pussy. Your coming up the walk OK let yourself in the back so you in a second bye. I looked at Pam and said Lisa is here now? Yes says she has something to show us, what is it? I don’t know she will be here in a minute guess we will have to wait and see.
Lisa let herself in and came straight o my room Pam and I were still naked, Pam laying on the bed and me between her legs licking the pussy I love so much. Lisa looked at us and said Pam you are one very lucky bitch I would have Michael eating my pussy all the time if he were my cousin. Pam propped her up in her elbows and said what do you have to show us?
Lisa said this as she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and showed us the piercing on her tongue a silver ball about one a half an inch back on her tongue with another silver ball on the underside connected by a thin metal rod. Pam and I looked at each other when Pam said when did you get that? Lisa said you know that I have been on vacation with my parents in Europe for the past two months and I got it over there the day after we got there. Mom got one too. My dad just loves it when mom sucks his cock at least that’s what mom says. Did you watch your mom suck you dad’s cock? Yes but they don’t know I watched. We just got home late last night and I couldn’t wait to try it on you Michael and you Pam.
So who wants to go first Lisa asked. Well as I told you on the phone Michael was eating my pussy when you called but since are just returning home I think it would be OK if you wanted to suck Michael’s cock first but I’d love to feel it in my pussy too. Consider it done do you guys mind it I take off my clothes too? Please do I would not to get any cum stains on those fancy duds I said. Lisa was naked before you could say Boo.
I stood up as Lisa walked over to me she got down on her knees grabbed my cock with her left hand and said it looks even bigger than I remember. Pam said that since he got here his cock has grown over an inch and he is an inch taller too. Guess he is still a growing boy. Lisa opened her mouth and slowly put my cock in so that I might feel the button as it worked its way down the underside of my cock.
Pam watched my expression on my face as Lisa’s mouth took as much cock in as she could. I held Lisa’s head as I slowly pumped her face going as deep as I thought she could handle without choking. I’ve got to say the new sensation of the button on my cock was fantastic a little extra stimulant never hurts. When I reached her max depth she would slide her tongue back and forth on the underside of my cock then push back her tongue working it’s magic all the way back before she would repeat it over and over. I could feel my balls starting to stir knowing that I would only take a few more seconds before I would be filling her mouth.
I pulled Lisa off my cock and looked at Pam and said you gotta try this. Lisa looked a little disappointed at first but wanting to eat Pam’s cunt perked her up right away. Pam lay back on the bed as Lisa got between her legs I asked her to keep her butt up so that I could fuck her while she ate Pam. Oh yes Michael I would love that, slide that big fucking cock into me I have waited so long and missed you guys so much. Enough talking more eating Pam said as she pulled Lisa’s head to her ready and wanting cunt.
Lisa dove right in finding Pam’s clit ring and rolling it around with her tongue had Pam moaning in no time at all. Ever time I would bottom out in Lisa it would push her head further into Pam’s cunt. Pam would say to Lisa bite my clit you fucking whore which seem to energize Lisa and me to the point where I was pile driving Lisa. I know that since I had just filled Pam’s ass no more that fifteen minutes ago I could last another half an hour if it weren’t for the fact that I have two beautiful naked women before me and all three of us are having such wonderful sex together every mans dream had me speeding up that time. I figure I had maybe two three minutes tops before I needed to release the cum starting to boiling up in my balls.
Pam was pulling Lisa’s head deeper into her hot box in a few seconds she started to cum. I could feel Lisa’s cunt tighten which sent me over the edge. Lisa is now pushing back at me trying to get every fraction of and inch as deep as possible so I grab her hips and pull her back into me and shove my cock as deep as possible and unload everything I have left.
All three of us are gasping for air each having cum at nearly the same. About thirty seconds later I pull out of Lisa with a pop and squish to see her cunt is open and leaking my cum out of it. Pam said Lisa turn over so I can eat Michael’s cum out of your cunt while you can clean your cum off of his cock. For a few seconds it is a mad scramble getting into position but soon we are all settled down. Pam between Lisa’s legs diving deep and trying to get all of my cum out of her.
While I am positioned at Lisa’s head as she attempts to clean up my cock and balls. It is an amazing feeling that little ball on her tongue would take any guy a much shorter time to bust his nut. A few minutes later everyone clean as any tongue bath can get you. I lay down and the girls join me on the bed a very satisfied grin on all of our faces, we lay there for maybe ten minutes before I say I could use another shower. We all could Pam says so off we go back into the shower I wash up two of the best pussies and asses in the world before they wash my cock and balls.

I love your big cock Michael Lisa says when Pam says hey girlfriend that’s my guys big cock and balls you are talking about. However in the interest of keeping the peace I am willing to share him if you are willing to lick my pussy with that tongue button of yours? It’s a deal Lisa said with school starting next week it will be harder to get together but I think we can make it work. What do you think Michael? I looked at them both and said I would love to be at your service anytime you need me. Now let’s get dried off and get dressed I have sheets to wash and more chores to do before your mom and dad get home.
We exited the huge shower I dried them off then they dried me off both taking a few seconds to suck my cock again. As much as I loved them sucking on my crank we still had work that had to be done. So we redressed and sent Lisa home with a big french kiss. Pam and I stripped my bed and threw the sheets into the washer we then headed to the kitchen for a light snack. You know Michael this my senior year and my final year on the cheer leading team and I want to practice here at home and maybe some of the others will join us from time to time. So what do you think would you like that?
Well it’s up to you frankly I would love to fuck all of the cheerleaders but your pussy is and will always be my favorite. Pam said I plan on going to college next year but locally so if you could find an apartment close to the community college we could fuck all the time and maybe I could bring a girl friend along sometime? Would you like that? Hell yes what guy in his right mind would say no to that. I’d really like that but only if you are in favor of it. I would never want to hurt you. I’d rather take a bullet before I would ever let that happen. So if we ever have another woman join us it should be your decision not mine. Pam smiled I knew you would say the right thing. She kissed me deeply then said before the year is over I promise to suck and fuck your cock so often that it just might shrink your balls to raisins. God I hope not, I plan on having c***dren someday.

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