Beth’s body was on fire as she left her new friend who gathered her large purchase of new sex toys. Beth had been shocked when she had stepped into the store to see Cheri Pie standing there. What Beth would never tell anyone was that she had watched Cheri’s gangbang videos not only with her x-husband but alone after he had left her for another woman. It was watching the confident woman that inspired her to make her first trip to the gloryhole at the Triple X Adult Entertainment Superstore.

Beth had been overweight and her self-confidence was near zero but she was hornier than she had ever been in her life. Her former husband had been so cruel in his constant verbal harassment of her appearance. When she learned that he was having an affair with her oldest friend, Beth’s world imploded. If it had not been for her son Jimmie, Beth might have just slipped into oblivion. After her husband was out of her life, Beth began to masturbate and watch more and more porn. She loved movies where women were used by lots of men and began to obsess about being used that way. Still when she looked in the mirror, she doubted that any man would desire her.

Beth had heard of gloryholes and began to wonder if they were real or just an urban myth. It did not take her long to find the Triple X Adult Entertainment Supercenter. She still recalled how nervous she was as she entered the store and made her way to the back and into the video booth. She was thrilled to see a hole on each side wall. There really was a gloryhole! She looked through the hole and saw a guy stroking his cock. Her mouth had watered at the thought of sucking a cock. Her fingers had poked through the hole and suddenly the man turned toward her.

“I’ll suck your cock!” She had said to the man,

Before she knew it, the man had put his dick through the wall and then she wrapped her lips around his cock and started to pump. She did not stop until her mouth was full of the stranger’s cum. After she sat there with the taste of semen in her mouth as her body throbbed with excitement. She knelt on the floor and she looked up to see another cock waiting.

“Suck this one!” A male voice said.

That night a dozen men came in her mouth or on her face. Along the way the overweight woman had begun to rub her pussy as she serviced the perverts that would cum in any mouth. The orgasm that she had while sucking the last man was so mind blowing that she had trouble leaving. She was walking like a drunk as she got in her car and drove home that night.

After that night she found her desire to be the woman that men wanted. In the next year she began to change her diet and she worked out at the gym. Her body went from pudgy to full figure to the sexy curvy woman that had men staring as she walked by. She loved her new physical appearance but even more she loved having sex with men just because she wanted to. Beth did not want a man of her own she just wanted one to use.

It was out of this awakening that Beth began to have another fantasy. She wanted to be the other woman. She wanted to prove to herself that she was now the hunter of husbands. To take a man from another woman, drive him crazy with wild sex and then send him home just heightened her desire for sex. Her first real chance to live this fantasy was last week when she had met Jack. She was thrilled that the sexy married man became so distracted with her physical appearance that he could not carry on their business meeting. She became the aggressor and asked him he wanted to get together. When they fucked it was even better than she had ever imagined. Jack was a passionate lover who wanted his partner to enjoy the sex as much as he did.

Beth smiled as she parked her car at the insurance office where Jack worked. There was a closed sign on the door but as she stepped out of the car, Jack opened the door. Beth allowed her fingers to run over the obvious bulge in her married lover’s pants as she entered the office. Her eyes were filled with mischief as she looked at Jack and took off her blazer which hid her braless tits that were easily visible through the thin white cotton. Beth then walked with her hips swaying seductively toward Jack’s office. She smiled as she heard Jack moan as he followed behind admiring the show she put on.

Beth stepped into his office and slowly opened her blouse freeing her soft large tits. Jack began to undress as he watched her unhook and let her shirt fall to the floor showing she was wearing a garter belt and stockings but no panties. Jack was laying his pants on the back of the chair as Beth pulled her ass up on the desk in front of Jack’s chair.

“Have you ever eaten pussy at your desk?” She said as she spread her legs and then spread her pussy open for him.

Beth giggled as she watched his cock bouncing with excitement. Then she held up her finger and signaled him to come to her. Jack walked over as if in a trance and sat in his chair. Then he looked into Beth’s eyes as his face lowered to her sweet pussy. She inhaled sharply as Jack took her clit between his lips and sucked in and out. Then he rapidly rubbed his tongue over her pleasure button. He released her clit and lowered his mouth until his tongue was probing her fuck hole. Jack began to alternate sucking on the pussy and then tonguing it. Beth was admiring his creativity when he pushed her legs back and exposed her asshole. Jack did not even hesitate as he moved his tongue to her asshole. His thumb pushed into her pussy and rubbed her g-spot while his finger rubbed her clit. He pulled back from her ass and replaced his tongue with two fingers which he pumped in and out with hard thrusts. Beth was rushing toward a massive orgasm and she knew she was going to squirt.

“Do It! Squirt that pussy juice! Cum on my face!” Jack groaned as he too knew what was going to happen.

Beth raised her head and watched as Jack looked into her pussy intently as he manipulated her like a pussy master! Then she felt her entire body contract before everything let go. A giant eruption of pussy juice blasted Jack’s face. His mouth opened as the next blast of cunt cum hit him in the mouth. The intensity of her orgasm was making her shake and roll her eyes but seeing Jack revel in being sprayed made it even better. Then she collapsed back on the desk.

She felt Jack move between her legs and his cock slid into her in one long thrust. Beth opened her eyes to see Jack looking intently at her as he slid his cock in and out of her still quivering pussy. He lowered his mouth to her own and kissed her deeply. She could taste the musty cunt juice that had filled his mouth. Beth knew this was the most sensual fuck she had ever experienced. It was the kind of fuck that most women only fantasized about but she was getting it. Another intense orgasm ripped through her.

The intensity of the physical pleasure was causing Beth to lose focus. In fact, she never felt his cock leave her pussy but she did feel it being pushed into her asshole. Jack watched every twitch of Beth’s face as well as how her ass reacted to having his thick dick pushed slowly into it. He looked concerned as he worked his cock up her asshole until she sighed with pleasure.

“Fuck my ass baby!” Beth moaned and Jack beamed with pride as he knew he was giving her a thrill.

Beth reached down and fingered her gapping pussy as her lover pumped his cock up her rear door. She had been fucked in the ass many times in her life but mostly by her x-husband. Like all sex, Beth enjoyed being butt fucked but Jack was showing he was the best she had ever had. Then her pussy gushed more cunt juice onto Jack as he smiled down on her. His eyes rolled back and Beth felt his cock throbbing in her ass. He was pumping a nice load up her backdoor.

After he finished Jack fell back into his chair and moaned as he watched Beth’s gapping ass drip his cum on the floor. He could not believe just how fantastic his life had become in such a short time.

“You did a good job making me cum. Now I am going to have to get creative and think of a way to make you cum even harder.” Beth said as she slid off the desk and into his lap.

“You don’t have to do anything for me. Beth, you have made me wake up. I love my wife in so many ways but I will never be able to live like I did in the past. In just a short while you have proved to me that I will never be satisfied with what she will give to me. I would love it if she could change but she cannot!” Jack said and the sadness in his voice was palpable.

Beth suddenly felt fear. Had she set in motion the same forces that had destroyed her marriage? This was supposed to be about having sex and fun.

“Tonight, I am going to tell my wife that I want a divorce.” Jack said and Beth wanted to panic.

“You don’t have to leave her! I will take care of all of your needs. Remember, I want to be the other woman. I want fuck you and send you home to her. I want you to still fuck her too so that you can think how much better I am.” Beth said trying to get Jack to change his mind.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved all that we have done and I never will regret that. I also will not live a lie. I have cheated with you and the sex has been fantastic beyond belief. I know who I am now and Mary will never be able to please me and I will not live the rest of my life sneaking around to fuck like a real man.” Jack said with determination.

Beth was on verge of losing it. She had just done to a woman that she did not know, what was there most terrible day of her life. She did not want this to happen! “I told you that the sexiest thing I found in you was that you are married. If you leave your wife, I will not have sex with you again.” She said and hoped that the threat would change Jack’s mind.

“I knew that when I made this decision. I owe this to myself but I also owe it to my wife. Cheating on her is degrading. It makes her into a cuckquean and me into a man who demeans her with my infidelity.” Jack said and Beth could tell that he was serious.

“Maybe I better leave. Jack, don’t do this. I know I can keep you happy. I even have a new friend that would be happy to fuck you too. She was a porn queen and we talked about having a threesome with you. Please think about this!” Beth said as she got up and started to dress but her inner being knew she had done to another woman the terrible thing that she had done to her.

Beth arrived home as the guilt of destroying another woman became ever greater. She stepped into the kitchen and her eyes landed on Jimmy who seemed to be blushing like he had been caught doing something wrong. Beth had heard the front door close as someone was leaving as she had come in.

“Did you have a friend over?” Beth asked as Jimmy seemed to squirm. Beth raised her eyebrow as a way to get her son to come clean.

“Yeah.” Jimmy said in a near whisper.

“I don’t mind you having friends over as long as you clean up after. I glad you are finally making friends.” Beth said as she hugged Jimmy. “I’ll have dinner ready soon.”

“Thanks Mom.” Jimmy said as he headed off to watch TV.

Beth slipped off her blazer and started to make a simple meal. She also poured herself a generous glass of wine. Her mind kept going back to Jack. She continued to feel the guilt over what Jack was going to do. At the same time Beth was already regretting her threat to not have sex with Jack if he left his wife. Beth blushed as she wondered if she had already had romantic feelings for Jack. Then she blushed bright red as she pictured Jack moving in and Jimmy hearing the noisy sex that they enjoyed.

“Dinners ready!” Beth said and she could hear Jimmy coming into the kitchen.

Jimmy sat down and picked up his fork when he suddenly seemed to freeze.

“Is something wrong, Honey?” Beth asked as she started to slip her second glass of wine but Jimmy just shook his head “no” while he looked at her except his eyes were looking at her tits. It was only then that Beth realized she had never put her bra back on and her large nipples were clearly visible through the thin white cotton blouse.

Jimmy was captivated by her large soft natural tits. Beth’s reaction was even more shocking to herself. She was sexually excited by Jimmy’s hungry eyes. She decided to just act like she did not know that her tits were on display. Very little was said as they finished eating. Jimmy then gathered up the dishes and cleaned up while Beth went into the family room to watch TV.

Beth was just getting ready to set down on the couch when she noticed a number of fresh stains. She was wondering what Jimmy had spilt when she saw more on the floor and she knew what the stains were. They were semen stains! She wondered if Jimmy had been jacking off but there was something different about these stains. Beth leaned closer and then she picked up the distinctive smell of pussy. Jimmy had been fucking a girl! Beth actually felt her pussy twitch as she imagined Jimmy pumping his cock in and out of a hot teen girl. Just then she heard Jimmy walk into the room to find his Mom on her knees examining the fabric. She turned to see him blushing.

“I think we should have a talk.” Beth said as she stood up and sat down on the couch. Jimmy slowly approached her and then sat down beside her.

“I know what you were doing with you friend.” Beth said and watched Jimmy squirm. “I am glad you have a girlfriend. I want you to know that I have no problem with you fucking her. In fact, you are more than welcome to have her come over for sex whenever you want but if you would do me one favor.” Beth said as Jimmy understood he was not in trouble.

“What is that?” He asked as he looked into her eyes.

“If you fuck her on the sofa please put a towel under her. You two made a pretty big mess.” Beth said with a giggle. “Seriously, I want you to know that I’m glad you are getting some nice pussy. Is she sexy?”

“I think so. We just met a last week.” Jimmy said.

“Maybe I can meet her but if you’re not comfortable I would understand.” Beth said and was glad to have the potentially awkward conversation coming to an end.

“Thanks Mom. Can I ask you a question?” Jimmy asked and Beth slowly nodded. “Do you have a new boyfriend?” Beth felt her stomach fill with butterflies but she decided that she would be total open with him.

“I have been out on a couple of dates with someone but I think we will probably call it off.” Beth said with a little sadness in her voice.

“Did he treat you bad? You looked upset when you came home tonight.” Jimmy asked.

“Oh no! He is actually one of the best men I have ever known. It’s just that he is married and well he has some issues to work out and I am not sure that I will be in his future.” Beth said and watched Jimmy search her face. “I know you probably will not understand this but I really didn’t want a romance.” Beth said as she looked him in the eye. “I really just wanted to have sex. I never wanted him to leave his wife but I have shown him just how good sex can be.” Beth said as a tear trickled down her cheek.

Jimmy wrapped his arms around his Mom to give her reassurance but then she gripped him tighter. Beth felt her large tits pushed into his chest. She knew she should pull back but it just felt so good to be held and feel her soft mature tits against his muscular chest. She was looking down and could see his cock bulging in his pants. He was well endowed. The embrace lingered longer than either of them would have imagined.

“I think it is great that you enjoy sex. My girlfriend wants to have the chance to be with other guys and girls too. Today she brought another girl over and we all had sex together. Maybe this guy won’t work out but you are an incredibly sexy woman and I am sure there will be plenty of men who would love to be with you.” Jimmie said and then blushed.

“Wow my son thinks I’m sexy. Not too many Moms hear that!” Beth giggled but then stopped as she noticed just how hot her son was.

They both seemed to just look at each other and neither was sure how it happened but they were passionately kissing. Jimmie’s tongue was dancing with her own and then she felt his hands caressing her tits and his fingers rubbed over her nipples. Then her fingers wrapped around his bulge. His cock felt like a piece of steel. Finally, their kiss ended and Jammie looked stunned as his hands continued to hold her ample tits. Then he seemed to realize that he was feeling up his Mom and his hands pulled away.

“Sorry Mom. I just got carried away.” He said but Beth looked at him and smiled as she squeezed his cock.

“I’m not. I’m going to bed.” Beth said.

“But it is only nine.” Jammie said with a puzzled voice.

“Didn’t say I was going to sleep.” She replied as she walked away with her hips swaying.

Jammie followed behind as his eyes watched her sultry stroll down the hall. Then she stopped and looked over her should as she unhooked her skirt and let it fall to the floor. He found himself looking at her shapely soft ass that started to jiggle as she continued to her bedroom door. At the door way she again looked over her should and unbuttoned her blouse. She lowered it half way down her back and then rolled her shoulders like an old-time stripper would have before letting the blouse fall to the floor. Once in the bedroom she turned to face him with her left arm over her tits and her right hand concealing her pussy.

“Damn!” Jimmie said as he could not stop looking at the incredibly beautiful woman who was his Mom.

“Take off your clothes.” Beth said in a soft seductive voice that came out as a plea.

Beth watch as Jamie pulled his shirt over his head which revealed his fit young body. Then he kicked off his shoes and pulled down his pants and underwear in one quick motion. When he stood it was Beth’s turn to ogle his massively swollen cock. She walked over to him still feigning her modesty. Then she lowered her left arm letting him see her full soft tits and wonderful large nipples. Her left hand reached out and wrapped around his erection and slowly stroked it. Jimmy reached over and lifted her chin and pulled her to him with a deep passionate kiss.

When their kiss ended, she led him by the cock to her bed. She pushed him on his back and then straddles his cock. They looked into each other’s eyes as Beth lowered herself onto him. His cock felt so hard and big as she gave herself time to adjust to the cock. Then she began to ride his dick. Then Jammie began to push up into her. The ferocity of their coupling was intense as they tried to pound each other.

Beth started cumming first as her pussy squirted down his shaft soaking her comforter. Jimmie was stunned with how hard she was cumming but his cock felt like it was in a velvet glove coated in warm oil. It was too much and his semen blasted into her pussy. Beth collapsed on top of Jimmie as her body trembled with the afterglow of a marvelous orgasm.

The two laid entangled with each other for a long time. Then Jimmie rolled on to his side and looked at her as his hands ran over her sexy body. He could already feel his cock getting hard again and he had every intention of fucking his Mom again.

“I know this is perverted but I want to fuck you again.” He said and wondered if his Mom would have second thoughts about the taboo sex they were having.

“What’s perverted about it?” She asked as she looked at him.

“I just fucked my Mom. That is considered a little perverted by some people.” He laughed.

“I suppose but you should know one other thing. I’m not your biological mother. I adopted you when you were a new born. Now do you want to fuck me right away or can I suck that big cock first?” Beth laughed as she slipped down and straddled his knees and kissed his cock.

To be continued…..

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