Lisa got on the bus and took her normal seat in the third row. As she sat down, she looked over to see Rose looking at her. Lisa was struck again at just how young the other eighteen girl appeared but today she was also struck by Rose’s large deep blue eyes. Lisa quickly changed so that she was seated next to Rose.

“How are you today?” Lisa asked as she looked at the other girl.

“I’m ok.” Rose replied but she kept looking at Lisa as if she was thinking about something and then she asked; “Did you do it with Jimmy?”

“Do what?” Lisa asked even though she knew what Rose was asking.

“You know…make out?” She asked shyly.

“You mean did we fuck?” Lisa asked boldly and watched as Rose blushed. “Yes, we did. It felt really good too!” Lisa said quietly to the blushing girl. “Have you ever thought about fucking a guy?” Lisa asked.

Rose slowly nodded her head. “I don’t think any guy will ever want to do it with me.” She said sadly.

“Have you ever watched porn videos?” Lisa asked and Rose shook her head that she had not. “Could you come over to Jimmy’s after school? I think there are some videos that might inspire you.” Lisa said and Rose slowly nodded that she could.

Just then the bus stopped and it was the stop that Jimmy boarded the bus. Lisa shifted over to her normal place and the Jimmy got on and sat down by Lisa. Lisa reached over and squeezed his hand and smiled at him.

“How long after you get home does your Mom get there?” Lisa asked as they both looked ahead.

“She said she would not be home until seven tonight. I think she has a boyfriend because she came home real happy last night but she was kind of a mess like she had been having sex. I hope the guy is not an asshole!” Jimmy said. Lisa thought it was sweet that Jimmy was fine with his mom having sex as long as the guy treated her decently. Of course, Lisa knew that his mom’s new boyfriend was her Dad and she knew he was pretty decent, although he could get a little rough during oral sex but Lisa liked it when he did.

“Good because you are going to do some fucking after school and I have a surprise for you; there is going to be another girl.” Lisa said and Jimmy’s head snapped toward her.

“Who’s the other girl?” He asked excitedly.

“Do you see the girl sitting across from you?” Lisa asked and Jimmy nodded.

“You’re going to take her virginity but she doesn’t know it yet.” Lisa said as she gave him a wicked smile as Jimmy sat there with his mouth opened.

In a few minutes the bus emptied the students and the day began. Lisa had thought about making up another babysitting job but decided that maybe it was time change the balance of power with her mom by telling her that she knew all about “Cheri Pie”. Lisa smiled as she thought about buying new clothes, wearing makeup and most of all getting on birth control. The thought of cum dripping from her pussy made her hot.

At lunch Jimmy was curious of how Lisa planned to get Rose to put out for him. Lisa told that him that Rose was frustrated much like they had been and worse because of her appearance she lacked confidence that any man would find her desirable. Lisa shared her observation that some men liked the young look and there was a lot of taboo porn about babysitters, girl next door, school girls and even daughters as the sex object. Jimmy nodded that he agreed with Lisa.

“I think Rose is actually very pretty but I think every woman is beautiful in their own unique way. It is a guy’s job to bring the sexy out of her. Besides she has a pussy, mouth and ass and my cock will always be happy to be in one of those. Not that I would trade what we have had to do it.” Jimmy said as he did not want to lose his sexy new girlfriend.

“Sex is about having fun. I want you to have fun and I hope you want me to have fun too.” Lisa said as she looked into Jimmy’s eyes. “Don’t forget I’m going to be there too. I am going to eat pussy tonight.” Lisa said and Jimmy smiled as he imagined all the possibilities of two women and himself.

“After school we are going to show Rose some taboo videos and you just follow my lead and I think you will get your cock buried in her pussy before your mom gets home.” Lisa said as the bell rang warning the students to get to their next class.

After school, they all got on the bus and when they came to Jimmy’s stop, Lisa and Rose got off with him. Rose was very quiet but Lisa and Jimmy talked openly about how much fun they had the night before as they held each other’s hand. Jimmy opened the door and the three went into the family room.

“What kind of porn do you want to watch?” Jimmy asked as he looked at Rose and smiled but Rose just looked terrified.

“Do you have anything like school girls or babysitters?” Lisa asked with a giggle and Jimmy smiled and nodded.

“I have anything you could want. My dad left his old porn collection behind when he moved out. He may have been an asshole but he did have great taste in videos.” Jimmy laughed as he headed off to look through DVDs he kept stashed away.

Rose continued to look uncomfortable as Jimmy left. Lisa walked over and put an arm around her and gave her a reassuring hug.

“Relax, this is going to be a real eye opener for you. You know Jimmy got really excited when he found out you were coming over. He thinks you’re hot!” Lisa said and Rose looked at her with surprise.

“But he’s your boyfriend! I don’t want to cause a problem.” Rose said as she looked at Lisa who she now considered her best friend.

“It’s not a problem. I just want you to relax and realize just how sexy you are. There are many men who would love to have sex with someone just like you. You are their fantasy!” Lisa was saying as Jimmy came back in carrying a DVD.

“I think this one will be pretty hot. It’s called Babysitters Gone Wild.” Jimmy said as he put the DVD in the player and turned on the large TV.

Lisa pulled Rose over to the couch and sat on her left side. After Jimmy started the movie he came over and sat on the other side of Rose. The video started with all kinds of little clips of several young looking girls with ponytails, freckles and small tits sucking large cocks or getting pounded. Lisa looked at Rose whose eyes were wide as saucers!

Then the movie started and the first scene was a girl who was very small with tiny tits being told by a slutty looking woman that her husband would be home in a few hours and that he would give her money for the job. Then the slutty mom left and the girl decided to snoop around. The girl discovered a drawer full of sexy toys and ended up masturbating on the bed.

“Damn, she is really hot! She looks so young!” Jimmy said as he rubbed his erection through his jeans.

“Yeah she is. You know the husband is going to come home and catch her and give her a real cock!” Lisa said as she cupped her own tits.

Sure enough, the man does come home and discovers the girl in his bed rubbing the vibrator on her clit. When makes himself known, the girl tries to cover up her pussy and tits but the man just joins her on the bed. He then went down on the girl who quickly starts jerking with an orgasm.

“Have you ever thought about having your pussy licked?” Jimmy asked Rose.

Rose was captivated by the couple in the video but her head gave a slight nod to Jimmy’s question.

“I think we should all get naked. I think Jimmy would love to see what you have Rose.” Lisa said and Rose looked at her with surprise.

Lisa stood up and quickly pulled off her clothes. Jimmy also stood up and started to pull off his clothes and Rose found it impossible to take her eyes off of him. Rose let out a sudden gasp as Jimmy’s cock popped into view. Lisa smiled as she knew Rose was as turned on as anyone else in the room.

“Are you going to join us Rose?” Lisa said as Rose slowly took her eyes off of Jimmy’s dick to look at her.

Lisa reached down and pulled Rose up to her feet. She then started to undress Rose who stood there trembling. Jimmy watched and slowly stroked his cock as Rose again looked at him and seemed to be captivated by his erection. Lisa was impressed that Rose actually had more curve to her small body than you would have known from her baggy clothes. Her tits were small covered by her by sports bra. Rose was wearing some nice bikini style panties.

“Let Jimmy see your titties.” Lisa whispered in her ear.

Rose’s hands were shaking as she reached up and pulled the bra over her head. Her tiny tits stood proud with brown nipples that were fully erect showing her sexual arousal.

“Those are such cute titties!” Lisa said as she reached around Rose and cupped the small firm tits.

Rose groaned as her tits were squeezed by Lisa but her eyes continued to look at Jimmy as he stroked that long thick cock.

Lisa turned Rose so that her back was to Jimmy and she hugged Rose to her. She could feel the small girl’s firm tits press to her own as she reached down and gripped Rose’s ass. It was small but round and firm. Lisa gripped Rose’s panties and pulled them tight into the crack of her ass.

“Fuck that is the nicest ass I’ve ever seen.” Jimmy said as he watched the two girls.

Lisa smiled at him as she pulled Rose’s panties down. She then threw them to Jimmy.

“I bet the crotch is soaked with her pussy juices.” She giggled as she stood up and took Rose back in her arms and turned her to face Jimmy again.

Jimmy lifted the panties to his nose and took an exaggerated sniff and then licked his lips which made Lisa laugh while Rose blushed. Lisa guided Rose back to the couch invited Jimmy to again set on the other side of Rose. On the TV the small babysitter was sucking the man’s cock. Rose was breathing hard as she again glanced between the cock being sucked on the TV and the hard one next to her on the couch.

Lisa looked at Jimmy and winked before she started to kiss Rose on her neck and ear. Jimmy knew that he was to join her and started to kiss Rose on the other side. The virgin girl moaned with pleasure as the two began to kiss her neck and suck on her ears. Then Lisa reached for Rose’s hand and placed on Jimmy’s cock. Rose gripped the cock and started to stroke it as Jimmy moaned in her ear. Jimmy reached over and pushed her thighs open before his fingers began to explore her pussy.

Lisa lowered her mouth down and sucked Rose hard nipple between her lips. Rose was shuddering as an orgasm ripped through her body with a force, she had never known possible. Jimmy turned Rose’s face toward him and kissed her deeply. Lisa stood up and watched the two making out. She then dropped to her knees and pushed Rose’s legs apart. Her small pussy had some fuzzy pubic hair but what was the most exciting sight was the large swollen clit. Lisa used the thumbs on both hands to spread the small girl’s pussy lips apart. Her pussy was covered with clear juice and her vaginal passage was the prettiest pink on the inside. Lisa looked up to see both of them looking down at her. Rose’s face was contorted with sexual excitement as Jimmy looked down with amusement. He reached down and pulled Lisa’s head to Rose’s excited pussy.

Lisa inhaled deeply the smell of the other girl’s musty arousal. She kissed the swollen pleasure button. Rose’s hips jerked as she moaned. Lisa’s tongue snaked out and manipulated the swollen pussy as Rose screamed with pleasure as Jimmy continued to kiss her neck and ear while his fingers toyed with her nipple. Lisa pulled back and looked up at Rose who was looking at her with a plead for more. Lisa leaned forward and ran her tongue up and down the pussy lips and then pushed her tongue up the other girl’s fuck passage.

Rose was jerking with multiple orgasms as she held Lisa’s head and ground her cunt into her face. Lisa felt something behind her and then Jimmy’s cock pushed deep into her own excited pussy. Her own orgasm was triggered as Jimmy fucked her hard and fast. Lisa’s head slipped to the floor as Jimmy fucked her harder. Rose crawled off the couch and joined Jimmy behind Lisa where she passionately kissed him as he fucked her friend.

Jimmy pulled her head back from him and looked in her eyes. He then pushed her head down to the small of Lisa’s back and held it there. Rose did not understand what was happening but she knew that the pleasure she was having and was willing to do anything her friends wanted. Then Jimmy pulled his cock out of Lisa and pushed it to Rose’s lips.

“Open your mouth!” Jimmy said and Rose did.

Jimmy’s cock slid in and out of her mouth. Rose moaned as her senses were overwhelmed by the taste of the cock covered in the creamy juice from Lisa’s aroused pussy. The Jimmy pulled his cock from her mouth and pushed it back into Lisa’s pussy. Rose’s face could feel each thrust of Jimmy’s cock and then the soft moan of her friend. Then Jimmy pulled his cock out again and Rose opened her mouth. His hands held her head as he fucked her mouth. Then there was the flood of semen into Rose’s mouth as Jimmy grunted.

“Swallow it!” Lisa said and Rose did.

Rose rolled onto her back as her mouth was filled with taste of cum. Her mind was still absorbing that she had just had sex with two other people. Rose had loved it all. The touching, kissing, caressing, orgasms, the taste of cock and even pussy. Most of all that Lisa and Jimmy wanted to have sex with her! They were turned on by her. Lisa and Jimmy laid down on the floor with Rose. They both held her in their arms and kissed and caressed her body. Rose returned their kisses with ones of her own.

“Do you feel beautiful?” Lisa asked softly as Rose basked in the post sexual glow.

“You both make me feel sexy.” Rose said.

“You are beautiful and very sexy.” Jimmy said as his hand cupped Rose’s small tit as he rubbed his semi-erect cock on her small round ass.

“I’m glad you think so.” Rose said with a giggle as she pushed her butt against Jimmy’s dick.

“Let me show you just how hot you are.” Jimmy said as he got up and picked up his phone. “Let me take some pictures of you,”

Lisa giggled and pulled Rose up. Lisa then put her arms around Rose as she stood behind her. Jimmy started to snap pictures of the two girls. He then started to pose them. He had them kiss and fondle each other. Then he had Rose on her knees between Lisa’s thighs smiling at the camera as she fingered her friend’s pussy.

“That is very sexy!” Jimmy said but Rose was captivated by the wet hot pussy of her friend.

Lisa could feel her hot breath as the other girl explored her pussy and then she felt Rose kiss her clit. There was a low moan from Rose and then her tongue began to tease Lisa’s pussy. The touch was so light but it was a real turn on to look down into those big blue eyes as her pussy was eaten for the first time by another girl. Jimmy continued to take pictures of the girl on girl love making aa he stroked his cock slowly.

Rose started to suck on Lisa’s clit as she pumped two fingers in and out of her fuck hole. Jimmy noticed that Rose was also rubbing her own pussy. He set down the phone and lowered his mouth to Rose’s sexy tiny ass. He started gently kissing her ass cheeks and as he pulled back her saw her tight puckered asshole. He could see it contracting as she rubbed her own pussy as she devoured Lisa’s vagina. Jimmy lowered his mouth and extended his tongue until it pushed against the little brown eye. Rose shook like leaf in a hurricane as her ass was tongued. Lisa was screaming at the top of her lungs as Rose brought her to another orgasmic high.

Then Rose lifted her face from Lisa’s pussy and looked back at Jimmy. He could see her face coated with pussy juice but her face was contorted with sexual pleasure. Her fingers were rapidly rubbing her own clit.

“OH FUCK!” Rose moaned so loudly that Jimmy pulled back just in tome to see her pussy squirting jet after jet of pussy juice.

“Rose is squirting! Holy Shit! That’s it! Make that pussy squirt!” Jimmy said as he witnessed the most intense female orgasm of his life.

Rose rolled on her back and continued to rub her pussy as the juices just kept bubbling out of her. “Please fuck me! I need to feel your cock in me!” She screamed.

Jimmy did not hesitate as he positioned the head of his cock at the still juicing pussy. He leaned forward and his cock started to slide into Rose. Her eyes opened wide and there was a brief flinch as her hymen was broken. Lisa was kneeling next to Jimmy as he began to fuck Rose who was incoherently babbling as her body convulsed.

Jimmy held the small girl’s legs and started to fuck her hard long and fast. Lisa looked down at his cock and could see that he had indeed busted Rose’s cherry.

“FUCK ME! OH MY FUCKING GOD! FUCK ME!” Rose was screaming so loud that Lisa wondered if the neighbors could hear.

“Is her pussy good? Is she a good fuck?” Lisa moaned as she rubbed her pussy as she watched her boyfriend fucking her friend.

Jimmy did not answer but instead pushed Rose’s feet up over her shoulders which placed her pussy in clear view of Rose’s eyes. Rose was fascinated to see the cock gliding in and out of her. Then she could also look up and see Jimmy as his face strained as he tried to keep from cumming but he was losing control as her young pussy gripped at his cock trying to milk his load.

Lisa loved watching the intensity of the fucking couple. She reached back and let her hand caress Jimmy’s rock-hard butt as he fucked Rose. She let her fingers slide down his ass crack until finger tip found his asshole. Jimmy turned and looked at Lisa and moaned as she rubbed his asshole. Then Jimmy grunted as Lisa pushed her finger into his asshole. Jimmy pushed back on her finger and his cock slipped out of Rose. Jimmy gripped his cock and stroked hard. Rose was looking at the cock as it shot a blast of semen that landed on her chin, lips and nose. Her eyes closed as the cum shower continued to coat her face. Lisa was cooing with delight as she watched her boyfriend facialized the pretty young girl’s face. The last of the sperm from Jimmy’s cock landed on her tiny boobs. Lisa reached over and picked up the phone and took pictures of Rose and her cum covered face.

Lisa noticed that is was almost seven and it was time for their orgy to come to an end. She and Rose went into the bathroom and cleaned up as Jimmy put away the porn movie and pulled on his clothes. The girls had just finished pulling on their clothes when they all heard the garage door open. Lisa and Rose quickly left by the front door just before Jimmy’s Mom stepped into the kitchen.

Jimmy looked at his Mom and he could tell that she was upset. Now the question was she upset about him or someone else?

To Be Continued….

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