Jack sat in his office sipping on a whiskey over ice as he thought of how he would tell his wife that he was leaving her. There was still a part of him that wished he could stay with her but the last week had finally broke the dam of pent up sexual needs. It started when he met Beth. He still felt the way his heart raced when the sexy redhead walked into his office. She became the focus of all his sexual fantasies that he developed as he had watched more and more porn. His wife was a once week only type of woman that seemed to want sex over as fast as possible. Beth was now the best fuck he had ever had but she had made it clear that a big part of her attraction to him was the fact that he was married.

Beth was not the only sexy woman that awoke his interest, there was also Jan. Jan was his wife’s oldest friend and was sizzling hot. Jan was dark with almond colored skin and black hair with deep brown eyes. He wondered if she had a boob job but damn that fine ass just begged to be worshiped. Jack had trouble thinking of why his wife had been so close to a woman that oozed sexuality while she was as asexual as a person could be. Jan had flirted with him anytime his wife was not in the room and it was clear that she would fuck his brains out if she just had enough time. Jack had every intention of going to see Jan as soon as he left his wife.

Then there was Lisa! The night before he had been stroking his cock while looking at naked selfies from Beth when Lisa had caught him. Then the most amazing thing happened. Lisa put her finger to his lip to tell him to be quiet and then slipped to her knees and started to suck his cock. Right away he knew that it was not the first blow job she had ever given but it was so sexy having the taboo moment with her. Jack was still turned on by the memory of taking her head in his hands and fucking her inexperience but willing mouth. He loved the feeling of her gagging on his cock as his cum filled her mouth until it ran down on her nightgown. It was clear from the kisses and caresses after that she had enjoyed their taboo sexual encounter.

It was all of these events that cumulatively convinced him that he had to leave his wife so that he could have the open thrilling sex that he had only begun to taste. He also felt guilty when he began to realize the lies that he would have to tell his wife to keep doing what he was doing. As strange as it sounded, he did not want to make her into a cuckquean.

Jack finished his drink and pulled himself together. It was almost eight and he was already later than he had intended to be. He left his office and started the drive home and the feeling of dread increased as he got closer to home. Everything looked so normal as he pulled into the driveway and opened the garage to park his car. Yes, normal for now but soon it would all be destroyed. That thought made him sad as he entered the house through the kitchen.

His wife and Lisa were sitting in the family room with TV on. He walked over and gave his wife a peck on the forehead and then went and changed into his casual clothes. He was just stepping back into the hallway as Lisa was coming to her room. Her face lit up with a big smile as she looked back to make sure her Mom was not there. Then she hugged him and kissed him in a most seductive way. Jack had an instant erection that Lisa felt against her flat stomach. She then licked her lips suggesting that she was hungry for his cock before she headed into her bedroom.

Jack was about to pass out from the brief encounter that confirmed Lisa wanted the taboo relationship to continue. Jack was thinking that maybe he should stay with his wife a little longer or at least long enough to fuck Lisa. Jack had to hide his cock bulge when he joined his wife to watch TV. Neither of them had much to say so they just sat there until it was time to go to bed.

“I’m going to turn in.” She said as she gave him a kiss on the lips and then headed down the hall.

Jack sat there and felt stupid for not telling her that he was leaving her but then thought that the morning would be a better time. He also thought about going into Lisa’s room. Could he fuck her while his wife was in the next room? Then he decided that probably would be a mistake. Finally, he decided to just go to bed.

He went into the bathroom to put on his pajamas. He opened the door and before her turned off the light he could see his wife laying under the sheets. Jack was struck just how sexy her curves were. If she would only loosen up and enjoy sex, things would be so different. He turned off the light and joined her in bed. She squeezed his hand to let him know she was still awake. Out of habit Jack rolled onto his side and kissed her lips goodnight.

It was then that the first strange thing happened. Her mouth opened and her tongue pushed into his mouth. The only time that she kissed him opened mouth was when they had sex on Wednesday night but this was Tuesday. Jack could not remember when she had ever pushed her tongue into his mouth but it was happening. Over the years they had been married, Jack had tried to get her to try anything different but she had always refused. His sexual fantasies had started with thoughts of her doing anything different and now this was different!

Jack continued to kiss her as his hand moved up to caress her tits. As he lightly ran his fingers over her tit, he came across her hard nipple poking through the fabric of her gown. Again, it was a something different as she had always worn a bra and panties except for Wednesday until after they had sex. Jack was wondering if somehow, she had forgotten what night it was. Then he decided it did not matter as this was the last time, he would get fuck her. Jack lowered his hand down and started to move up her smooth firm thigh. Her legs opened and welcomed his touch but then Jack noticed that she was holding her breath like she was anticipating his touch which again had never happened before. Then his hand cupped her pussy that felt wet, warm and shaved. Jack sat straight up as his hand felt around his wife’s vagina and confirmed that there was no hair!

“What the fuck!” Jack said as he could not believe what was happening. His wife had shaved her pussy!

“Do you like it?” She asked as she rocked her hips suggesting that she was ready for fucking.

Jack was stunned!

“Would you like to see it?” She asked in a sexy voice as she sat up and turned on the light. Again, Jack was stunned as she turned on a light while they were on the verge of having sex.

Jack was on his knees looking at her as she reached down and pulled her nightgown up and over her head. He could not remember the last time he had seen her totally nude. She was smiling at him as she cupped her firm tits as she laid back and spread her legs open. Jack looked down to see her aroused pussy. The lips were swollen and moist while her clit was sticking out from its hood. Then he noticed the tattoo on her mound of the red cherry and the word “Pie”. He looked up at her as she smiled with her eyes twinkling with excitement.

“Do you like my pussy?” She asked and Jack could only nod slowly. “How about my tattoo?” She asked as she giggled.

“I never knew you wanted a tattoo. Is that new?” Jack asked with some confusion.

“No, I’ve had it since I was eighteen. It’s the name that I performed under when I was stripping and doing porn movies.” Cheri said she spread her pussy open to allow Jack to see her wet fuck hole that glistened with her honey juice.

“Really?” He managed to say but his eyes were on the hot slutty woman that was in his bed that looked sort of like his wife, Mary.

“Yes. You see I am a nymphomaniac. I love sex. I can’t say no to men or women. When I got pregnant, I decided to try to change. Unfortunately, that meant that I could never let myself enjoy sex even with you. It is sort of like being an alcoholic, one orgasm would never be enough.” She said and while she was still smiling, he could sense that she was struggling to share this with him.

“What changed?” Jack asked calmly.

“My old porn producer found me after I visited Jan. He told me he would expose me to you unless I agreed to have sex with him. He also wanted me to start making porn videos again. When he fucked me, I decided I did not want to be Mary anymore. I’m Cheri Pie and I am a cock loving, nymphomaniac, slut who wants to get fucked!” Cheri said as she fingered her wet excited pussy. “Now you have to make a decision. If you want, I will give you a divorce and you can have everything or you can accept that you are married to a woman who makes porn movies and fucks whenever she wants.” She finished.

“I don’t want a divorce. I have my own confession that you need to hear.” Jack said.

“Which one? That you are having an affair or that you fucked Lisa’s mouth until you filled it with your cum?” Cheri asked as her face lit up with pleasure.

“Both” Jack said as he wondered how she could know.

“Who is your mistress?” She asked.

“Someone you don’t know. Her name is Beth Simpson.” Jack said but could see surprise on her face before she burst into laughter.

Jack was mystified as to why Beth being his lover was so funny but then; “Beth and I met today. She and I spent our afternoon on our knees sucking cock at the gloryhole. She is real sexy! We agreed that we were going to have group sex with her boyfriend and my husband. The funny thing is you are both guys!” Cheri said as she continued to laugh and Jack joined as he saw the irony.

“Did Lisa do a good job sucking your cock last night?” Cheri said as she moved to kneel with him on the bed.

“It was really sexy using her mouth. I think she was a little surprised when I fucked her mouth like it was a pussy. I don’t think her boyfriend has made her deep throat but I did.” Jack said as his hands explored his wife’s sexy nude body.

Cheri reached for his cock and wrapped her fingers around it and pumped it as she kissed his mouth and then down his chest. She stopped to lick and suck on his nipples before she went down and looked up at him as her tongue licked at the cockhead. Then she winked at him as her mouth took his cock slowly but steadily down. Jack could feel the tip of the cock come to her throat and then with skill of a world class cocksucker she took his cock into her throat. Jack watched as she fucked her own throat as her hand came up and caressed his balls. Jack reached down and held her head and thrust his cock slowly and deliberately in and out of her mouth. He could feel his orgasm coming but then Cheri pulled off his cock and rose up to kiss him open mouth letting him taste his cock in her mouth.

Cheri moved into a doggy position and Jack moved behind her and positioned his cock at her opening. He pushed and felt here sloppy wet cunt envelop his dick. She looked back over her shoulder as Jack began to fuck her. Jack was happy to see his cock covered with her frothy pussy juice. He was aware that she was cumming on his cock as she arched her back and gripped the sheets in her fingers. Then Jack pushed two fingers up her ass making Cheri scream with pleasure.

In the hallway, Lisa was standing there nude, rubbing her pussy as she listened to her Mom and Jack fucking. She almost joined them but decided that this was their time but soon she would fuck Jack as well.

Jack grabbed Cheri and rolled onto his back as his cock stayed in her. Cheri found herself in a reverse cowgirl. She leaned forward and held Jack’s knees as she fucked Jack’s dick like the professional, she was. Jack marveled at seeing his wife’s pussy clinging to his cock as she rode him. Then she shuddered and moaned softly as her pussy pulsed on his cock as another orgasm rocked her body. Jack was stunned by just sexual his wife was as she reveled in her orgasms.

Jack grabbed Cheri by the hips and pulled her into a sixty-nine position. The smell of her pussy that was filled with her juice as well as his pre-cum made his head spin. Then he felt her mouth on his cock pumping away. Jack buried his face in her snatch and lost himself. Again, Jack pushed a finger up her ass and was shocked when she did the same to him. Cheri’s mouth left his cock as her hand pumped his shaft while she moaned. Jack then felt her tongue on his balls as she pumped his cock while she ground her pussy into his face. Finally, Jack could not take any more as it was all he could do to keep from blasting his load but there was one thing he had obsessed about for a long time.

“I want to cum on your face!” He moaned.

Cheri rolled off of him and onto her knees on the floor. Jack stood up and stroked his cock as she teased him by batting her eyes and licking her lips. Then his cock erupted and rope after rope of semen coated her face. The face of his prude of a wife! It was what he had always wanted to do. As the last of his sperm dribbled off of his dick, he pushed it in her mouth and he watched as she cleaned his cock. Then she used her fingers to push his cum into her mouth where it was consumed by her. Jack laid back on the bed as Cheri finished eating his spunk. Then she came up and joined him and they kissed.

“I love you, Jack. I feel so bad that I have lived a lie for so long. I hope you will be able to handle what is about to happen.” She said as she wanted to make sure he knew what was going to happen. “My specialty was gangbang movies for the most part but I also did interracial, lesbian and taboo videos. I guess the taboo ones are the only ones I am not qualified for now. You know I am going to fuck a lot of men. Not just the guys in videos either. There are a lot of investors and producers that I will fuck as well.” She continued.

Jack thought about his wife fucking other men and strange enough it was actually a turn on. Then he thought about all the horny people watching her and decided that was an even bigger thrill. He also thought about all the different kinds of porn. Taboo porn had been one of his favorites and he could definitely see his wife in taboo scenarios.

“Why can’t you do taboo?” Jack asked as he basked in the afterglow of their sex.

“I was eighteen back then and I did scenes with older guys. You know like schoolgirl, babysitter or even sexy girl next door type stuff. I’m a little old for that.” She laughed softly.

“On the other hand, you are perfect for the naughty MILF, teacher or neighbor. There are a lot of young guys that get off on sexy mature women that are aggressive. You know the cougar type roles would be perfect for you.” Jack said as he yawned as sleep began to catch up with him.

“That would be fun. Helping all those young guys to know how to please a real woman would be fun.” Cheri replied as she too began to dose in the relaxed after sex glow.

The next morning Jack woke up as he heard the bedroom door open. Cheri was coming in and she was wearing a sexy blue corset, a garter belt, stockings and stiletto heels. Her long hair was pulled back into a long ponytail. She was wearing makeup that added definition to her natural beauty. Her lips looked perfect with the bright red lipstick. Jack smiled as he could see she was not wearing panties and her tits were suspended by the corset.

“Do you like my new outfit?” She asked with a tease in her voice.

“What do you think?” Jack answered as he stroked his morning wood with a smile.

“That’s wonderful because I bought one just like it for Lisa.” Cheri said as Lisa walked into the room.

Jack could see that other than hers being red they were the same. Lisa had identical makeup to her Cheri and Jack was shocked at the similarity of they had to each other. Cheri walked over and got on the bed on the right side of Jack and Lisa positioned herself on the left. Jack held his breath as they slowly lowered their faces until one was on each side of his now throbbing cock.

“Good morning!” Lisa said as she kissed the head of his dick.

“Yes, Good morning honey!” Cheri said as she also kissed the tip of his cock.

Then both of them lowered their mouths down to his balls where the sexy team licked and kissed his testicles as his cock jerked with pleasure. Next Jack felt his right and left nut being sucked into separate mouths. Jack could not believe the erotic feeling of having his balls sucked but what happen next was even better. They pushed his legs back so that his ass came off the bed. Lisa moaned as she licked her Dad’s balls and Cheri probed his asshole with her tongue.

“OHHHHHHH FUCK!” Jack moaned.

Then Cheri pulled back from his asshole but Lisa lowered her face and began to tongue his asshole. While Cheri moved back to his balls and devoured them. Jack had never even imagined the kind of pleasure that having his ass eaten would give him. Then the two moved up and slowly licked the underside of his cock. Jack could feel the pending explosion and knew that whoever put his cock in her mouth first was going get his load. Wondering which one was yet one more stimulation that added to the pleasure and need to cum.

Jack watched intently as both of their tongues slowly licked the spot just below his cock head on the underside. Their eyes were looking at him. It was too much and then blast after blast of semen shot into the air and landed on the two women’s faces and on Jack’s abdomen. Never had Jack felt so strong an orgasm. Every muscle in his body seemed to tighten and then release to only repeat over and over as each blast of cum erupted from his prick. Finally, the orgasm began to fade and Jack looked down to see the two sexy women passionately kissing and licking his cum from their faces. Then they turned and smiled up at him.

“Good morning and thank you sexy ladies.” Jack moaned as he realized that life would never be the same.

To be continued…..

(Still so many things to be figured out: Rose, Chet, Chet’s mother, Beth, Jimmie, not to mention David the porn producer and sexy Jan. If you are enjoying give me a thumbs up and a comment. I really do enjoy them all. Thank you for reading.)

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