Both the girls had a good buzz as we made out way up the stairs, I let them lead if only because I get to see up their night shirts which is always a nice sight.
We entered the bedroom and they both giggled when I told them I slept naked but I told them they could keep their panties on if they wished, “Thank you daddy” Lisa said as another big flash came through the window, the girls quickly got their shirts off and jumped under the thin sheet and asked if I would jump in the middle so they could both cuddle up, in order to keep them safe I was only too happy to oblige.

Because of the storm and it being warm and muggy we were all a bit restless and Abby who was on my left turned on her side and I instinctively turned towards her and put my arm around her, my hand rested on her bumps and her stiff nipples dug into my palm, I could feel her pushing back on to my stiffening cock as Lisa slept beside me on the other side.
Lisa was a heavy sleeper and didn’t stir as I pushed against Abby’s arse, my cock getting stiffer by the second as my cock head felt the wetness of her panties which I reached down and pulled aside feeling my swollen head slipping inside her. She gasped as I pushed in and I felt her muscles tighten as I slowly thrust in and out, her breathing got heavier and her soft moans increased.

I started to get into a rhythm and increased the pace as I banged away hearing the squelching sounds coming from between her legs, she had her legs closed and was tight. She yelped as I squeezed her nipple and was getting wetter by the second as I pumped away, I was so close that I couldn’t hold back and let out a muffled cry as I felt my cock pulsate and fill her belly with hot cum, she let out a muffled moan as she felt the warmth shoot inside her stomach.
I was still semi hard as I pulled out and turned to Lisa, she was fast asleep on her back with the cover around her waist, her little perky titties looked delightful and her nipples were erect, her nipples are always erect.

I shuffled onto my knees and gently licked and sucked on Lisa’s nipples and my arse was facing Abby and I heard her shuffle round and was now facing me; I couldn’t see if she was awake but I did feel her finger touch my crack. I pulled the covers down exposing her little white thong, her legs were spread a little so I moved down the bed and knelt in between her legs, a lightning strike lit up the room and I could see Abby had her eyes open and was watching me, I smiled “Shh” as I put my finger to my mouth, she smiled as I went down and started to lick Lisa’s panties, she murmured slightly and her panties were getting damp.
I pulled her panties to one side and saw the glistening of her wet labia lips and immediately started to lick the juices from her pushing her legs wider allowing my tongue to penetrate her.

The light was gloomy but I saw Abby smile as she saw my tongue disappear into her friend, my cock was stiffening again as I inched up the bed teasing her with the swelling head, I pulled her legs up over my shoulders as I pushed the head home, she gasped as I pushed in but her eyes stayed closed but her breathing got heavier as I pushed in and out, the bed was rocking as I pounded away and I saw Abby move closer and her hand reached out and was rubbing my arse cheeks and I got into my stride.
Lisa was wet and her pussy was squelching as Abby’s finger found my hole, it was dry but she still tried to push it in but I was so close now that I didn’t care, I gave out a big grunt as I felt my cock pulsating and shooting my hot seed deep inside her, Lisa sighed and softly moaned as I slowed right up and eased my cock out, I bent down and kissed her warm wet hole before putting her panties back in place.

I rolled over quite exhausted and then had both girls cuddle up to me and we must have drifted off to sleep.
A new day had dawned and I was woken up by Lisa nibbling and licking my ear, as I stirred I heard her whisper softly, “Good morning daddy” I what a great way to wake up as I turned my head and tried to focus on her sweet smile, Abby was still fast asleep. “Morning babygirl” I said as I felt her hand running down my chest and resting on my morning wood, she smiled again as she gave it a squeeze.
The covers were down at our knees and I looked down and saw her slowly and very softly wanking me, I looked across at the sleeping Abby who was on her side facing away from us, her knees bent upwards and her cute little arse of full view clad in her oversized panties which Lisa had lent her.

My cock was throbbing as she gently rubbed trying not to wake Abby up and then she shuffled about and bent over me licking around the swollen head, “Mmm” she sighed softly tasting me, “Nice and tasty” she said as my cock disappeared inside her mouth and I gasped as I felt the tightness of her throat, we both kept looking at Abby as we didn’t want her to know Lisa was sucking her daddy’s cock, she stirred a bit as the bed moved with Lisa bobbing her head but we were thankful that she didn’t wake up. Lisa was licking all around the shaft even going down to lick and suck my balls before licking back up to the wet head, her cheeks concaved as she sucked on the helmet while squeezing my balls gently. She knew I was close and put her hand over my mouth as I felt myself cumming and my cries were muffled, “Mmm” she cried softly as she felt my hot morning cum fill her mouth, she swallowed like her life depended on it and then continued to suck every last drop out of me before kissing up my chest and then our mouths met, a passionate kiss with her tongue darting around my mouth which I gently sucked on tasting my own cum. Mmm.

Abby still didn’t wake so Lisa and I got out of bed, I put on my old boxers while Lisa threw on her ‘Chaos’ night shirt and we crept downstairs to make some coffee.
Lisa put the coffee on and I sat on the stool, my soft cock was sticking out the bottom of my boxers which Lisa giggled at, “I knew you would like Abs daddy which is why I sent her round” she said softly with a smile and I had to agree, Lisa is good at setting things up and then playing the game and she never failed to get me turned on.

We sat drinking our coffee when a very sleepy ‘Mayhem’ entered the kitchen, “Morning guys” she said in a sleepy voice, “Wow what a storm that was, I was out for the count” she said trying to focus, “Any coffee there?” she asked and Lisa got up and poured her a cup, she sat at the table in her night shirt and now had a direct eyeline to my cock poking out the bottom of my boxers, I knew she was looking which always gets the blood flowing and I could feel it twitching. As she sat I could see her keep glancing at it and instinctively her legs slightly parted and I had a good view of her scrunched-up panties and I don’t think she was aware of the sweet sight she was giving me.

I sat daydreaming into my coffee as Lisa and Abs chatted about what to do today when Lisa noticed her keep glancing at my cock and they both giggled under their breaths at my display of exhibitionism.
“DADDY” she said sternly, “Your um.. thingy is um.. hanging out” and they both giggled, I was startled from my daydreaming, “Oh I am so sorry” I said and tried to poke it back inside and luckily as it was now half hard it was easy to conceal it, just!.
It wasn’t my intention to flash my cock at breakfast I certainly wasn’t opposed to seeing Abby’s panties, memories came flooding back, Lisa was sitting on the stool beside me and she wasn’t shy either as her legs were spread showing her glorious white panties, the string disappearing up her crack.

They toyed with going into town or going to the park and then Lisa had a brainwave, “daddy, can we stay here and practice our gymnastics?” she asked with an excited face, I looked across at Abby who smiled with an expectant look on her face, I pondered a bit and smiling said, “OK, but can I try it too?”, Lisa’s face was a picture and Abby clapped as they both agreed, “YAY!” the both shouted.
“Shall we take our shirts off daddy?” she asked and agreed that they would only get in the way so the girls stripped off there shirts and we all went into the lounge, the girls in just their panties practicing gymnastics brought the memories flooding back AND the arousal in my boxers, I sat in my chair trying to hide my obvious erection.

It was now becoming difficult to stop it popping out as I had lost the button to the rather large front opening but I was ok if I stayed sitting which I was as the girls did a few warm up exercises, we don’t want any pulled muscles.
They asked me to join them in the warm up but I was hesitant, “Can we just accept the fact that my ‘thingy’ might pop out and just ignore it?” I asked and the girls looked at each other and then Lisa said, “OK daddy” and they had a little giggle, I stood up and the inevitable happened and my cock burst out of my fly, although they both gasped they tried there best to ignore the fact that my erect cock was bouncing up and down in the warm up, I swear they were telling me to do star jumps for a reason.

The warm up went well although Abby kept losing her panties as they slipped down due to the size, I told her not to worry and if it would make it easier maybe she should take them off, she was a bit reluctant but then Lisa suggested that we all take our undies off so that Abby wouldn’t be embarrassed.
It didn’t feel too bad and after a few minutes all thoughts of the nakedness went and I sat back in my chair to watch the girls do the first exercise, they stood with their backs to me and then bent down to touch their toes, OMG! My erection was throbbing as I was confronted with not one but two sweet delectable arseholes, two shaded little starfishes staring at me, I had to have a sneaky rub.
They stood back up and suggested I try it so I stood up while they sat on the sofa to watch, I bent down and touched my toes, “No daddy” Lisa said, “Your posture is all wrong” she continued and while bending down she reached across and widened my legs, her soft hands then ran up my crack to my back, “Straighten your back daddy” she sighed and I did as asked all the time conscious that they were both staring at my arsehole and hanging balls which were obviously evident.
“Good job sir” Abby said and they both clapped as I stood upright with my cock rigid.

“Shall we try the splits now?” Abby suggested with a hint of excitement, Lisa nodded and then explained that we would all need to help each other with this one as not only did we have to do the splits bit we had to outstretch our arms which, I was told, affected balance so one of us had to lie down on our backs while one did the splits lowering themselves down as close to the face as possible while the other had to stand in front and hold their arms outstretched and maintain balance. Sounded good to me.
“Me first” Abby said excitedly so Lisa laid on the floor and I stood with my legs either side of her shoulders while Abby got into position, Lisa looked up giggling as she had a worms eye view of my bollocks.

Abby slowly lowered herself down and being quite flexible found it easy and soon found her pussy pressing against Lisa’s face, I think Lisa had to adopt the tongue out breathing method in order to breath which was understandable. As Abby held the position I held her arms out getting as close as I could which had it’s obvious downfall as my cock was now pressing against Abby’s face, I tried to adjust my position but it was hopeless as we had to maintain balance, Abby tried to adjust but couldn’t and somehow I felt her mouth around my swollen helmet.
I could see that Lisa was struggling as she was moving her head about obviously trying to breath which for some reason made Abby shake a little and I think that having my cock in her mouth seemed to aid the balancing issues which we obviously got right as we were able to hold the position for quite a few minutes, “Good job guys” I said as we broke up and Abby now got down on her back and suggested that I try the splits, I was nowhere near as flexible but was up for the challenge.

We all got into position and I slowly lowered myself down with Lisa standing in front still licking her lips watching me, I got quite low and could feel my balls touching Abby’s face, she moved her head about to get the best position and I definitely felt her tongue running around my swollen testicles.
Lisa held out my arms and got close forcing her left breast to push hard against my face and the only thing I could do was to open my mouth forcing her stiff nipple to push into my mouth, I had to flick my tongue about in order to breath as Abby wiggles her head about, she was obviously struggling but we managed to hold it for a good few minutes.

The final attempt was for Abby to lay down and Lisa to do the splits with me doing the balancing position so we all got into position and Lisa lowered herself down on Abby’s face, I looked down and saw Abby shaking her head to try to get the best position and saw her tongue come out as Lisa lowered down, I held her arms out and my cock pressed against her face, immediately Lisa opened her mouth and my cock slipped in, she moaned softly and looked up at me with a pained look on her face but I whispered for her to hold the position for as long as possible, she nodded as my cock went further into her mouth and I felt her tongue flicking around my shaft. Abby was definitely having problems breathing as she was shaking her head around which for some reason made Lisa shake and she nearly choked on my cock, we had to hold it for a bit longer.

Lisa decided that to get better balance she wrapped her hands around my arse grabbing my cheeks which did help as it pulled me closer but with Abby struggling all it made her do was shake again, I tried to hold her head to steady her as she started to bob her head and I didn’t want her to topple, she gripped my arse tight as she shook again and I was concerned, I could feel my balls tightening and my cock start to pulsate and very silently I felt my hot cum shooting into her mouth, she mumble something as she quickly swallowed and then let out a big sigh, we definitely held that position the longest and the girls were so proud of their efforts.

Both Lisa and Abs were full of smiles after a successful practice and I sat back in my chair and Abby noticed that my cock had softened while Lisa winked at me for a job well done.
The girls took a shower (probably together) and got themselves ready to go into town, I certainly enjoyed seeing Abby again, she was fun but I am finding that a lot of my babygirl’s friends are fun.

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