It had been a busy week and I was glad that Friday was upon us, Lisa was working so I did my chores and was gathering up the laundry (always a favourite task) to get up to date, Lisa had been away for a few days and brought back some interesting items, her panties smelt good as always and a few cum stains always added to the mix. I put a wash on and decided to have a lay down on the sofa, it was warm so I was just in my old boxers.

It was just after 3pm and Lisa wouldn’t be home until about 6 so I had time to catch some ZZZ’s and I hadn’t been there more than 10 minutes when the doorbell jolted me upright, I wasn’t expecting anyone but made my way to the door.
Standing there was a very thin girl dressed in a rather loose fitting tee shirt and shorts, her legs were quite skinny and although she seemed familiar I couldn’t place her, “Hello Mr English” she said in a soft voice so she obviously knew me, she looked at me in my old boxers, “Oh sorry, was I disturbing you?” she asked.

“No, No, I was just having a nap” I said smiling and invited her in, “I’m Abby” she said, “Lisa told me to meet her later today” she continued which was news to me, I invited her in and explained that Lisa was working but she was welcome to come in and wait, she giggled as she looked down at my old boxers again and I showed her into the lounge where she pulled out a pack of cigarettes, “Can I smoke?” she asked and I pointed to the open patio doors, “Would you like a glass of wine Abby?” I asked and she nodded as she went out to the patio and I went and poured her some wine and grabbed myself a beer at the same time.

Abby was not the prettiest girl I had ever seen, she had long darkish hair and big brown eyes and her teeth looked stained from too much smoking, her tee shirt wasn’t hiding much either with just a couple of bumps but her nipples were prominent, her white shorts were quite well fitting albeit slightly loose with an elastic waistband, I could see her panty lines.
As I went out to the patio she had made herself comfortable in a reclining chair smoking her ciggy and she smiled as I handed her the wine and sat down opposite with my beer.

As we sat chatting her legs were slightly separated and I could just get a glimpse of her white panties up the leg of her shorts, they were tight and I could just make out a few stray hairs poking out the side,
“Do you remember me having a sleepover Sir?” she asked and to be honest I didn’t as Lisa used to have so many friends over, “We used to play in the garden in our undies while you sunbathed” she said laughing and suddenly it clicked and I did remember her although it was a few years ago, her and Lisa running around the house with next to nothing on.
“Ah yes, I do remember” I said smiling, “You and Lisa would sit on my lap and we used to cuddle up watching TV” I continued and could feel myself getting aroused as the memories came flooding back.

“Yes” she said giggling, “And then you would get us doing handstands to see who could stay up the longest” she continued, I do remember that and they were both budding little gymnasts too.
“You always stayed up the longest Abby” I said, “Especially when you opened your legs wide to keep your balance” I said with a grin.
“I still do gymnastics a little” she said and then went on to tell me that problems at home made her give it up for the best part, “I can still do the handstands good though” she continued and put her glass down, “Shall I show you?” she suggested and I was all for that, “I need you to stand by me though to steady my legs” she said as she got up off the chair

She stood up with her back to me and after a few failed attempts did get steady on her hands, straight away her tee shirt dropped over her head exposing her chest and two stiff nipples but this didn’t deter her as she widened her legs giving me an almost heavenly view, I stood close watching her balance and could clearly see up (or down) the inside of her shorts, I could clearly see the tightness of her panties and was so close that I could feel the heat being generated.
She stayed like that for a good two minutes before coming back down and letting her shirt drop back into place, “Well done” I said with a smile as we sat back down again.

“Why don’t you try it sir?” she suggested and I laughed, “Go on, I will be there to grab you if you fall” she continued and I though why the hell not, I must say it took me a few more attempts to get upright but I did it and then I opened my legs wide, “Well done” Abby said cheerfully as she stood watching and I could feel that my balls were on show, “Now just hold it there for as long as you can” she said with enthusiasm and I was starting to get aroused more knowing that she had a clear view of what was inside my boxers, I even heard a faint giggle.
Eventually I dropped down and Abby clapped telling me what a wonderful job I did which made me feel proud.

Abby was a good gymnast and was very flexible and it’s a shame that she didn’t get the support from home. She told me to get up on my hands again but keep my legs straight as she had a method that would help get the legs as wide as possible, I did as she asked and could feel the blood rushing to my head which was good because it was draining my cock . She stood in front of me with her legs slightly apart to help her balance and I could see up both legs of her shorts which were only a few inches away from my head, Mmm what a nice view.
She put her hands in between my legs and I felt her fingers moving towards my balls, “Good job” she said as I felt her fingers touch my balls inside my boxers.

She slowly pushed my legs wide running her hands along the inside of my thighs to my knees and as she got further she got lower and her little shorts were almost rubbing my face and I could feel her breath on my nuts which were obviously exposed. As she slowly moved her hands back up she seemed to press forward and her crotch pushed against my face, I could feel the warmth and smell the sweet aroma, Mmm.
As her hands got to the inside of my thighs they very slowly and teasingly slipped inside my boxers again and I definitely felt her cup my balls, my cock was starting to rise again. Finally she let me drop and she giggled as she looked at my face which was red from the blood, “Great job sir, you got a good stance there” she said smiling.

Abby wanted to try it again and as she got up on her hands her shirt fell again covering her face, her nipples were now like bullets standing out, “Why don’t you take that off?” I suggested, “It’s obviously hindering you” I continued and she got back down on her feet, “Good idea” she said as she pulled her shirt off and again got back up on her hands with her legs straight up.
I got in close and put my hands between her upright legs and slowly moved them down until I was just touching her shorts, I slowly pushed her legs open running my hands along her thighs to her knees and very soon her shorts provided the gap, I lowered myself down as my arms widened just as Abby had done with me and my head was so close to her sweet warm pussy, my cock was hardening and I could feel the bulge touch her face but she held the position for a good 3 minutes.

I slowly moved my hands back up her legs and as I got to her thighs she widened just a little more and soon my fingers had rested inside her shorts and I could feel her panties tight against her minge, oops!
My cock was now rigid inside my shorts and I could feel it against her face and after another few minutes she got down and back to her feet feeling a bit dizzy and her face quite red, she sat back down to get herself back together, “Wow! sir” she said softly, “I think we cracked it” she continued with a giggle and she thanked me for showing an interest. I told her how good and flexible she was and asked if she wanted a refill of wine, she nodded and lit another ciggy as I went to get her drink and another beer for myself.

We went inside and sat opposite each other with Abby still topless on the sofa, she told me some stories of her and Lisa at school which I didn’t know, knowledge is power, and then she giggled,
“Do you remember when we used to play fight?” she said and I must confess I did remember those days, she continued, “And we used to pin you down and Lisa sat on your hips and I sat on your head, and then you used to wiggle about to try and get free”, she took another large sip of wine as she caught me looking at her stiff nipple, she laughed
“He-he! Sorry I was at the back of the line when they gave out tits!” she said giggling as I reminisced over the play fights, they were good days. “Shall we have another one then while we wait for Lisa?” I asked and her face lit up, “Really, can we?” she said excitedly, “You will have to take your shorts off though, undies only” I said with a smile, “Oh ok” she said as she stood up and took her shorts off, Mmm her white panties were about a size too small and rode up her arse cheeks and I could see a few pubic hairs poking out the top and sides, very sexy for a thin girl.

We grappled for a few seconds and I easily got her on the floor, she was giggling as I got her on her back with her arms outstretched, I put my calf on her arms to hold her down conscious of the fact that my bulging shorts were just inches from her face, she struggled a little and was shaking her head as I lowered myself onto her face, I could feel her face pushed hard against my balls which had come out of my old boxers, I told her to open her mouth so she could breath which she did but kept on trying to shake her head and I am sure at one point she had one of if not both of my balls in her mouth, it happens but we had to hold the pin for a few minutes, Abby’s struggles became weaker as she submitted.

“Can I try that on you sir?” she asked as she got her breath back, “But be gentle, you’re much stronger so please give me a chance” she said in a soft voice with sorry looking eyes, I smiled and to help her out I laid on the floor with my arms outstretched.
Abby took a mouthful of wine and still giggling she got behind me and straddled me putting her calf on my arms as she lowered herself down and gently sat on my face, my nose immediately got lodged in her panty clad crack as my mouth opened on the gusset of her knickers. I tried to wiggle free and was very conscious of the boner I had in my boxers that she was undoubtedly looking at.

She wiggled a bit for position as her damp panties pushed against my open mouth, she had me pinned down so I decided to wiggle my legs a bit and thrust my hips trying to force her off balance, she counteracted this by stretching down and grabbing my thighs to hold them down.
This changed the whole dynamic as her arse was now in my face and her head was pressed against my boner trying to hold my hips down, I continued to thrust (gently) as she wiggled on my face and in order the breath I had to push my tongue out which made contact with her crack where the panties were wedged, this must have tickled her because she wiggled a bit forcing her cheeks to part and my tongue to push her panties towards her shaded hole.

She was putting up a good fight as her head pressed against my throbbing cock trapped inside my shabby underwear, she widened my legs to get a better grip and found the best grip was at the top of my thighs as I felt her fingers grapple with my balls, she must have had her mouth open to breath because I felt her teeth against my cock as she pressed down. I don’t know how it happened but the single button on my boxers came undone, it must have been the pressure of Abs pressing down.
She shifted slightly as she wiggled around and in turn I was moving my head trying to get free and she then applied pressure downwards and again I found her wet pussy pushing down on my open mouth, I had to use the tongue technique to breath and could taste her sweet juices.

I kept thrusting and with her pushing down with her head the inevitable happened and my cock came out of the now open fly, this didn’t deter her at all and I could feel her pressing down on my now exposed cock, she was moving her head about and also using the tongue technique to breath as I felt her tongue running up and down the shaft. We were both wiggling about and this was turning into a good contest and I was surprised at how much pressure she was pushing down on me with, her panties had somehow slipped aside and I could feel the tickle of her hairy thatch as she pressed against my open mouth with my tongue lodged between her wet lips. I wiggled my hips as she moved her head trying to not let me escape and was doing a good job, mind you she now had a firm hold of my balls.

As she squeezed my balls I felt her tongue lick around the swollen head and then somehow with all our movements my cock must have slipped into her mouth, OMG she wasn’t going to let go as I thrust my hips upwards, she responded by pushing her head downwards and nearly gagged as my cock hit the back of her throat, she pulled her head up and then back down before I had an opportunity to exploit the situation and she kept bobbing her head in time with my gentle thrusts.

I managed to free my arms and thought I could now use them to push her off and win, I grabbed her cheeks and pulled them wide and pulled her panties aside exposing her little brown starfish, I didn’t have the strength to pull her off as she applied more pressure forcing my tongue to hit the little creased opening, as my tongue flicked around she worked harder to control my thrusting hips even to the point of shaking, poor girl was putting so much energy into holding me down she must have wet herself as I felt a stream of warm liquid fill my mouth, it tasted quite sweet for urine.

As I was holding her cheeks wide I was able to breath but her wiggling about was forcing my tongue into her little arsehole, she had me in a good hold now and all of a sudden I had this awesome feeling and my cock started to twitch, Abby didn’t flinch as somehow my balls emptied into her mouth and not wanting to release her hold found the only solution was to swallow which she did quickly, my cock continued to twitch and Abs continued her hold and was even wiggling her arse more which was forcing my tongue deeper into her arse, she really did want to win this one. “I won” she said as we both relaxed. Yes she did.

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