Cheri had just said goodbye to her new best friend and was opening her car door when she heard a commotion back at the entrance to the store.

“Get the fuck out of here you little asshole. Next time I catch you sneaking in here I will call the cops!” A man’s voice said.

Cheri turned to see a young guy being escorted from the store which she recognized as the boy she had sucked off earlier. In the light of day, she could tell he was too young to be in the store but he was also so damned cute. The boy started to walk away while Cheri started her car.

“Do you need a ride?” She asked as she pulled up to next to the boy. He looked at her and slowly nodded as he recognized her as the woman who had sucked his cock earlier.

He climbed into the passenger seat and sat quietly. Cheri looked at him and could not help but think just how sexy the young man was. His cock was so hard when she had sucked it and his cum tasted so sweet. She wondered if that was his first sex.

“How did you sneak in there?” Cheri asked she pulled onto the street.

“The back door was unlocked. A friend of mine told me that it was some times. He also told me that sometimes there are women in there that sucked cocks.” The boy answered.

“Apparently, both of those were true today. Was today the first time you got your cock sucked?” Cheri asked with a grin.

“Yes” He said and seemed to keep it to that but then added, “Thank you for sucking my cock.”

Cheri smiled as she drove back towards her own house. Then she lowered her hand and put it on the boy’s knee. Slowly her hand came up his thigh until she found the outline of his swollen cock. He moaned as Cheri ran her fingers over his erection.

“Where do you live?” Cheri asked as she squeezed his cock.

He told her his address and Cheri was pleased that it was only a short distance from her house.

“What is your name?” Cheri asked as she stroked his cock through his jeans.

“Chet” He moaned.

“Is there anyone at your house?” She asked with a wicked leer in her voice she decided giving him his first pussy was better than a vibrator at home.

“No, my mom works at night.” Chet answered.

“Good! You’re going to fuck me when we get there.” Cheri said and Chet looked at her as his mouth hung open.

Cheri pulled up in front of the modest house that was the home of Chet and his Mom. Chet led her to the back door and opened it.

“Where is your room?” She asked and Chet led her down a short hallway and opened a door.

Cheri looked into his room with a small bed and desk. It was probably like many guys his age. Some sports stuff, a few books and a computer. Cheri decided that this would be the room that he would get fucked in but she was curious about the Chet’s single mom and just what his relationship was with her.

“Is that your Mom’s room at the end of the hall?” She asked and he slowly nodded his head. “Where is your Dad?” Cheri asked as she walked down the hall.

“I don’t know. My mom has never said much about him. It has always been just the two of us.” Chet said as he followed her.

Cheri opened the door to the bedroom that was decorated tastefully but conservatively. On the nightstand was a photograph of Chet and a woman that was obviously related to him. The woman looked to be in her early thirties while Chet looked much like he did right now. Cheri concluded Chet’s mother must have had him very young. She was very pretty with copper-red hair and pale blue eyes. She seemed a little thin but had large tits for her size.

“Have you ever snooped through your Mom’s things?” Cheri asked as she looked at Chet who seemed nervous. “Maybe you looked at her panties?” She continued and Chet blushed brightly. “You did! So, did you jack off on her panties? Maybe you liked to sniff the ones she put in the dirty clothes?” Cheri laughed as she walked around the room.

Cheri walked over to the nightstand and opened the drawer. She smiled as she looked over at Chet who was looking nervous. She reached down and pulled out the large realistic black dildo. It was the kind that could be held by a suction cup that would allow a person to ride it and fuck themselves. There was also a smaller black vibrator and several interracial sex DVDs that were about white women who loved being dominated by black men.

“Your Mom is either a black cock submissive or wants to be one.” Cheri said and Chet looked embarrassed. “You knew about this stuff. I bet you have even listened to your Mommy masturbating. She probably begs to be fucked harder and you were stroking your cock. Would you like to see her getting pounded by a big black cock?” She teased the boy as he looked at his feet but his head nodded that he had.

“No wonder you’re such a horny young guy! Does your Mom fuck black men or is it just a fantasy?” Cheri asked as she walked over and lifted his head to look in his eyes.

“I think it is only a fantasy. Mom usually just goes to work or is home. I have never heard her talk on the phone with any guys.” Chet said.

“That’s too bad. Your Mom is a sexy woman. You’re sure she has never had a boyfriend?” Cheri asked as her curiosity about Chet’s mother increased. It made no sense that a sexy young woman like her would be doing without sex other than masturbating.

Chet again looked like he had when she had made him admit to jacking off while listening to his Mom masturbating.

“Come on Chet, tell me what you know.” Cheri said in a motherly way to coax the truth from a frightened boy.

“My Grandfather used to come and visit before he passed away. He would to stay in my Mom’s bedroom with her. Sometimes it sounded like they were bouncing on the bed. Now that I’m older I think they were fucking. I know Mom was always happy when he visited.” Chet said.

Few things were capable of shocking Cheri but the thought that Chet was likely the result of a taboo relationship. Then it dawned on her that Chet likely wanted to fuck his Mom. She looked down and saw the erection tenting his pants.

Cheri walked over and took him by the hand and led him down the hall to his room. “Get naked for me!” She ordered.

Chet was shaking like a leaf as he pulled off his clothes. Now that Cheri could see his cock in full light, she was much more appreciative of his package. Chet was about five eight and thin. He had red hair and fine freckles. His eyes were a pale blue. Then there was his eight-inch cock that was delightfully thick. Cheri could see that he was leaking pre cum. His balls hung down and begged to be sucked. Cheri pulled her new slut dress over her head leaving her standing there in her light pink panties.

“Do you like seeing me naked?” She asked as she stepped closer and then turned to let him see her butt. “Come over and take my panties off.” She ordered him.

Chet stepped forward and knelt behind her. His hands were shaking as he slipped his fingers into the waist band and slowly pulled them down leaving her naked ass in his face. Cheri spread her legs wide as she reached behind her and used her hands to spread her butt cheeks apart and her pussy open. Chet was pumping his cock rapidly and Cheri knew if he did not slow down, he would cum way too fast.

“Stop jerking off, Chet! That is what this pussy is for. Now give my pussy a kiss!” Cheri said as she thrilled at the control, she was having over him.

Chet slowly moved his face toward Cheri as she bent over. His lips pressed to her hot moist pussy with some hesitance and then he moaned and his mouth was buried in her pussy as his nose pushed against her asshole. His lack of experience was offset by his enthusiasm. His tongue pushed in and out of her fuck hole. Cheri pushed her pussy into Chet’s face as he snorted with joy at eating his first pussy. Cheri reached down and rapidly rubbed her clit as her need to orgasm grew. Cheri felt her body beginning to shake and her pussy was contracting as her pussy juice dripped down Chet’s chin.

“OHHHH FUCK YES!” Cheri moaned as her body tingled with pleasure.

Cheri fell to the bed and flipped over with her legs spread wide. Chet continued to kneel as he wiped the pussy juice that coated his young face. Cheri thought he just looked so cute as his cock jerked each time his heart beat.

“Come over here and push that fat dick in my pussy!” Cheri said in a husky lust filled voice.

Chet leapt like a cat as he came and got between Cheri’s legs. Cheri reached for his cock and rubbed it up and down her sloppy wet slit. She looked at him and nodded and the boy pushed forward and his young cock pushed deep into her thirty-eight year old pussy. Cheri was thrilled by the look of absolute pleasure as he felt his cock engulfed by the velvety flesh of her pussy. He began to thrust rapidly until Cheri slapped him on his ass.

“This fuck is for both of us! I want you to use nice long slow strokes! The goal is to make me cum! If I cum you will get to fuck my pussy many more times! Do you want to fuck once or as often as you want too?” Cheri asked as she gripped his young firm ass with her hand.

Chet shook his head that he wanted to please her. He slowed his strokes and let his cock slide in and out of the older and experienced woman’s cunt. Cheri thrilled at his young face that was contorted with pleasure as he tried to give the same pleasure he was getting. Cheri felt her pussy begin to stretch and grip the young cock that was sliding in and out of her. Chet began to understand that he could feel her pussy opening and conforming around his cock. Cheri reached down and fingered her clit as his cock pounded her.

“Now fuck me harder.” Cheri said and Chet picked up his tempo while he searched her eyes to see if he was pleasing her.

“That’s better! You see if you work a pussy and get it excited the fucking is even better. Now let’s try another position.” Cheri said as she pulled his face and kissed his young mouth.

Chet pulled out of Cheri and watched as the older woman rolled over into a doggy position. He knelt behind her and felt her hand guide his cock into her burning hot and sloppy wet pussy. This time he did not just pound her but he actually took his time and teased her pussy. Cheri was impressed that the boy was learning the importance of sexually teasing your partner. Cheri wanted to be pounded but instead Chet slowly pushed his cock deep into her and then pull it all the way out and wait a few seconds before repeating the process.

“That’s it, baby boy! Tease that pussy! You are making me want it so bad!” Cheri moaned as her body again neared another orgasm. “Now push a finger up my asshole!” Cheri moaned as she was starting to lose control.

Chet did as told and Cheri felt his finger push up her ass and begin to fuck in and out as his own tempo increased. Cheri knew her young partner was passing the point of no return but he would last just long enough for her to cum on his cock. Chet was now fucking as hard as he could and Cheri felt pussy contracting on his cock. Her body was shaking as Chet moaned.

“I’m cummming! Oh, Fuck Yes!” Chet grunted as his cock erupted deep in her pussy sending his young sperm deep in her.

They collapsed on the bed with Chet on top who kissed the back of the older woman’s neck as his cock slipped from her pussy.

“Let me show you what you did!” Cheri moaned as she rolled on her back and spread her legs. She pulled Chet’s hand down to her cum filled pussy.

He could feel his load seeping from her pussy. He looked and could see large glops of sperm oozing down the crack of her ass and over brown eye. Chet moaned as he looked at the pussy he had just used. He reached forward and started push two fingers in and out of Cheri. She sat up and looked down and could see that his cock was already fully erect. Cheri reached down and pulled him up and kissed him as her cock fondled his stiff dick.

Cheri rolled him on his back and quickly mounted him. His eyes rolled back as his cock re-entered the cum filled cunt. Cheri put her hands on his shoulders and started riding erection. His thick cock felt wonderful but even more wonderful was the way his young eyes looked at her with total amazement.

Chet looked up at the sex woman riding his cock with long fast strokes. He loved seeing her soft mature tits bouncing and swaying as she pleasured herself on his cock. Then he started to push up as she pushed down. Cheri leaned forward and her young lover began to hold her tits as his lips fastened to her hard nipples.

The room was filled with the sound of their flesh slapping into each other as their breathing grew more labored as the two worked toward another orgasm. Cheri was beginning to grow tried so she held Chet as they rolled over into a missionary position. Chet leaned forward and kissed her deeply as he thrust his cock in and out of her pussy.

“Give me that cock, baby! Give Mommy that big fucking dick! Make Mommy cum again!” Cheri moaned out of passion but also curiosity as to whether Chet wanted to have sex with his Mom.

Chet stopped fucking her and looked her in the eyes. Cheri wondered if she had pushed him too far.

“Oh fuck yes Mom! Tell me how to make you cum! Just let me fuck you more!” Chet said as he fucked Cheri so hard that it sounded like her was beating her.

Cheri was grinding her hips as Chet fucked her to an amazing orgasm that had her whimpering and telling him what a good boy he was. Chet grunted and then paused his stroking and she knew he was filling her pussy with another load of cum. Chet collapsed on top of her and whimpered with satisfaction as his cock continued to drip its final semen into her.

The two spent some time kissing and touching as they basked in the afterglow of a great fuck. Cheri regretted it but she needed to get home before Jack arrived so that she could get back into her Mary look. That was only going to be until bed time. Then Jack would learn who he was married to after years.

After cleaning up and giving Chet her number, she walked out to her car. She was just about to get in when she heard; “Mom?”

Cheri turned to see Lisa standing behind her along with a really young-looking girl. Lisa looked at her Mom who looked so different in her sexy dress that clung to her body like a second skin.

“What are you doing here?” Lisa asked as she stared at her Mom.

“I was visiting a new friend.” Cheri said with a sudden reluctance to share just who she was with.

“That house is where Megan Peterson lives with her son Chet. She works nights and is not home.” The young-looking girl said.

“Mom, this is Rose and she lives across the street.” Lisa said as she raised her eyebrows to ask her question again.

“I met Chet earlier and he needed a ride home so I gave him a ride.” Cheri said as she smiled at the two girls.

“Why would your Mom help out a f******n year old guy?” Rose blurted out and Cheri turned red as she had never asked Chet for his age.

Lisa could see the surprise on her Mom’s face and it began to dawn on her just how much had changed in the last few days.

“Rose, I think my Mom and I need to have a talk. I’ll see you tomorrow. I’m glad you could be with Jimmy and me tonight. We will both see you tomorrow.” Lisa said as she hugged the girl to her. Rose looked at Cheri and then headed to home across the street.

Lisa continued to look at her Mom as she started the car and drove toward their house.

“Mom, what is going on? The way you are dressed and you with that Chet guy?” Lisa asked and was still trying grasp what was happening.

“I was fucking him.” Cheri answered like it was nothing.

“What?” Lisa practically screamed with surprise.

“I know you know that I was a porn actress many years ago. I discovered the stuff in the suitcase including the DVD of one of my movies.” Cheri said and Lisa just sat there quietly. “Before you were born, I was a nymphomaniac. I danced in strip clubs, stared in porn movies and fucked everyone that I wanted to. It was an amazing time but then I was late for my period and I took a test and found out I was pregnant. Don’t ask me why because I honestly do not know why, I ran away from myself. I moved here and met your Dad. I wanted you to have a stable life but what I gave you was a repressed one. I hurt you and I hurt your Dad.” Cheri said as she started to cry.

“Mom, if you didn’t meet Dad until after you were pregnant, who is my real father?” Lisa asked as she felt her world upended.

“I have no idea. I probably fucked fifty men the week you were conceived. I was making multiple gangbang videos. To tell you the truth I was not even sure if you would be white. Jack lived next door after I moved here. We really did fall in love and after you were born, we got married.” Cheri told Lisa as she sat there with her mouth open.

“After I married Jack, I got it in my head to protect what I had that I would give up all of my old ways. When you started to become a woman, I worried that you might become what I had given up. That was when I started making you dress like an old woman just like me. I hope that someday I can make that up to you. I want you to decide who you will be. Most of all I want you to enjoy sex!” Cheri said as she hoped that her daughter could understand and forgive what had happened.

“I don’t think that will be a problem.” Lisa said with giggle as she thought of the threesome she had just enjoyed with Rose and Jimmy.

“Yesterday, my old porn producer blackmailed me into having sex with him for old times. When he fucked me, he awakened the woman I used to be. I love sex. I’m tired of denying myself. Tonight, I will fuck my husband the way I always should have. I will also tell him that I want to resume my porn career. I don’t know if he can take that but it does not matter because I will not pretend to be someone I am not. Even if it means losing him.” Cheri said and could feel the fear of what this night my destroy as well as restore.

“Is there anything that I can do to help?” Lisa asked as she could see what a shock the night might be for the man she had always known as her Daddy.

“There is one thing and this is difficult for me to ask.” Cheri said as her heart started to beat rapidly. “When I went through your things, I found the nightgown you wore last night. There was a large semen stain on it. Are you your Daddy’s lover? I know about him having sex at the Relax Inn. I was in the next room and could hear the fucking.” Cheri asked as they pulled into the garage at the house.

“It was not me at the motel but last night I did give Daddy a blow job when I found him jerking off while looking at some naked selfies of a woman.” Lisa said and hoped she would not have to tell her mom more.

Cheri opened up the trunk of the car and Lisa and her gathered up the day’s purchases and carried them in to the house.

“Did you recognize her?” Her Mom asked as they walked into the kitchen.

“Mom, I think Daddy should tell you about his girlfriend.” Lisa said and again hoped that the conversation would end.

“OK, but understand that I am not mad and in fact I want to thank her for being so good to him.” Cheri said as she hugged Lisa. “Now I have to get ready for your Daddy and I need you to act like nothing has changed.” Cheri said as she headed to the master bedroom.

To be continued……

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