Julie had led a pretty sheltered life and I had opened her eyes to something that she had found exciting and time was getting on, we put the clothes together and decided we needed to go to bed.
“I can’t believe I have just sucked you off wearing my daughters knickers” she said grabbing my hand and putting it up her dress to feel her wet pussy, “That turned me on so much” she said with a smile, I looked up at her big blue eyes, “Welcome to my world Julie” I said winking at her.

We walked up the stairs and looked in on Anna who had now moved to the side of the bed on her side, she looked so peaceful sleeping, “Come on Frank” Julie whispered, “We can all squeeze in” she said and I slipped off my shorts and jumped in the middle as I watched Julie slip off her dress and jump in beside me, the bed was so warm and cosy.
It had been a long day and within seconds I was fast asleep and I am sure Julie was not far behind me, we were all naked in the bed with a thin sheet covering us, who knows what the morning would bring.

The sun was shining through the curtains as I stirred, I kept my eyes closed pretending to be asleep as I heard Julie and Anna whispering to each other and giggling, I couldn’t make out what they were saying although I knew the thin sheet was around my waist and I had the famous morning wood. It was an interesting scenario as Julie didn’t know what happened with Anna and I doubt that she told Anna what happened after she went to bed for fear of her telling her stepdad.
“Mummy, why are you and Uncle Frank naked?” I heard her ask and her response was magical, “because we had to wash all the clothes last night darling” she said softly trying not to waked me, I then heard Anna giggle again as she whispered, “Cool, but I can see Uncle Franks belly, hehe!” she said and I got from that she had already seen her mummy’s tits a few times before as she made no reference to them.

I was just pleased that it was only my belly that she could see although there was movement in the bed and I wondered how long it would be before the cover moved down as my morning wood was clearly visible under the sheet. I was contemplating turning onto my side but decided to stay on my back as the whispering continued, “Shh” I heard Julie whisper, “Do you want to see something?” she asked her daughter, I felt Anna shift slightly as she replied softly, “Yes mummy, what?” and Julie then whispered, “But you must not tell your daddy” and then I felt the sheet raise up showing Anna my erect cock.

“OMG mummy” I heard her whisper and then giggle as although she saw plenty of it last night her mum didn’t know that nor did she know she had seen one before. “What do you think Anna?” I heard her say quietly and there was a moments silence before Anna responded, “Can I touch it mummy? Please mummy” she asked and I heard Julie respond, “Yes ok but don’t wake him” and then I felt a hand gently touch my cock and wrap around the shaft and hold it upright and I felt her gently squeeze it.
Anna giggled as I felt Julie shift her position and it felt like she was on her knees and then I felt a tongue on the tip, “OMG Mummy, what are you doing?” I heard Anna whisper which was followed by a gentle “Shh” from Julie as I felt her tongue around the swollen helmet.

I laid there totally motionless trying to figure out if this was actually happening or just a dream as Anna was holding my cock gently squeezing and her mother was sucking gently on my swollen helmet, I moaned softly and they both froze to see it I was waking and then restarted as they realised that I wasn’t and then I felt my cock going further into Julies mouth while Anna softly and slowly wanked me, OMG what a wakeup call this was.
I felt Anna move on the bed and Julie get off the bed and she must have signalled to Anna to continue because I felt a different mouth on my cock as having watched her mother she wanted to try it herself and I then heard Julie leave the room and with her mother out of the way I opened my eyes and saw Anna bending down over my cock, I reached my arm out and rubbed the cheeks of her arse, she stopped momentarily to look back at me and smiled moving her arse a little closer whispering, “Mummy gone to shower and make coffee” and then got back to gently sucking on my cock.

As my fingers probed her arse I pulled her over so she could straddle my face and pulling her down my tongue then searched out her wet lips and her moans were muffled as my cock hit the back of her throat, my tongue licked and sucked on her labia lips as I started to thrust up my hips pushing my cock into her throat, she gagged a bit and eased off a little and started to gyrate on my face, we were very conscious of the noise as Julie was making coffee and Anna nor I wanted to get caught, I was close but then heard footsteps up the stairs so Anna quickly jumped off and started to get her panties on while I sat up in bed with the cover over me.

“Good Morning Frank” Julie said as she walked in the room and saw her daughter getting dressed ready for school, “I brought you coffee” she said as she put a mug on the night stand and didn’t seem to take notice that I was awake watching her daughter getting dressed. “Thank you Julie” I said with a smile, “How are we doing for time?” I asked and Julie stated that we would need to leave soon to beat the traffic, it was a shame they had to go as their company was good and I really wanted to fuck Anna again but I feared that wasn’t going to happen and as Julie was dressed back in her summer dress and Anna was just putting hers on I felt that wasn’t going to happen.

I had a thought and asked Julie if she had a driving licence which she said she had so I suggested she take my car and take Anna to school while I sorted myself out and made some breakfast for when she came back. She looked at me and as she hadn’t heard anything from Jeff she said that was a blinding idea and that she would be no more than about an hour.
My cock had softened now so it was safe to get out of bed and I had both of them look at me as I stood up and purposely drank my coffee naked, Anna giggled seeing me like that and I smiled at Julie as I found my old boxers to put on.
I would love to be a fly in the car listening to their conversation on the drive as I am not supposed to know that they were both sucking me this morning, I usually do a good job pretending to sleep

As we all went downstairs I found my keys and gave Anna a hug, “Can I come stay again soon Uncle Frank?” she asked and then looked at her mother, “Please mummy, can I?” she asked and Julie explained that we would have to see if her daddy has got the car fixed which Anna understood.
I winked at Anna as she left holding my finger up to my lips as if to say, ‘Our secret’ and she smiled and held her finger up to her lips in acknowledgement and they both left.

I made some fresh coffee and sat in the kitchen and rolled myself a joint to relax and started to get aroused thinking about the previous day and my experiences with both Anna and Julie and what struck me was that Julie allowed her daughter to touch and then suck me, I was wondering how to play that one as I was supposed to be asleep and not know that it happened, the other interesting thing was that Anna had gone to school wearing the panties that I had put on and was then sucked off by her mother, crazy, horny or what?.

I finished my coffee and smoked half and then decided to go for a shower to freshen up a bit still thinking about yesterday, judging by this morning’s activity it was obvious that Julie had no hangover nor any regrets about last night which was pleasing and the very fact that she was coming back was pleasing and I had a hard on all the time I was in the shower which did make cleaning my cock easier. I wasn’t sure of my plans for the day and was sure that when Julie returned the day would become clearer so I slipped my old ragged boxers back on and then made some more coffee and finished my smoke, straight away I knew it was probably too strong as I had an immediate buzz.

It wasn’t long before Julie came back running into the house in a bit of a fluster, her face was flushed so I asked her what was up, she looked down at her dress and showed me a large stain that had appeared, I had to giggle but Julie didn’t see the funny side of it as it was Anna that pointed it out on the drive to school, “What is that on your dress mummy?” she had asked and it was obvious to me what it was, I calmed Julie down and said that it was a good job that Anna had pointed it out and not Jeff asking questions and it was an easy fix as we would put her dress in the wash and it would be good as new in an hour or so. “Yes Frank, you are so right, sorry” she said and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“What the fuck are you wearing?” she asked looking down at my old boxers that seriously made no attempt to hide anything with no button at the front and a couple of tears up the sides. She actually giggled and then said, “Nice, I like them baby, easy access” she said smiling as she stood in front of me and seductively unbuttoned her dress and I watched every move. Mmm she did have a great body.
She slipped her dress off and stood there in her little white thong and put it in the washer, I pointed out that she had a stain on her panties and she may as well wash them too, “But then I will be naked” she said with a wicked look in her eye but proceeded to pull her panties off and put them in the was also.
As she stood by the washing machine setting it up I looked at her firm rounded arse cheeks and the sweet gap between her thighs, this was actually the first time I had seen her arse and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

After dropping Anna off she called Jeff and told him that she had borrowed my car and was about to return it and asked how he was getting on with the car, he told her that he was having a mechanic round this morning to take a look so there was no rush to get home and to take her time, music to my ears and even Julie smiled and gave me a wink as she looked back from the washing machine.
I sat her down on the stool and surprisingly enough she felt comfortable being naked in my company, I poured her a coffee and put some eggs on.

“How was Anna?” I asked and she told me that she thought I was so nice and kind and couldn’t wait to come back again and I had to ask the million-dollar question, “And how do you feel about her coming back?”, Julie looked at me and smiled, “She likes you Frank plus it gives me an opportunity to come see you too, so it could all work out well” she said and putting it like that was the perfect solution.
I handed her some eggs and sat on the stool next to her and she looked down at my lap and saw my soft cock hanging out the front of my old shorts, she giggled and said, “I so love those shorts Frank, so revealing, do you wear them with Lisa in the house?” she asked which led on to another conversation as I told her that I did and that I had brought her up to be open about nudity and had often seen her in her underwear or even less, “Really” she asked somewhat surprised, “And does she know you wear her panties?” and again I had to be honest and tell her that she not only knew but encouraged it and often gave me her dirty ones, “Wow!” she said somewhat surprised, “I have led a sheltered life” she continued with a giggle.

I think my revelations actually made her feel more comfortable about everything and even nudity in front of Anna didn’t seem to be an issue anymore.
As Julie took the last mouthful of her breakfast she reached across and took hold of my exposed cock and looked me in the eye smiling, “Shame we didn’t have sausages too” she said laughing as she gave it a little squeeze, I laughed at told her that sausages were on the menu every day which seemed to please her.
“Let me wash up” she said as she stood up and collected the dirty dishes, “Sure” I replied as I turned my stool to watch her, any excuse to look at her rounded bubble butt was good for me.

She knew I was looking and even did a little wiggle for me as well as bend showing me her curves, I told her to be careful as the kitchen window overlooked the road at the front of the house, she giggled and basically said ‘who cares’, great spirit.
The washing machine finished just as Julie finished the dishes and to my great delight she bend down to put her clothes in the dryer, OMG her arse was even better as her cheeks parted and I got an eyeful of her little shaded starfish which made me wonder if she had ever been fucked there, time will tell and if Anna’s comments are anything to go by I wondered if that was their thing.

“Can I let you into a little secret Frank” she said softly as she turned to face me, “Of course” I replied, “You can tell me anything” I continued as I felt we had built up some trust. She smiled at me and had that glint in her big blue eyes, “Well, when you were asleep this morning, I let Anna see your cock” she said with a hint of embarrassment and I decided to play dumb, “OMG Really” I replied looking a bit shocked,
“Yes” she replied, “But that’s not the worst part, I let her suck it a little” she continued obviously having no idea of earlier activities.
“OMG, Really, what did she think of it?” I asked digging a bit deeper as she looked down at my lap and seeing my cock twitch at her revelations.

“I don’t know why I did it, it was that she saw the bulge under the sheet and got curious” she said softly,
“Are you mad?” she asked and I smiled, “Not at all, I just wished I was awake” I replied interested to see where this was leading, maybe mummy wanted Anna to get some experience.
Julie laughed, “Please don’t tell Anna I told you though” she said and I assured her it would be our secret.
“Good, I like secrets” she said giggling, now where have I heard that before .
“She likes you Frank, and judging by that (she pointed to my semi erect cock) I think you like her too” she said with a smile

To Be Continued….

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