The dryer finished and Julie sorted out her clothes and began to get dressed, “Mmm, feels warm” she said just as her phone rang, it was Jeff and all I could hear was one side of the conversation but when it ended I heard her so that she would see him tomorrow.
Julie told me that Jeff had got the car fixed and had to go away overnight on a business trip which often happens at short notice, her mood was down, “I have an idea” I said smiling, she looked up at me as she was buttoning up her dress, “Why don’t you and Anna stay here again?” I suggested, she thought for a second, “But we don’t have any clothes and I need to do some washing” she said apologetically, I had the perfect solution, “Take my car, pop home and get clothes and washing then get Anna, you can do the washing here” I said solving all the problems, Julie smiled. “Are you sure you don’t mind?” she asked knowing the answer but I guess the question had to be asked.

Julie got excited and I was keen to see how it would play out with all the secrets that were being kept, Julie didn’t know I had fucked Anna, Anna didn’t know I had fucked her mum, I am not supposed to know that Anna sucked my dick and Julie doesn’t know that I was awake all the time, all so confusing!!

Julie seemed in good spirits now that the cat was away, I saw her looking down at my old boxers with my semi hard cock although tucked in was clearly visible, “Do you think I should wear these tonight?” I asked with a big grin on my face, Julie giggled and said “Sure, I love them and Anna saw them this morning” which told me that tonight was going to be interesting.
She gave me a peck on the cheek as she took my keys, “See you in a couple of hours” she said and off she went. I did a bit of clearing up and took a quick shower and then thought I would grab a beer and smoke and go sit in the garden and catch the sun.

I was just in a dozy state when I heard my car pull up and Anna came running down the path, I stood up and gave her a big hug, I put my hands on her arse pulling her close to me and could feel my soft cock pushing against her belly and I am sure she felt it, “Hello Uncle Frank” she said excitedly, “Can I have some Orange drink please?” she asked, “Of course” I said, she was still in her blue and white checked dress but Julie had changed into a tight crop top and skin tight yoga shorts which showed off her curves to perfection, I could see they were tight in her crotch and also up the crack of her arse. I helped her with the washing and went into the kitchen to get the drinks, Anna sat in the garden while Julie came into the kitchen to help with the drinks.

“Anna was so excited when I told her we were staying again all she could talk about was your orange squash” Julie said as she sorted out Anna’s change of clothes, “Really” I said, “It’s homemade” I continued and poured out a big glass. She took a swig and swirled it around her mouth before swallowing, “Mmm” she said, “Nice taste Frank” and she took it out to Anna along with her nightshirt and a clean pair of panties while I opened a bottle of wine.
I looked out through the hatch and saw Julie helping Anna to get changed into her nightshirt giving me a quick peek at her puffy bee stings as she took her dress off, then as she took her panties off I saw her little tuft of fine pubic hair until she pulled on her clean white panties and then her nightshirt, “Right young lady, homework!” she said as Anna guzzled down her juice. Seeing this made it difficult to contain my cock inside my boxers.

Julie came back in as Anna sat at my desk and got her books out, she passed me Anna’s dirty panties and smiled, “Do you think they need washing Frank?” she asked and I held them up to my face and took a big sniff, my cock immediately responded. “Mmm” I sighed as I got a slight head rush and then licked inside the gusset, “Tastes good too” I said winking at Julie, Julie laughed but I could see her nipples getting stiff through her tight crop top.
I looked at Anna through the hatch as she finished off her drink, “Can I have some more Uncle Frank? She asked and I walked back into the lounge to get her glass, she looked down at my shorts and although my cock was semi hard it was tucked in however she could see a bit of it through the opening at the front, “I like your shorts Uncle Frank” she said with a smile, “They suit you” and I looked at her and smiled taking her glass.

“Did I just see you sniffing my knickers?” she asked giggling so I had to explain that it was a test to see if they needed washing, “Ooh!” she said still giggling, “That’s cool”
I returned to the kitchen to be confronted with Julie bending down to load the washing machine, OMG her legs were slightly parted showing her thigh gap, her shorts clung to every inch like a second skin and how I refrained from jumping her is still a mystery to this day.
She looked back at me smiling as I took a beer out the fridge and finished loading the washing, I was getting the impression that she was teasing and that was ok with me. “Do you want me to wash those Frank?” she asked pointing at my old boxers, “Ok” I said, “I have other shorts” but Julie had other ideas, “No, here” she said passing me Anna’s panties that she had just taken off, “Really” I remarked with a smile and looking into Julies big blue eyes said it all. I slipped my boxers off and the thought of wearing Anna’s soiled knickers sent blood rushing south, Julie looked on smiling as I slipped the little regulation knickers up my thighs, good job they stretched a little but once I tucked everything in they were quite tight.

“Wow!” said Julie and I could see her nipples stiffen as she smiled at me, “Go show Anna” she said winking at me and although I didn’t want to disturb her homework I casually walked back into the lounge and my eyes were immediately drawn under the desk where Anna had her feet on the footstool and her legs were parted, I could see right up to the little white triangle between her thighs. She looked up and froze, eyes wide and mouth open, “OMG!, WOW!” she said in disbelief as I stood there in her underwear with my bulging cock at an angle keeping it hidden, “Are those mine?” she asked giggling, “Yes, mummy is washing my shorts” I said softly realizing that this was probably the first time she had seen a man in panties let alone HER panties, “Wow! so cool Uncle Frank” she said with a beaming smile.

As I turned to return to the kitchen I could feel her eyes on my arse and how tight they were but when I glanced back she had her head buried in her books, “Did she like them on you?” Julie asked smiling as I walked in, I grabbed my beer and nodded. We all returned to the lounge and I sat in my chair feeling my balls inside the damp fabric as Julie walked up to the desk to see how Anna was getting on, she bent over the desk to help knowing full well that I was looking, my cock was now throbbing.

“Come and look at this picture that Anna has drawn Frank” she asked and I walked up getting behind her and looking over her shoulder, my cock was pushed up against her arse and I felt her wiggle slightly as she gently pushed back, “Wow! Anna, that’s awesome!” I said enthusiastically as I took far too long standing there, Julie moaned softly feeling my hard cock pressing up against her with Anna non the wiser as to what was going on.
“Are you ok mummy?” she asked hearing her soft moans as I pressed up hard, she squirmed “Yes baby” and I could feel her pressing back even harder and I think that Anna figured out what I was doing as she smiled at me, Julie gyrated slowly which forced my cock to poke out the top and I thought that if I don’t move soon I was going to cum all over the back of her yoga shorts, I stepped back and as Julie turned she opened up the sightline for Anna to see my cock sticking out, she giggled, “OMG! Mummy, I think they are too small for Uncle Frank”.

Julie looked down, “Yes, I think you are right” she said smiling as she stepped towards me getting on her knees, she reached out and cupped my balls with one hand while taking hold of the bulge in the other, “Maybe it just needs adjusting” she said as she slowly rubbed it however as she gently squeezed my balls all she managed to do was to expose more of the shaft. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes widened and I knew what was coming. She pulled the shaft outwards pulling the skin back exposing the swollen purple head and gently ran her tongue around the tip. Anna stood up to get a better look, “WOW! Mummy” she said excited, “That looks so cool”.

Julie waved her over so Anna then kneeled down beside her mother and watched as she sucked on the head and grabbed her hand and replaced hers on my balls, Anna giggled as she gently squeezed while my cock slowly started to disappear into Julies mouth, Anna leant forward and started to now lick my balls through the cotton fabric, “Mmm” she sighed softly, “Mummy, this is so good”
It wasn’t long before they had my panties down and around my ankles and at first they both looked as my cock sprung out and then very slowly they both started to lick every inch of my cock and balls, it was as if they were fighting to see who could get it in their mouths. Julie stood up and pulled off her top and her nipples were like bullets as she squeezed and kneaded them in front of my face as she watched her daughter suck my cock. I think she was surprised at just how good Anna was and it was obvious that this wasn’t the first cock she had sucked.

“Come on baby, suck that cock” she sighed, “That’s it, deeper!” she said watching as Anna took me deep, I felt the tightness of her throat as I watched Julie rubbing her nipples and then very seductively she slowly pulled off her shorts standing there in just her little white thong.
“Mmm” Anna was moaning as she worshipped every inch of my throbbing manhood even putting her hands on my arse cheeks and pulling me in closer as her mother egged her on.
“That’s it babygirl, get it down your throat” she cried as her hand slipped inside her thong rubbing herself, damn this was hot!
Anna gagged a bit but was doing a great job as my cock got harder and wetter and the slurping noises seemed to spur her mother on as her hand frigged harder and faster and Anna glanced at her mother, “Mmm mummy!” she murmured as she bobbed her head faster, “OH MY GOD YESS!” Julie cried making herself cum and I could see her panties fill up with her squirting juices and that did it for me as I too cried out as I felt my cock starting to pulsate.. OH FUCK YES!!” I cried as I spurted my hot cum straight down Anna’s throat.

There was a lot and Anna did a great job swallowing as another spurt hit, “Good girl Anna” her mum sighed watching, “Swallow that creamy cum Anna” she said as Anna slowed down and I could see her cheeks concave as she sucked every last drop from my helmet.
Julie stroked her daughters hair as she pulled away, “Mmm mummy, that was so good” she said as she looked at her mummy’s wet thong and giggled. One this is for sure; I needed that release and I was proud of Julie for letting her daughter take it all.
I helped Anna up and pulled off her shirt, I looked at her puffy little bee stings and her nipples stood out and I bent down and gave each a little suck, Anna sighed as I then sat her down on the sofa.

I looked across at Julie and she winked at me as I got on my knees pushing Anna’s legs apart and looked down at her tight white panties which had definite signs of wetness. I leant forward as Julie looked on and slowly started to lick her wet spot, Mmm the musky smell and taste sent a rush through my head and my cock started to respond and Anna’s breathing got heavier as the pressure of my tongue increased.
She moaned softly as I pulled her panties aside exposing her glistening labia lips my tongue searching and exploring while Julie sat beside her running her fingers through her hair as she watched. Anna jolted as my tongue flicked hit stiffening button and then quickly spasmed, “OMG YESS!” she cried out as I felt her warm sticky juices fill me mouth, Mmm she tasted so sweet that I swallowed quickly, my face soaked.

My cock was rigid as I got up on my knees and with Julie holding her panties to the side I teased her with the swollen head, Anna looked at me in anticipation as I slowly pushed the head inside her wet hole guided by her mother. Anna gasped as I inched in slowly, “That’s it baby” Julie said softly, “Take it all in baby”. I looked down and saw Julies finger wiggling inside Anna’s panties as I started to thrust slowly which sent Anna into a frenzy and her juices kept flowing. The sloppy slurping sounds filled the room as I got into a rhythm increasing the pace and felt her cunt muscles tighten, “That’s it Frank, fuck her little cunt” her mother cried as I quickened the pace pounding and pushing deeper and deeper.
Anna’s cried got louder and louder as her juices squirted out, my wet balls banging as I noticed Julies other hand slip back inside her own panties, OMG here I was fucking Anna while her mother had her fingers in both of their panties, I reached forward taking both of Anna’s nipples in my fingers tweaking and pulling and saw Julies head go back as she cried out with another orgasm, “OH FUCK YESS!! FUCK THAT PUSSY FRANK!! YESSSSSS!” she cried out and my balls tightened as my cock spurted deep inside her young cunt.

Anna’s body went limp as she regained her breath, I slowly pulled out and Julie sat up looking at my cum covered softening cock, “Mmm” she said as she reached out and took it in her hand. Anna looked on as her mother started to lick the mixture of juices off my cock, “Oh Wow!, this tastes so good” she said looking up at me with her big blue eyes. My cock started to stiffen again as she cleaned every inch and sucking the last droplets from the tip as she slowly milked me dry.
Anna looked disappointed watching her mum do what she wanted to do but fair is fair I guess, Julie did a good job even licking Anna’s juices off my balls.

“Right young lady, time for bed” she said looking at Anna who tried to protest but all in vain, “OK mummy” she finally said as she stood up and gave me a hug, “Thank you Uncle Frank” she said smiling as Julie took her upstairs. I was still lost in the moment of having two lovely beauties staying.

To be Continued…..

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